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Nebraska State Capitol

Tax incentive giveaway

Hey, Nebraska officials: You do not have to give NioCorp Development Co. $200 million in tax incentives for the company to build a mine in Nebraska.

It is not going to mine in Iowa nor the Dakotas. The niobium they want to dig out of the ground is in Nebraska.

George Parkerson, Lansing, Mich.

Be open to athlete pay

The governor of California recently signed legislation that, beginning in 2023, permits athletes of colleges in that state to hire agents and earn money on the side through sponsorship deals or autograph sales. The initial response from Nebraska Coaches Scott Frost and John Cook was to dismiss the policy as being hard to administer and bad for the athletics budget. I believe this response is a mistake which may lead to the long-term mediocracy of many of the University of Nebraska’s athletic programs.

Early adopters of new methods and technologies realize the most gains compared to their rivals. For example, early adoption of modern weight training regiments by the UNL football program in the early 1970s contributed to dominance by that program for the next 25 years. If our state joined California with a similar policy (possibly enacting it sooner), we could seize an opportunity to be able to recruit and retain the most talented athletes, creating momentum to build another dynasty.

Additionally, the university is in a unique situation due to the huge popularity and success of our women’s volleyball teams. Enacting such a policy here could be a great boost to empowering female athletes and would create a shinning example for the country to follow.

Let’s not coast along with the status quo at the NCAA. Instead, we should work to drive the future of collegiate athletics.

Tyler Frederick, Omaha

Kurd abandonment

The president made a decision to give the Turks a green light to attack the Kurds. The Kurds fought side by side with our soldiers to defeat the inhumane soldiers of the Islamic State. That fulfilled the president’s campaign promise to pull our troops out of the region.

This action weakens the ability of the Kurds to guard Islamic State prisoner in war camps, allows the Turks to start bombing the areas where Kurdish women and children live and severely damages the trust of our regional allies.

If the Turk retaliation of the Kurds becomes excessive, the president plans to ruin the Turkish economy. I doubt the Kurds see an equivalency between ruining the Turk economy and their death and abandonment.

Joseph Slattery, Omaha

The left’s Minneapolis disgrace

The left wingers really have to be proud about what went on after the Trump rally in Minneapolis. What a disgrace.

Can’t wait for the 2020 election. Trump will win 45 states compared to five for whoever is the other candidate.

Del Ostergaard, La Vista

No issue here

I am confused as to why the press thinks that the replacement of the U.S ambassador to Ukraine is a major scandal. Foreign ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the president.

The former ambassador to Ukraine was appointed by President Barack Obama. President Donald Trump had every right and the authority to replace her as he saw fit. There is no scandal in doing so.

Changes at the top very often lead to other personnel changes. If the standard was that personnel changes were not allowed when new leadership takes over, Mike Riley would still be coaching Nebraska.

Tom Buglewicz, Omaha

Ethanol enthusiasm

Regarding ethanol: how crazy. Farmers and Republican politicians are heaping praise on President Donald Trump for attempting to correct a problem that for all practical purposes he and his administration have created. Folks, it is not a done deal until you have dollars in hand and legislation on the books.

Victoria Cork, Papillion

Bright side to construction

It must be time to adopt a new state flower that would be officially named the Orange Coneflower. Just thinking.…

Katherine Braunlich, Omaha

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