Spring Lake Park (copy)

Janet Bonet of Omaha on a walk around the newly reestablished pond at Spring Lake Park near Spring Lake Drive and F Street in Omaha on Wednesday, July 5, 2017. 

Spring Lake Park needs

Spring Lake Park is a little jewel of a park nestled along a winding road that separates a children’s playground and a picnic shelter from a stand of shade trees and the nearby Spring Lake Golf Course.

There is ongoing construction nearby that will enhance and expand the beauty of this park where families have for years enjoyed parties and playground visits for their children.

But frequently, as my wife and I drive the winding road, we are left to wonder why there aren’t any permanent or portable toilets available for visitors.

The City of Omaha is at fault for not doing what is right by our community.

Ben Salazar, Omaha

Male/female sports

As long as we continue to hold separate male/female sporting events, then I feel that transgendered males should be disallowed from participating in such events.

Transgendered males do not lose any appreciable muscular edge over females upon receiving gender reassignment surgery.

Also, I must admit to maintaining a double standard. Should any biological female who transgenders to male wish to compete against males, I say, no problem — more power to her for going up against the “big boys.”

If our society should ever completely dispense with separate male/female sporting events, then I would have no problem with transgenders competing against whomever they wish. After all, there are serious Title IX/scholarship considerations at stake.

Greg Casady, Council Bluffs

Take care of the children

Besides voting in the presidential election and for the first time last fall in the local elections, I rarely get involved in politics.

But when I read about babies without diapers, infants and children without soap or toothbrushes, and all of them without adequate medical attention or adult supervision, I cannot sit back and be comfortable.

As a mother to a 17-month-old baby girl, tears ran down my cheeks as I read about the disgusting and unacceptable conditions as many as 60,000 children have been forced to live in under Trump’s administration. This should not be happening. And this especially should not be happening in “the land of the free.” These are children we are talking about. They are innocent and helpless. They are the next generation.

Reinstate the Family Case Management Program. This program enabled noncriminal asylum seekers to live in communities (usually with extended family) while they waited for their asylum claims to be decided.

The Trump administration closed this program shortly before implementing the family separation policy last year and in doing so, dramatically increased the money spent on the unsanitary camps currently being used; currently $775 per day.

To my elected officials: Put aside your immigration policy position for a moment and imagine your own child or children under the conditions at the border right now. As one of your constituents, I plead with you to visit a detention center yourself and do all you can to save these innocent children.

Bethany Boyack, Omaha

Remember the students

The World-Herald reported that on June 28, the University of Nebraska Board of Regents voted to increase tuition and fees across the NU system.

On the same day, regents granted outgoing President Hank Bounds a $300,000 payout that, per terms of his contract, he was not entitled to receive.

Regents seem to have forgotten whose interests they represent. That money should have gone to students in need.

Howard Brown, Omaha

Large caseloads at what cost?

The State of Nebraska has accepted a bid for a vendor to oversee the child welfare cases in Douglas and Sarpy Counties that appears to violate a 2012 state law, which states the number of cases for caseworkers should be no more than 17.

The accepted bid would require much higher caseload levels, based on the number of caseworkers in the bid. How can the state accept a proposal that clearly violates state law?

The child welfare system is involved with children and families for a wide range of reasons, including false allegations.

Timely, effective contact with caseworkers allows faster resolution of challenges.

Damaging families and children affects the entire community over time. I don’t think this is an experiment that is worth the risk.

Kathy Dinkel, Omaha

Too hot, noise for pets

During the extreme heat, be sure to keep fresh, cool water for pets outside and shelter them from the sun. Be aware of the fireworks — pets might be afraid of loud noises and might run off and get lost.

Don’t take them on walks. The sidewalks and streets are very hot on the pads of their feet — try walking barefooted and see for yourself.

On Saturday, fireworks lasted until 10 p.m. My pets wanted out, but they shot back in after hearing the noise, never leaving the top step.

Sharen Sievert, Papillion

Jobs don’t pay enough

Wow, the economy is shooting fireworks.

Now if Congress would raise the minimum wage more, all of us could participate in this fantastic profit-taking. Imagine keeping hundreds of dollars more from our paychecks monthly.

“Jobs, jobs, jobs.” We got ’em — at such low wages we need more than one job to make it.

Can we make enough of a profit from our labors to buy a house or retire? Or are we “wage slaves”?

Corporations are mostly owned by the wealthy. A corporation’s goal is to make profits.

To make more profits, corporations keep costs down like wages, bonuses, benefits and automate labor to eventually eliminate wages.

Corporate goals to reduce labor costs squarely oppose workers’ goals to earn more.

Wealthy Golden Rule: He who has the gold rules. “Not sorry.”

G.K. Barrett, Omaha

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