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A truckload of paper to be recycled is dropped off at First Star Recycling.

Spare the landfill

I want to thank Kathleen Hughes for speaking out about how no family should accumulate more than 96 gallons of trash a week. It makes me want to add my two cents about the size of the bins.

I am a single person, and I rarely get my 40-gallon garbage can full each week. I only need a small bin, not a 96-gallon one.

There are probably hundreds of people like me that could easily use a small bin. The city could probably have saved lots of money by offering small bins to all those who want them.

The same goes with a recycling bin. I normally put out my recycling green bin every two or three weeks.

A small bin for recycling would do me just fine. Like Kathleen, I encourage people to reduce, reuse and recycle. With a little effort, lots of items could be saved from going to the landfill.

Angie Wingert, Omaha

Republican silence

If Barack Obama were still in the presidency and had done one tenth the things Donald Trump has done, Republicans would have their impeachment knives sharpened. In fact, Obama would probably have been gone by now.

Most Republicans have remained silent about Trump’s appalling behavior, either enabling him by agreement or being intimidated by him, afraid of a primary challenger.

Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse used to be one of those brave voices of reason, denouncing Donald Trump’s appalling behavior. But now? Sasse is up for reelection next year, and like so many Republicans, appears to cares more about his own political future than doing the right thing for the country.

It is refreshing that at least a few Republicans, like Bill Weld, Joe Walsh and Mark Sanford, are willing to stand on their own two feet and tell the public what they really think of a man who makes Richard Nixon seem like a choir boy.

They are challenging Trump for the GOP presidential nomination. They are not “the three stooges.”

Herb Vermaas, Salem, Ill.

former Omahan

Do-over on Brexit

Brexit deserves a do-over referendum.

Knowing what we now know about the sophisticated Russian influence on the 2016 U.S. election, it is safe to presume that similar forces affected the Brexit referendum result.

It is clear that Russia and others are intent on confounding Western democracies and fracturing long-standing alliances.

A clean and vigilant do-over would give clarity and finality to this bollixed fiasco.

Roger duRand, Omaha

Property tax suggestion

A solution for property tax cuts: Get property tax cuts according to the state income tax you pay.

Let’s get relief for Nebraska residents who are property owners — no breaks for out-of-state corporations that own property in Nebraska and don’t pay state income tax.

Rick Napravik, Omaha

Mutual disappointment

It is disappointing that huge development projects involving Mutual of Omaha are being shelved. First we hear Mutual has put off its plans to build a new headquarters. Then Mutual lost its developer for an eastward expansion of Midtown Crossing.

What’s worse is, several blocks of valuable midtown property have been razed, with nothing to show for it. Blank expanses on the Omaha canvas.

This seems to be the rule rather than the exception in Omaha. Look downtown. We have a gaping hole where the Union Pacific headquarters once stood. Nothing but space where the Civic Auditorium used to be. There is still no progress on Crossroads Mall.

Omaha needs bold leadership in this arena. Mayor Jean Stothert wants a huge street repair bond, and that is good. But regarding development, her record is spotty at best.

Perhaps the city should turn to the dynamic partnership at GreenSlate Development, which has created Blackstone seemingly overnight.

Those people seem to know how to kick-start a project and follow through to get it done.

Kevin Penrod, Omaha

Will miss Waste Management

Many Omaha residents are very satisfied with Waste Management trash removal. They have done a superior job.

We will miss them and are disappointed with the huge carts. No one can ever compare to Waste Management, as they are excellent.

Ginger Lahaus, Omaha

Prescription price gouge

All around us, we see evidence of the ever-increasing prices of medication, often to ridiculously high levels.

Even though my wife and I (both in our mid-80s) have Medicare D insurance, our monthly co-pays are collectively near $500.

I henceforth will use the term “pharmaceutical mafia.” If the shoe fits, they should wear it or endure the consequences.

Charles Bagby, M.D. (retired),

Blair, Neb.

Save the mountain lions

How can we justify another mountain lion hunt when there weren’t even eight to be found last time?

What is wrong with our state senators who are letting this happen along with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission?

Is this their only way to raise money quickly?

I bought a license plate to help conserve the mountain lions, not kill them all. If people can’t share the land with them, they shouldn’t move out by them.

Jo Anderson, Omaha

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