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A line of people await to get inside as several hundred attend the Army Corps of Engineers' Spring public meeting at the Fox Center Event Space in Nebraska City, Nebraska, Thursday, April 11, 2019. 

Sound river management

The Dec. 8 World-Herald included an article, ”Battle Along the Missouri River,” that proves the landowners are fighting for what is rightly theirs. Why destroy something that worked for over 50 years of protecting us from major flooding? In 2004 the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers took on projects of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at the expense of all the stakeholders along the river.

The environmentalists claim that abandoning efforts to protect wildlife will worsen flooding. That is exactly why we are flooding. The wildlife adapts, and we have to move out.

Gerald Mestl, retired fisheries biologist for Nebraska, said the corps needs to appeal the ruling. But continuing to flood us out of what is rightfully ours, without due compensation, is against the Fifth Amendment. The river has widened because of the habitat projects and harmed our private properties. Our counties will lose tax revenue.

The corps fails to address the large volume of water being held in the reservoirs. The reason for the six dams above us and channelizing is at the heart of combating imminent flooding, by directing water into a single channel, armoring the banks and constructing wing dikes that direct the water flow. Take this away and we would return to a wild, uncontrollable river. More storage is needed to prepare for the imminent mountain and plains snowmelt and forthcoming spring rains.

Four of the highest runoff years have occurred in the past decade. We need change now.

Donette Jackson, Tekamah, Neb.

Climate effort must be global

I believe that there is an issue with climate change. After listening to the Democratic debates, tons of money would be spent and there would be no change unless you get the rest of the modern world to do the same thing. If China, Russia, India, etc. don’t get on board, the result would be insignificant.

People need to get the world on board. This is not political!

Mike Dworak, Omaha

Invaluable flood cleanup help

I would like to commend Cyndi Borden of the Faith House and Ken Gruber of Omaha Rapid Response for their tireless efforts as part of the flood cleanup and rebuilding going on in our area.

Please be aware their work is ongoing and that they could use our help.

John Ducey, Omaha

Democrats’ Russia obsession

The ongoing brouhaha between Democrats and President Trump regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin began long before Trump’s 2016 election. In 2011, the Obama administration via Secretary of State Hillary Clinton interfered in Russia’s presidential election by openly siding with Putin’s opposition. In 2014, Obama/Clinton again interfered in Russian domestic affairs by openly siding with pro-LGBT forces opposed to Putin by sending openly gay athletes to the winter Olympic games being held in Sochi, Russia — then refusing to send any high-level cabinet officials to the games, per custom, to protest Putin’s anti-LGBT policies.

Later that same year, Russian military forces invaded eastern Ukraine, capturing the Crimean peninsula and provoking a strong response from Obama/Clinton. Russia’s invasion was predicated on rumors of a planned NATO effort to militarize the former Warsaw Pact nations that had been under Soviet control. Clinton has criticized Putin by employing feminist terminology such as “mansplaining” and “manspreading.” Considering everything above, is it any wonder why Putin sabotaged Hillary’s candidacy?

Trump was understandably frustrated with our liberal mainstream press for its apparent lack of interest in Hillary’s emails, leading to his infamous yet facetious suggestion that Russian intelligence investigate her emails. So much for Russian collusion.

Greg Casady, Council Bluffs

Trump’s many failings

It saddens me that our president is the third president to be impeached. It is possible that if he is reelected he may also be the fourth president to be impeached as well. The blatant actions he commits go unchecked by the same people whom he appointed within his administration, which make them just as guilty by not following our Constitution. I continue to question why he needed to investigate the Bidens if he is so confident in being reelected. All he needed to do is nothing.

This president shows no respect for those whose opinions or policies differ from his. He continues to attack and make rude comments against deceased Americans who served this country (either in the armed forces, our government or both), and this reflects how he was raised to not show respect for the less fortunate.

A whole new generation of voters have watched and heard him during his current term and they don’t want him reelected. They say this blame game must stop. They support equal rights for all Americans, new gun laws, reduction of pollution and greenhouse gases, recycling, renewable energy and strengthening their communities by learning and working together in a bipartisan atmosphere.

It does not matter which party is in control to me, as I vote for those who want the best for all of us, not their party. Show me that you can change Donald Trump and you’re willing to work with all parties for the good of all Americans, and you may get my vote.

Bruce Forbes, Omaha

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