Veterans Day U.S. flag teaser (copy)

Some facts about veterans

On Veterans Day, I thought it would be interesting to show some facts about veterans.

Of the total American population today, only 7% are veterans or are currently on active military duty. If you just figure adult Americans, age 18 years old and older, then 13% are veterans.

By gender, 24% of all adult men are veterans, and 2% of all adult women are veterans.

The 7% breakdown by military branch is: 3.1% served in the Army, 1.7% served in the Navy, 1.4% served in the Air Force and 0.8% served in the Marine Corps.

Finally, the military draft ended in 1973, and since that time we have had an all-volunteer military.

I’m proud to be a Vietnam veteran.

Rick Madej, Omaha

Band of brothers

As we honor our veterans on this special day, to my “band of brothers” and to all who served, past and present: Thanks for your service.

Gene Higgins, U.S. Navy, 1943-46.

Roger Higgins, U.S. Navy, 1945-48.

Michael Higgins, U.S. Army, 1953-55.

Daniel Higgins, U.S Air Force, 1954-57 and 1959-62.

Robert Higgins, U.S Air Force, 1956-59.

Joseph Higgins, U.S. Navy, 1958-61.

Daniel J. Higgins, U.S Air Force, 1994-present (my son).

Joe Higgins, Omaha

Blackstone condos mean progress

It’s really a shame that Jay Noddle’s proposed condo development project at 38th Street and Dewey Avenue is taking so much criticism from neighbors who are afraid of the impact on their historic footprint.

In my view, they should be delighted to have more foot traffic in an area trying to expand neighborhood business growth.

As a resident in the historic Aksarben area, where Noddle’s development has been very successful, I suggest these neighbors be more receptive to progress.

Linda Gomez, Omaha

Siding with Blackstone neighbors

I don’t live in the Blackstone neighborhood, but I sure like its new developments.

I read with interest Jay Noddle’s reason for proposing to build $400,000 condos, saying they are meant to support the city’s urban core. He said it has nothing to do with money. It’s for the betterment of Omaha.

Personally, the people who live there have a much greater stake … more skin in the game, so to speak, than a for-profit developer.

Let’s be honest here, it’s homeowners versus an ultimatum-wielding developer, who is on to the next thing once the condos are sold. I vote with the neighborhood.

Gary Domet, Omaha

Just politics

Let’s get one thing straight.

The impeachment inquiry is not a criminal inquiry, and not a criminal investigation, and not a criminal process. This is a purely political inquiry, a purely political investigation, and a purely political process.

If you do not believe this, then why do the politicians run to the nearest microphone and TV camera every day? They are trying to convince the American public that they are doing their job. They are trying to convince the American people that they are upholding the Constitution and rule of law.

If this was true, then why do they protect illegal immigration? Why do they encourage law enforcement to not hold or inform ICE agents when releasing criminals? Why are they legalizing marijuana when it is considered an illegal drug? Why are they doing this impeachment process when we are having an election in one year?

Maybe they do not feel that their candidates are able to beat President Donald Trump and that the only way to win next year is to drag this process out as long as possible. After all, they have been crying for impeachment from the day he was elected. And they have tried for the last three years to find some pretext to bring it about. This is purely political.

Ginger Gosch, Omaha

A story about two fools

Everyone knows the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes. The clothes were invisible, but all those who wanted to please the emperor praised him on how wonderful his new clothes looked. The truth finally came out. The emperor was naked. He was a fool for believing his fantasy that the invisible clothes he wore could be seen by others.

My story is about a man whose behavior has labeled him a fool. A man who believes he knows everything about everything and is wrong about nothing. He thinks everyone should believe everything he says and should trust him and be loyal to him. That describes a fool.

He lies constantly about anything and everything and also about anybody who displeases him. He will curse and call you names if you disagree with him. He will threaten you if you do not do what he wants.

He also exhibits the characteristics of a 3-year-old. If he does not get what he wants, he will throw a temper tantrum. However, he is not a toddler. He has problems in the area of reading, spelling and especially listening to those who have expertise in areas that he does not.

He has great power, and his actions affect a great number of people nationally and worldwide. He is a dangerous man. Power needs to be taken away from this fool. Neither a toddler nor a fool should be at the head of a family or nation.

Claudette Lee, Omaha

Vet appreciates gesture

On Oct. 31, I took my bride for her birthday lunch. We dined at the Summer Kitchen in La Vista.

When we asked for the bill, the waitress said it was already paid and said “Thank you for your service.” This was the first time this has ever happened to us.

I want to thank the person who paid for our lunch, for making this Air Force veteran feel appreciated. It was a very humbling experience.

Back in 1973, coming back from Southeast Asia, I received nothing but negative comments when traveling through the airport in San Francisco.

Again, I want to thank this person. I will pay it forward.

Richard D. Shively, Ralston

retired E-7, Air Force, 1972-92

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