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A Omaha school bus gathers snow on Dodge Street. Several Omaha-area school districts have announced they will consider late starts this year on snowy days.

Snow policy disappoints

Omaha Public Schools now has a new policy involving “snow days” (“OPS says it will add late starts, early dismissal as options for bad weather,” Oct. 30 World-Herald).

This policy was adopted without any warning or public meetings. I feel the policy was ill considered. Some students still will not attend school on snowy days, especially ones who walk, are driven or take public transportation.

The roads still might be bad, especially in neighborhoods near my school. I’m a sophomore at Omaha North High School.

The safety of students, teachers and parents is still at risk. Why risk causing more friction and possible accidents to bring students and teachers in when we could easily resume school the next day, alleviating the stress and danger for all involved?

I really wish the decision makers would have involved everyone who has to make this commute.

Teachers, staff, parents and even students should have a seat at the table and a voice in the conversation that involves what goes on in and out of our schools.

Madinah Frampton, Omaha

Heartbreaking cruelty

What an impressive letter to the editor by Marie Salistean (“Justice not served in baby’s death,” Oct. 26 Public Pulse).

It is just heartbreaking to read about all the injuries and death to young ones. I cannot comprehend what is happening in our society and the lack of respect for the life of a child.

In the Oct. 29 World-Herald was the story of the man charged in the death of a tot on a cruise ship. The child was dropped from the 11th floor of the ship.

The Oct. 26 World-Herald carried the story of a 2-year-old being spanked hard enough to cause several internal injuries. Tasheem Battles was sentenced to 1½ to 5 years in prison.

I have twin grandchildren who just turned 2, and they are such a joy. Children are meant to be loved and cared for, not mistreated, starved, dropped or spanked so hard they need medical attention.

I know 2-year-olds can be a handful, but we are the adults.

We need to keep our heads on straight. We need to protect them and help them learn right from wrong, not hurt or kill them.

Angie Wingert, Omaha

Work to do fighting tariffs

I’m disappointed that Sen. Ben Sasse’s commentary brought up the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement in a dishonest, self-serving, uninformative and mean-spirited way (“Pelosi is standing between Nebraskans and trade,” Oct. 27 Midlands Voices). I expect better from a senator.

He speaks as if NAFTA, President Donald Trump’s tariffs in violation of NAFTA and Congress’ refusal to stop the tariffs didn’t exist.

The article is also silent about how USMCA is like or different from NAFTA or how it would benefit Nebraska agriculture.

Apparently, the senator thinks we’ll just believe him because he angrily says it will.

Without explaining why USMCA must pass the House or offering evidence of bad faith, he attributes illegitimate motives in inflammatory phrases to the speaker of the House for not having brought it to a vote yet.

And Sasse seems not to notice that there’s nothing more hyperpartisan than falsely giving the other party all the blame for hyperpartisanship.

If we bought the lie that the tariff pains were someone else’s fault, Sasse would be off the hook.

He still has work to do: fighting tariffs and the guy who imposed them. And it’s long past time to start treating Democrats like human beings.

Curtis Bryant, Omaha

Political chaos

The Founding Fathers of this republic created the Electoral College to prevent the larger populated states from having the power to write laws and regulations without the consent of the lesser populated states.

Ultra-liberals are using boycotts, individual and business intimidation, obstruction of free speech and harassment tactics to assist in this bureaucratic control objective.

Our current partisan employees (legislators) have stagnated the progress by refusing to seek common ground and compromise. The power of the political cartels must be returned to the voter. Voter demand for term limits could do the job. We should prohibit the soliciting of re-election funds and subdue the partisan political cartels. This would bring in new ideas and could end “lifetime” political careers. If desired, the voters must demand this change be on the voting ballot.

This change would lead to six-year dedicated legislators, receiving severance pay and no retirement pensions. Losers in politics still pay taxes and are our neighbors. All citizens deserve the right and obligation to participate in the fate of their nation.

Richard Lorence, Omaha

Impeachment vs. ballot box

President Donald Trump should be impeached and convicted, rather than be defeated in an election or, far worse, retire after a second term.

He needs to be removed before he totally destroys America. In addition, he should not be awarded all the pension, expenses and perks that defeated presidents receive. After all, by his account he is incredibly rich.

The main reasons to impeach and convict are that he appears to have violated the Constitution and his oath of office, destroyed some of our alliances and embarrassed the country and those of us who swore and honored the same oath that Trump trashes daily.

James Byrk, Plattsmouth, Neb.

Loving it in Nebraska

I love President Donald Trump.

I love Husker coach Scott Frost.

I love Gov. Pete Ricketts.

I love Mayor Jean Stothert.

I love Nebraska.

Gayle Kline, Omaha

Violent vocabulary of politics

The words used in the media to describe the reactions of today’s politicians to those they disagree with (blasts, smashes, rips) makes it sound more like a boxing match than a political discourse.

Stephen Bloodworth, Omaha

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