scooters in Omaha (copy)

Electric scooters for rent rest on a street corner in downtown Omaha.

Scooters not safe

Scooters do not belong on the city streets of Omaha. Don’t wait until there is another serious accident.

Omaha has many bike trails running through the city.

I believe the scooters would be much safer riding on these.

I hope the City of Omaha wakes up and decides not to allow this form of transportation.

The idea of these driving on our city streets is so dangerous.

Let’s work on keeping everyone safe and not putting them in danger.

Patricia Slama, Bellevue

It’s time to wake up

In yet another utterly tone deaf move, Douglas County Board members, with the exception of Jim Cavanaugh, voted to raise the property tax rate by over 5%. This is to pay for a downtown juvenile center that is currently the subject of a taxpayer lawsuit.

In other words, the board members are skirting the authority of the courts to play with our money, all the while daring us to stop them.

At the very same meeting, every commissioner besides Cavanaugh and Mike Boyle approved a huge pay raise for board members. After serving more than a combined 100 years in office, it’s no wonder why this board doesn’t respect the electorate. Time has made them cynical and out of touch.

The same people controlling our property taxes and their own salaries is a disaster for Douglas County taxpayers. This is why we must wake up and demand new blood and term limits. We will remember this in 2020.

Blake Rave, Omaha

Have you no decency?

In response to the article about Sen. Ben Sasse at the Nebraska football opening game, being harassed in front of his daughter: It is upsetting to have a constituent behave the way Judy King did and to learn that she had bad intentions when she noticed the senator (“After confrontation with protester, Sen. Ben Sasse stops slinging Runzas at Husker games,” Sept. 14 World-Herald).

This is a troubling trend by liberals to act as though they can behave any which way as to get their way. What King did was childish, immature and just wrong.

Husker football games need to be void of politics and people’s feeling that they can act out their partisanship in any manner.

I am a conservative and have some disagreements with Sasse, but I would never act as King did to a politician, let alone to a human being, especially in front of their children.

That is just basic human decency. King showed a lack of decency toward an elected official.

Kelly Kaluza, Papillion

Another term, another book?

President Donald Trump has endorsed Sen. Ben Sasse. To many of us, that doesn’t mean much other than Sasse supported this president.

Unfortunately, as I recall, the strongest words that Sasse has said while this president was lying, deceiving and distracting all of us, was “That’s just dumb.”

I heard him tell a reporter that most Nebraskans think the president is “just silly.”

Hopefully, after his last encounter selling Runzas at a Husker game, he has been enlightened about how many of us Nebraskans really feel about him and this president. (“After confrontation with protester, Sen. Ben Sasse stops slinging Runzas at Husker games,” Sept. 14 World-Herald).

The Brett Kavanaugh gaggle was beneath all of us — no one with any doubt or suspicion should ever be on the Supreme Court bench — and we commend these ladies for sharing their stories.

With all of this hateful rhetoric and constant chaos in Washington, D.C., this senator managed to find time to write a book and profit from that book.

So the question remains, Sen. Sasse: Another term? Another book?

Kathe Strand, Omaha

Underwhelmed by name

I am totally in awe of the “marketing professionals” at Bailey Lauerman, who after “months of work,” came up with the name “the RiverFront” for the riverfront. Such creative genius and imagination is almost unparalleled. And for only $80,000. The folks at MECA certainly know the value of a dollar.

If this is any indication of how the remainder of the $300 million budget for renovations is going to be spent, perhaps a little oversight and accountability would be in order.

John A. Zukaitis, Omaha

$80,000 — really?

It is shameful to pay an advertising firm $80,000 to come up with a name that most Omahans have been using for years.

But the real shame is that we don’t have a riverfront. ConAgra and our former political establishment saw to that many years ago, and we have been playing catch-up ever since.

Perhaps we should pay another $80,000 to rename the Old Market “the Old Market.”

Carl D. Cohen, Omaha

Why no flags?

I watched the Democratic presidential debate Thursday night, and the only American flags I saw were a couple of lapel pins.

I’m a disabled combat veteran, and I feel a person seeking the job of commander in chief should proudly display the banner we were sent out to bleed and even die for.

Al Clair, Omaha

High marks for debate

It was awesome to see professionalism, facts and a plan to make America better again during the Democratic presidential debate on Thursday evening.

There was no hate and no lies on stage with all the candidates. There were many compliments and only one bad comment.

It was good to see good morals and good character and great people. It was also great to see the kindness shown, as that is a strength, and no bullying and lies, which are a weakness of character.

After having bad health care myself this last month, I was glad they had a long discussion about it.

America does not have good health care when you spend good money for it. If you sign up for it, you should get it.

Connie McMillan, Omaha

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