Sarpy intersection concerns

After reading the story about Sarpy County road construction plans (“Board lays out plans for road work priorities,” July 8 World-Herald), I am concerned that no traffic signal is planned for the intersection of Platteview Road and Highway 50.

Increased traffic, especially semitrailer truck traffic, causes some significant delays and dangerous crossings. I’ve witnessed some scary near-misses.

Joan Olander, Springfield, Neb.

Call out the Guard

Why are we not calling out the National Guard to provide appropriate living conditions to the children and others incarcerated and in unfit living conditions?

We need to respond with no less concern than we do to hurricanes and other natural disasters. Let’s get real.

Janet Davenport, Omaha

Thanks from a Democrat

Judson Bock Jr. of Honey Creek, Iowa, wrote a July 5 Public Pulse letter describing the loan by the “Republican president” that saved Chrysler from bankruptcy. Bock asks the “ranting Democrats to note positive accomplishments for a change.”

Democrat Jimmy Carter was president of the United States from 1977 to 1981. Thank you for complimenting him for his good judgment.

That wasn’t the only time the U.S. government stepped in to prevent automakers from bankruptcy. After the actions of the George W. Bush administration pushed the U.S. economy into recession, the pro-business administration of Barack H. Obama stepped in to once again save Chrysler — and this time General Motors — from bankruptcy and save untold thousands of jobs.

We Democrats appreciate your salute to our sound economic policies and pro-business approach to governance.

John Cariotto, Lincoln

Legal entry is fine

When will people of this country realize that when you enter a country illegally, you are breaking the established laws of said country. When you break the law, you are most likely placed under arrest and subsequently removed from your family.

I know. I broke the law, was arrested, taken from my family and sentenced. I was released after serving my time and returned to my family.

Some lawmakers in this country don’t want a secure border. Some would rather give these lawbreakers everything while allowing homelessness and hunger to run rampant among U.S. citizens.

I don’t condone rash treatment or putting children in cages. I do, however, want my country to protect me and my family as it says in the Constitution. Follow the laws that are already on the books. We don’t need reform, we need enforcement.

Stop counting illegal immigrants as votes and take care of our citizens.

People should come to America through proper channels and border crossings. I’ve never had a problem with legal immigration.

Let’s go, lawmakers. Do the right thing.

Thomas Colpitts, Glenwood, Iowa

Appreciated the tribute

I want to thank President Donald Trump for the tremendous and long overdue tribute to the men and women of our military on Independence Day.

As a father of a son deployed to a forward operating base in the Middle East, I am extremely grateful.

And a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has a family member deployed. When it is a loved one, you experience it with them.

Ed Leahy, Omaha

Ashamed of Trump

I just couldn’t hold my opinion about Trump’s waste of money on the Fourth of July celebration.

Are we living in Korea, China or Russia? He wants to be a big dog, he is not. He is a plain old American citizen like the rest of us.

We go to fireworks shows, shoot ours off, have fun with friends and family and just enjoy ourselves.

Think of how much good could be done with the money he is wasting, building his ego even bigger than it is already. I am ashamed for him. I am also ashamed to live in my country where people think he is right in the decisions he makes and the actions he takes.

Sharon Walton, Omaha

How much is enough?

Recently I attended a local event, and on the way into the event, I was handed a program which contained a discrimination statement.

Wow, 18 different areas that they did not discriminate against. Amazing. or more probably shocked. Hope they did not forget anybody. (I plead guilty to avoiding people who wear mismatched socks.)

Seriously, discrimination statements are rather innately negative. Why not just say in capital letters, “We positively do not discriminate”?

Reid Kenedy, Omaha

Praise for Claussen

We are pleased to read that our friend Connie Claussen is being recognized for the tremendous job she did for women’s athletics at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Naming a softball field to honor her is well-deserved. She won national championships in softball.

Donald and Dona Shult, Omaha

Bacon and Peace Corps

A Public Pulse letter on July 8 titled “Bacon vote disappoints” and submitted by Beth Furlong of Omaha inaccurately states that Rep. Don Bacon voted against H.R. 3456. That bill was introduced on June 25, 2019, and has not yet been voted on.

Bacon did vote for an amendment to offset the $19.1 billion disaster relief package by eliminating $23.9 billion in the State-Foreign Operations appropriations bill, which covers multiple programs. The amendment was not included in the final measure, which he voted against because it went over the 2011 Budget Control Act spending caps and would have added $70 billion to the deficit.

The congressman appreciates the hard work and dedication of the Peace Corps and supports its mission. He will be reviewing H.R. 3456.

Danielle Jensen, Omaha

communications director,

Rep. Don Bacon1

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