Type 2 diabetes (copy)

Progress on insulin

I want to thank State Sens. Kate Bolz and Justin Wayne for working to propose new legislation to cap the rising costs of insulin (“State senators plan bills that would cap out-of-pocket insulin costs at $100 a month,” Dec. 10 World-Herald).

It was encouraging to see the article and progress made this year on a topic that affects thousands of diabetics in Nebraska and millions nationwide.

As a Type 1 diabetic for over 25 years, I understand the basic necessity of this “life-saving” drug and have witnessed how companies gouge, prick and needle diabetics out of hundreds of dollars monthly for a drug that costs $4 to make. I hope the Legislature sees this work through for local diabetics and to set an example nationally. I thank those who spoke up. We’re grateful.

John Rathouz, Omaha

Let everyone testify

I don’t mean to be mean, but I think President Donald Trump is being selfish.

This whole business of impeachment is driving a bigger wedge in the country. Trump says he has all the proof. So let everyone testify and release all the documents. It can be as simple as that.

Robert Nunez Jr., Omaha

Trump worse than Nixon

Gov. Pete Ricketts and others claim the impeachment of the president is calling for removal of a “duly elected president.” That is exactly what the Constitution prescribes when a president abuses the power of the office.

In 1972 Richard Nixon was elected by a landslide, winning every state but one.

Within two years the “duly elected” Nixon was forced to resign or face impeachment because of abuse of power. As a registered Republican, I am convinced the current president has abused the power of the office to a greater degree than Nixon.

Ron Todd-Meyer, Lincoln

Impeachment fiasco

It now becomes clear why the Democrats held their star-chamber-like impeachment inquiry hearings in the closeted basement hearing room, hidden from public view and even from other members of Congress.

Once they began public hearings, their behavior became obvious. Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., refused to let Republicans ask questions. “The member is not recognized” was spoken too many times, by chairs of Intelligence and Judiciary, to count. Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., banged his gavel like a spoiled child and dozed off during testimony.

Once the public could see this, they’d start asking how these childish fools ever managed to get elected in the first place, let alone be returned to Congress numerous times. Pelosi even admitted this impeachment effort has been 2½ years in the making. Quite remarkable.

Drew Whitler, Omaha

Why Trump is president

Howard Mitchell’s Dec. 11 letter states, “Donald Trump is president for one reason: Barack Obama.”

Trump is president for myriad reasons — one largely being that the other choice, Hillary Clinton, was a devastatingly unlikable and flawed candidate with decades of political baggage. She became a product of the Clinton machine (see Whitewater), and many people have never warmed to her nor find her trustworthy, even by politician standards. The thought of another Clinton White House caused a proverbial eye roll for many.

Trump is a symptom of a disease in America, the disease being an increasingly uneducated, uninformed and lazy electorate. Voter turnout in this nation is pathetic. What would Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass, among others, say?

While many may support Trump’s policies, I continue to believe that many of these supporters do not conduct themselves by mocking a disabled person, commenting on a woman’s menstrual cycle or questioning the heroism of a captured and tortured Vietnam soldier, the late Sen. John McCain.

Ask yourself, did your parents teach you to act or speak in such a manner?

Do not ask me to bite my tongue during these hellish times. If Trump loses reelection, I sincerely hope Mitchell does not bite his tongue, either, because when Americans of opposing views stop speaking to each other and stop engaging in political discourse, it seems to me that is a funeral of a part of our democracy.

Rose A. Sullivan, Omaha

Children warm vet’s heart

The other day, while sitting in the waiting room at the VA Medical Center to see a doctor, a group of preschool girls and a boy (from Papillion) were passing out packages of sweets and handmade holiday cards to waiting veterans.

The girls were pushing little carts, and the boy had a small wagon with goodies. They were so busy going from one veteran to another.

They were the cutest little children all dressed up I have ever seen. I was never so proud to be a veteran.

Peter I. Giglia, Omaha

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