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No support for Omaha police?

I never thought that I would see the day when local judges would side with the criminals (“Teen accused of shooting at Omaha police sent to juvenile court, frustrating law enforcement,” Nov. 25 World-Herald).

Tom Dahulick, Omaha

Shirts, ties and sweatshirts

This is in response to Ben Salazar (“Got a jacket?,” Nov. 27 Public Pulse).

He seemed overly anxious about the signature shirt-and-tie look that Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio wears.

Salazar maintains that this is a look that is not befitting of a lawmaker.

I can only imagine the triggered anxiety there is when one considers the signature sweatshirt/T-shirt and jeans of our own State Sen. Ernie Chambers, incidentally a look that I have liked for decades.

I suspect that Salazar disapproves of Jordan’s shirt-and-tie look because of his party affiliation.

Heck, there is a congresswoman who wears a signature giant rhinestone and sequined cowboy hat.

I don’t believe we will hear a fashion critique on this attire because of this person’s party affiliations.

The silly season of politics and triviality lasts all year long.

Pete Menks, Omaha

No expensive suit needed

In response to Ben Salazar (“Get a jacket,” Nov. 27 Public Pulse): Seriously? You spent all that time listening to the impeachment coverage and the best you have to offer is a criticism of Rep. Jim Jordan for not wearing a jacket?

For me, I prefer a “working” person who is intelligent and focused on our country as well as fairness and justice.

You can have all the wealthy politicians with expensive suits and marvelous ties. I will take the man or woman who works.

After all, those are the people who really work for us citizens instead of lining their own pockets and making deals where they — or in the case of many, their families — make money.

What really bothers me is the situation where the son of the former vice president was making somewhere between $50,000 and $80,000 to work on the board of directors for a foreign company, and no one bats an eye.

What can this be other than a “bribe” or setting the stage for a “quid pro quo” with the approval of Vice President Joe Biden. Let’s focus on real issues.

Marie Salistean, Omaha

Not into politics?

I’m not into politics.

I’m into seeing our great nation stay a constitutional republic instead of becoming a socialist, communist or Nazi nation.

I’m sick of abortion on demand, especially the government (me) being forced to pay for it.

I’m sick of having our religious rights taken from us and being forced to submit to the LGBTQ crowd as our masters.

I’m sick of our 2nd Amendment rights being taken away by those who want us to be socialist or communist.

I’m sick of the thought of losing all our rights when the ultra-left takes over.

No. I’m not into politics. I’m into our rights as spelled out in our Constitution.

I hate politics. But I hate the lies of the liberal left, the media, Hollywood and friends even more.

Bob Riedel, Papillion

Trump is no Lincoln

Regarding the letter from David Gambal (“History repeating itself?” Nov. 20 Public Pulse), saying he cannot understand the lack of greater support for the president, he seems to suggest that history will look back on President Donald Trump as a great leader, comparable to Abraham Lincoln.

I cannot fathom the thickness of the blinders one must wear to offer such a comparison.

Lincoln was a person of integrity who thought deeply and wrote eloquently. He sought out and listened to opinions opposed to his own.

He put his nation first and held deep sorrow over the terrible divisions in our country.

Trump has shown no integrity and impulsively tweets imbecilic insults. He listens only to those who tell him what he wants to hear and humiliates those who dare to disagree.

It is clear by his actions and words that he cares only for himself and seeks only to stroke his own ego.

Thank goodness for those with the substance and the courage to stand up to him.

Anita Jeck, Omaha

Stop with the name-calling

Two recent submissions to the Public Pulse have caused me to respond. The first was “We are losing our democracy” on Nov. 25 and then “Take back our future” on Nov. 26.

Both are catchy titles suggesting that our country is doomed because of Donald Trump.

How ridiculous.

Both writers appear to feel personally put upon by President Trump and still are unable to accept the results of the 2016 presidential election.

My response is quite simple. Please get over it, stop your whining and name calling, wait your turn until next November when you, and other like-minded Trump haters, can go to the ballot box and decide on someone else to lead our nation going forward.

The other thing that got my attention about these letters from the two “snowflakes” was both of them resorting to inflammatory name calling.

Words such as corrupt, liar, cheat, bully and of course, mean. Isn’t this getting a bit personal?

Once again, my advice is to get over it, get plenty of Kleenex and gut it out for another 12 months — or maybe another 60 months.

Bob H. Davis, Omaha

Pelosi is the problem

There is no quid pro quo.

As a registered Democrat and a farmer for 45 years, I think the only holdup or quid pro quo has been from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, holding up the vote on the USMCA trade agreement and everything else they need to address.

I am not proud of this party. It is time to move on and help the American people regardless of the hate for President Donald Trump.

He has my vote; enough and move on; let voters decide.

Daniel Bacon, Lyons, Neb.

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