No minds changed

While watching the recent impeachment inquiry, it became apparent that both sides, Democrat and Republican, had predetermined the outcome of the proceedings.

It was amazing to see that after each side examined the same purported evidence, one side said guilty and the other side said innocent. It was if some magical dust had pervaded the chambers. It reminded me of the axiom: “Magic happens not in the hands of the magician, but in the mind of the spectator.”

Terrence F. Schlaht, Omaha

Hold Schiff’s feet to the fire

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi keeps saying that no one is above the law. Apparently she doesn’t believe it or she would have held Rep. Adam Schiff’s feet to the fire by now.

He has been publicly claiming for almost two years to Congress and to the American people that he has positive proof that President Donald Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 elections. However, he never gave any information to Robert Mueller during his investigation.

So he either lied to us about having that positive proof or he obstructed justice by not giving it to Mueller. Schiff should be, at the very least, censured and removed from Congress or prosecuted for obstructing justice.

Then again, maybe Pelosi doesn’t believe what she keeps preaching.

I am just surprised no one has described the Democrats’ activities trying to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump as seditious.

Jim Wharry, Lincoln

Forgotten his pledge?

Rep. Steve King, just like many of the Republican senators and representatives, seems to have forgotten he pledged an oath to the Constitution.

He gave no evidence that the president did nothing wrong. Instead he presented how he would have been able to “play the system” to confound those who were bringing the charges.

Should they respect the office of the president? Yes. Should they work with the president? Yes. Should they try to enact his agenda? Yes.

Should they defend the President? No.

It is not their job to defend the president of the United States — when he is suspected of impeachable crimes. It is their constitutional duty to look into those accusations and take them seriously.

As American citizens, we should be appalled that Republicans are doing everything they can to defend the president of the United States. Every one of them is breaking the oath of office. We should be in the streets demanding that Sen. Mitch McConnell resign, as there is no way he should be coordinating with the subject of the impeachment when he should be an impartial juror in the case.

I have no problem with the president being found not guilty if it’s a fair investigation and trial, but right now I’m watching elected Republican officials act more like they have sworn an oath to Donald Trump and not the Constitution.

Tom Marble, Omaha

Trump better than Obama

Some Public Pulse writers believe that President Donald Trump is the anti-Christ and that I am a moron for supporting him.

These people would have you believe any Democratic leader is just a half miracle away from sainthood.

The Obama administration declared with absolute certainty that if you like your doctor/policy, you can keep your doctor/policy. They knew this was a lie.

The administration failed to secure our embassy in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012 or to send aid. Then they claimed the uprising was a spontaneous response to an anti-Muslim video when they knew it was a planned terrorist attack.

When the government shutdown happened in 2013, the Obama administration attempted to close off the World War II memorial denying access to all Americans, including the veterans in whose honor the memorial was constructed. I believe this one act is a window into Barack Obama’s heart that shows just how much “respect” he really has for our military and veterans.

The IRS under Obama targeted conservative groups and was found guilty of wrongdoing and ordered to compensate the injured conservative groups, but no one in the agency was held to account.

Finally, let’s look at the Democrats’ claim that no one is above the law. If they really believed it, they would demand Hillary Clinton be indicted for the crimes she has committed.

Trump might not be squeaky clean, but compared to the Obama administration, he is Mother Teresa.

Gary Fitch, Omaha

Disaffected conservative

Growing up in Nebraska, naturally I was raised on conservative values.

I remember, as an impressionable first grader, being a fiery defender of John McCain. At just 14 years old, I made my first political donation to the Ben Carson presidential campaign.

I will be a first-time voter come November 2020, but I will not be casting my ballot for the Republican ticket. After the 2016 election, many (myself included) became disaffected with the party.

I cannot in good conscious support what the conservative movement has become. I have found my ideals now align with that of the Democratic Party, but it should be said that the values of kindness, inclusion, diversity and liberty — those are not solely liberal values. Those are American values.

Samuel Cahill, La Vista

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