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Without any public announcement, State Treasurer John Murante opened a satellite office in west Omaha in September. Three Omaha-based employees regularly work at the office, and Murante conducts meetings there. He said he uses the office twice a week on average.

Murante’s big-spending ways

One of the reasons property tax relief in Nebraska is a frivolous dream is because of wasteful spending by politicians. Just ask State Treasurer John Murante. This big-spending Republican is wasting money and resources to increase his name recognition at the expense of all hard-working families.

Shame on you, Mr. Murante.

Bill Pfeffer, Omaha

Democrats and abortion

The Democrats say they want democracy with the impeachment of President Trump and yet they don’t want democracy for the 60 million aborted babies since 1973. I rest my case.

Mary Dey, Grand Island

Find another Republican

I’m an independent. After many years as a registered Democrat, I have become concerned and a little disillusioned about the hard left turn of many Democratic candidates. I oppose the free stuff, “Medicare for All,” etc., as some have proposed.

I don’t think this country is ready for socialism or similar approaches. While I understand the health care cost issues, the astronomical increases of college costs and other similar social issues, I think there are other ways, compromises, that can solve or at least lessen these problems without the drastic changes being proposed.

However, I am vehemently opposed to President Donald Trump and Republican support for a truly indecent, dishonest, corrupt man whose presidential style is chaotic and menacing the American democracy.

I get that Republican/conservative voters are in great fear of the liberal agenda and that they will support Trump not because he’s good but because he isn’t a liberal.

But why can’t the Republicans find a decent person with the same conservative philosophy to champion their cause? Surely there is a better person among millions of Republicans who can and will represent the Republican values in a decent, respectable, organized way. And make America proud rather than embarrassed. I hope they can find one.

Larry Johnson, Omaha

Trump’s troubling favor-seeking

In the Pulse letter (“People can decide for themselves,” Dec. 21) the point is made that the majority are deciding that President Trump is innocent. I believe that unfortunately the real truth has been lost in a barrage of media frenzy coupled with partisan rancor in the House.

But if one goes beyond this noise and methodically understands the real evidence, there is no doubt that Trump was seeking personal favors from a foreign government. This means closely listening to hours of testimony from nonpartisan professionals in the House Intelligence Committee hearings. Most don’t bother to spend the time laboriously watching this, nor do most people even have the time. My guess is that people listen to sound bites from their favorite news outlet and move on.

If one has trouble believing Trump’s actions in the previous paragraph, certainly there should be no doubt that his total refusal to allow any White House witnesses to testify or documents to be available to the Intelligence Committee is cause for concern. It is the House members’ job and is part of the checks and balances system. This system is essential to maintain free and fair government.

Ignoring this responsibility in the Senate (that is, refusing to call these important witnesses and examine their testimony) could greatly damage and alter this form of government.

Charlotte Shields, Papillion

Humans aren’t a dire threat

“Love animals. Can’t stand people:” Originally a line from the movie “Wall Street” in 1985, it describes today’s joyless, loveless radical leftists. It doesn’t take a psychologist to see even the self-loathing that drives these people to support aborting babies and euthanizing parents and to turn to animals that don’t have dissenting opinions from the leftist manifesto.

Many of the same animal rights people who hate meat-eaters and fur-wearing models are just fine with unanesthetized late-term aborted babies. Abortion propaganda is even exported to other countries (particularly African countries, what does that say?)

I will never fathom the idea that having fewer humans, the most intelligent beings on the planet, is desirable. Are we lemmings, whales about to beach ourselves? Are we suicidal as a race?

Thankfully, there are more of us who see the evil and insanity of a global deforestation of humanity.

Jeff Gonzales, Omaha

It’s best to lighten up

Tis the season: For what? Someone was upset that the governor expressed Christmas greetings. People get upset if I hold a door open for women (sorry, but my mother taught me that). Someone is upset and wants to sue over almost everything these days.

Lighten up, take things with a grain of salt (though not too much salt, as the doctor says it is bad for your health). Be patient, the world will change and will be a better place for all.

Lee Yager, Omaha

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