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Minnesota-based West Central Sanitation was in Omaha on July 11 to show city officials how its fleet can maneuver in tight spaces.

Many not crossing ‘illegally’

I’m so tired of people like Thomas Colpitts (“Legal entry is fine,” July 10 Public Pulse) complaining about all the people coming across our border illegally.

There were several things wrong with his letter. First, the vast majority of people currently coming across our southern border are seeking asylum. That, by definition, is a legal act. Many people claim they’re just using asylum as an excuse, but until these claims are properly adjudicated, they are not here illegally.

Second, even if all these people crossing our border were doing so illegally, unless they’re a repeat offender, the offense is a misdemeanor. I’m aware of no other misdemeanor offenses in which people are routinely separated from their children.

Third, he claims that some lawmakers don’t want secure borders. Many Americans, including me, are adamantly opposed to a ridiculous, ineffective, very expensive wall, but that doesn’t mean any of us are opposed to a secure border.

Errol Waits, Omaha

A woman of kindness and decency

For us, Judy Welk’s greatest attributes were her kindness and decency.

She was a five-star hostess, lots of fun, with a wry sense of humor.

She said she called on her children to preview movies because she did not want to see any with themes of violence or cruelty.

Ed and Sandy Trandahl, Omaha

Outstanding series

The series “24th & Glory — The Intersection of Civil Rights and Omaha’s Greatest Generation of Athletes” by Dirk Chatelain deserves a 2020 Pulitzer Prize. It has been outstanding.

It has provided in-depth insight into the rampant racial prejudice/hate in Omaha and how some very remarkable young black men excelled under extraordinary conditions.

When I married woman from Omaha, a 1968 Central High graduate, and moved here in the early 1970s, she was still outraged that the state basketball championship had, in her mind, been stolen from the Eagles. As a die-hard Central fan she was convinced the referees intentionally called fouls on Central because players were black.

I have re-read the history of the lynching of Will Brown in 1919. I was shocked to learn that whites rioted or that this city would use covenants to cordon off blacks so they could only live in the small area in north Omaha. I amazed how the stars overcame insurmountable odds.

I served on the board of Wesley House in the 1990s. I met Bob Gibson and Bob Boozer when they reached out to support Rodney Wead, who became my friend. I was totally impressed with their stature, thoughtfulness, kindness to me an outsider and devotion to the community.

Kenneth Pickens, Omaha

Support our homeless citizens

On July 10, Thomas Colpitts said in the Public Pulse that “Some in this country don’t want a secure border. Some would rather give these lawbreakers everything while allowing homelessness and hunger run rampant among U.S. citizens.”

How true this is. Illegal immigrants are given help with housing, food stamps, jobs, health care and even a driver’s license. Right here in Omaha, we have the hungry and homeless at Siena/Francis House, Salvation Army, Open Door Mission, Catholic Charities and Stephen Center. They are crowded.

I wonder how many who support illegal immigrants give anything to help our own people in the places mentioned above. Many cities have even more homeless and hungry than Omaha does. How about supporting our own homeless and hungry?

Sister Mary Hlas, Omaha

Say it isn’t so

I’ve only just gotten over the loss of Robert McMorris’ columns in The World-Herald, and now I read that Matthew Hansen is leaving the paper.

I don’t have long enough to live to get over this loss, too.

Lola Austin, Wahoo, Neb.

There goes a good slogan

I think one can stipulate that Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., is probably as much of a buffoon as any of the group thinkers running for the Democratic nomination for president.

Having said that, I was sorry to see that he is dropping out of the race. I am sorry because it prevents Donald Trump from having the possibility of using the best campaign slogan ever: “Better a swell wall than a Swalwell.”

P.L. Butcher, Shenandoah, Iowa

‘Broken and crime infested’

On Sunday the president told four women of color who are Democratic members of the House of Representatives to go back to the “broken and crime infested” countries they came from.

Since three of the four are from the U.S., I guess he believes the United States is broken and crime infested. Will he take responsibility for that? And now a Republican senator has called the four “communists.”

And speaking of an “Epidemic of Idiocy,” the July 15 Public Pulse letter from Jack Martin is one of the best I have ever read. He refers to people who criticized Nike’s use of the Betsy Ross Flag because it was created during slavery. He suggests everything we built or wrote before 1865 should be destroyed because slavery existed at the time.

Oh, my goodness, our whole past has just disappeared. Our American history classes won’t have anything to teach before 1865. Or do the remnants of slavery, white supremacy, racism and black persecution still plague us?

Tom Black, West Point, Neb.

Years of street neglect

As with most problems in our society, planning and forethought seem to be as deficient as our national debt.

The pothole situation in Omaha was neglected for many years under many administrations.

Where more money should have been spent over a period of time to control it, it was put off. Street maintenance was sacrificed on the altar of political expediency.

The city is now faced with a massive problem. In the words of Joe Louis, “You can run, but you can’t hide.”

John Varga, Omaha


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