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Ta Ayea Ayea peeks from her doorway on Sept. 20, 2018, as the City of Omaha inspected and shut down Yale Park Apartments in north Omaha. The evacuation of 500 tenants motivated the rental ordinance now being challenged.

Looking for justice

Recent events make me wonder if we citizens need some sort of judge review boards when retention of judges comes into effect.

One instance is regarding the Yale Park Apartments issue. The city cited the owner for 1,962 code violations. The residents asked the city for assistance and they obliged. A judge then ruled that the city did not ask the owner for permission to enter, thus letting the owner off the hook for all the violations.

Another case was a high school student attacking a girl with a knife and stabbing her several times. The judge transferred this to juvenile court. In a similar ruling, a case was moved to juvenile court for a teenager who fired a gun at police officers. He had been charged with eight felonies.

Isn’t juvenile court for juvenile violation — not for attempted murder and shooting at police officers?

Tom Partusch, Omaha

Medical costs

Medical costs are too high. Our president should look into this. A schedule should be set. The rich and the poor have to pay the same charges.

Either that, or electricians, mechanics and all service people should charge the medical profession consultation fees and added fees, like medical professionals charge their patients.

Robert E. Fonfara, Omaha

Congressional representation

Diplomats Bill Taylor and George Kent answered questions during the beginning of the House of Representatives presidential impeachment inquiry.

The credentials of these two are impeccable. For example, Taylor was fifth in his class at West Point, graduated from Harvard University and served with distinction in Vietnam, receiving the Bronze Star and other medals.

Both individuals deserve nothing but our appreciation for their service, and their nonpartisan opinions should carry weight. Otherwise, everything is political.

Rep. Don Bacon characterized the testimony as a distraction. Sen. Deb Fischer had other meetings to attend and would “expect” to get information later. Sen. Ben Sasse would not “waste time doing play-by-play commentary on Adam Schiff’s circus.”

About 48% of the registered voters in Nebraska are Republican, and the rest are distributed between Democrats and others. I would therefore expect our congressional representatives to spend roughly half their time representing all political parties, and maybe they are.

But the tone of the comments by our congressional delegation make me wonder. Are all Nebraskans getting equal representation?

Joseph Slattery, Omaha

Is this the best the Dems can offer?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s comments lately should truly alarm any normal and rational thinking person.

Her comment a few days ago of “If elected I will tear down the border wall and pay for it with taxpayer dollars” is a clear and present danger to America.

Then she made the idiotic comment about President Donald Trump creating the crisis at the border. A few months ago, Democrats called the border issue a “manufactured crisis.” They can’t even keep their story straight.

With the hundreds of thousands of illegal crossings every year, we need a much stricter border policy, not less strict. Tearing down the wall and getting rid of ICE would truly create a “clear and present danger to America.

Can’t the Democratic Party offer someone who is at least close to being a normal, rational, thinking candidate?

Chuck Petersen, Omaha

Who is accountable?

For the last eight years, Congress has been tied in a knot. The “red” majority has been focused on blocking President Barack Obama, with Sen. Mitch McConnell sitting on every bill that came up that he didn’t like while the Democrats sucked their thumbs and pouted.

Now comes President Donald Trump, who has reversed a number of executive orders signed by Obama and has ignored any restraint in his willful pursuit of personal gain.

The good side of it is that it has given the House Judiciary Committee an opportunity to do its job. My wife and have watched most of the long-overdue impeachment hearings, which have only confirmed that which most of us knew but which many would not admit. Trump is unfit for office.

Now Mitch and his sheep need to see if they can remember why they were elected. If justice prevails, Trump will be impeached by the House and the Senate will convict him.

James Byrk, Plattsmouth, Neb.

Same hearings, different views

In response to Dale Rezac’s Nov. 29 Public Pulse letter entitled “Wake up, people,” he states that “Anyone who watched the procedure has to agree that the president did it.”

I guess I didn’t watch the same proceedings. As some Democrats have written lately about Republicans. Rezac is either blind or stupid.

Randy Gray, Omaha

Youth was in the wrong

After reading the Nov. 26 article “Mom wants bakery owner who held down son over stolen tip jar charged,” I can’t believe these people who want to hold the bakery owner responsible.

This kid deserved everything he got.

And the legislative candidate thinks it terrible that the teenager might end up with a criminal record. That shows how effective Mark Vondrasek would be in Lincoln using common sense and looking after taxpayer money.

Maybe this teenager’s mother should wake up and smell the roses.

We need more people like this small business owner.

Max Hopkins, Omaha

Pope and morality

I just completed reading the article stating the pope was in Japan visiting Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He then stated that any country that possesses or uses nuclear weapons is immoral.

Perhaps the leaders of the Catholic Church should look in the mirror and see real immorality looking them right in the face. There have been molestations and coverups by priests and others in the church. Sex offenders were moved to another site instead of reported on.

Again, I say, they should look in the mirror for their immorality.

Ronn Jungers, Papillion

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  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email