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One of many photos of housing code violations taken by the City of Omaha during a Sept. 20 inspection of the Yale Park Apartments.

Inspections could catch problems

Now it’s large damage fees or withholding of deposits to further traumatize the former tenants of Yale Park Apartments. How often did Kay Anderson adhere to his own leases? How often were the apartments inspected? When I lived in apartments they were sprayed every other month whether we wanted it or not; our furnace filters were changed or our drains were checked so management could get in to do a visual inspection.

At Yale Park, problems involving countertops, floors, appliances, water heaters, toilets, leaking roofs, air conditioners and furnaces, exposed wiring all could have been caught during annual inspections to allow tenants an opportunity to fix what was their responsibility. What a teachable moment the annual inspection could have been.

If the families from another country weren’t used to taking care of units, the annual inspections would have been the time to do training or get advocacy agencies involved to provide such training.

I could see withholding their deposits if they had annual inspections and they didn’t comply and didn’t fix what was wrong. I think that Stevie Wonder can see there were no annual inspections and/or education on care of the units for a group of families that were new not only to our country and city, but also new to the requirements of living in apartments. Why punish the families for Anderson’s lack of management?

Ernie Boykin, Omaha

Eastman’s stance hypocritical

Kara Eastman is founder and CEO of Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance, an organization that works to create a healthy home for every child. Eastman at the same time thinks it’s OK to kill babies in the womb — the place that is supposed to be the safest and healthiest place in the world for a baby. However, because of people like her, in this day and age it has become the most dangerous.

You can’t pretend to be concerned about a child’s welfare and at the same time fight for the right to kill babies. I cannot understand the fact that women shout the loudest and fight the hardest for the evil right to kill a baby when they are supposed to be nurturers of our species.

Why should I, or anyone else, even care what her stance is on the economy, world trade, immigration, etc.?

Michael A. Pennisi, Omaha

Eastman best on Social Security

After hearing the Kara Eastman and Don Bacon debates and reading coverage of the Social Security issue in The World-Herald, it would appear that only Eastman understands the reality of the program.

Here are the facts: Eligible workers have contributed enough through their and their employers’ payroll taxes that there is a surplus of almost $3 trillion in the Social Security trust fund. That fund is fundamentally no different from any other account you have an interest in. We are entitled to being paid the benefits secured by it in accordance with the rules that we adhered to in paying our payroll taxes.

In fact, in 2018, receipts from what workers pay into the program during that year only and the interest on our trust fund will exceed what is paid out in benefits. So the trust fund will actually get larger.

Bacon doesn’t appear to know much about the program. He ought to to be if he truly wants to be the representative of working women and men who depend on Social Security in our economy, in which getting a decent pension disappeared a long time ago.

We deserve and need to be represented by someone who is knowledgeable about this extremely important matter and passionately dedicated to preserving it. That is Kara Eastman.

James Regan, Omaha

Message for Democrats

Remember when, under President Barack Obama, we had GDP growth at 2 percent or less and the unemployment rate was at 6 percent to 8 percent, and then Vice President Joe Biden gave a speech and told us this was the new normal and we had better get used to it?

Now, under President Donald Trump, we have GDP growth at 4.2 percent and the unemployment rate is 2.9 percent or less. This is directly due to Trump and not Obama. Democrats, you can’t say this is the new normal and then when the economy improves take credit for it.

Remember when you were innocent until proven guilty in a court of law? It can still be that way if we continue to adhere to the Constitution and do not vote for those who want to rewrite it.

We can keep our democracy if we choose wisely in each and every election and do not become complacent.

Linda Miller, Omaha

GOP not standing up to Trump

We have a president who continually mocks and bullies anyone he fears, who does not agree with him or who has a different opinion than his. Some argue that he has done good things for business and trade, and while that may be true, his mockery and bullying are a disgrace.

I have contacted Rep. Don Bacon and Sens. Deb Fischer and Ben Sasse over and over and asked why they have not spoken out about the disrespectful behavior that we are subject to almost daily. Republicans, this president continues to divide us as a nation with his mockery and bullying; silence indicates to me your approval of the division.

I fear for this nation, as ultimately his disrespectful behavior and the silence from the Republican Party will lead to our demise.

Marcia Shadle-Cusic, Omaha

Skinner for state auditor

After lambasting State Auditor Charlie Janssen as engaging in “inexcusable behavior” and being “selfish and unprofessional,” The World-Herald declined to endorse either candidate for auditor. Idealistic maybe, but not practical. We need to elect a state auditor.

Janssen has actually disqualified himself. I hope he gets the help he needs in private life. But I am voting for Jane Skinner. She has the same auditing experience Janssen had when elected. She will not spend hours at a bar on taxpayer time and will actually work full time. She will set a good example for her employees.

James Enright, Omaha

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