Doctor teaser (copy)

Not buying a car

The World-Herald ran a Seattle Times editorial on Nov. 22, “Hospital cost transparency is a necessary first step.”

The editorial compared transparency in health care to shopping around, as in buying a car or searching for a house painter. That is flawed, in my estimation. I am not sure if I want to trust my health care to the lowest bidder.

Also, the word transparency is used so much as a buzzword, in my opinion, by politicians and government as to be a meaningless cliche.

John Thomason, Creighton, Neb.

NU’s out-of-state fans

When it comes to the sizable attendance of Nebraska fans at away games, is it really a function of Nebraskans traveling well?

Or is it more a result of so many Nebraskans moving out of state?

Andrew Best, Omaha

Service to our country

Randy Solberg of Omaha in his letter titled, “Enough service,” Nov. 16 Public Pulse, requested that if people wish to thank veterans who served in time of war, such as himself and his forebears, they should figure out a way so that his grandchildren don’t have to serve.

One very important way Americans, and specifically our government, can do that is to support our nation’s State Department, the diplomatic front line of our nation’s defense.

Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony during the recent impeachment inquiry was compelling to me on so many levels, and more importantly, educational.

While I thought I knew the role of our nation’s Foreign Service, what I came to learn from the ambassador and from her counterparts who also testified, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent and Ambassador William Taylor, is how important the diplomatic service is to our nation’s defense. In effect, they are our military’s front line — “the tip of the spear,” as Yovanovitch described it.

Without a strong and representative State Department, she said, “blunt force” becomes our only option. The military and our foreign service are comrades in service protecting both our country’s security and our economic interests abroad. I want to thank Solberg and the men and women who serve in the U.S. Foreign Service for their service.

Magan Smith, Omaha

GOP primaries

President Donald Trump will be impeached in the House and acquitted in the Senate. But the Republican National Committee ought to allow GOP primaries in all states so the “Grand” Old Party can attempt to recover a modicum of its one-time probity and honor.

It is said that if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

And fall you will. Stand up now, or it will be too late.

Roger duRand, Omaha

Clear and present danger

We are constantly being barraged by views that President Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to the republic.

He wants to be a dictator. He is Hitler.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The real clear and present danger to the republic is communism, currently masquerading as the Democratic Party.

Chris Lewis, Omaha

Wake up, people

The impeachment inquiry has been broadcast on a lot of TV channels. About a dozen patriotic, career civil service officials testified to the fact that President Donald Trump bribed, bullied, held back congressional approved aid and wouldn’t meet with the Ukrainian president.

None of the people who testified were disproven by the Republicans. Anyone who watched the procedure has to agree that the president “did it.”

The sad thing is it looks like the Senate Republicans are going to allow Trump to get away with it. What are the voters going to do about this?

Dale Rezac, Omaha

The people’s choice

When will the Democrats get off their high horse about the president?

They are all so mad he won and their hopeful didn’t. The people voting didn’t trust Hillary Clinton after what her husband did in Washington.

If Donald Duck had been running instead of Donald Trump, he would have won.

Let the man finish his job in peace by making the U.S. great again.

Then when the time is right, we can all vote again.

Let the people decide who wins or loses. Not the party.

Gerald Hansen, Omaha

Low priority, big headache

A 5-foot section of the curb going into my driveway was torn out by a private contractor clearing snow last winter.

In March, I called street repairs to report this and was told it would be taken care of.

Sometime in May, I called again, asking about the process, and was informed a work order had been written and the repair would take place.

In July, I called again and was told due to the amount of concrete repairs in the city this was a low priority, but they would send someone from Public Works out to look at it, which they did.

In October, I called again and was told the work order was still in the system but that this is a low-priority item.

I have been more than patient driving through a 5-foot hole in our curb to get into the driveway. I feel the mayor’s city roadway maintenance is the worst-run department in her whole administration.

With winter soon upon us, I don’t think I will ever see our curb repaired because next year it will be low priority again.

Rick Keely, Omaha

Snowy city sidewalks

In regard to Steve Broghammer’s letter “Snow removal too pricey” (Nov. 26 Public Pulse): My wife and I are both handicapped, yet we manage to clear the sidewalk in front of our house and our driveway. Sometimes our relatives will help us.

My complaint is the city not taking care of its sidewalks. The sidewalk from 13th to 16th Street on Deer Park Boulevard was not cleared at all last winter.

The city should take care of what belongs to it before slapping homeowners with fines. I will be calling the city each time it snows this season to clear its part of the sidewalk.

Bill McCollum, Omaha

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