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Highway construction and maintenance are among Nebraska's priority needs. 

Highway safety measures

I want to thank the Nebraska Department of Transportation for placing a four-way stop with reflective road markers at 204th Street and Highway 36. This was needed for several years.

Building a roundabout at Highway 31 and Highway 36 will also be a big safety improvement. Now if the department would improve Highway 36 at 60th Street with either improvements, (a roundabout or a four-way stop) then close calls, speeding, blind spots and vehicles passing each other in this intersection would stop, and driver stress would end.

Bruce Forbes, Omaha

Why is pride flag controversial?

I’ve only got one question for Daryl Achenbach about his opinion on a “controversial” flag being flown by the Omaha Public Power District in support of Pride Month.

What exactly is controversial? Is it the support for the LGBTQ community? Having respect and human decency regardless of gender or sexual orientation? Is he afraid of rainbows?

I’m honestly baffled because the choices made by LGBTQ people have zero bearing or effect on his or anyone else’s life.

Peter Wright, La Vista

Yang quiet but confident

During the first round of Democratic debates, candidate Andrew Yang was noticeably reserved and placid. He spoke the least number of words. Many columnists and political pundits saw his serene manner on stage as a lack of confidence and are already writing him off.

However, I recognize Yang’s adherence to time limits and understated tone to be a sign of confidence in the validity of his proposals and ideas. This confidence is based on a quiet recognition that if people were to actually research his 76 specific policy proposals, they would understand that his candidacy is based on reason and a nonpartisan vision for our economic future.

Too many candidates were frenetic in their excitement to attack each other and generate that one high quality sound bite. We can no longer afford to put our collective future in the hands of individuals whose candidacy lies not on policy but rather on an ability to generate untenable and simply idealistic soothing of American’s fears.

Yang may not have received many questions nor inserted himself into the childish bickering over trivial policy differences because what makes him stand out is not his reliance on media coverage of his smooth talking but his forward-thinking policies that will allow Americans to transition into a new economic future dominated by artificial intelligence and automation.

Aidan Swanson, Omaha

Humane Society disappoints

I lost my service dog Missy on Nov. 30. When I got my pet license notice in January, I had to pay $5 to the city to remove her from the records.

How difficult is it to remove a dead dog from a form? That cost me over half an hour’s wages at my $8-per-hour job.

I finally got a new puppy with hopes he will become a service dog.

I enjoy wildlife and photography. That’s my daily entertainment. I have food and water out for the birds. One day a bird was hanging upside down with its foot caught in the perch of the feeder. I called the Nebraska Humane Society (I’m disabled.)

The person came, cut off the bird’s leg and threw it in a box. I will never call the Humane Society for help again unless it is to pick up a dead creature.

Joyce Montgomery, Omaha

Parents are responsible

Saber McConnell wrote about children at the border (“Suffering at the border,” June 29 Public Pulse.)

Children, our own citizens, may be suffering throughout the United States. Why don’t we hear about them?

The children at the border are suffering because of their parents, who should follow the law when entering the United States.

There is a right way to do that and a wrong way to do that and if the parents choose the wrong way they are responsible.

Our taxpayers have a burden now, and we cannot be responsible for everyone who shows up at our door.

If some of our citizens are worried about the immigrants at the border, maybe they should look around at America. There are plenty of places that would love their help.

D. Mark O’Neill, Omaha

War is a terrible thing

Who in his right mind would be a fan of any war? A war anywhere on this planet is a terrible thing — a waste of people and of resources.

President Donald Trump didn’t serve in the military, but he’s trying to make it up by increasing funding for the military. What about the physical and mental toll?

Pure and simple, Trump is a draft dodger. What happened to the soldier who went in his place?

The only thing that Trump is a fan of is his self-preservation above anyone else.

Robert Nunez Jr., Omaha

Bonding with Trump

Perfect suit, perfect hair, perfect mannerisms and perfect words. None of those things describe President Donald Trump, but that’s why we love him and that’s why we have formed a bond with him that the media cannot break. They have thrown everything at this man, and none of it sticks.

No worries, though, because after he completes his second term, there will be no one on the Republican side who can take his place, and the presidency will be wide open for the Democrats to take over and go full bore towards creating their communistic, utopian society.

Gardner Broadbent, Council Bluffs

Church should give back

About the couple who stole $5,000 worth from an Omaha church: The Catholic Church should open up its doors and let anyone take whatever they want. After all, isn’t that what Jesus would want?

How much wealth has the Catholic Church amassed? It is time to give back. Turn the cheek. From now on, when a church is robbed, do not call the police. Consider it the church’s duty to take care of the sick and poor. Give back for a change.

And take care of the migrants at the U.S. border. Shame on the pope.

Joseph Anania, Omaha

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