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Grateful for street repairs

The suggestion to change our state flower to Orange Coneflower was clever and funny (“Bright side to construction,” Oct. 15 Public Pulse).

After traveling West Maple Road, which was filled with holes and patching for so long, it’s a pleasure to ride over the smooth and quieter Maple now.

I don’t mind all the cones restricting traffic to one lane, knowing the road is finally being fixed correctly.

Sharon S. Schwab, Valley

Found a leader in Sasse

America needs a man at the helm with integrity, intelligence and backbone.

We need someone who looks at all the information on both sides and makes informed decisions.

Where can we find a man who is more concerned about the people he serves than his next election and isn’t afraid to express his true opinion and not just what he thinks voters want to hear?

A man who can multitask, puts God and family first and is humble enough to admit when he thinks he might not know everything. A man discerning enough to recognize good advice and take it.

Where can we find a man like that? Oh wait, Nebraska has one. Thanks, Sen. Ben Sasse.

Nancy Dickinson, Omaha

Why trust the scientists?

Anita Soto (“Trust the scientists,” Oct. 18 World-Herald) does not understand the objections to the man-made climate change theory.

Scientists do not agree on the information or the interpretation of the evidence presented, and when they agree, they do not agree on the response. Much of the evidence is anecdotal.

Citing NASA is a logical fallacy of appealing to authority. Do you really want to trust NASA when two space shuttles, the Columbia and Challenger, ended in disaster and death? NASA can provide data and try to interpret such data, but its information on the man-made climate change theory is far from conclusive.

Also, most of the supposed solutions go nowhere. The Omaha Public Power District is shutting down coal-fired power plants to supposedly reduce CO2, but it won’t reduce anything.

The coal will simply be used by some other power plant at some other place, such as China or India. So what will OPPD really accomplish?

Andrew L. Sullivan, Omaha

Disgracing the presidency

The individual who seems to think the low unemployment rates are due to the current administration in Washington needs to go back in time.

Those rates started to decline way before Donald Trump was elected.

Since his election, he’s done nothing but bring disgrace to the office he holds, alienate our country from our allies and behave like a bully.

Who’s benefiting from all this? It certainly isn’t the middle class or lower-income families, especially when he’s giving “free” money to businesses. Not to mention the debt he’s put this country in because of his tariff war with China, as well as thinking he’s above the law.

Again I ask, who benefits from all his unethical and immoral behavior?

C.A. Farmer, Papillion

Dirt vs. opposition research

When a Republican asks another country for information on an opponent, it’s called “digging for dirt.” When the Democratic Party asks for or even pays another country for information on an opponent, it’s called “opposition research.”

President Barack Obama’s administration asked Ukraine officials to investigate Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, in 2016. That information is on the record. When Trump asked Ukraine to assist the attorney general in an ongoing investigation regarding the Bidens, the Democrats insist it is an impeachable offense. Are people really that gullible or do they just hate the president so much they believe all that the left tell them?

One hundred years from now, the history books will show that Donald Trump was elected president in 2016 and nobody can change that.

He might even be considered one of the greatest presidents ever.

B.L. Cork, Omaha

A thank you

I thank Katherine McConnell for her letter praising Dr. Charles Bagby of Blair (“Political climate,” Oct. 18 Public Pulse).

He is a much revered, retired doctor in our town. And he is one of the fairest, most honest persons I have known.

Marilyn Urwin, Blair, Neb.

Perfect action shot

Sports photographers look for the perfect action shot.

Kayla Wolf found it when she captured the image of Jordyn Bahl pitching for the Papillion-La Vista softball team, which was published in the Oct. 20 World-Herald.

Congratulations, Kayla, your photo is a work of art.

Sharon Dunham, Waterloo

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