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A large crowd waits outside the Holland Performing Arts Center on Wednesday for a chance to buy tickets to the musical “Hamilton.” The crowd was sorted and given numbered wristbands, and people were admitted to the Holland box office in groups based on those numbers. Various activities and amenities kept patrons occupied while they were waiting outside, including a trivia contest in which people won “Hamilton” swag like water bottles, mugs or apparel. Thousands of people also went online to buy tickets, though it’s difficult to tell exactly how many.

Good job at Holland Center

I woke up early July 17 to line up for “Hamilton” tickets and wasn’t looking forward to standing for hours on concrete sidewalks in the hot sun. Accordingly, I lugged along my folding chair, hat and water for the endurance contest.

Imagine my surprise when the experience turned out to be a pleasant one. When I arrived, I was given a wristband with a number for my place in line.

Further, the waiting took place in the shade under the east portico; tables, chairs, water and coffee were provided; and the staff engaged the crowd in trivia games and singalongs, with “Hamilton” T-shirts as prizes for participation.

Holland management had both thought about how to stage such an event and was well-prepared for it. Once my group was called, we walked into air-conditioned comfort with numerous stations set up to process our ticket requests.

Hats off to the Holland.

Peter Gadzinski, Omaha

Thoughtful immigration policy

As a person of faith, I applaud local leaders such as State Sens. Tony Vargas and Megan Hunt for offering strong support for Nebraska’s immigrant community, to welcome families seeking a better life and fleeing unimaginable violence and persecution.

Immigration has been a charged political issue during the complex history of our beloved nation, but the facts are clear: A thoughtful approach to updating our immigration policy is the right thing to do morally and should be the focus of our leaders across the political spectrum today.

Carol Windrum, Omaha

Merit-based immigration

I know I’m beating a dead horse, but I still have to respond to Mary Ann Lamanna’s letter (“Trump’s immigrant background,” July 17 Public Pulse). She says Trump is hostile to immigrants.

In her world, anybody who comes into America the legal way or illegal way is an “immigrant,” with no distinction between the two of them. Trump has said ad nauseum he wants immigrants coming here but he wants a merit-based system bringing in people who can be self-sufficient and fill existing job needs, not people coming here for free health care and other government benefits.

They are not all really seeking asylum. If things are so horrible in their country of origin, then I guess we just have to let them all in. Trump told the four congresswomen to leave only because of their continual anti-American remarks and their obvious hatred for America.

Chris Lewis, Omaha

Get families reunited

All of our elected officials need to have mercy for the families torn apart by the immigration authorities.

It’s time to stand against the president and his policy of family separation. Please, elected officials work to get children reunited with their families ASAP.

Terry Haney, Omaha

Stop helping the Democrats

One of the main factors in Donald Trump being elected president was that he was a businessman and not a politician since politicians were not very popular in 2016. I approve of almost all of his business-based policies.

The economy is soaring, the unemployment rate is at an historic low, the stock market is up and people’s retirement accounts are very healthy. The trade war is hurting many people, including our Nebraska farmers, but China has been taking advantage of us to build its economy for far too long.

Having said that, Trump is still the president of the United States, and I feel he should make an effort to adapt and act the part of the leader of the free world.

His tweets and tantrums are more childlike than presidential. Some of the things he says are offensive and racist.

His recent comments concerning the four Democratic congresswomen actually hurt his agenda and help the Democrats in their bid to regain the White House. The Democrats were feuding last week and looked like a dysfunctional group. Nancy Pelosi was at odds with the far left progressive wing of the party and now, after President Trump’s comments, they are all reunited again.

I urge the president to please think first before speaking and stop tweeting altogether. I greatly fear what this country will become if the Democrats sweep the presidency and control of both houses of Congress in the 2020 election. Trump needs to stop helping them achieve their goals. They are pushing toward socialism, which will do nothing but destroy this country like it did Venezuela and countless other former democracies.

Jeff Miller, Omaha

Bikes and state law

In Phil Hageman’s June 21 Public Pulse letter, “Bicyclists have a right to the road,” he is both right and wrong when he states “Cyclists can and should ride in whichever manner or position is safest for them.”

For brevity’s sake, Nebraska State Statute 60-6,317 deals with operation of bicycles on roadways. It is online … read it.

Common sense should dictate the use of bicycles on roads designed for motor vehicles.

The vast majority of cyclists operate on the roadway safely; however, I have seen them ride two abreast and single file, in the middle of a two-lane roadway with moderate traffic, 20 mph below the speed limit, impeding traffic that caused backups.

And yes, motorists must be respectful around cyclists using the roadway. They have a legal right to use it, too.

Mike Hermsen, Omaha

retired police officer

Slo-mo on roadwork

It’s a good thing the U.S. government during World War ll didn’t hire the same contractor as the one working on the Harrison Street road reconstruction project.

The Alaska Highway would still be a work in progress.

Josef Codr, Omaha

Salvage work appreciated

I want to thank the city for salvaging resources from the Gene Leahy Mall renovation. I feel much better about the new project. This stewardship is appreciated.

Margo Juarez, Omaha

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