U.S. Treasury

This June 6, 2019, file photo shows the U.S. Treasury Department building at dusk in Washington. 

Fiscal responsibility

It is estimated that this year 40% of all farm income in the United States will be given to farmers by the U.S. government.

Amazingly, that’s not a record percentage. And two high-ranking agricultural officials, speaking anonymously, recently said that at least one more government payment to farmers will be needed soon.

Farmers have already received $26 billion in federal aid this year. The trouble is that it’s our tax money.

This year the U.S. government is set to spend $1 trillion more than it takes in. Even though our congressional representatives say it’s not a big deal, it is a big deal.

That’s a trillion dollars of new government debt. Debt that our grandchildren and their children will need to pay. Does this make any sense at all? You be the judge.

Don Weber, Omaha

Unions not all the same

With the recent disturbing conduct by the head of the Omaha Firefighters Union, it would be convenient for readers to assume that all labor unions conduct themselves with this same arrogance.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The men and women who are elected to a position of leadership within their respective unions are held to higher moral and ethical standards, not only by their rank and file membership but also their international associations.

As to why these standards are not observed at the firefighters union is anyone’s guess.

Gregg D. Rhoades, Plattsmouth

retired business manager,

Cement Masons #538

Medicaid plan falls short

When Nebraskans elected a businessman as executive of the state, I believe they envisioned a person of integrity who would negotiate with people with other views and reach compromises on solutions for problems facing Nebraska.

A businessman would work to ensure a sound fiscal foundation for the state, provide for the well-being of all Nebraskans and have concern for future generations. Our poor governor struggles. His Department of Health and Human Services’ plan to expand Medicaid to 90,000 hard-working Nebraskans, ages 19-64, living the dream on less than $17,000 per year is an example.

Delaying implementation to October 2020, ensuring the loss of $460 million of our federal tax dollars to the state, with more millions lost next year, is his revenue enhancement plan.

Delaying timely medical care could result in an estimated 500 deaths in the eligible population this year, with another 300-plus expiring prior to implementation next year. This is his workforce development plan.

The complicated waiver plan with requirements for eligible people to satisfy to receive benefits will be overseen by an expanded compliance department. This is his shrink state government plan.

Pray for our dear governor, and God save Nebraska.

Mary Spurgeon, Bellevue

Embarrassed by Trump

The president must be impeached.

After hearing the testimony of George Kent and Ambassador William Taylor, it is clear that the president has engaged in gross misconduct, essentially bribing the Ukranian president into investigating a political opponent.

This is something done in countries that are ruled by corruption, not by the rule of law. This is shameful, and I am embarrassed by the leaders of this country (most notably the president), the members of the GOP who continue to hide behind this president and the Americans who are too blind or stupid to see the truth.

Shelly Salwei, Louisville, Neb.


Our Constitution states: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.

Clearer wording would be: Congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of religion.

Misinterpreting “respecting” has allowed laws to be made laws violating Christianity, when the opposite was intended. Checking the dictionary: “Respecting” means to regard as inviolable, avoid intruding upon. Inviolable means that must not or cannot be violated.

Misinterpretation of our forefathers’ use of “respecting” is ridiculous. Being very religious, they knew the democracy they were establishing would fail if Christian values were lost. Their primary goal was to establish a law to protect Christianity from the state.

The country has violated separation of church and state, made to protect Christian values, by removing needed education of Christianity for our posterity and by making abortion and homosexual marriages legal.

Christians are now forced to accept killing human lives, made by God, and violate what makes a family, fulfilling our forefathers’ concerns. President Donald Trump shows he is striving to end these evils, so who should all be voting for?

Merlyn Braunsroth, Denton, Neb.

Another generous person

I went to eat at a restaurant in Bellevue for the free breakfast they were serving to military personnel and veterans on Veterans Day. When I finished, I took my bill and ID that showed I was a Navy vet to the cashier.

The whole entrance area was very crowded with people waiting to be seated. I handed my bill and ID to the cashier and she checked the ID, handed it back to me and said I hadn’t ordered a meal from the list for the free meal promotion and that I would have to pay for my meal.

I was reaching for cash and an arm reached over my shoulder and handed a bill to the cashier and a lady said, “This will take care of this man’s bill.”

At least I think that’s what she said because I was so stunned.

I thanked her, picked up my cane and turned to leave and thanked her again. And thanking her twice just seemed so inadequate. There are many nice people in this city.

David J. Dreith, Bellevue


A Creighton University referendum stated that by 2025, the university should divest the 2% of its endowment that is in the top 200 carbon-emitting companies in that industry. A World-Herald editorial on Wednesday cited an incorrect amount.

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