monorail (copy)

Sao Paulo Monorail rendering of the Innovia 300 train that will run on Line 15 in Sao Paulo. Writer would like to see a monorail in Omaha.

Electric rail system

After reading the Oct. 27 Public Pulse letter from Marilyn Hoegemeyer (“Tourists and transit”), I am glad to see she agrees that Omaha needs a people mover.

It would be great to have an electric monorail system to move people faster around Omaha and save area streets.

The Crossroads Mall site would make a great transportation hub.

I can see, years from now, an electric rail system from Omaha to California and New York.

That would be great.

Jerry Hansen, Omaha

If the economy is so good ...

If the economy is so great right now, why are 45% of Nebraska public school students eligible for subsidized school lunches?

Andrew White, Kearney, Neb.

Focus on other issues

For the past few years, our media has been overly focused on President Donald Trump, investigations against him and his advisers and now an impeachment inquiry.

All the while, Communist China devalues human life and individual liberty, is stealing our corporate technologies to produce and sell at lower cost, harvests organs from falsely imprisoned people and is repressing freedom in Hong Kong.

China is a real threat to grow economically and militarily and take over leadership and influence in the world.

Additionally, 70,000-plus in America die each year from opioid and Fentanyl overdoses. And sex trafficking has become an epidemic in our nation and world.

Why are these crises and existential threats not the news of the day? We need to be more focused and aware of these issues.

Leaders of our nation should be talking about and solving these issues, not wasting time and energy on a president with less than 12 months left in his elected term of office.

Katina Ungerman, Papillion

Puzzled by poll

Recently I saw a disturbing statistic from a national poll. Polls are not always accurate but do show a snapshot of current thinking and an underlying sentiment of the future.

The poll cited 53% of Republicans voters who responded thought that help in an election from another country was OK. Think about that: A foreign country’s interference in an American election was OK.

Now I wonder if in 1940 President Franklin D. Roosevelt had asked fascist Italy or imperialist Japan for some help in the upcoming election, whether that would have been OK.

Or if Dwight Eisenhower had asked East Germany for help in 1956, or if John F. Kennedy had asked Castro for help in 1960 … the list goes on.

But they didn’t because morally, ethically and legally it was right not to do.

James Spikula, Omaha

Hope for Douglas County

With all of the political craziness in Washington, we sometimes forget that the votes we cast for county and city election are the ones that affect us most directly.

That’s why I’m encouraged by the new candidates vying for the Douglas County Board who will be on the primary ballot next May 12: Roger Garcia, Jo Giles and Joe DiCostanzo, who are qualified leaders who can take us forward.

The incumbents they face — Mike Boyle, Clare Duda and Marc Kraft — have stuck Douglas County taxpayers with a hike in property taxes to pay for a wasteful and ill-conceived juvenile jail while the board voted in favor of raises.

All of this was orchestrated with neither a vote of the people nor a comprehensive plan for the county’s future.

The incumbent board members seem to vote as a bloc and do not listen to taxpayers. Together, they have served 58 total years.

It’s time for new ideas and thoughtful leadership.

Tyler Ayres, Omaha

Not-so-bad bad list

Do an online search for “things a state is worst at,” and Thrillist will tell you the highest murder rates, worst roads, highest divorce rates, worst meth abuse, most violent crime and other shameful statistics.

What was Nebraska rated worst at?

It had the least furniture manufacturing.

Nebraskans will just have to cope with most of the furniture they buy being made out of state.

Chris Gaul, Thornton, Colo.

Came to the rescue

I wish to thank Blondo Service at 65th and Blondo Streets for coming to our rescue when my friend and I were stranded.

They were so kind and did the work at no charge.

I’m thankful there are wonderful people in this world.

Norma J. Harrow, Omaha

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