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Change is needed

I want to thank Lynn Scott for writing about Omaha’s drunken driving laws (“Outraged over drunken driver,” Sept. 27 Public Pulse).

It seems as though more and more people are caused bodily harm or death because our laws are too lenient on repeat DUI offenders.

Yes, who are these attorneys and judges who get or let these offenders “off”?

Who are the legislators who fail to pass tougher laws on those who are found guilty of driving while impaired?

The loss of life at the hands of a drunken driver is completely senseless. There really needs to be a change, and the sooner the better.

Janet Phipps, Papillion

Prison overcrowding solutions

Reduce the overcrowded areas of Nebraska’s prisons before trying to build new, high-security housing along with trying to staff where the Department of Corrections cannot keep staff.

Build lower-security facilities like community corrections centers.

Reduce the number of inmates housed at the minimum-security housing at the Nebraska Penitentiary.

Adjust the good-time allowance law to be earned by inmates more through good behavior, programming that inmates participate in and a good work ethic.

Look at surrounding states such as Iowa and examine how their prisons are run.

This overcrowding issue equals a ticking time bomb, and many are going to suffer.

Something needs to be done, and sooner, not later.

Chad Gerren, Lincoln

Climate action?

I want to thank The World-Herald for publishing the highly informative article on the science behind Hurricane Dorian (“Slow, intense and unrelenting: The science behind Dorian’s most dangerous qualities,” Sept. 5).

Simply put, the science connecting climate change to slow, intense and unrelenting hurricanes like Dorian is strong. Our response to this should be just as strong. We need to lead on solutions to the climate crisis. The evidence is obvious: Our oceans are warmer and higher, our icecaps are melting and our rivers are flooding. Even our military security is threatened by our rapidly changing climate.

I don’t agree with all of policies of the 10 leading Democratic presidential candidates, but the fact that finally there were thoughtful proposals during the September debate on how the U.S. can tackle the climate crisis gave me an incredible sense of hope. The ironic juxtaposition of the forum interspersed with Dorian hurricane updates just reinforced the importance and urgent nature of this issue.

I would be interested in hearing from Rep. Don Bacon and Sens. Deb Fischer and Ben Sasse about their climate crisis solutions. More than ever, we need a strong, bipartisan solution that showcases U.S. resilience and leadership.

Sandy Lehr, Omaha

Youth climate strike

I do not expect all the youth will believe me, as I am not a climate scientist.

I am familiar with scientific knowledge of changing climate conditions, which have and will exist without our actions or consent. Our planet’s atmosphere and the sun have cycles and changes beyond our control.

I am sorry you have been threatened by public agendas seeking power rather than knowledge. Earth has and always will be home to humans.

We need to keep it clean and free from pollutants, just as we do our houses.

Diane Davis, Omaha

Failure of the Democrats

The Democrat Party appears to be operating as if it is in its death throes. The only conversation Democrats have to put forward to voters is “Hate Trump, impeach Trump.”

What has Donald Trump done to deserve this ire? The unemployment rate is at a 50-year low. Virtually everyone who wants to work is working. Worker income is rising. Consumer confidence is high. Trump is trying to secure our borders, not because of a racist hate of people of color but because we need to control who and how many are coming in so we can manage our economy. He is standing up to China.

The Democrats have been selling us out for the past decade. We should thank President Trump for pulling back the curtain to this debacle.

The Democrats are desperate. The globalists put their money on Hillary Clinton. She was so confident she would win she called those of us who lived in the middle of the U.S. “a basket of deplorables.”

If Trump wins reelection, another Supreme Court justice will be appointed by Trump. If Trump succeeds in getting a trade deal with China and arms deals with North Korea and Iran, the Democrats will be sunk. They have no ideas that can compete with what Trump has accomplished. That’s why they have pulled out all stops in trying to dump Trump. Ask yourself what side you want to be on.

Thomas M. Rawley, Omaha

Possible impeachment issues

We agree with Sen. Ben Sasse, who says “there’s a lot that’s troubling” regarding the transcript of Donald Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian president. Let’s look at some of the possible impeachment issues.

1. Crowding cold and hungry immigrant children into cages. Prediction: This cruel and inhumane form of child abuse is probably not impeachable.

2. Documenting 11 episodes of potential presidential obstruction in the Robert Mueller report. Prediction: This is now old news but is still an impeachable issue.

3. Encouraging attorney Michael Cohen to make payments to hide Trump’s sexual indiscretions prior to the 2016 election. Prediction: This will likely be an impeachable issue.

4. Withholding military aid for Ukraine to procure damaging information on a possible presidential opponent. Prediction: This will definitely be the major impeachment issue.

We also strongly agree with Sasse’s comment that “we shouldn’t be having any American officeholder or any American candidate looking for foreign nations to come in and be involved in U.S. elections.”

David and Barb Daughton, Omaha

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