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No need to pay athletes

Seems once again we think we have to follow the California model of give it away and ruin American sports. Pay for athletes? Perhaps I am missing something. Do they receive an opportunity to showcase talent for potential future employment? Do these athletes receive great sums in waived tuition, books, fees, parking, room and board along with paid travel and such?

Regular students get taken to the cleaners by high tuition and student loans to pay for insane postsecondary expenditures for staff, administration heads and buildings. Will these athletes then be kicking in a fair share of their newfound dollars to pay for the costs of lights, supervision, security, set-up, clean-up, officials, travel, uniforms and equipment/facility replacement, or is that to be given to them free of charge also?

Sure, I get that they are limited to a 20-hour workweek and put in more, but really, we can find many kids out there who would probably pay to play for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and other schools. And let’s admit it, schools and businesses have a right in our capitalist society to make a profit.

Vernon Moran, West Point, Neb.

Steyer has right vision

I recently attended my first political event in which many of us asked questions of Tom Steyer, including myself: “If chosen as the Democratic nominee, who do you like as a running mate?”

Smiling, he quickly answered, “A woman!”

This candidate’s personal creed is to tell the truth and put the American people first. Notice the difference from Trump’s “America First” mantra.

By most standards in this country, Tom was raised from humble beginnings in Minnesota by educators. He developed a hedge fund company that flourished into a multibillion-dollar business, and he is now a philanthropist.

For the past 10 years, he has created associations to fight and win against powerful corporations. In 2013, NextGen America formed to mobilize young people to vote, which is now located on 41 Iowa college campuses.

Tom continues to be aggressive on climate change issues and is determined to protect our environment for generations to come.

Seventy-seven percent of Americans do not have higher education, typically for financial reasons. Twenty-two million young people have chosen to delay marriage or having children, due to student debt. Tom states this is unacceptable and pledges change.

By the end of the event, I came away with the opinion that Tom Steyer is a long-term visionary who has the courage and resilience to triumph over our current White House occupant.

Marcie Spivack, Omaha

Trump shows leadership

I want to applaud President Trump on his exceptional brilliant handling of this country. He has increased the economy and our status throughout the world as a leader once again. America does not bow for anyone. He is a great and instinctive arbitrator. His deals are for us!

Think how great America would be if Washington would work together or at least half of them be able to read transcripts correctly. The way Pelosi and the Gang constantly act sure makes me glad that Hillary never got elected!

Luann Denholm, Fremont, Neb.

Dangerous political hysteria

Your Sept. 28 editorial about anti-German hysteria was a real eye opener! I grew up where virtually everyone had from one to all four grandparents of German heritage, yet I never remember hearing a single tale of their victim-hood. I knew that there were area schools where only German was spoken that ceased to exist due to the war, but they didn’t identify that as a hardship. The hardships of that period they did frequently talk about related to events such as soldiers not returning from the war, severe weather and the 1919 flu epidemic.

The editorial concludes that the anti-German hysteria “provides a sobering warning about the dangers when government has too few limits and people dangerously allow themselves to succumb to hysteria.” Our German ancestors appear to have handled those things quite well.

I am more worried about a current movement that is obsessed with eliminating existing limits on government power like the First, Second and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution and a hysteria that not only justifies but applauds the physical assault of individuals for wearing caps with the wrong political message.

Richard Leech, Omaha

GOP’s false political narratives

I am frustrated and disappointed that you would run the Public Pulse letter by Jack Urban (Sept. 30) which relays the spin of the Republican Party and Fox News that Democrats are just trying to go back and win the 2016 election. You are not required to publish false narratives. Traitorous Fox News does not need the help of the Omaha World-Herald to spread propaganda. By supporting this kind of blind allegiance to this president, you are reinforcing the massive national security risk that is the current Republican Party and Fox News.

Carmen Bunde, Omaha

More pay for corrections officers

There is so much publicity about the state not keeping corrections officers. There is definitely a shortage, and my understanding is that they pay bonuses for newly hired CO’s. I understand there was a small raise for some of the officers.

It seems to me they should be paying the current CO’s a large increase to keep them. It is a dangerous job, and the new CO’s soon realize the job isn’t worth the starting pay. Most of the county CO’s are making a much better wage, and that is where some of the state CO’s go.

Kelly Caskey, Papillion

Kindness appreciated

I would like to thank the person who turned in my wallet at halftime during the NU-Ohio State game Saturday night at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. You turned an otherwise less than jubilant night into one of gratitude and relief! Thank you so very much for your kindness!

Laura Beal, Omaha

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