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Demise of horse racing?

Steve Salaycik, in his Aug. 2 Public Pulse letter (“Help horse racing), attempts to make a case to save horse racing in Nebraska by incorporating slot-type betting machines and eventually casino-type wagering.

Granted, horse racing has had a storied history in the state.

But the wagering entertainment-type industry has changed with the proliferation of expanded gambling in the country.

Particularly, casino gambling in Iowa has had an effect on horse racing in Nebraska. Giving credit to horse racing, the odds for the most part are indicated upfront. Not so with slots and casino gambling.

Granted, horse racing in Nebraska is providing certain jobs and generating some tax revenue.

But if the industry cannot survive without being propped up by predatory-type gambling, then it should be allowed to expire.

Now, with the possibility of sports gambling in Nebraska since it has been approved in Iowa, apparently it’s time for horse racing to hang it up.

Dale Monsell, Omaha

Slap on the wrist

Abuse and neglect of a parent who can no longer care for themselves is a serious crime.

No one should be left lying on the floor for about a week without any intervention (“Prosecutors to appeal after Omaha woman gets 6 months probation for leaving her mother in squalor,” Aug. 4 World-Herald).

At the very least 911 should have been called if the mother would not accept the daughter’s help.

This is beyond cruel. It is inhumane. The serious, bone-deep pressure sores that resulted were totally preventable.

Judge Russell Bowie’s sentence of probation is tantamount to a slap on the wrist. I am heartened this will be appealed. I hope the judge reconsiders prison time for this serious offense.

Kathleen Wilwerding, Omaha

Kudos to McCollister

Kudos to State Sen. John McCollister from a fellow but short-term Republican.

Larry O. Voecks, Norfolk, Neb.

GOP welcome to all

This is not to question State Sen. John McCollister’s right to freedom of speech or his motivation. I have known him for several years. However, his recent remarks about the Republican Party are beyond my comprehension.

I have been a member of the Republican Party since 1985. I was elected and served as chairman of the Douglas County Republican Party in 1993-95.

During my tenure, a Republican was elected congressman for the 2nd District, Republicans were elected as Douglas County treasurer and sheriff and Republicans were elected to a majority of seats on the County Board.

As a black man I can say without reservation my reception by Republicans was based on what I brought to the table, not the color of my skin.

As a current member of the central committee, I want members of my community to know that the Republican Party described by McCollister in no way reflect the current Douglas County Republican Party.

Although I am very sympathetic to his concerns, I can assure him that the Douglas County Republican Party is open to all, and we encourage minority participation.

Glenn M. Freeman, Omaha

McCollister did the right thing

I very much appreciate State Sen. John McCollister taking a stand against the direction of the GOP (“Nebraska lawmaker, a Republican, says his own party enables white supremacy,” Aug. 6 World-Herald).

He has demonstrated integrity and bravery in doing the right thing by speaking out.

The response from the Nebraska Republican Party chair speaks volumes in proving his point.

I was a loyal Republican my entire life, even working as paid staff on three campaigns.

However, during the era of the Tea Party takeover and a move by the party to extremist positions with no tolerance for more moderate viewpoints, I changed my registration to independent.

I no longer recognized nor could subscribe to what the party of Lincoln had become. It has devolved every day since.

I am sickened by this administration and the chokehold it has on Republican elected officials at every level of government.

I commend McCollister for his courage and his leadership. It is past time for voices like his to be heard.

Ellie Archer, Omaha

Diaper changing alerts

What a fantastic cartoon on the Opinion page Aug. 1 about hi-tech diaper changing.

I never heard of such a stupid thing.

Patricia Huntsman, Red Oak, Iowa

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