18 years later, America vows to 'never forget' 9/11 (copy)

People walk past an American flag at the start of a work day, at the Oculus, part of the World Trade Center transportation hub in New York, Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2019, on the 18th anniversary of 9/11 terrorist attacks. 

9/11 ceremony missed

What a disappointment to learn from the Papillion Parks Department that the annual 9/11 ceremony couldn’t be put on this year.

Jerry Anderson of the Papillion area, a retired veteran (now deceased), was the main orchestrator of this very meaningful and respectful event.

It was attended by civic leaders, politicians, ministers, radio personalities, musical quartets and various Scout groups. Of course, the SumTur Amphitheater was a nice venue for this event. Each citizen can remember 9/11 in their own individual way.

Marjorie Stevens, Ralston

Seen in Israel

When I read letters pertaining to Israel and those of Arabic decent, I can’t help but wonder if the writer is writing with first-hand knowledge of the area.

After going on two tours of Israel, Jordan and Greece, I can say that the Arabs not seeking to kill Jews are not discriminated against. They staff many businesses, including the elite hotels. They staff the cabs and fill the streets, selling their wares to tourists.

However, tourists are warned to be very careful of cab drivers because they might kidnap their tourist passengers and hold them for ransom or take them across the line and force them to buy expensive things to be released.

And I remember vividly the hills that were lined with mansions built and owned by Arabs who owned businesses in Israel.

Alta Wolf, Decatur, Neb.

Palestinian suffering

Sandra Hanna (“Tlaib’s trip no stunt” Sept. 9 Public Pulse) makes a good point. Palestine is occupied territory.

I beg to differ with her number, though. The people of Palestine have suffered Israeli occupation for more than 70 years, not just the 50 she mentioned. And the amount of land occupied keeps increasing, pushing Palestinians off their farms and out of their homes, pressed closer and closer together in places like Gaza, where the Israeli military does not even allow them clean water to drink.

Children in Gaza die from kidney disease at a rate higher than anywhere else in the world, a direct result of control by Israel.

Sara Pahl-Ramirez, Omaha

Tlaib visit was a stunt

Sandra Hanna’s Sept. 9 Public Pulse letter (“Tlaib’s trip no stunt”) was filled with anti-Semitic slurs and misinformation.

She used the old “apartheid” slur that has no basis in fact since all citizens of Israel, including Jews, Christians, Muslims, Arabs, Europeans, etc., have the same civil rights by law.

She laments about travel restrictions between what are essentially two separate nations, neglecting to mention that 30 years ago the borders were virtually nonexistent and travel was mostly unrestricted until the government of one (Palestine) started a campaign of terror attacks against the citizens of the other (Israel), which necessitated the erection of barriers, checkpoints and travel restrictions.

Another slur is the ridiculous term “occupation.” Israel does not occupy the areas under Palestinian Authority control, which is where Tlaib’s grandmother lives. In fact, it is illegal under Israeli law for Israelis to be in those territories. It is the Palestinian Authority that is the apartheid state.

Israelis are not allowed to set foot there and if caught, risk being beaten or killed. In Israel, Palestinian citizens enjoy the protection of the rule of law.

Netanyahu gave Tlaib permission to visit her grandmother as long as she did not stir up trouble. Unfortunately for her grandmother, Tlaib’s hatred of Israel was greater than her love for her, and Tlaib refused to visit under those conditions. Besides, a peaceful visit with your grandmother isn’t a media event.

Mike Salkin, Omaha

Why no voter ID law?

Ten years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld an Indiana law requiring voter ID. Yet Nebraska still has no voter ID law.

Perhaps Nebraska’s lawmakers and officials enjoy being seen as fraudulently elected and our courts thus fraudulently appointed. Lawmakers elsewhere are not so foolish.

Seventy percent of U.S. states and 80% of states that border Nebraska — plus Canada, Mexico and most nations worldwide — all require their voters show ID to vote. But not in Nebraska.

When we vote, we try to show our ID cards at the polls, but our election officials aren’t allowed to look. That means elected officials in Nebraska cannot prove they aren’t fraudulently elected. It is hard to see why they wish that perception of themselves.

Ill-thought policy in a state with one-legged lawmaking is a given, but having no voter ID is stupid on steroids.

Mark and Ellen Anich, Omaha

Climate and disasters

Thank you for the article explaining why climate change makes disasters like Hurricane Dorian worse (“Slow, intense and unrelenting: The science behind Dorian’s most dangerous qualities,” Sept. 5 World-Herald).

We need a tax on fossil fuels immediately to reduce emissions. A handful of bills are already under consideration in Congress; we just need to convince our elected officials to act.

Ben Stallings, Omaha

Social credits

Communist China is busy building a “social credit score” system, whereby its citizens are monitored through social media, traffic violations, late payments, even pet problems.

As a result, those with a low score can’t travel by plane or train. They will be kept out of good jobs, schools and even certain hotels. They will be publicly shamed.

And guess what? The progressives in Silicon Valley are working to bring this type of nightmare to the U.S. Time to wake up, America, before it’s too late.

Lou Totilas, Kimballton, Iowa

Support the president?

In response to Kenneth A. Becker (“Stand united on trade war,” Sept. 8 Public Pulse): When Donald Trump stops having his products, including his campaign materials, made in China, then I may give some credence to the request that we the people, support Trump.

James P. Laakso, Omaha

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