Can’t make sense of it


I had to read the article about David and Kassandra Krutina twice, even though it made me sick each time, to try and make any sense of any of it.

They get probation? They may retain custody of the one twin they didn’t starve to death? They’ve retained custody of their two older children throughout the investigation, if it can be called such?

The parents certainly look as if they satisfy their nutritional requirements.


Maureen O’Doherty, Omaha

Education about racism

I read with amazement the article submitted by Ted Quick (“Fooling themselves,” Sept. 24 Public Pulse) on racism being a mischaracterization and an example of mass hysterical projection.

If you have never been discriminated against, you do not know the gut-wrenching damage that it does. President Donald Trump has shown numerous examples of his racist views, starting with discriminatory actions he took renting apartments in New York. He also showed his true colors by the birtherism movement against President Barack Obama, which help launch Trump’s presidential bid.

And by taking out a full-page ad in the New York Times declaring the Central Park Five were guilty and execution should be carried out. They were found not guilty through DNA evidence, and the person who committed the crimes confessed. The demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia, who included white nationalist and neo-Nazis, were also good people.

I suggest that Quick pick up the book “24th & Glory” to learn what racism is all about. Until he can have firsthand experience on how it feels to be denied an apartment or to be followed around a department store while shopping, I suggest get a quick indoctrination in a topic he knows so little about.

G.R. Willis, Omaha

It’s about national security

We’re in the midst of a constitutional crisis. I read the “transcript” of President Donald Trump’s telephone call with Ukraine’s president. I read the report from the intelligence community inspector general on the “whistleblower” complaint.

I would urge all Americans to read these documents.

The argument about whether Trump should be investigated for impeachment, or resign, or remain in office, has predictably become a partisan circus. However, that needn’t be the case. These documents clearly inform me that the president was and is using his official office to pressure a foreign government to investigate a political opponent. Trump’s supporters claim there is no direct quid pro quo, but the implication is unmistakable. That is unlawful.

However, there is another danger here. After serving in the U.S. military for 26 years, it became my conviction that our foreign policy should be, and generally has been, a matter of bipartisan agreement. However, Trump seems to be making clear that U.S. security assistance, a vital component of foreign policy, is up for sale.

Don’t believe me; make up your own mind. Read the documents. Don’t let your favorite pundits tell you what to think.

James A. Harrold, Plattsmouth, Neb.

Running out of time

Members of Congress who hold the majority are losing, just like back in November 2016.

America is tired of the legislative branch holding committee hearings while people they are supposed to represent are “suffering.”

I am not talking about the missed opportunities to pass meaningful legislation that members of Congress were elected to perform according to the Constitution (but I easily could be).

I am talking about the citizenry suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome” as it perpetuates and rips the country apart as a result of the actions or inactions of Congress, as the case may be. This is why Trump now holds the presidency.

They should call for a vote on impeachment and move on.

What are they afraid of? Is it because the “impeachment inquiry” is a poor attempt to satisfy their base?

They do not have the votes to impeach and never will.

They know this fact as they look for more “dirt” on the duly elected president and waste more time.

The clock is ticking toward the 2020 election. They are running out of time for that election. Why do they still think they can win the 2016 election?

Jack Urban, Omaha

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