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Cindy Morgan starred in "Caddyshack."

‘Caddyshack’ event set a high bar

On Nov. 8, I was treated to the event of a lifetime. The Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha held a screening of “Caddyshack.” But what an event!

I was welcomed as a friend and was shown the sights of Omaha.

In the brief time I was there, I saw the school where Henry Fonda studied and the beautiful historic architecture. As we drove past, my hosts were kind enough to enlighten me as to the history of Omaha and how many things came to be.

Please don’t get me started on Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. Those who know me know I won’t stop talking about it.

Scott Voorhees on NewsRadio 1110 KFAB took a chance and let me read the weather during his show.

Folks from Iowa came across the river to attend, including Iowa State Rep. Jon Jacobsen.

Thanks to Thomas Neal, Roger Humphries, Joseph and Kirk Kunze and especially Bruce Crawford. I offer many thanks to Crawford for allowing me to be part of his lovely program. He welcomed me as a friend and set the bar for “Caddyshack” screenings from this point forward.

Cindy Morgan, Boynton Beach, Fla.

(Lacey Underall in “Caddyshack”)

Tone-deaf students

What? Great picture of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln students with their “Yo soy un Americano” sign outside the U.S. Supreme Court.

Talk about tone deaf. These students’ grade for public relations/marketing/integration is an F. Gee, how about “DACA — I am an American.”

Richard Smiley, Tekamah, Neb.

Concerned about our nation

President Donald Trump’s disregard for the rules of our nation is deeply concerning.

As a Republican, I’m appalled at the president’s actions and believe something must be done. Being the leader of the free world isn’t an easy job — it comes with a number of expectations, including and especially upholding the values that America has stood for since our founding.

But to that end, the president has failed us. His continued abuses of power must come to an end. His willingness to accept foreign interference in our elections, on top of his disregard for the legal institutions that hold the executive branch accountable, have led him to the situation he finds himself in today.

He is entirely deserving of the current investigations into the corrupt practices of his administration, and I hope that Congress will hold firm in its obligation to see the inquiry through.

Congress seems to be our only hope. Without our representatives in Washington stepping in to make sure that the rules are followed — and the appropriate actors are held accountable — I foresee a constitutional crisis that will rock our nation.

No one wants this to happen, certainly not the Republican Party, which has long stood behind our Constitution and its founding principles.

Larry Johnson, Omaha

Proud to be a veteran

I just want to thank Hy-Vee and Golden Corral for all they do for veterans. The number of meals served to veterans on Veterans Day by these two wonderful establishments boggles the mind. All the food and service was just amazing. It makes a person proud to be a veteran.

Bart Braunger, Omaha

Obama’s impact

In response to Steve Chapman’s column from Nov. 13, “I told you Obama was a moderate”: Two things can be true at once: Obama’s White House looked nothing like the electoral pitches of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, and he was the progressive standard-bearer who fundamentally changed the governing culture of the country.

Policy doesn’t tell you everything about a president’s impact. In fact, the change in culture can tell you much more. Specifically, Obama’s impact on the country’s zeitgeist was the precursor to the radically liberal agenda that can be identified in the Democratic primary. In effect, he was no moderate.

Mary Stuckey contends in Georgia State University’s ScholarWorks that Obama “is an icon; and this president is resonating throughout popular culture in ways that may be unprecedented” (2010).

Perhaps we all suffer from the recency effect, but Obama’s impact on LGBTQ policy, the definition of marriage and abortion policy was considered controversial not even a decade ago. For instance, in 2008, Obama himself opposed gay marriage and said, “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman.”

Obama did not resemble the new field of Democratic candidates aiming to dethrone Donald Trump. However, his resonance in culture is the vehicle through which these candidates aim to rise to the levers of power in American government. So, no, Obama was not the moderate that he is now made out to be.

Austin Gaines, Lincoln

Keep the trees

We continue to see pictures of the Amazon on fire and of California on fire, with thousands and thousands of trees going up in smoke.

What will happen to our world when all the trees are gone? We will simply look like Africa and the Sahara Desert, and the world will get hotter and hotter. You know, 40 acres of trees at Zorinsky Lake Park may not seem like much to the Army Corps of Engineers, but 40 acres here, 40 acres there adds up pretty quickly.

In California, trees on a hillside help prevent erosion and mud slides if they don’t burn.

Seems to me the Army Corps of Engineers has better things to do, such as better flood control, instead of cutting down trees just to “delineate park boundaries.”

Leave well enough alone.

It takes many years to grow another tree. Trees are not only lovely to look at, they produce much needed oxygen for the world.

R.E. Kistner, Omaha

Enough service

My grandfather, my father, myself, and my son have all served America in the service in time of war.

If you want to thank us for our service, figure out a way so that my grandchildren don’t have to.

Randy Solberg, Omaha

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