In this file photo from June 2006, Hank Dewild attaches sign at 10th and Jackson Streets. The Metro transit system used to provide shuttle service as far west as 120th Street for rides to CWS games.

CWS bus shuttles were great service

It’s almost College World Series time again, and it still upsets me that the Metro transit agency chose to end its stadium express bus service for the series, especially when I see the buses around town all the time with just one or two people riding.

The CWS bus that I rode was always full, and at times people were waiting, or a second bus would be called. It was a great service for people attending the game alone, people who can’t drive at night or out-of-town people.

Cheryl Van Cleve, La Vista

Weary of Democratic snipers

I am growing to be quite embarrassed to admit that I am a registered Democrat.

Now the Nebraska party is sniping at Rep. Don Bacon because he tweeted a response to a military man’s tweet (a former sniper, ironically) that a B-2 bomber would be as effective as a B-52 with regard to taking out an Iranian bingo parlor.

Bad taste? Perhaps. Does this make him unqualified to hold public office? No.

Have the Democrats deteriorated so much that all that they can do now is lie in the weeds waiting for Republican missteps, no matter how minor, so that they can snipe at them to try to boot them out of office?

Have they nothing more to offer than to soak those with high incomes so that everyone else can have a free living? It sure seems like it.

At least Bacon’s recognition that B-2 could be called in a bingo game (no such thing as B-52) makes him more qualified for public office than anyone who has lately called themselves a Democrat.

John Glazeski, Omaha

How autocracy replaces democracy

Rep. Don Bacon held a recent town-hall meeting where he largely sided with the president. Afterward, a young man approached a small group of us to ask why we thought it appropriate to boo and shout comments while Bacon was speaking. Good question.

I said President Donald Trump sets a tone from the White House that brings it out. What I wish I had said is that I am afraid. This president ignites a deep fear in me that I inherited from my refugee parents. They fled Eastern European autocrats after World War II to find peace and stability in a democratic U.S.

I was born in Omaha and grew up wondering how autocracy replaced democracy in Europe after World War I. Now I see how it happens. One step at a time.

I’m not an immigrant and no longer think about immigrants. I don’t live in Georgia, so why should I care about voter suppression? Not a farmer or Native American, so what do I care if the pipeline crosses Nebraska and spills oil?

I am too old to get pregnant and don’t think about young women who no longer have access to birth control and health care because Planned Parenthood clinics are closing.

But wait — I’m old and will need medical attention sooner or later. Does anybody care whether I can afford health insurance or see a doctor when needed?

Ilga Rauchut, Bellevue

Abortion hypocrisy from Disney

Disney CEO Bob Iger has stated that his company may not film in Georgia any longer because of the recently passed “fetal heartbeat” bill, which forbids most abortions after six weeks’ gestation.

If this was a stance supposedly about supporting female autonomy, how does he explain the $5 billion Disneyland that opened in Shanghai in 2016? China forces women to have abortions against their will. Doesn’t sound very progressive to me. His stance seems more consistent with maximizing abortions in Georgia and China than female dominion over another human growing inside them.

John Bowen, Omaha

President’s actions

In response to the June 2 Pulse letter about President Donald Trump deserving our support: The writer expects support for the daily lies Trump gives, the continuous name-calling of those he doesn’t like and the constant barrage of hatred spewing from his tweets.

Would parents and grandparents allow children to act and speak the way our president acts and talks? If the author supports that behavior in our community, he is setting a poor example for his fellow man.

Russia did interfere in the 2016 election, and the facts give proof.

Can you imagine 100% supporting our president to continue lying, continue attacking people after death like John McCain, applauding dictators such as Vladimir Putin and refusing to accept the balance of powers of all three branches of our government?

The writer evidently feels behavior and ethics standards do not need to apply to all citizens, and once they become president they are above common decency and do not need to respect or obey rules or laws for ordinary citizens.

My friend, democracy depends on equality under the law.

Dean Raabe, Omaha

Those ‘baffled’ by Trump

Tom Russell is “Baffled by support for Trump” (April 27 Pulse).

Why do Democrats (or least many of them) cope with their losses through degrading others who have exercised their constitutional rights as citizens?

Hillary Clinton lost, in my opinion, because she was Hillary Clinton. To many, her loss continues to be unacceptable and is preventing them from moving on. The redacted version of the Mueller report is going to be scrutinized by them. The Southern District of New York’s investigation into the president and his family business will be conducted by them.

It is truly sad to see a Democratic Party bent on destruction versus construction.

Democrats’ arrogance and dangerous communist/socialist agenda hopefully will cost the party again. It’s ironic that the party that championed free speech is now the very party destroying it.

Kent Smith, Howells, Neb.

No crying in baseball

The June 4 World-Herald article about Nebraska baseball players being sad to see their coach step down is certainly a tribute to Coach Darin Erstad’s success as a player, coach and mentor. His sudden retirement announcement to spend more time with family was covered well by the media.

However, somebody needs to tell his players “there’s no crying in baseball.”

Frank Kokotajlo, Papillion

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