Child crying (copy)

Babies’ cries vary

As a counterpoint to Charlotte Shields’ criticism of columnist John Rosemond’s advice (“Babies need soothing,” Oct. 14 Public Pulse), my wife and I, my parents and my grandparents (and probably great-grandparents, etc.) all followed the practice he advised long before it ever needed to be advice from “professionals.”

It shouldn’t take parents long to pick up on different cries of their child as that child moves from newborn to baby to toddler — maybe even grade schooler — and understand that the majority of these cries are purely manipulative.

Jon Bakehouse, Hastings, Iowa

What goes around comes around

Sean McGrath should take his own advice by doing a little homework before throwing stones (“Logjam is McConnell’s fault,” Oct. 16 Public Pulse). He blames Sen. Mitch McConnell for sitting on over 200 bills passed by the House of Representatives to help the common man.

Well, guess what: Sen. Harry Reid, the Democrat under President Obama, sat on 352 bills, to be exact, which were passed by the House of Representatives to help the common man.

As to looking for unity, he’s right. It looks like we will never get it while President Donald Trump is in office and we have a House full of Democrats. The Democrats have been crying for his impeachment since the day he was elected.

Their hate for the president is palpable. They sent Robert Mueller on a wild goose chase to get him, which cost almost $32 million. When that didn’t work, they started this grand phishing expedition called “an impeachment inquiry” to try to dig up dirt on him.

Congress is starting to look like a dog chasing its tail.

It’s time someone called all this to a halt and let Congress do what it is supposed to do. They should be working for the country, not their own petty dislikes and hatreds.

Jim Wharry, Lincoln

Keep it up, Republicans

If you want the richest to keep stockpiling money and your president to keep embarrassing the U.S., keep voting Republican.

Francis D. Snyder, Manilla, Iowa

More vocabulary enrichment

Gary Welch points out the educational value of the last few years (“Vocabulary enrichment,” Oct. 11 Public Pulse).

“Narcissist” from President Barack Obama, “paranoia” from Hillary Clinton, “sycophant” from mainstream media during Obama’s presidency, “toady” from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer.

“Xenophobia” has been redefined to mean a desire to enforce immigration laws, and “truth” has been redefined to be whatever Democrats say it is.

I would add that we had all better learn the meaning of “communism” because that’s the path that the Democrat Party is taking.

Chris Lewis, Omaha

Unhappy with Bacon

I don’t know everything about the current impeachment fight, and neither does Don Bacon.

Yet on Oct. 5 he told the Sarpy County town hall crowd, “there is no law that’s been broken” in the midst of President Donald Trump’s ongoing obstructions of justice and not allowing witnesses to testify. It’s extremely surprising to me how Bacon has been able to reach such resolute conclusions based on facts that have not yet been presented.

Then he said he would put country ahead of party “every single time.” I’ve been involved with politics for five decades, and it never occurred to me that a congressman should have any priority other than the will of his district, and in my book Don Bacon should be receiving very low grades.

First, he has not spoken out against Trump’s arranging a near-depression in parts of Nebraska’s agricultural economy.

Rather, he’s backing Trump in edicts that are reducing grain prices and grain demand, causing hardships within his district without ever criticizing Trump’s actions.

Second, Bacon has been silent on the subject of bad river policy, which at this point is clearly a crisis for tens of thousands of people in his district. Bacon is not advocating any intelligent long-term programs for river reform or rehabilitation.

I’m not pleased that this district has put a representative in office who is so willing to ignore sound jurisprudence as well as many of his constituents’ survival needs for the sake of his party.

Terry Niver, Omaha

We need river changes

We attended a stakeholder meeting Oct. 2 in Missouri Valley, Iowa. A woman from Pacific Junction, Iowa, shared what that town endured when the March storm hit.

No matter how bad it is with your flooding situation, there is always another area that is worse off.

The Corps is allowing the river system to get behind. The water needs to keep moving in the winter months to evacuate the waters above the reservoirs, to accommodate the spring rains and snow melt. Chief John Remus of the Army Corps stated that if we want to see changes, Congress needs to change their Master Manual. The last time they made change it took 15 years.

Col. John Hudson said the Corps is working on a three-step plan: Phase 1, closing off the breached levee system; Phase 2, restoring the levee system; and Phase 3, a three- to five-year study of where to place levees between Council Bluffs and Sioux City, which would need $700 million in funding.

We don’t have three to five years to spare. Most of those along the river won’t be able to withstand the devastation. Getting flooded three times in one year gives the farmer no chance to catch his breath and leaves little collateral to cover taxes and mortgage payments.

Without the farmer, these little towns will go down the tubes. We need to join forces instead of working against one another.

Donette Jackson, Tekamah, Neb.

An anniversary thanks

We would like to thank the nice couple celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary at Lo Sole Mio who picked up our bill as we were celebrating our 64th anniversary.

Eugene and Rita Svagera, Omaha

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