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NU Athletic Director Bill Moos talks about the new Husker football complex. “The important thing is that it serves our young people and that it’s a home for Husker football where they get everything they need,” Moos said.

Too many elected officials

If the Unicameral is going to look at the legality of appointed election commissioners in the state’s two largest counties, as suggested by the Nebraska attorney general, they ought to consider a broader look at the outdated structure of county governments.

Yes, that might lead to asking the voters to approve changes to the state’s constitution, but do we really need to hold elections for administrative offices?

Even the most conscientious voters are hard pressed to determine who is truly the more qualified candidate for county clerk, treasurer, sheriff — and perhaps now election commissioners. One exception might be to retain an independently elected attorney.

All of these functions exist in city governments but are appointed by the mayor or City Council and the voters hold them accountable for the efficient running of city government.

Of course, the real solution is complete city-county merger, with the more modern mayor-council system replacing the antiquated commissioner form of government.

Jim Cleary, Green Valley, Ariz. Omaha City Council, 1987-1991

Athletic complex is a sound project

Jeff Durski’s recent Pulse letter (“Wrong priority for UNL,” Oct. 2) suggested that the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is wrong to build a new football complex.

It seems to me that athletes are choosing schools based on some variation of the statement “It felt like home.” I notice that reason as much as I notice reasons about academics and athletic facilities for a college choice.

Mr. Durski’s suggestion that investing $155 million in academic facilities instead of athletic facilities would have more merit if the $155 million were purely tax dollars. However, they are not. That money represents private dollars and athletic department revenues. It is important to note that the UNL athletic department is self-funded. It does not receive any tax dollars or tuition dollars. Donors are free to contribute to athletic facilities or academic facilities. And many do both. It is their choice.

Mr. Durski also seems to imply that UNL spending is an either/or proposition — either academics or athletics. But it is not. In just the past few years, and into the near future, UNL has spent, or will spend, over $208 million on a new College of Business Administration building, an expansion of the Veterinary Diagnostic center on East Campus, and expansion of the Law College, and expansion and renovation of the College of Engineering. Much of this also funded by private donors. Clearly it is possible to do both athletics and academics, as UNL is demonstrating.

Tom McShane, Omaha

Bacon wrong about investigation

Regarding U.S. Rep. Don Bacon’s first comments on the topic of opening an impeachment inquiry: If President Donald Trump were to be impeached without evidence, that would be shameful. To initiate formal proceedings by which to seek and evaluate appropriate evidence, especially given the man’s slippery relationship with decency and the law, is an exercise of diligence. For Bacon to claim otherwise is the truly shameful act.

As for overturning the will of the voters, the congressman should keep in mind that in strictly numerical terms, Trump did not enjoy the majority count of popular votes. By that measure, almost everything he does overturns the will of the voters.

James Reed, Omaha

Investigation of Biden justified

I don’t see anything wrong with an American president asking an official of a foreign country (Ukraine in this instance) to investigate possible corruption by a former vice president who allegedly sold U.S. governmental favors or aid in return for a lucrative “job” for his son.

Does the fact that the president might gain a political advantage from the outcome of the investigation make it wrong? I would be interested to hear what some of your readers think about this question.

Dean Olson, Omaha

Elected officials are failing us

A message to our elected representatives: Please get back to the running of this great country. I am sick of the stupid exchange of written and verbal hot air and the outright childish behavior of you with supposed IQ’s over 90.

Don Shennum, Omaha

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