Angered over Syria decision

I am appalled. I am ashamed. I am angry. America has abandoned and betrayed our battle-tested and battle-true allies, the Kurds.

I can only think that most veterans would feel the same at this impulsive decree by the emperor, after a good ol’ boy phone conversation from one elected dictator-wannabe (Trump) to another (Erdogan).

The Turks wasted no time attacking our allies, mostly civilians. This could lead to a much wider regional war, hopefully not a world war. This is just un-American. Sad. Awful. Alarming.

Our nation needs to be led by diplomats and statesmen, not inept rich businessmen who seem to have infested the whole government. Just last week I saw a bumper sticker on the car ahead of me: “Veterans Against Trump.” I think I’ll join.

Larry Moeller, Omaha

U.S. Army veteran

Trump not getting credit

The Oct. 12 Public Pulse letter by Klaus P. Lindner (“Six ways from Sunday”) was truly appreciated as it succinctly stated what is happening in the life of President Donald Trump since he became our president.

Accusations which have been sent his way have fallen apart due to having seemingly been untrue.

The “Deep State” seems to feel that the president is a threat to our country, but so many things he has done to help make our country great again do not seem to influence them to think otherwise. I want to thank Lindner again for his fine article.

Sharon Struve, Omaha

Mitigate Syria decision

I can only hope that Rep. Jeff Fortenberry and Sen. Deb Fischer are working behind the scenes to mitigate President Donald Trump’s horrible decision to abruptly withdraw from Syria and leave the Kurds exposed to slaughter.

Trump, who demands loyalty from others, dismisses the Kurds’ loyalty to U.S. troops in fighting anti-American terrorists. His decision here arguably calls into question his pro-life credentials. The time calls for leaders, not just politicians.

Patrick Feehan, Columbus, Neb.

Where is the United Nations?

The president may or may not be right about pulling out of Syria, but what is puzzling to me is why he doesn’t come right out and say, where the heck is the United Nations? Why should America be fighting everybody else’s wars?

No wonder out country is $20 trillion in debt. I thought America First meant just that.

R.E. Kistner, Omaha

Tool to reduce climate change

Thank you for publishing the important news that the International Monetary Fund has called for a global carbon tax. This is the simplest and most effective way to reduce carbon emissions without trying to implement countless detailed regulations.

It is a market-based solution, and the world’s leading economists (including Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen) have signed on to the carbon tax as the best tool to reduce climate change.

In the midst of the current chaos at the federal level, folks who really represent us need to think about the future and attend to the urgent task of protecting our habitat. We haven’t got a “Planet B.”

Carol Gilbert, Omaha

Dubious about carbon tax

After reading the Bloomberg commentary “ Carbon taxes won’t do enough (Oct. 12 World-Herald),” I think I have the carbon tax figured out.

Congress passes a bill that taxes companies that they say put too much carbon into the air in the form of carbon dioxide. Those mainly affected are the electrical generating companies that use fossil fuels.

Those tax dollars will be sent to Washington, D.C., for distribution to the American citizens as a “rebate.” The electricity-generating companies will raise their rates to cover the additional tax, thus passing those costs on to their customers.

The American taxpayer will be lucky to get 50 cents back on every dollar of tax collected by the electrical generating companies; and we are supposed to be happy with this and thank our members of Congress for their generosity.

Anyone who thinks we will get 100% of the money back from a carbon tax is delusional. Has anyone ever explained Social Security system and the way the federal government abused that system? This idea borders on a Ponzi scheme and should be scrapped immediately.

Steve Goergen, Omaha

Logjam is McConnell’s fault

In response to Sister Mary Hlas (“Quit the Trump tangents,” Oct. 14 Public Pulse), House Democrats have been doing the work of the people.

If you look at the Senate, the Grim Reaper Mitch McConnell is sitting on over 200 bills passed by the House of Representatives that aim to help out the common man. He will not even bring them up for a vote.

Also, if you are looking for unity, you will never get this with President Donald Trump and the Republicans. As the nuns who used to teach me said to me, do your homework before you speak.

Sean McGrath, Omaha

Who made America great?

Take down the billionaires? But not the millionaires, they can continue the struggle. Not a word about the homeless. Not a word of solutions for why they are homeless.

Some politicians display a threatening fist and red-faced anger because some people had the inner drive and vision to be successful. The Henry Fords, Vanderbilts, Coors, Gates and others made this country great. Today, it’s Amazons and Apples, achievers and complainers. Those addicted to poverty invest in lotteries and luck, the wide road to nothing.

Years ago, we were poor and didn’t know it. So try to develop a work ethic. It works.

Don Hollrah, Denison, Iowa

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