A house of hemp

In 1941 Henry Ford built a car made of hemp and was working on fuel made from hemp. The car was virtually indestructible.

Hemp is not marijuana. You won’t get high smoking hemp. The difference between hemp and marijuana is like the difference between popcorn and sweet corn.

You can make virtually anything out of hemp. You can literally build your house out of hemp, from foundation to furnishings.

The featured film, “Misunderstood: A Brief History of Hemp in the U.S.,” shows the history of hemp in America, as well as highlighting the plant’s many uses. Hemp is known as the “plant of 50,000 uses” because every part of it can be repurposed.

Colonial America survived on things made from hemp. The industrial revolution killed hemp. Necessity hopefully will bring it back.

Greg Weldon, Papillion

Losing another headquarters

On Gov. Pete Ricketts’ watch, Nebraska has lost two large employers in the Cabela’s and Conagra headquarters.

Now, Pete can’t even keep his dad’s former company in the state (“Omaha is losing TD Ameritrade HQ. Here are 3 other times major corporations have left Nebraska,” Nov. 25 World-Herald).

This spring, the Legislature will consider a bill providing millions in corporate tax breaks again. Why should we take money away from our schools and roads to give handouts to corporations the governor can’t keep here anyway?

Jeff Hall, Lincoln

Kudos to McCollister

Kudos to State Sen. John McCollister (“It’s time to stand up to Trump,” Nov. 23 Midlands Voices).

Finally there is a long-time Republican politician with the courage to go on record with criticism of our president.

The man now occupying the White House demonstrates over and over his lack of character, competency, integrity, judgment and wisdom. He is totally unfit and undeserving of the office … a man who constantly embarrasses our country.

Other Republicans, including elected politicians, likely feel the same way unless they have chosen to ignore the overwhelming evidence. Loyalty to one’s party must have limits.

Insecurities about electability prevent other politicians from being forthright about the tragedy of our leadership at the top.

Republicans can continue to be proud of their political affiliation and priorities and still denounce our current leader.

Sleep well, Sen. McCollister. Unlike the vast majority of elected Republicans, you earned and deserve it.

Gary Welch, Bellevue

Standing with Trump

Regarding the Nov. 23 Midlands Voices by State Sen. John McCollister: His words strongly accuse the president of many nefarious actions. All with zero substantiated evidence. These accusations were sprinkled with much conjecture and opinionated bias.

“It is clear that our president has broken the laws of our nation and trust of the American people.” Oh, really? He should explain the laws that have been broken. And, with regard to trust of the American people, my guess is that President Donald Trump’s popularity is polling at an all-time high.

“These individuals (testifying in the impeachment inquiry) have no incentive to lie to the American people — unlike the president.” Excuse me? McCollister should have reported his firsthand knowledge to Rep. Adam Schiff.

“Trump’s intimidation of witnesses … he has shown a complete disregard for the sanctity of our legislative and legal processes.” True, Trump can be brash and very forward. If intimidating, that’s on you. The president’s style is a product of his upbringing in a tough New York City, and his social media twitter account remains his only available means to communicate openly and fairly with his followers.

“Consider the president’s confidants.” Your characterized them as criminals. Wow. And I suppose the Bidens and Clintons are saints.

“It is time to stand up to the Trump administration.” Perhaps McCollister should be saying “Stand with the Trump administration.” At least then he would be representing those who elected him, Donald J. Trump and those who will undoubtedly reelect Trump in 2020.

Hank Krings, Columbus, Neb.

Cool it on turtles and climate

I read your article on turtles and climate, and had to marvel at it (“Rising temps shape gender of sea turtles,” Nov. 25 World-Herald).

If turtles are polyamorous, live up to 100 years and females can retain sperm for up to seven years, what you have is not a turtle population crash, but a turtle population explosion.

If a female turtle lays a small clutch of 70 eggs, and instead of 50% of them being male, the number is more like 100%, the population doubles in the first year.

The only thing hindering this growth is a bunch of unreasoning numbskulls cooling down turtle eggs in a desperate attempt to stave off reality. Insensate evolution appears to be a whole lot smarter than your average grant-seeker, it would appear.

If temperatures rise, turtle populations explode. If turtle populations explode, they will expand their search for egg-laying habitat to previously uncolonized areas.

When they choose cooler areas, the population balance from those areas will return to a more even ratio. This isn’t doom for turtles, this is Mother Nature covering her bets.

Tyson Boellstorff, Omaha

Recycling pickup

On a recent Monday, my recycling was not picked up as scheduled. In fact, no one on my street had their recycling bins emptied.

This is no big thing because they normally pick it up on the next day if they miss it on the regular day. On Wednesday, after there was still no pickup, I called the city’s Solid Waste Hotline, and I explained the problem to a very nice lady. She said that she would take care of it.

In less than four hours, my recycling bin was empty.

I am very grateful, but no one else on my street got their bins emptied.

I want to thank the company for getting mine.

Doug Arthur, Omaha

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