The writer, of rural Lancaster County, is a Republican candidate for the Senate in 2020 and a former chairman of the Lancaster County Republican Party.

The Midlands Voices by State Sen. John McCollister (“It’s time to stand up to Trump,” Nov. 23) was merely a recitation of left-wing House Democrats’ talking points, filled with unproven accusations and lacking facts.

McCollister stated that he is dedicated to the values of the Republican Party, when actually he has voted against positions taken by Nebraska’s Republican Party on the death penalty, immigration and abortion while in the Legislature.

The impeachment circus held by the House Democrats has revealed little real evidence of “high crimes” committed by President Donald Trump — far from it, in fact. To this point, we have been exposed to the opinions of lifelong bureaucrats who differ from Trump on policy issues. Some “star” witnesses called by Democrats finally have had to admit they have no evidence of any quid pro quo by Trump and the Ukrainian president, but that it is just their opinion that there was such an agreement.

McCollister calls these people “courageous patriots committed to the protection of Americans,” yet what proof does he have that this is their intention? He goes on to question the president’s respect for “our legislative and legal processes.” Yet it was House Democrats who held closed hearings and did not let Republicans call any witnesses. How Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff has managed this whole proceeding has shown little respect for our legislative and legal processes.

The Democrats and many career bureaucrats dislike Trump’s style and his policies because they aren’t the good-old-boy politics that Americans wanted to overturn. Americans wanted Trump to “drain the swamp,” and career politicians don’t like someone trying to change policies. Trump has been successful and is doing things a different way, and they hate it.

What kind of America supporter wants to remove a president who has given our country more than a 9,000-point increase in the stock market; reduced unemployment to record lows for African Americans, Hispanics and women; is trying his best to secure our southern border to stop the influx of drugs and human trafficking; and is putting America first in trade and foreign negotiations? It is the kind of person who puts his own political advantage first, and not the needs of Americans and our country — that’s who.

Unlike Nebraska’s Republican U.S. Sen. Ben Sasse, who said there were “terrible things” in the whistleblower report about Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president and that Republicans “should not circle the wagons around President Trump,” Republicans need to stand up for due process, stop this circus and get down to the business of governing.

Republicans need to support the president in his trade dealings with China and get the process moving more quickly to help Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers who have been challenged.

The farmers I speak with all over Nebraska support the president and his tough stance against China on trade. They are disappointed that Democrats and some Republicans are wasting their time trying to undo a legitimate 2016 election instead of supporting the first president to stand up to China on trade issues in decades.

McCollister concludes by saying that Republicans must stand up to Trump and “say enough is enough.” Apparently this puts him in the same category as partisan Democrats who hate the success we have had so far under Trump. The president is too successful, and the never-Trumpers who can’t stand to admit it feel a circus-sideshow impeachment attempt is the only way to stop him.

Now is the time for Republicans in the House and Senate to dismiss this maligned impeachment process, and they need to support the president and his policies. If Democrats are successful, reversing elections by impeaching presidents because you don’t like them or differ with their policies will become the new normal. That will cause more irreparable damage than anything one president can do.

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