Well-named OPS school off to flying start

The dedication and open house Friday at Omaha’s Alfonza W. Davis Middle School was amazing, appropriate and inspiring.

The school is a state-of-the-art education treasure for our young students. Naming the school to honor Davis, a Tuskegee Airman and valedictorian of the Class of 1937 at Omaha Tech High School, was a unifying and inspirational choice for a school in our community.

It was a wonderful celebration. Many thanks for all who worked to make this school possible.

Esther R. Pearson, Omaha

UNO’s new construction and old problem

I can’t believe how UNO is building on its campus (“$6 million research building will give UNO a leg up in biomechanics,” Aug. 5 World-Herald).

I thought the Aksarben area was to relieve the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s crowding. With parking at a premium on campus and the use of church lots and neighborhood streets for UNO’s overflow, it is inconceivable that the university would build on an existing campus parking lot.

It doesn’t make sense to me.

Adelaide Szynskie, Omaha

Immigration law enforcement needed

We hear again the argument that “immigration reform is long overdue” (Deb McColley’s letter, July 25 Public Pulse).

On the contrary, what has been overdue is responsible elected officials who are willing to enforce our nation’s immigration and employment laws.

For the past 15 to 20 years, too many elected officials have continued to look the other way, thus accommodating meatpacker-type employers and their chambers of commerce wanting to promote business profits by exploiting cheap labor regardless of the welfare and other social costs.

Instead of listening to the American people, the majority of whom have been opposed to laxly controlled entry but have not bothered to speak out, it has been the special interests that have gained the ear of politicians.

Avalon Arbogast, Omaha

Branstad’s ‘scandal-free’ government

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad ran for governor promising “honest, open and scandal-free government.”

Yet with his SUV speeding scandal and the subsequent retribution against the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation agent who reported the governor’s speeding vehicle (driven by a state trooper), it appears the governor has forgotten this simple mantra to live by:

Honesty is always the best policy.

Russell Pfeiffer, Council Bluffs

U.S. diplomat’s Kenya crash disturbing

A recent wire service story in The World-Herald about the American diplomat who killed a Kenyan man in a car accident (“U.S. diplomat kills man in car crash, leaves Kenya”) is disturbing on three different levels.

First, why are American embassy employees above the law? If he were in the United States, he would be held accountable.

Second, our government moves so slowly; the widow and children could well starve before any financial recompense is paid to them.

Third, when someone begins to earn more than he needs, he should set up an emergency fund, not spend it on luxuries like a gardener or nanny, as the family in the story did. Emergencies are a part of life.

Lois Kimble, Omaha

Beware a move to single-payer system

Ron Holscher did the predictable (“Stop the sabotage of Obamacare,” Aug. 3 Pulse). He had to blame the GOP as a qualifier for his opinion that there are many new, redeeming and positive benefits of health care reform.

I have watched Obamacare come into existence from the beginning, including the so-called bipartisan meeting with the Republicans in 2010. U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., laid out point by point how the health care law would be too costly, unmanageable and a disaster when implemented.

President Barack Obama sat with a frown on his face. That was Obama’s response.

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act piece by piece has proven that Ryan was right.

Holscher included a reference to “government as single-payer.” That is the real goal of Obamacare. Obama has expressed support for “single-payer” in front of friendly audiences, before the enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Act.

I can easily see that goal of single-payer coming to fruition by design.

Ken Lane, Council Bluffs

Obama not the king of executive orders

This is in response to Scott Long’s comments (Aug. 3 Pulse). It seems he has cherry-picked his facts to try to make a point. Comparing apples to oranges proves little.

When President Barack Obama took office, the unemployment rate was at a 14-year high and rising. This was hardly Obama’s fault.

President George W. Bush handed Obama a financial disaster in 2008, and no one can stop a freight train on a dime nor turn an ocean freighter around in a small pond. Now the unemployment rate is dropping, albeit slowly.

As far as handling issues by executive order, in Obama’s first term, he used fewer executive orders than any president in one term since Grover Cleveland’s second term more than 115 years ago. This hardly equates to management by executive order.

In fact, Reagan used many more executive orders than Obama in his first term. That might lead people to think Reagan was a real dictator by comparison.

Despite roadblocks by Republicans, the economy is improving and the Dow is up about 125 percent since it hit bottom in early 2009.

Now, if Obama could just find those mysterious weapons of mass destruction.

Marlin Cederlind, Newman Grove, Neb.

Postal Service driver delivered kindness

I was leaving a filling station at about 2:45 Friday afternoon. I was waiting to turn left onto 120th Street about two blocks south of West Center Road. A U.S. Postal Service driver approached me and mentioned that I had left a set of keys in the lock of my trunk.

I retrieved the keys, but due to traffic concerns I could not properly thank him. I hope he is aware of my great appreciation of his kind effort to call attention to my own neglect and oversight.

Omaha is filled with kind and caring people.

Gregg Dress, Omaha

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