Dodge Street

Traffic on Dodge Street near Happy Hollow Boulevard earlier this year.

Get ready to click “report an error” on Google or Apple Maps, because Douglas County wants to give Dodge Street a new name.

They want to call it “Dodge Street.”

Finally, change we can believe in.

The Douglas County Board voted 7-0 Tuesday to ask the state to clarify that Omaha’s main street is named after two Nebraskans of accomplishment: Union Army Gen. Grenville Dodge and his brother, N.P. Dodge.

Board members want to distance the street from its likely namesake, Sen. Augustus Caesar Dodge, a pro-slavery Iowan whose work in Congress helped establish the Nebraska Territory.

The push to be more thoughtful about naming streets, parks, buildings and public spaces can sometimes go too far. It can wipe out important reminders of the often-commendable distance cities, counties, states and nations have traveled from one point in history to another.

But some changes square the names with the public’s perception. That’s the case with Dodge Street, which many Omahans assumed was named after one of the Nebraskans. This is our kind of name change — the kind that requires no new name to learn, no new street signs to post, no map revisions and no political scrum.

Besides, the main drag in Nebraska’s biggest city should be named after Nebraskans. We urge Gov. Pete Ricketts to get behind renaming Dodge Street. That new name is D-O-D-G-E.

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