The fried chicken sandwich at Stirnella, in the Blackstone District, stands out because the meat is dark, made with a chicken thigh instead of the more common chicken breast.


The sandwich at Lincoln’s Pub, in Council Bluffs, comes with an Iowa-sized chicken breast, made in the same style as the state’s popular pork tenderloin sandwiches. Its slaw is standout.

Nite Owl

Nite Owl’s Birdhouse slider includes fried chicken, a honey-sriracha sauce and a Southern bacon slaw.


Block 16 serves its Block Deluxe sandwich with the option of Nashville hot chicken. It comes topped with mayo, crispy bacon, cheddar and horseradish slaw on a brioche bun.


The Dirty Bird at Blatt Beer + Table comes topped with Buffalo sauce, blue cheese and bacon, among other ingredients.


The fried chicken sandwich from Jack & Mary’s Restaurant comes served with lettuce, tomato and mayo; or as the “Dodge City” with bacon, barbecue sauce and cheddar cheese.


The inexpensive Chicken Sandy at Bob’s Doughnuts was the most reasonably priced we tried. It comes classic or spicy, dipped in hot sauce.