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Greek potato nachos are the snackable, craveable mashup you've been missing

Inspiration often strikes unexpectedly. While I was doing errands a few weeks back, I walked past a blue-and-white decorated Greek food truck and a side dish on its menu board caught my eye: fried potatoes with herbs and garlic. I reveled in the thought of that combination as I sauntered on, but as I'd recently made a batch of Loaded Potato Nachos (from my new book), a few blocks later the two concepts collided in my head and the idea for this recipe was born. And boy, am I glad, because it is totally "Opa!"-worthy. Read more


An unabashedly chocolatey pumpkin bread is your next baking project

Fall is my favorite season, and the moment temperatures begin to drop, I find myself craving the pumpkin flavor and aroma that define autumn. It seems pumpkin is everywhere you turn this time of year - on every porch, in every latte. That popularity extends to baked goods, too, with plenty of recipes spotlighting everyone's favorite gourd. Read more


You can't go wrong with potatoes, but here's how to pick the right ones

It seems impossible to think of an ingredient that shows up in more places around the world in more variations than the potato. In terms of universal adoration, the potato might be as good as it gets. Read more


Make use of season’s bounty with pear tart and pear butter recipes

This simple tart will look — and taste — more impressive than its simple ingredients might suggest. Read more


How to make a thrifty, fast and tasty one-pot pasta any day of the week

Contrary to cliche, a watched pot will in fact boil. Eventually. But I'd say it ranks up there with watching paint dry and grass grow in terms of riveting entertainment. Plus, when you want to make pasta on a weeknight, who has time to sit around waiting for the water? And surely I'm not the only one who hates having to pour all that water down the sink or lug it out to the garden. Read more