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This one-pot chicken and rice delivers a lot of comfort, and a little kick

One of the reasons chicken and rice is such a world-class dish is because it can take on so many flavors, making it a signature of so many cuisines. I know I've edited at least a few dozen such recipes for The Washington Post and made twice that many in my own kitcheneering. Even when they're not so great, they're still okay, I reckon. It's chicken and rice, people! Read more

How to upgrade your sandwich with clever twists on 5 classics

The greatest thing since sliced bread. Read more

Strawberries, pistachios and olive oil make for one splendid cake

One of the joys of cooking is discovering new ingredients. Put me in a spice store or international grocery, and I am like a kid in a candy shop. (That's still a thing, right?) But there are also plenty of genuine discoveries to make when ingredients you know and love are combined in a way you've never encountered. Read more

This chicken and couscous dish is a winning weeknight dinner

Bursting with the aromatic flavors of saffron, chorizo and garlic, this chicken and couscous dish is a winning weeknight dinner. Read more

The alternative to dairy milk that's cheap and easy to make at home

Sometime between refusing to take the cartons of milk at elementary school lunch and sipping on dairy-rich, boozy beverages, I developed a lactose aversion. It's not an intolerance - some products are okay, others require minor medication - but it has proved to be an annoyance. Plant-based milks offer a happy alternative for most occasions. (And you don't need me to tell you that plenty of other people are turning to alternative milks to get their creamy liquid fix.) Read more