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This dairy-free ranch dressing is primed for your summertime salads

When salad season heats up, one thing keeps my kitchen humming: a good homemade dressing. Sure, I'll throw together a makeshift vinaigrette here and there, combining the bits from almost-used jars of condiments with vinegar and oil. I also adore creamy dressings - green goddess, ranch and the like - that typically take a little more thought. Read more

You can make this 3-course meal for friends in 1 hour - without cooking

You can be one of those people for whom summer entertaining seems effortless. You know the type: They just “toss things together.” They don… Read more

Lighter and brighter, this broccoli salad delivers on flavor

There is a certain broccoli salad that's been popular at summer picnics and pool parties for decades. Variations abound, but it typically has both sweet and savory elements, a nutty crunch, and a rich, creamy dressing. It also typically happens to contain more bacon and mayonnaise by weight than broccoli, and often a lot of sugar, almost as if mocking the word "salad." Read more

Make nicely glazed, unimpeachable peachy grilled chicken

Too many recipes for glazed grilled chicken give you meat that’s scorched or sickeningly sweet — or both. We wanted nicely glazed, unimpeac… Read more

These 100-calorie chocolate pudding pops will take you back to childhood

No matter how old I get, I will always have a childlike enchantment with summer and all its joys: jumping waves in the ocean, biking around town, biting into big wedges of watermelon, watching the fireflies come out at dusk. Read more