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Meet an astronaut, go on a free pony ride and 20+ other fun things to do this weekend

Looking for something fun to do in the Omaha area this weekend? Check out these family-friendly suggestions, which take place July 18-21. Read more

'Scratchy pants' and 'too tight shoes': Bizarre things only moms seem to know

"In a way, moms are code-talkers because we understand and translate all of the nonsensical little details that matter to our kids. (And to no one else.)" Read more

How long did you last on summer break? Research shows parents are fed up by day 13

"I don’t want to be a bad mom, but I think there is something to the saying, 'absence makes the heart grow fonder.' Wanting the kids to go back to their school-year routine isn’t because I don’t love them; it’s because I do. I think it’s good for us to miss each other a little bit — as opposed to the summer routine, which includes never missing them at all because they are always, constantly, ceaselessly there," wrote Molly Cavanaugh. "These mixed emotions were really starting to make me feel like I was failing parenting. And then research came to my rescue." Read more


Reaching her potential: Omaha girl boosts her ACT score by 6 points with help from Huntington

Huntington teachers work with students to focus on their needs and work around their schedules. Read more

Kid-friendly events

Omaha events calendar

Enchanted Kingdom

Date and time
Venue Omaha Childrens Museum
CostIncluded with museum admission

Get ready for a magical adventure into the Enchanted Kingdom, an exhibit filled with diverse creatures and characters. Explore the Market P…

Omaha events calendar

Summer Camps

Date and time
Venue Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum
CostVisit Website for pricing

- The Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum offers several summer camps to interest and educate youth in the areas of Science, Techn…

Omaha events calendar

Attic Adventures

Date and time
Venue Omaha Childrens Museum
CostIncluded with museum admission

Join us on an adventure as we explore some of our favorite things that have been stored in Omaha Children's Museum's "attic"! This special …

How to explain the Tooth Fairy badly to your children

"Lucy has a very loose tooth. I didn't think it was possible at her age, but I Googled it and we're fine.

"I remember at the slightest wiggle, begging my dad to just rip my tooth out with brute force so I could get in on the Tooth Fairy's fat cash. Lucy's tooth, however, is dangling on a pathetic last thread and she won't let me even breathe near it. It's just swaying there, mocking me. And I've tried to entice her with the delights of the Tooth Fairy, but there's one little problem.

"She's too little to have a freaking clue what I'm talking about.

"Turns out, I don't either." Read more

30-plus weird, unique places to go and things to do across Nebraska this summer

Looking for something fun and interesting to do this summer? Check out our list of fun destinations across the entire state of Nebraska. Read more