An Oklahoma student with Husker roots was aboard Saturday when the Sooner Schooner took a spill while celebrating a touchdown, her grandfather said.

Abby Redick-Harris was one of the members of the RUF/NEKs and RUF/NEK Lil’ Sis groups thrown from the Sooner Schooner as it took a quick lap on the field after Oklahoma’s fourth touchdown. Redick-Harris, a senior who will graduate in the spring with a degree in international development, was being watched for a concussion, said her grandfather, Bill Redick of Omaha.

“Evidently, she banged her head, but other than a slight headache, she’s fine,” Redick said Sunday. “It’s scary, but these things happen. If you look at it, she landed and rolled which is the correct thing to do.”

Bill Redick and granddaughter Abby Redick-Harris

Bill Redick and granddaughter Abby Redick-Harris at an Oklahoma Sooners football game last year.

The Oklahoma athletic department announced that there were no serious injuries to any of the riders or to any of the horses that pull the Sooner Schooner.

“The Sooner Schooner tipped over today. We believe it was the result of weight distribution among riders in the rear of the wagon,” the announcement said. “Three individuals were evaluated at the stadium and released. All others reported that they were uninjured.”

Abby is the daughter of Dr. Melinda Redick-Harris of Edmond, Oklahoma, who was a student at McMillan Magnet Center before the family moved to Texas. Bill Redick is a Westside High graduate and the chief pilot for Omaha-based Tenaska as well as an avid Husker fan.

Redick and his wife, Jan, texted back and forth with their granddaughter after the crash. Abby’s grandfather “guaranteed” that she would be on board the Schooner at the next home game.

“The RUF/NEKs and a RUF/NEK Lil’ Sis have a tremendous pregame tailgate that we attended last year,” Bill Redick said. “A lot of the former members come back, and it’s really a great time.”