Verdirame, Joseph D. and Karen M. to Vann, R. Thomas and Gottsch, Gina L., 17505 Island Circle, $1,036,000.

Sigmond, Michael E. Trust to Curtis, Kathy J. and Bradley J., 7321 N. 153rd St., $360,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Muth, Emily C., 14950 Wild Indigo St., $340,000.

Oakwood Homes of Nebraska to Eaton, Richard L. and Cathy A., 16002 Potter St., $328,000.

Mack, Jay C. and Linda J. to Hein, Darren and Sindelar, Natalie, 14703 Weber St., $321,000.

Proline Custom Homes to Bell, Craig D. and Lindsey A., 16367 Grebe St., $272,339.

Charleston Homes to Clerc, Jacques E. and Tasha N., 16216 Reynolds St., $263,500.

Hill Custom Homes to Fredrickson, Scott and Lynn, 16009 Weber St., $238,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to McLane-Bolden, Kristin A. and Bolden, Michael M. Jr., 14837 Prairie Star St., $236,364.

Riffle, Becky J. to Gregory, Thomas A. Jr., 14802 Grebe St., $214,000.

Anderson, Douglas R. and Mackenzie L. to Rininger, Alison M., 15030 Cherry St., $212,000.

Schlachter, Julie A. to Baumann, Steven W. and Melissa M., 7954 N. 152nd St., $205,000.

Camgrave LLC to Garrelts, Lyle E. and Deborah L., 8710 N. 160th Plaza, $183,500.

Woodlands Crossing to Scebold, Chad R. and Jennifer M., 10202 N. 182nd Circle, $119,000.

NS-Newhill LLC to Home Co., 12802 N. 185th St., $80,000.

Beach, Ryan and Kylee to Cabrera, Courtney and Marisela, 20330 Sheffield Circle, $65,000.

NS-Newhill LLC to Jizba, Andrew and Theresa A., 12902 N. 182nd St., $60,000.

State Street Investment to Fools Inc., 7968 N. 163rd Ave., $40,950.

North Ida Street Investments to Legacy Homes Omaha, 16086 Girard Circle, $40,950.

Anderson, Ashley R. to Barr Homes, 16309 Craig Ave., $40,000.

North Ida Street Investments to Charleston Homes, 16078 Girard Circle, $39,950.

Waterford Development to Pacesetter Homes, 7333 N. 154th Ave., $39,900.

Stratford Park Development to Home Co., 8532 N. 171st St., $34,200.

Gates, Walt P., personal representative, to Cole, Marvin and Kristina, 15205 Vane St., $235,000.


Grace Custom Homes to Barth, Bradley D. and Amy, 23620 Laci St., $640,000.

Feldhacker Custom Homes to Falck, John K. and Margaret, 18664 Webster Circle, $572,000.

Ideal Designs Remodeling to Zuerlein, Brian and Tartaglia, Julie, 18916 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $484,014.

Rhoades, David M. and Leslie A. to Canfield, Jeffrey D. and Robyn M., 5732 S. 238th St., $475,000.

JKC Construction to Harms, Richard L. and Buchanan, Lynne M., 19007 Cuming Circle, $429,900.

Kling, Brianne to Dunham, Michael L. and Lakeisha S., 960 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $425,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Eisenbrown, David H. and Amy, 1710 Blue Sage Parkway, $387,990.

Moan, Timothy R. and Amy S. to Herzog, Timothy R. and Susan E., 19305 Sahler St., $367,500.

Pacesetter Homes to Bitcon, Linda L. and Edward C. Jr., 1703 S. 211th St., $341,000.

Pokharel, Deepa and Tara to Faier, Matthew Y. and Kristin K., 1319 N. 182nd St., $325,000.

Agosta, Richard E. and Barbara J. to Young, Daniel E. and Donna M., 19807 Douglas Circle, $323,000.

Hummel, Brenda G. and Douglas J. to Belbase, Ran H. and Khanal, Pushpa, 18888 Leavenworth St., $316,500.

Tomsen, Karissa M. and Ulysses J. to Eisenhart, Ben F., 1328 N. 181st Ave., $293,000.

Heavican Homes to Ried, David and Judith, 2722 N. 189th St., $271,655.

South Hamptons Land Development to Ramm Holdings, 5809 S. 238th St., $235,000.

Marinaccio, Carolyn to Davis, Randall G. and Tamara L., 18613 Leavenworth St., $235,000.

Stephens, Brent and Alexis to Clark, Robert B. and Amber M., 1307 N. 209th Ave., $229,700.

McKee, Thomas E. and Debra M. to Brill, Jordan R. and Skylar S., 20109 Wirt St., $181,000.

Moore, Brian A. and Emily A. to Johnson, Amber V., 21428 Shamrock Circle, $175,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Hill, Robert W. and Karen S., 1522 S. 219th Ave., $108,000.

South Hamptons Land Development to Smetter Custom Homes, 5731 S. 239th St., $85,000.

Coventry Ridge LLC to Fireside Construction Co., 20916 Monroe Circle, $66,000.

Pacific Windgate to Paradise Homes, 20951 Pine Circle, $60,000.

Pacific Windgate to Paradise Homes, 1611 S. 207th St., $60,000.

Webb, Curren and Kimberly to Woodland Homes, 5602 S. 208th St., $57,000.

Coventry Ridge LLC to Fireside Construction Co., 6603 S. 209th St., $54,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Tiller Homes, 20905 Boyd St., $45,000.

Elkhorn Highlands to Heavican Homes, 2727 N. 190th St., $42,000.

Boyer Young Development Co. to Home Co., 1410 N. 194th Circle, $42,000.

Boyer Young Development Co. to Home Co., 1418 N. 194th Circle, $37,000.

Zuerlein, Brian and Tartaglia, Julie Trust to Adamson, Bryan C. and Kattie M., 19620 Dewey Ave., $545,000.


Boothe, Jonathan L. Sr. to Harrington, Matthew S. and Stephanie L., 103 E. Alexander St., $130,000.

PBK Valley to Koile, William A. Jr. and Amanda R., 5512 N. 284th Circle, $115,000.

Swenson, Douglas A. and Lori A. to Third Day LLC, 307 W. Whittingham St., $85,000.


Kinney, Lorane to Vakulskas, Scott, 1013 Howard St., $315,000.

Anderson, Jarryd R. to Carlson, Nicholas, 300 S. 16th St., $129,000.


Benson Presbyterian Church of Omaha and First Presbyterian Church of Benson to MidAmerica District of the Christian, 5612 Corby St., $400,000.

Sawyer, Timothy J. and Goetzinger, Hilary to Oday, Charlie E. Jr., 2508 N. 52nd St., $219,000.

Schumacher, Traci J. and Douglas R. to Doolittle, Julie A. Trust, 1606 N. 58th St., $190,000.

Mancuso, Patricia M. and Gerald J. to Gloyne, Sarah L. and Aaron L., 2724 N. 62nd St., $130,000.

Altmanshofer, Janet I. and Robert R. to Selby, Mariah C., 2612 N. 68th St., $130,000.

Schulz, Nicholas P. and Sarah A. to, DeGagne, Benjamin A., 6316 Pratt St., $124,000.

Peel, Erica D. and Sudduth, Jason C. to Vitelli, Mario A. and Yuan, Carolyn N., 6941 Pinkney St., $114,000.

Bowen, Samuel M. and Jessica L. to Wince, Nikki E., 3529 Fontenelle Blvd., $111,000.

Custom Realty to Marrs, Larry, 6123 Pratt St., $107,500.

Redick, Donald E. Jr. and Clarissa J. to Ree, Paw P. and Sgee, Moo, 6635 Crown Point Ave., $103,000.

Kyle, Kristen I. and Norman L. Jr. to Cudaback, Matthew, 2824 N. 69th St., $100,000.

Jerjam Investments to Leick, Stacey, 2515 N. 48th Ave., $86,500.

Steinauer, Amy S. and Nick to Boger, Holly A., 1823 N. 49th Ave., $85,000.

Vaughan, Janet L. and Joe to Carlson, Donald J., 2310 N. 68th St., $64,750.

Rogers, Jeanene K. to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 6080 Ellison Ave., $53,000.

Lincoln Federal Savings Bank Nebraska to Eldorado Investment Group, 4520 Blondo St., $37,000.

Rice, John A. and Linda M. to Waltermire, Wesley O. Jr., 3112 N. 57th St., $35,000.

Bonner, Judi M., personal representative, to Jones, Lori R., 5311 N. 51st St., $45,000.


Ehlers, Jared B. and Nichole R. to Shaw, Joshua and Elisabeth, 3935 Arbor St., $160,000.

Diefenbaugh, Suzanne and Jason to Naslund, Alyn and Rachel, 3020 S. 43rd St., $140,000.

Bandur, Michelle M. to Drews, Sara C. and Mohr, Andrew R., 3028 S. 42nd St., $131,000.

Clark, Lorraine J. to Rody, Lisa and Jason, 3102 S. 38th St., $99,000.

Flott, Heathcliff C. and Maryann M. to Thomas, Peter C. and Judy, 1516 S. 29th St., $85,000.


Westervelt, Trisha and Justin to Ciavarella, David J., 5639 Jones St., $292,000.

Longo, Christina and Thomas A. to Stayton, Taylor F. and Katrinka C., 5623 Jackson St., $211,000.

Smeal, Jessica L. to Earll, Katie L. and Niss, Kent J., 5834 Oak St., $130,000.

Artieda, Virginia S. and Carlos to Lewis, Rachel A., 3512 S. 49th St., $123,000.

Blayne, Andrea M. and Jason to Roeder, Cory and Tawny, 4904 William St., $115,000.

Agosta, Brad A. and Catherine A. to Agosta, Catherine and Brad, 2410 S. 48th Ave., $32,000.

Kudym, Fred D. Trust to Rathert-Knowles, Leila, 4661 Mason St., $100,000.

Kowal, Dorothy L. Trust to Maher, Casey, 5116 Rees St., $84,000.

Behrendsen, Jennings R., personal representative, to Green, Mackenzie R., 2115 S. 49th Ave., $107,000.

Lebron, Roderick L. Jr., personal representative, to Bluejay Development, 6834 Mason St., $23,000.

Lebron, Lucille M., personal representative, to Bluejay Development, 6834 Mason St., $22,000.


KP3 Investors to Varela, Jose, 3637 T St., $123,000.

Spencer, Renee R. and William E. to Aldana, Luis, 3921 M St., $115,000.

Lopez, Paula S. and Ruiz, Jamie D. to Rivera, Maria G., 6604 S. 31st St., $111,500.

Peters, Jessica A. to Marquez, Luis D. and Valdivia, Alexandra L., 3805 Polk St., $100,000.

Mixan, Keith A. to Manciavalle, Santos C., 1509 Monroe St., $95,000.

Points, Kendra and Eric S. to Murphy, Michael A., 4426 S. 41st St., $93,790.

O’Connor, Mary B. to Ocampo, Stephanie, 3928 W St., $89,000.

Vavra, Thomas J. to Dannelly, James M. and Molly, 5054 S. 37th St., $88,000.

Mulder, Jamie and Larry to Zaragosa, Rebecca A., 4537 S. 19th St., $60,000.

Tran, Thuy T. to Nguyen, Binh, 5140 S. 39th Ave., $35,000.

Gaddie, Kathleen M. and Robert B. to Castellanos, Miguel O. and Moreno de Orozco, Genoveva, 5226 S. 22nd St., $30,000.


Perez, Rosa and Jose L. to Chavez, Rodolfo O. and Perez, Luz M., 5536 N. 33rd St., $100,000.

Woldt, Adam and Laura to Marquez Hernandez, Maria G., 3207 Seward St., $92,950.

River City Renovators to Brown, Tracy L., 4336 Binney St., $45,000.

Wiley, Candida J. to Paskar, Yuri, 3824 Seward St., $30,000.

Fleetwood Investments to Rollerson, Markisha, 4146 N. 40th St., $22,000.


Reeve, James T. to Dunn, Cary J., 2728 Sharon Drive, $100,000.

Hemann, Rebecca and Anthony to Jones, Julius M., 7117 Minne Lusa Blvd., $93,000.

Stern, Judith K. Trust to Mordeson, John H. and Brigid E., 3707 Hawk Woods Circle, $630,000.

Vaughn, Homer L., personal representative, to Norris, Theresa M. and Bruce S., 4408 Ida St., $85,000.


Smith, William B. and Colleen A. to Buel, Travis and Denae, 9905 Devonshire Drive, $322,000.

Dell, Kellie L. to Liu, Baichen and Dai, Qian, 7614 Parker St., $126,000.

Lattier, Lesley and Anderson, David A. to Keele, Patrick S., 1613 Bowie Drive, $110,400.

Miller, Judy S. and James D. to Darisco Properties, 7740 Burt St., $84,000.

Braun, Carleen M., trustee, to Brungardt, Mark A., 1014 N. 75th St., $98,000.


Kennedy, Chris and Jennifer to Borer, Joshua and Tami, 3111 N. 158th Plaza Circle, $465,000.

Leverin, Nicholas J. and Karen M. to Jamal, Malia L., 2521 N. 159th St., $431,500.

5902 LLC to Hale, Allan and Julia, 5902 N. 160th Ave., $425,000.

Bateco Inc. to Henrichs, Carol, 16308 Hartman Ave., $405,000.

Cemer, Blake and Sara to Quillin, Joseph and Kimberly, 3420 N. 161st Terrace, $380,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Rieker, James and Tamara, 5548 N. 153rd St., $347,000.

Pine Crest Homes to McGrath, Sharon K. and Worcester, Paul J., 6514 N. 158th St., $345,000.

Modeson, Brigid and John to Stein, Abbott and Mary J., 4321 N. 159th Ave., $290,000.

Werner, Chad J. and Kristina M. to Krier, Jon H. and Anngela C., 6241 N. 155th St., $278,000.

Miksich, Lisa and Mike to Patel, Reena and Mitul M., 15136 Himebaugh Ave., $277,000.

Glab, Joseph T. and Christie J. to Sprowls, Joseph B. IV and Cloe B., 3123 N. 170th St., $252,000.

Riepe, S. Merle and Lea to Griffith, Kathy L., 6215 N. 151st St., $248,000.

Gradoville, Zachary A. and Katie J. to Kosanam, Phani K., 4214 N. 174th Ave., $245,000.

Charleston Homes to Obiaka, Cedric E., 14656 Laurel Ave., $232,811.

Ahl, Deborah C. to Monroe, Joshua V. and Lauren P., 14468 Patrick Ave., $230,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Cogdill, Christine T. and Bradley J., 16604 Taylor St., $224,000.

Ashmore, Stephen J. and Cara Trust to NEI Global Relocation Co., 16604 Taylor St., $224,000.

Ayers, Corey J. and Kasey R. to Yuksel, Goktug and Yuliya, 5119 N. 161st Avenue Circle, $221,000.

Stalzer, Tammy L. and Chad M. to D’Lima, Eloiza and Flores, Jose A. Jr., 6611 N. 148th St., $215,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Badalucco, Adam R. and Sara M., 17620 George Miller Parkway, $202,988.

Peters, Randall R. and Alice F. to Cooper, Robert M. and Mary E., 6737 N. 148th St., $200,000.

Albert, Heather and Jesse J. to Mutize, Lisa M. and Batsirai, 16418 Yates St., $193,000.

Schmahl, Ruth L. to Zessin, Lennie L., 3110 N. 147th Circle, $183,500.

Clauff, Terry L. and David P. to Watson, Edward B. and Penny L., 16416 Ames Ave., $183,000.

Morton, Samuel K. and Morgan A. to Bossert, Michael and Whitney, 16419 Ohio St., $181,000.

Braun, Todd M. and Jennifer L. to Gill, Sondra L. and Thomas H., 15016 Binney St., $173,500.

Fucinaro, Anthony to Seiboldt, Grant and Nordell, Jaclyn, 4117 N. 170th St., $165,000.

Bostick, Jon F. to Meester Enterprises, 14933 Wirt St., $136,000.

Wozny, Robert J. and Lesko, Nicole to Balza, Mimoy, 5153 N. 144th Ave., $133,000.

Worner, Amanda and Kyle P. to Grimshaw, Dawn and Joseph, 14661 Taylor Court, $100,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Fools Inc., 15252 Crown Point Ave., $43,950.

Castle Brook Builders to Fools Inc., 6001 N. 152nd Ave., $41,950.

Castle Brook Builders to Fools Inc., 5921 N. 152nd Ave., $41,950.

Knudsen, Estel L., trustee for Knudsen Family Trust to Rahn, Jennifer A., 14480 Meredith Ave., $155,000.


United Equity to RK Investments, 4606 S. 61st Ave., $56,000.

Tompkins, John L. and Betty Trust to Benitez-Rebollar, Ladislao and Albiter, Mirna, 4723 Ohern St., $85,000.


Sweeney, Lynn C. and Timothy J. to Reinig, Brian J. and Bonnie K., 434 S. 159th Ave., $272,000.

Krueger, Jill A. and Bruce A. to Sim, Jeremiah and Sylvie, 223 N. 163th St., $270,000.

Carta Maple LLC to M Group LLC, 17451 Farnam Circle, $269,000.

Sabaliauskas, John and Kathleen to Miller, Mary A. Trust, 17303 Decatur St., $260,000.

Wegrzyn, David A. Trust to Roe, Mark R. and Staci L., 15678 Leavenworth St., $208,000.


Millemon, Jeff and Laura to Lerouge, Nicolas P. and Brenda K., 13475 N. 74th St., $325,000.

Swindle, Yolanda and Edward to Nazmul, Mohammed, trustee for 10670 Potter St. Inter vivos Trust, 10670 Potter St., $215,000.

Jackson, Carol to Redick, Donald Jr. and Clarissa, 10704 Potter St., $207,000.

Hardie, Alaina and Brian R. to Kayser, Courtney and Melissa, 7714 N. 107th Ave., $175,000.

Butler, Yvette L. to Taylor, Kathy S. and Thomas G., 8322 Sheffield St., $172,000.

Jackson, Grenal Jr. to Watts, Shawna and Donna R., 8302 Potter St., $164,800.

Beck, Jeffrey A. to Beck, Mary J., 8512 Craig Ave., $130,000.

Pinkelman, Carrie K. to Biswa, Lok N., 8925 Quest St Douglas County, $126,500.

Johnson, Michael R. and Rhodes, Trisha to Einea, Mohamad, 8074 Redick Ave., $126,000.

McDorman, Joshua D. and Kayleigh C. to Vilay, Noy, 9157 Weber St., $124,000.

United Equity to RK Investments, 8302 Girard St., $115,000.

Bank of New York to Punch It Out, 8630 N. 81st Ave., $99,000.


Chatelain, Andrea E. and Dirk E. to Kirkpatrick, Cassandra L., 2242 S. 84th St., $209,000.

Ries, Benjamin and Natalie to Roeder, Brett R. and Carolyn D., 8064 Gold St., $148,000.

Law, Melissa and McIntire, Nathan R. to McCroden, Stacey, 3321 S. 90th Ave., $144,000.

McGregor, Joe to Parkinson, Michael and Tedi C., 8509 A St., $132,000.

Bak, Audrey M. to Quinn, James D. and Vickie L., 3318 S. 82nd St., $125,000.

9023 Lamont LLC to Houston, Michael B. and Carol A., 9023 Lamont St., $85,000.


Pesek, Mary L., personal representative, to Locke, Abby L., 9830 Ontario St., $165,000.


Great Western Bank to Great Southern Bank, 9775 Q St., $480,000.

Barta, Gary T. and Rosemary W. to Fitzgerald, Trevor A. and Bonnie K., 10417 Y St., $245,000.

Pokorski, Martha J. and Alan J. to Sorgen, Robert and Alice, 7405 Washington St., $190,000.

Haerle, Charles D. to Powell, Emily J. and Lyle B., 10545 N St., $152,000.

Bock, John E. and Patricia A. to Powell, Terry and Sheila, 7519 Polk St., $148,000.

Goecke, Jacob V. to Kinsella, Donald and Megan, 6759 S. 75th St., $147,000.

Doty, Audrey and Jack J. to Schaub, Johnny R. and Phyllis A., 8811 Weir St., $125,000.

Eck, Lana D. to Haerle, Charles D., 10545 N St., $54,000.

Dishong, Edward and Corky Trust to Stehlik, Jason V. and Julie A., 6414 S. 92nd St., $210,000.


Vann, R. Thomas and Gottsch, Gina to Thaden, Kurt F., trustee for 14182013 Trust, 17110 Valley Drive, $960,000.

Heuring, Charles M. and Lisa L. to Ringling, Angela K., 1212 S. 185th Circle, $845,000.

Bunz, Scott L. and Danielle R. to Fry, James T., trustee for Fry Family Trust, 18442 Poppleton Circle, $579,000.

Hill, Robert W. and Karen S. to Johnson, Ricky L. Trust, 1221 S. 199th St., $495,000.

Oakwood Homes of Nebraska to Mahoney, David and Shawna, 3610 S. 203rd St., $447,320.

Sirva Relocation Credit to Chambers, Harrison P. and Melissa K., 1519 S. 192nd Avenue Circle, $400,000.

Woodland Homes to Braasch, Richard and Kay, 3810 S. 200th Circle, $333,000.

Speck, Robert J. and Christina M. to Ehlers, Landon D. and Jill M., 17410 Walnut St., $324,900.

Zatechka, Sarah M. and Jon W. to Luke, Charles F. Jr., 1617 S. 176th St., $305,000.

Schreiber, Chad W. to Wederquist, Judy K., 19016 Pierce Plaza Circle, $294,000.

Mines, Lisa and Thomas D. to Third Day LLC, 1720 S. 177th Circle, $275,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Merritt, Michelle, 19819 Frances St., $268,000.

Hollis, Heather L. to Fauss, Andrew S. and Kristin N., 1405 S. 169th Ave., $240,000.

Romero, Laurence M. and Melissa to Jhuravlova, Olga I., 16911 Woolworth Ave., $170,000.

Lyons, Sue A. to Emmons, Becky, 17131 Shirley St., $169,000.

Arrants, Annette K. to McAlpine, Lynn M., 15919 Dorcas Circle, $156,000.

Miller, Craig H. to Wentz, Lucas R. and Brooke E., 3129 S. 163rd St., $120,000.

Miller, Susan E. to Wentz, Lucas R. and Brooke E., 3129 S. 163rd St., $120,000.

Durae, Mitchell W. and Cynthia L. to Martinez-Ramirez, Jorge, 16223 Dorcas St., $120,000.

Robert, Nancy J., trustee for Horak, Lillian G. Trust to Olsen, Linda L. Trust Agreement, 1204 S. 181st Plaza, $515,000.

Moritz, Paul J., trustee for Moritz Family Trust to Fortune, Lucile W. and Thomas R., 3429 S. 163rd St., $238,000.


Kendall, Dolores E. to Hales, Patrick S., 815 N. 43rd St., $119,500.


Kratzenberg, Dean A. and Nickell, Dawn A. to Kimble, Sean and Stacey, 620 N. 65th St., $549,000.

Benson, Bradford A. to Gaffney, Daniel L. and Melissa M., 662 N. 57th Ave., $530,000.

Royal, Jeffrey C. and Shannon A. to Fisher, Marisa M. and Kurt W., 731 N. 57th Ave., $485,000.

Angelloz, David W. and Kimberly to Smith, Michael P. and Sarah E., 5115 Underwood Ave., $376,500.

Wake, Richard A. and Carol M. to Jeffrey, Daniel J. and Megan E., 671 N. 58th St., $361,000.

Ahrens, Christopher J. and Kristen D. to Skoog-Smith, Erin N., 317 S. 51st St., $250,000.

Kingstone, William R. and Sharon A. to Goergen, Steven J. and Roseanne R., 5108 Izard St., $235,000.

Hofbauer, Joshuwa to Gudeman, Sarah R. and Joshua R., 4915 California St., $235,000.

Rogers, Sara L. and James A. to Reynor, Elizabeth and Patrick, 5620 Western Ave., $206,000.

Klein, Lawrence S. to AF Limited Partnership, 322 S. 49th Ave., $184,000.

Bouwens, Allison and Sheldon to Gutierrez, Jessica N., 7037 Hamilton St., $125,000.

Werner, Barbara A. and Leo F. to Koester, Luke F. and Debbie L., 6930 Western Ave., $63,000.

Nelson, Larry D. Trust to Gold, Cindy M., 328 S. 69th St., $204,900.


Rose, Jean M. to Firestone, Daniel E. and Chloe F., 10310 Hilltop Road, $154,000.

Beck, Mary J. to Beck, Jeffrey A., 9505 Ruggles St., $150,000.

Stratman, Gertrude to Rincon, Mark and Niehaus, Alexander, 2667 N. 96th St., $137,500.

Fitzgerald, Trevor A. and Bonnie K. to Grace, Maxwell and Matney, Brittany, 9812 Redman Ave., $135,000.

Chevis, Reginald and Kendra S. to Dodson, David C., 3831 N. 101st St., $132,500.

Deutsche Bank to Punch It Out, 3105 N. 95th St., $116,000.

Harding, Elizabeth and Jesse to Ferris, Michael and Kathryn N., 3718 N. 91st St., $111,000.

Ferry, Lynn A., personal representative, to Ray, Todd R. and Donna, 5824 N. 92nd Court, $158,500.

Stevens, Lyle E., personal representative, to Jone, Brandon L., 8402 Evans St., $147,500.

Huddleston, Lillian C., personal representative, to Janikowski, Cliff R., 9746 Erskine St., $133,000.


Krzystowczyk, James D. and Jennifer A. to Maw, James C. and Rebecca J., 17712 Englewood St., $419,000.

Nelson Builders to Hale, Matthew L. and Erin, 4402 S. 198th St., $359,377.

Lane Building Corp. to Eitzmann, Bryan C. and Larsen, Michelle, 6106 S. 193rd Ave., $311,163.

Gentile, Mark and Carrie L. to Rani, Kailash and Luthra, Baldev R., 5818 S. 173rd Ave., $270,000.

Richland Homes to Chapp, Blake R. and Jena, 19327 I St., $269,500.

Gordon, Karen A. to Safar, Robert J. and Karen A., 17730 Amy Circle, $262,000.

Bothwell, Jeffrey W. and Sharon M. to Trofholz, Neleigh and Anthony, 17438 Washington St., $259,000.

Trapani-Cordova, Patricia M. and Cordova, Frank to Francis, Deena S. and Scott S., 5906 S. 165th St., $255,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Cleveland, Daniel F. and Karen K., 6021 S. 193rd Ave., $245,000.

Barnhill, Donald C. and Heather T. to Schmit, Melissa J. and Jason A., 5501 S. 161st Ave., $245,000.

Easy Space USA to Hoodjer, Amanda and John, 16291 Rolling Ridge Road, $244,500.

Schnebel, Sandra L. and Gary L. to Locum, Timothy and Kristin, 6412 S. 157th St., $230,000.

Powell, Malinda K. and David A. to Fleeman, Traci L. and Richard A., 16607 Holmes St., $230,000.

Marriott, James A. and Elizabeth to Holst, Dawn T. and Darran D., 18632 Weir Circle, $214,000.

Savolainen, Jukka and Furst, Wendy J. to Benes, Kelly E., 16905 K St., $204,000.

Harding, James P. and Mary S. to Centeno, Tammie S. and Hector T., 6124 S. 190th Terrace, $197,500.

Beatty, Susan K. and Richard D. Jr. to Herrod, Brenda and Mike, 16810 Holmes Circle, $196,500.

Johnson, David M. and Alison M. to Kimball, Anders and Cheryl, 4615 S. 168th Ave., $193,000.

Parekh, Umesh and Deepa to Lam, Kok C., 5609 S. 159th Ave., $185,000.

Lech, Darby J. and Grubham, Markus W. to Powell, Andrew J. and Lawyer, Stephanie M., 19102 W St., $179,900.

Celebrity Homes to Rafe, Anthony R., 5902 S. 191st Terrace, $179,300.

Boyer Young Development Co. to Fools Inc., 6209 S. 196th St., $177,000.

Ringle, Tyler W. and Ashleigh S. to Nelson, Bryan J. and Larissa A., 4862 S. 157th St., $164,900.

Celebrity Homes to Phung, Thuy K. and Bui, Gioi V., 5329 S. 196th St., $164,400.

Weakly, Russell W. and Kelly R. to Vargas, Enrique J. and Nohemi, 19404 X St., $163,000.

Celebrity Homes to Passoli, Rose and Samuel, 5330 S. 195th St., $158,200.

Martens, Brant E. and Obanno-Martens, Teya T. to Newman, Thomas L., 18682 W St., $147,000.

Varadarajan, Nithya and Mahalingam, Dhanachezhiyan to Ellis, Debra and Scott, 19458 U St., $145,000.

Sweet, Clint L. and Rachel to Rudloff, Robyn A., 16604 Monroe St., $140,000.

Krueger, Jamie L. to Kausch, Jill M., 18215 Hayes Plaza, $102,000.

Torco Development to Akins, Thomas J. and Rebecca N., 17339 Monroe Circle, $28,000.

Welch, John R. Trust to Rutherford, Jerry L. and Debra J., 17312 Jefferson St., $376,000.

Adams, Charles R. Trust to Brosz, Steven D. and Shari L., 5708 S. 169th St., $283,000.


Niles, Susan H., trustee for Heimron, Robert F. Trust of 1998 to Fenner, David B. and Mary, 6442 S. 120th Plaza, $225,000.

Carstens, Jodi A. and Chad A. to Mencke, Brent, 4667 S. 152nd Circle, $224,900.

Matulka, Tracey A. to Luebker, Joshua, 15424 Y St., $155,000.

Englemann, Keith W. and Carole S. to Duckers, Steven P. and Sonya L., 13571 Y St., $154,950.

Yablonski, Tim and Sherry to Curry, Skyler G. and Allison E., 6216 S. 142nd St., $150,000.

Royal, Billie J. and James P. to Finley, Timothy and Mattan-Finley, Angela, 13808 Polk Circle, $150,000.

Gross, Brian J. and Stacey J. to Seyler, Steven C. and Kristen D., 6625 S. 140th St., $140,000.

Shaughnessy, Noreen and Terrence P. to Vlcek-Baker, Christy L., 12576 Orchard Ave., $129,500.

Rosenquist, Megan E. to Splichal, Bradley R. and Cranor, Kelly M., 6530 S. 117th St., $126,000.

Vogt, Brian A. to Hansen, Clinton B., 4862 Marshall Drive, $122,500.

Cho, Brian K. and Bonnie M. to Petersen, Aaron, 14073 Monroe Circle, $118,000.

Grashorn, Gary L. and Kristi L. to Arnold, Christopher D., 11141 Washington St., $115,000.

Petersen, Kimberly to MCS Rentals, 6512 S. 139th Avenue Circle, $85,000.

Rowley, Judy K. to BDN Properties, 15224 Z St., $60,000.

Blum, Vyrl W., personal representative, to Lechtenberger, Alison M., 12651 Holmes St., $97,500.


McGuire, Keven and Buelt, Thomas A. to Fischer, Tim and Michele, 11519 Scott St., $525,000.

Lennon, Mary T. and Charles A. to Olson, Catherine J., 7141 N. 121st St., $240,000.

Celebrity Homes to Wolf, Ronald K. and Constance L., 13857 Wood Valley Drive, $157,900.

Evans, Deborah A. and Ronald R. to Housh, William B. and Sharon, 14277 Wood Valley Drive, $149,000.

DeJong, Corey J. to Schuler, Christopher G. and Elizabeth A., 11022 Weber St., $136,000.

Inhofe, Yuko D. and Jonathon A. to Larson, Evan P., 11002 Black St., $128,000.

Turner, Toni C. Trust to Huss, Michael E. and Margaret N., 7413 N. 124th St., $635,000.


Downey, Judith C. and Charles P. to Blackford, Brian J. and Jensen-Blackford, Angela D., 2005 S. 152nd St., $226,810.

Grassau, Angela S. to Katelman, Jay P., 15518 Arbor St., $169,711.

Kalasky, Thomas A. to Black, Zara, 11321 Martha Circle, $168,500.

Gardner, Keith W. and Kathleen E. to Massman, Jeffrey and Jayme, 3987 S. 153rd Circle, $165,000.

Carlson, Steven D. and Jamie L. to Petersen, Dane M., 15216 Pasadena Ave., $163,500.

McClanathan, Andrea R. to McNally, Carmen and Denton, Craig, 2836 S. 135th St., $145,000.

Zuhlke, Nicholas A. and Lachelle to Kopun, Predrag S. and Judy G., 12304 Hascall St., $135,000.

Russell, Jeffrey W. and Kimberly A. to Phillips, Robert A. and Ashley J., 3203 S. 122nd St., $121,000.

Beck, Harry J., trustee for Beck Living Trust to Duey, David H. and Ann L., 1206 S. 116th Ave., $315,000.

Lewis, Lois E., trustee, to Lewis, Carrie A., 12420 Shirley St., $135,000.


Bauermeister, Karla A. and Calvin J. to Bedoya, Jeffrey L., 8534 N. 46th Ave., $306,000.

S&M Realty to Metzler, Patrick H., 6235 Vane St., $120,000.


Ward, Frances F. to Lane, Douglas M. and Judy, 1727 N. 110th St., $225,000.

Robertson, Vincent R. and Betty J. to Bowen, Samuel M. and Jessica L., 609 Grey Fawn Drive, $202,000.

Berg, Kathleen L. and Shain, Michael W. to Stoner, Robert J. and Stoner-Derrico, Amber L., 912 N. 146th Circle, $196,000.

Nordness, Phillip D. and Amy S. to Adams, Justin J. and Kassi B., 15017 Cuming St., $178,000.

Currie, Jason D. and Christine C. to Ostronic, Kayla and Buchardt, Nathan, 15315 Davenport Circle, $159,500.

Stenbak, Tande to Champion, Edward G., 1710 N. 111th St., $109,000.

Jiang, Yanping and Diwakar, Mallikarjunadur to Pullen, Joseph, 12204 Burt St., $93,000.

Smith, Rita A. Trust to Dukes, Lawrence and Gina, 11353 Mason St., $164,000.


Boyd, Michele R. and Johnnie G. Jr. to Britson, Todd D. and Jennifer L., 4824 N. 136th St., $272,000.

Jain, Priti and Ramakrishnan, Sham to McClanathan, Andrea and Matthew, 12556 Bristol Circle, $249,000.

Uhler, Marian T. and Stephen D. to Katealo, Jaber E., 13905 Larimore Ave., $215,000.

Homan, Rita J. to Vacanti, Mary J. and John R., 13538 Ames Ave., $193,500.

Neighbours, Abbie M. and Sean to Gries, Anthony and Robert, 2118 N. 126th St., $169,900.

Lerouge, Brenda and Nicolas P. to Baldwin, Richard and Jeanna, 10923 Sahler St., $152,450.

Ferdig, Troy and Michelle L. to Nitzsche, Lisa D., 12224 Erskine Circle, $152,000.

Billingsley, April and Michael W. to Strack, Eric, 4941 N. 113th St., $148,000.

Nelson, Dawn and Mark A. to Livingston, Jennifer and Ketcham, Matthew, 11225 Erskine St., $144,000.

Peacher, Shannon M. and Josh C. to Dunlap, Laura, 10904 Bauman Ave., $144,000.

Brandl, Jeremy M. and Sara K. to Luettel, Greg and Mandy, 11414 Hartman Ave., $140,300.

Tanner, Katherine L. to Davidson, Elizabeth A., 6722 N. 113th St., $138,500.

Peralta, Juana R. and Khalafalla, Tarig I. to Estevez, Cesar and Ronny, 13003 Vernon Ave., $135,000.

Zach, Jessica A. to Chen, Michael W. and Jin, Fawn, 11290 Bauman Ave., $133,000.

Mossburg, Margaret and Shawn D. to Odom, Brandon C., 6627 N. 111th St., $132,000.

Larsen, Deborah D. to Armatis, Josh, 11265 Mary St., $131,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Estrada, Melissa and Retelsdorf, John II, 12980 Camden Ave., $127,400.

Baines, Alisha and Cody L. to Sturm, Laura D., 4629 N. 129th Ave., $120,450.

Reeder Family LLC to Hoefer, Brady A., 13606 Corby St., $100,000.



Scott, Laura J. and Edward P. to Guthrie, Bruce N. and Clark, Alan W., 106 Lafayette Lane, $225,000.

Walter, Christopher J. and Kathleen S. to Strange, Kurstin V. and Isaac, Mason A., 1609 Warren St., $162,000.

McCarty, Arron C. and Afton to Palmer, James R. and Heather M., 2003 Washington St., $130,000.

Just Right Construction to Kreifels, Nathaniel S. and Underhill, Leah, 2006 Childs Road, $192,000.

Sainz, Jayne to Franks, Michelle L., 2106 Warren St., $93,000.

Albers, James W., personal representative for Albers, Ann K. Estate to Dobesh, Gerald D., 2409 Calhoun St., $80,000.

Truttmann, David L. and Beverly A. to Noe, Brooke J., 2809 Greensboro Ave., $164,000.

Spurgeon, James D. and Lisa M. to Lange, Ryan B. and Minnema, Elisabeth, 408 Foster Drive, $124,000.

Gleason, Robert B., personal representative for Godawa, Joann Estate to Goodrich, Tylor P. and Nevius, Erin R., 512 Ridgewood Drive, $185,000.

Lynn, Susan I. to Cronk Anselmo, Heather L., 513 Laurel Drive, $200,000.

Johnson, Chris L. and Josephine A. to Navarro, Robert J., 909 W. 31St St., $74,000.


Germain, Joyce B. to Halvorson, Ronald G. and Wanda L., 12182 S. 218th St., $212,000.

Mousseau, Steve and Becki to Stanley, Jason A. and Ashley E., 12226 S. 220th Circle, $218,000.

Lininger, Stephen and Amy to Garcia, Richard A. and Deborah K., 17016 Morgan Ave., $218,000.

McCune Development to McCaul Contracting, 19911 Ash St., $39,000.

Polikaitis, John C. Jr. and Joanna S. to Christo, Randy and Smith, Janet, 21320 McClellan Circle, $142,000.

Halvorson, Ronald G. and Wanda L. to Meis, Anthony C. and Maria B., 22502 Schram Road, $365,000.

Griffin, Michael J. and Nivea Q. to Mahalingam, Dhanachezhiyan and Varadarajan, Nithya, 7112 S. 193rd St., $365,000.


Vavosa, Joseph H. and Fumiko to Miller, Travis P. and Jennifer S., 1003 Haverford Drive, $193,000.

Melia, Thomas P. and Linda D. Trust to Gaines, Mike and Diana, 1005 Michael Drive, $194,000.

Franckey, Forrest E. and Sharon M. to Allen, Lance and Halicia, 1009 Cumberland Court, $200,000.

HBI LLC to Mowen, Richard, 10911 S. 113th St., $260,000.

Lanier, Demarcus A. and Julia L. to Smith, Matthew R., 1125 Rawhide Road, $144,000.

Kendel, Gina M. to Frerichs, Brent W. and Kathleen R., 12117 Montauk Drive, $480,000.

Lake View 126 LLC to MJ Design Build, 12357 Osprey Lane, $57,000.

Teeter, Mary R. to Wallick, Daniel P. and Danita J., 12569 S. 82nd St., $303,000.

Sward, Jonathan P. and Karen to Kremlacek, Cory and Jaime, 2002 Queen Drive, $164,000.

Barriault, Richard F. and Elspeth A. to Pope, Charles, 2112 Lakewood Drive, $220,000.

Thompson, Ray A. and Erica V. to Schuetzler, Ryan M. and Patricia S., 2303 River Rock Road, $229,000.

Stark, Judith J. to Derouich, Hamidallah, 310 Pioneer Road, $150,000.

Thompson, Devin W. to Busch, Stephanie S., 507 Pioneer Road, $141,000.

Proline Custom Homes to Vazquez, Ruben M. and Jennifer A., 6667 Kara Drive, $293,000.

Oswald, Donald J. Jr. and Jennifer K. to Sysouvahn, Pat and Dala, 711 N. Harrison St., $219,000.

Bagley, Ryan J. and Ronda L. to Kremer, Jason M. and Kristin M., 7533 S. Shore St., $407,000.

Griffin Homes to Boling, Jonathan M. and Amy K., 7621 Leawood St., $386,000.

Reynante, Loreen K. and Harshbarger, John Sr. to William, Stephen G. and Mary P. Trust, 802 Monarch Circle, $148,000.

Hausmann, Jerod J. and Heidi R. to Brotkowski, Lesley and Eddie, 904 Shenandoah Drive, $194,000.

Menichetti, Ray E. and Vanessa L. to United Equity, 918 Iron Road, $138,000.


Ng, Genfu F. and Jinling W. to Larsen, Deborah D., 10915 S. 18th St., $145,000.

Balaberda, Keith R. and Kari M. to Gibson, Kurt D. and Margaret S., 12729 Forestdale Drive, $181,000.

Boyer, Randall G. and Neala Trust to Shepherd, Cory R., 13419 S. 33rd St., $183,000.

Carlson, Jason J. and Amy D. to Waldo, Chris and Theresa M., 13501 S. 30th St., $182,000.

Futrell, Donald E. and Sifuentes-Futrell, Christine J. to Soratorio, Edward F. and Analiza, 13517 S. 14th Circle, $180,000.

LSF8 Master Participation to Wilson, Brett and Paula, 13607 S. 41st Circle, $174,000.

Clearwater Falls LLC to Kendel Homes Corp., 13813 S. 49th St., $43,000.

Daugherty, Robert D. and Jessica M. to Sargent, William H. and Joyce A., 14205 Kelly Drive, $158,000.

Lewis, Cassandra P. and Russell L. to Cernik, Chris R. and Diane M., 14310 S. 24th St., $194,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Yinger, Michelle and Christopher P. 14909 S. 21st St., $296,000.

McKeon, Gayle E. to Johnson, Spence A. and Season C., 15013 Normandy Blvd., $176,000.

Meyer, Steaven A. and Marsha J. to Robinson, Adrian and Corinne, 1502 Halifax St., $235,000.

Robb, Steven P. and Cass E. to Jansen, Shane M. and Lisa M., 16421 S. 36th St., $147,000.

Drear LLC to Yablonski, Timothy J., 2311 Mayflower Road, $242,000.

Schlange, Teresa and Mark to Wyman, Daniel A. and Shana, 3428 Comstock Ave., $113,000.

Deutsche Bank to Wall to Wall Properties, 3518 Glory Circle, $96,000.

Basili, Leonard A. II and Nekol L. to Franz, Kevin S. and Pecoraro, Heather E., 3802 Gayle Ave., $95,000.

Petranick, Brian F. and Kimberly M. to Oppel, Brenda A. and Clinton D., 3902 Fox Ridge Drive, $371,000.

Pye, Mark and Sloan to Simpson, Tyler T. and Tisha M., 4306 Edgerton Drive, $317,000.

Schaefer, Kay E. to Sorensen, John C., 4404 Longview St., $155,000.


Behen, William J. III and Kristy L. to Alexander, Jared A. and Rachel K., 10020 Gary St., $229,000.

Garcia, Richard A. and Deborah K. to Villamayor, Joseph M. and Elizabeth M., 10428 Cary St., $240,000.

Pietrzak, Katelyn A. to Stark, Mark, 7327 Josephine St., $102,000.

Kenney, Charles J. Jr. and Flora E. to Alcaraz, Joseph W. and Kimberlee A., 7708 Braun Ave., $140,000.

Charleston Homes to Gomez, Marcia A. and Newman, Bradley J., 8629 S. 103rd St., $273,000.

Amato, Deanne J. to Valencia, Nolan and Michelle, 9002 Mulberry Court, $144,000.

Wang, Zhenwu and Ren, Huizhen to Dennie, Robin K. and Syl L., 9029 Bayberry Circle, $250,000.


Bierbaum, William W. and Gina M. to Kaufman, Chris A. and Erin L., 11831 S. 47th St., $375,000.

Perkins, Jacinta and Joshua to Little, Jonathan M. and Velma L., 1312 Beechwood Ave., $143,000.

Nguyen, Collin and Ngoc B. to Bradley, Randall L. and Witt, Karen K., 2101 Dana Lane, $209,000.

Phillips, Stephen E. and Amy B. to Bonner, Louis K. and Beverly J., 214 Allison Ave., $330,000.

Baranko Inc. to Monroe, Scott and Suho, 7023 Beth Ave., $360,000.

Gooden, Dwayne A. and Aiko to Mead, Michael and Amber, 8608 S. 68th St., $215,000.


Celebrity Homes to Paulson, Patience E., 16432 Cary St., $220,000.

Christiana Trust to Arns Inc., 16587 Birch Ave., $210,000.

Arns Inc. to Friesen, Zach and Jill, 16587 Birch Ave., $210,000.

Milow, Brent M. and Molly R. to Ward, Jeffrey D., 17722 Edna St., $151,000.

Rudloff, Robyn A. to Bivens, Kyle and Sara, 18815 Chandler St., $238,000.

Francis, Scott S. and Deena S. to Rech, Natalie, 7212 S. 176th St., $148,000.

Myhre, Chris and Deda to Allgood, Jennifer M., 7409 S. 186th St., $240,000.

Bivens, Kyle D. and Sara N. to Kenkel, Jason R. and Sara K., 7520 S. 177th St., $150,000.

Morehouse, Jennifer N. and Christopher W. to Conrad, Sarah A., 7928 S. 161st Terrace, $142,000.

Lenz, Craig N. and Ashley L. to Lopez, Kelly D., 8125 S. 161st Terrace, $160,000.

Hart, Brandon L. and Trenna to Boucher, Donald C. and Heather E., 8401 S. 160th Ave., $228,000.


Ballue, Brian and Lisa M. to Loveland, Jeffrey D. and Sarah R., 13417 Chandler St., $150,000.

Hart, Karin to Arnold, Christopher D., 14716 Borman St., $80,000.

Ray, Todd R. and Donna M. to Dunham, Gary R., 14904 Borman St., $120,000.

Callison, Zachary and Tara to Eakins, Cassidy N. and Buster, Bradley R., 14907 Margo St., $157,000.

Freeman, Daniel R. and Tricia A. to Souba, Brandon J. and Elizabeth A., 15127 Redwood St., $215,000.

Jensen, Nathan and Jamie to Graves, Patrick D. and Kirsten E., 7014 S. 133rd Circle, $140,000.

Isla, Marife J. to Krawczuk, Stephanie A., 7025 S. 131st Ave., $146,000.


Gebhardt, Linda, personal representative for Johnson, Dorothy F. Estate to Rodriguez, Mark J., 7208 S. 41st Terrace, $94,000.

Henderson, Joni to Loraine, Alfredo L., 7502 Sarpy Ave., $43,000.

U.S. Bank to Kirkland, David and Nicole, 7721 Sarpy Ave., $51,000.

Dull, Richard L. and Karin C. to Simbre, Zackery and Marygrace A., 9403 S. 28th Ave., $235,000.

Pecha, Ronald L. and Kelly, Diana A. Trust to Brede, Keoni and Jessica M., 9404 S. 28th Ave., $235,000.


Oehlerich, Shirley J. to Jauregui, Maria, 4812 Glenmorrie Drive, $145,000.



Yale, Lisa M. to Dasher, Brandon R. and Jones, Nichole L., 3002 Ave. D, $91,000.

Odd Properties to Rhodes, Nanette, 511 N. 38th St., $72,000.

Steffen, Frederick S. and Raymond E. and Shirley E. to West, Charles M. and Donna L., 3542 Ave. F, $143,000.

Hatcher, Gale to Jackson, Amanda N. and Brentton A., 2830 Ave. H, $96,500.

Sudario, Jesus E. and Norma E. to Sudario, Anniedette and Ernesto, 1601 15th Ave., $118,000.

Western Iowa Land Development to Kimsey, Carla P. and Eugene S., 2373 Ave. M Way, $159,000.

Huxhold, Elizabeth A. and Miller, Phyllis T. and Richard A. to Boesen, Darci D. and Michael S., 3112 Ave. A, $90,000.

Krashin, Katrina L. to Bartels, Mary E., 3100 Wakeman Drive, $91,000.

Good, Carolyn J. to Heming, Gerald D., 1613 S. Ninth St., $75,000.

Hennings, Marian C. to Dingman, Chad B., 3546 Ave. B, $110,000.

McSorley, Richard to Swanson, Jeffrey B., 3010 Twin City Drive, $62,500.


Stevens, Daniel G. and Susan D. to Roarty, James B., 409 Huntington Ave., $46,500.

BP Quality Homes to Renshaw, Brittany M. and Matthew J., 5006 Cedarbrook Drive, $175,000.

Mandell, Anthony to Camenzind, Jamie J. and Jager, Austin L., 18394 Honeysuckle Road, $270,000.

Mass, Ana and Michael to Yale, Lisa, 107 Wenwood Circle, $141,000.

Wright, Carol A. to Wright, Marsha and Timothy, 4816 Cedarbrook Drive, $197,500.

Lowman, Dianne M. and Philip L. to Mahrt, Adam H. and Tasha, 247 Lafayette Ave., $93,000.

Stueve, Julie A. and Ronald E. to Smith, Jeannie M. and Keith A., 1562 Jennings Ave., $285,000.

McConnell, Craig A. and Tina M. to Pixler, Kerry M., 419 N. Seventh St., $26,000.

Steele, Pamela G. to Pauley, Sheri S. and Trent J., 5200 Ballard Circle, $235,000.

Hayslip, Jennifer L. and Roy E. to Harvey, Trenton J., 1016 Military Ave., $132,000.

Gess, Andrew and Michelle to Harrison, Michelle, 146 Corinne Ave., $157,500.

Hamlin, Ruth to Cavanaugh, Anthony M. and Jimmy, 124 Hunter Ave., $90,000.

U.S. Bank and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Barlow, Douglas A., 120 Euclid Ave., $90,500.


Campbell, Elizabeth J. Trust to Talbott, Michael S., 1014 Shoal Point Drive, Carter Lake, $195,000.


Sebastian Enterprises to Obrecht, Tiffany, 40973 Highway 6, Oakland, $31,000.


Gibson, Kari L. and Matthew K. to Zarp, Cassandra and Jason, 24242 Idlewood Road, Underwood, $410,000.

Hansen, David P. and Shelly M. to Witt, Heather A. and Johnnie E., 24663 230th St., Underwood, $367,000.

Forbes, Susan and Warren to Howard, Brent M., 23391 272nd St., Underwood, $410,000.

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