Douglas County


Mercury Contractors Inc. to Cambridge Homes LLC, 7732 N. 158th St., $47,502.

Charleston Homes LLC to Long, Ryan M. and Courtney A., 15009 Elderberry Circle, $334,450.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Tipu, MD Farhad A. and Jul, Tania A., 16311 Girard St., $355,683.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hansen, Adam L. and Katie Jane, 8907 N. 161st Ave., $287,039.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Laing, Chad Thomas and Shelly Ann, 12628 N. 178th Circle, $88,000.

Wanek, Tyler A. and Busboom, Chentel A. to Thornton, Kristina, 8210 N. 147th St., $182,000.

Pokharel, Yubaraj and Vijaya to Dhakal, Pramod and Khanal-Dhakal, Archana, 15528 King Circle, $170,000.

Eriksen, Peggy S. and John E. to Sears, Ryan and Lindsay N., 10309 Rosewater Parkway, $266,000.

Fierro, Alexander P. and Kayla S. to Criffield, Eli and Miun, 14501 Mormon St., $169,000.

Vencil Construction Inc. to Kelly, Gregory J. and Deanna L., 7259 N. 155th St., $320,546.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Matthew and Amanda Jochum Revocable Trust, 7172 N. 164th Avenue Circle, $316,437.


Wisper Rock Holdings LLC to Cambridge Homes LLC, 2511 N. 184th St., $70,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Connell, Wesley and Shelby, 4623 N. 205th Ave., $319,500.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Lewandowski, Tyler and Ashley, 1803 S. 221st St., $702,148.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Gonzales, Nikolas and Kelly, 18709 Boyd St., $381,163.

Home Company LLC to Stracke, Daniel and Paetra, 20605 Fowler Ave., $318,962.

Miller, Heath R. and Kelly A. to Coutts, Michael J. and Hawley, Leslie R., 19815 Mason St., $376,300.

Hahn, M. Chet P. and Linda M. to Seger, David and Norma Jean, 21206 Ridgewood Road Circle, $315,000.

Pinnacle Bank to Tevelde, Todd, 955 S. 205th St., $185,000.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to Adigoppula, Harikrishna and Ambati, Tanmayee, 2423 N. 187th Ave., $435,000.

Anthony & Judith Milone Living Trust to Rana, Abdurrahman Hameed and Usman Hameed, 4102 N. 195th St., $457,000.

England, Wanda L. to Batten, Robert J., 18711 Mayberry St., $15,000.

Golden, Karen, personal representative of Walker, Violet P. estate, to Haven Homes Nebraska LLC, 20912 Sequoia St., $235,000.

Reischl, Michelle M. to Jacobsma Rentals LLC, 1748 N. 207th St., $162,960.

Gottschalk, Michael P. and Karen S. to Ulrich, James J. and Julia K., 739 Elk Ridge Drive, $145,000.

Comes, Ronald L. and Terry J. to Brakke, Tara and Reid, 18802 Honeysuckle Drive, $875,000.

Grant, Andrew R. and Molly J. to Ehle, Nicholas and Eve, 19013 Ohio St., $263,500.

Ott, Steven P. and Michele R. to Watley, Grant P. and Angela L., 19610 Franklin St., $467,000.

Strohman, Laurence M. and Jennie K. to Sickler, John F. and Anna L., 19509 Camden Ave., $850,000.


PBK Valley LLC to Kathol, Theodore D. and Alyssa M., 5307 N. 281st Circle, $125,000.


Albers, Nathan M. and Jamilyn K. to Horton, Brandon J., 610 2nd St., $247,000.


Amis, Jennifer Lynn to Bonness, Eric Kyes, 1502 Jones St., $414,000.


Graesser Properties LLC to Williams, Jonathan, 4851 Blondo St., $175,000.

Leick, Erin K. to Garcia, Lincy, 3151 N. 47th Ave., $95,500.

Larson, Sherryl L. to Rafiki Realty LLC, 2324 N. 68th St., $50,000.

Sudavicius MacCallum, Nellie to Sudavicius MacCallum, Nellie and Sudavicius, Dalia, 2011 N. 55th St., $112,950.

Goytia Rivera, Miguel A. and Goytia, Jason R. to Coover, Jennifer L., 2620 N. 51st Ave., $226,000.

Lee, Richard J. to Giese, Dakota Avery, 3317 N. 55th St., $111,000.

Valiante, Stella M. and Peter to Vance, Krysten, 2949 N. 47th Ave., $110,000.

Betts, James W. III and Joann K. to Thin, Nyunt and Paw, Mu, 5113 Hartman Ave., $172,000.

Dudley, Margery E. to Royce, Michael, 3710 N. 53rd St., $62,000.

Dudley, Margery E. and Ricky Lynn to Royce, Michael, 3539 N. 45th Ave., $15,000.

DBK Properties 2 LLC to McCormick, Kirk and Kyle C., 3018 N. 48th Ave., $50,000.

Wanek, Diane K. to Iddings, Michael G., 5627 Erskine St., $235,000.


Feld Properties LLC to Azm Propco Holdings LLC, 918 S. 40th St., $2,416,987.

Nelson, Patrick J. to Optimal Medical Services International, 823 S. 42nd St., $525,000.

Wilkinson, Leslie L. to Plumb, Janine M., 2512 S. 38th St., $116,500.

Nickelson, Ashley to Chmiel, Gerald Jr., 3206 S. 32nd Ave., $146,000.

Bethel, Michael L. and Robert L. to Ramirez, Ignacio David Islas, 4016 Castelar St., $158,000.

Ridenour, Mary C. to Kendall, Ronald, 1907 S. 28th St., $50,000.

McDermitt, Gary Dean to Castro Enterprises Pc, 2601 S. 32nd Ave., $80,000.


Cerio, Jennifer M. to Tapio, Joshua and Newman, Anne, 5006 Walnut St., $160,000.

Weeks, William to Heckert, Ryan S. and White, Lindsay M., 5801 Spring St., $117,000.

Kahn, Alex L. to Kelly, Shawn P., 5511 Poppleton Ave., $157,500.


Partusch, William J. and Mary E. to Flores-Nolasco, Delia and Karminn D., 1809 Washington St., $99,000.

Rodgers, Michael J. and Davis, Laura S. to Redd, Andrew J., 4524 S. 16th St., $102,000.

Elias Monjaraz, Juan J. and Elias, Latese to Shaffer, Theresa, 4227 S. 26th St., $120,000.

Schieffer, Alfred J. and Donna L. to Schieffer, Frank and Joleen, 5609 S. 23rd St., $43,005.

Jodlowski, Louis T. to Hathaway, Benjamin R., 4320 S. 39th St., $105,000.


Semin, Joe and Shelly to Rodriguez, Alvaro Martinez and Ramos, Maria H. Ramirez, 1932 S. 18th St., $110,000.

Six Minutes Holding Co LLC to Buist, Nathan Alan, 1934 S. 14th St., $87,000.


Charnquist, Timothy J. and Sarah to Dalila LLC, 1809 Laird St., $47,000.


Guardian Tax Partners Inc. to HBI LLC, 3878 Decatur St., $25,000.

H S Kittrell & Associates Inc. to Amp Enterprises LLC, 2220 N. 38th Ave., $36,900.

Srs Fs LLC to Syndicate Properties LLC, 4224 Evans St., $40,000.

Pere Inc. to ITM LLC, 6330 N. 34th St., $22,500.

Collins-Dean, Oralia and Lovemore, Theresa to Leick, Erin K., 3481 Sprague St., $78,500.

Kruger, Mike to Preciado, Marvin A. Najera, 4291 Wirt St., $91,500.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Brungardt, Mark, 6012 N. 25th Ave., $37,400.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Kleet, Pah and Kyeh, Naw, 3225 Pinkney St., $135,000.

HBI LLC to Amp Enterprises LLC, 3878 Decatur St., $33,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Moo, Kpaw and Htoo, Paw Eh, 3153 Curtis Ave., $115,000.

DBK Properties LLC to McCormick, Kirk and Kyle C., 3744 N. 36th Ave., $38,400.


First National Bank of Omaha Trust to REO Asset Management Company LLC, 2566 Bauman Ave., $66,301.

REO Asset Management Company LLC to HBI LLC, 2566 Bauman Ave., $106,250.

Washkuhn, Eric A. and Marcia A. to Rafiki Realty LLC, 2885 Mary St., $42,500.


Effinger, Regine M. and Jason A. to Zuo, Jian and Teitz, Tal, 9764 Ascot Drive, $700,000.

Cheslak Family Trust to Cheslak, Thomas J. III, 620 S. 76th St., $175,000.

Vesta Properties LLC to Konz Inc., 1509 Cole Creek Drive, $87,750.

Sokolovska, Yuliia and Serednytsky, Taras to H4 LLC, 8350 Underwood Ave., $83,000.

No Equity Home LLC to Bogard, Michele K., 920 S. 88th St., $278,000.

Kutler, Nancy M. Trust to Harold M. and Clara G. Hoover Revocable Trust, 770 N. 93rd St., $326,000.

Dacy, Patric and Stefanie to Winters, Curtis Mathew, 1514 Maenner Drive, $120,000.


Gooder, Stephen J. and Molliann to Dooley, Jim and James J., 5116 N. 177th St., $175,000.

Noecker, Shelley Christine to Stratman, Matthew and Lindsay, 2401 N. 151st St., $258,000.

Johnson, Dean M. and Shirley R. to Gooder, Molliann and Stephen J., 15103 Tibbles St., $220,000.

Armstrong, Sandra K. to Noecker, Shelley, 16317 Browne St., $175,000.

Hoddinott, Michelle Arlene Trust to Kostkan, Carol J., 4827 N. 160th Ave., $189,000.

Mines, Gerald M. and Karen K. to Han, Megan A., 2902 N. 148th St., $175,000.

Haniszewski, Jacob A. and Jamie E. to Partridge, Joshua, 15270 Spencer St., $190,000.

Romereim, Christopher T. and Karla K. to Rodgers, Diana M. and Render, Cletus E., 17123 Locust St., $305,000.

Sears, Lindsay to Tegels, Connie, 5052 N. 152nd Ave., $160,000.

Turner, Amy L. to Larsen, Charles E. and Kathy J., 4207 N. Branch Drive, $267,500.

Linden, Kasey C. and Laura M. to Fischer, Trent and Courtney, 4822 N. 162nd Ave., $300,000.

Wilson, Susan to McKearney, Paul and Jennifer L., 15443 Locust St., $185,000.

Reischl, Jeff and Michelle to Jacobsma Rentals LLC, 3807 N. 171st Ave., $150,350.

Perrin, Jaime L. and Nathan C. to Zach, Mark, 4686 N. 149th St., $175,000.

Eckley, Susan K. to Lyons, Jane E., 3010 N. 148th St., $165,000.

Otool, Molly K. to and Dreesen, Megan D., 5108 N. 177th St., $73,600.

Lane Building Corporation to Eugenio, Emmanuel E. and Jones, Josephine M., 2627 N. 166th St., $330,647.


Modlin, Jeffrey K. to Uttecht, Larence H. Jr., 4468 S. 60th Ave., $97,050.

Molnar, Steven to Gerdes, Henry W. and Johnson, Leslee A., 5440 S. 52nd St., $170,000.


Grasso, Daniel J. and Tracy A. to Brue, Erinn Dale and Steffen, Steven Douglas, 1505 N. 162nd St., $310,000.

Kkrw LLC to Anderson, Steve M. and Nycole, 160 S. 166th St., $325,000.

Michael J. & Sharon W. Malloy Trust to Hasfjord, Joel S. and Kirsten L., 819 N. 159th Circle, $646,000.

Kenneth E. and Sandra K. Martens Trust to Comes, Ronald L. and Terry J., 17102 Howard Place, $720,000.

Crawford, Shawn K. to As Redo LLC, 1204 N. 168th Ave., $18,000.


DSG Investors LLC to Aziamble, Kodjo and Gewu, Kossiwa, 7514 N. 73rd Circle, $160,000.

Pandit, Dipak and Paudel, Nisha to Mongar, Bhakta and Hasta, 8355 Hanover St., $165,000.

Rains, Claude R. Jr. and Patricia A. to Hoang, Lan Thi, 8054 Redick Ave., $162,000.

Sudtelgte, Benjamin J. and Nancy to Williams, Deborah, 8969 N. 79th Ave., $167,500.


Ali, Seema A. and Arafeen, Syed N. to Li, Shuai and Ji, 3213 Cornhusker Drive, $133,650.

Gatzke, Vadeen M. and William to Voelker, Jeanine M. and Bradley, 2614 S. 87th Ave., $80,000.

Daniel & Raye Nord Trust to Wegner, Ben and Brandy, 3058 S. 74th St., $170,000.

Williamson, Rodney E. and Tracey to Heyden, William and Dolly, 3114 Westgate Road, $180,500.

KFM Properties LLC to Volberding, Annette and Ronald D., 3517 S. 105th St., $239,000.


Otte, Timothy L. to Ecabert, Kelly, 8822 Ohern St., $212,000.

Julius, Laurie A. and Collins, Cody D. to Olson, Adam and Alissa, 6720 S. 88th St., $182,000.

Erickson, Evan R. and Rebecca M. to Chamberlain, Richard and Sharrell, 8025 State St., $133,500.

Lsf9 Master Participation Trust to Magner, Chris, 6633 S. 83rd Ave., $132,500.

Williams, Austin to Paillot, Christopher, 9922 Orchard Circle, $185,000.

Kopp, Nicholas and Corren to Vandam, Daniel J. and Hannah, 7575 Polk St., $186,000.


Bellinghausen, Craig and Barbara to Latacha, Matthew and Kimberly, 17315 Valley Drive, $1,265,000.

Kucks, Justin and Lea to Konecky, Jeffrey V. and Laurie M., 19503 Marinda St., $350,000.

Jorgensen, Christy L. to Timmerman, Justin and Renae, 17030 Walnut Circle, $234,500.

McPherson, Jeffrey S. to Munoz, John D. and McPherson, Jeffrey S., 1802 S. 171st Court, $104,000.

Lobb Revocable Trust to Green, Mark and Faith, 3904 S. 193rd Circle, $382,500.


Mangan, Christopher D. and Johnson Mangan, Jennifer Lea to Davalos, Jesus Enrique Lopez, 701 N. 36th St., $148,000.

Magid, Trenton B. to Palmer, Grant L., 105 N. 31st Ave., $235,000.

East Campus Realty LLC to Camp, Thomas H. and Margaret A., 220 S. 31st Ave., $426,900.


Ferguson, John P. and Pink Ferguson, Kalene L. to Mogis, Jessica Marie, 1316 N. 52nd St., $245,000.

Johnson, Juli B. to Molotiu, Razvan and Porter, Heather, 5110 Hamilton St., $251,500.

Lloyd & Janice Oxley Trust to Baker, Gary and Debra, 6920 Hamilton St., $90,000.

Lew, Robert Christopher and Sue A. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 4960 Hamilton St., $18,000.

Eric R. Pearson and Lorraine Chang Revocable Trust to Ohnoutka, Susan and John, 650 N. 56th St., $667,000.


Jones, Samantha and Gerald to Gall, Matthew L. and Natasha A., 5522 N. 92nd Ave., $152,000.

Morrison, Kathleen S. to Peyton, Kala, 9710 Yates St., $157,500.

Wiltfong, Patrick T. and Judith M. to Grandberry, Billy W., 7970 Curtis Ave., $165,000.

Boganowski, Jerome N. and Cynthia A. to Schattenberg, Diane and Hynson, Tracy, 3706 N. 93rd St., $165,000.

Wilson-Stepan, Luke A. to Morgan, Scott and Tiffany, 8139 Boyd St., $182,000.

Laberge, Julie B. and Daniel J. to Wanek, Diane K., 8250 Ruggles St., $164,000.

McKeever, Matthew S. and Lisa J. to Kingkade, Ryan and Karin, 9918 Ohio St., $225,000.

Siciliani, Michael J. and Lori L. to Ahrendsen, Richard and Liss, Ashley, 9442 Fowler Ave., $147,000.


Hunter, Anayssa to Spink, Chad and Michelle, 19604 X St., $168,960.

Reiser, Benedict J. and Anne to Sharkey, Teresa A., 19371 V St., $170,000.

Falcon Ridge Land Corp to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 6825 S. 185th Ave., $27,950.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Mason, David and Kimberly, 6825 S. 185th Ave., $321,716.

Troxel, Tyler K. and Ashley S. to Baker, Amanda J. and Preisendorf, Brian E., 15922 Ohern St., $171,285.

Burns, Sydni to Lowry, Robert S. and Kelly M., 18156 Southdale Place, $119,000.

Duhamel, Andrew and Brittany to Kennedy, Kaleigh A., 18155 Hayes Place, $119,000.

Beldin, David J. and Silvia to Janky, Mark and Leslie, 5130 S. 195th Circle, $174,000.


Murphy, Patrick H. to Cortinas, Breanna Lynn, 13506 V Circle, $153,500.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to Jah LLC, 12218 Kuehl Circle, $102,900.

Jones, Kristen to Duong, Sieu T. and Dang, Chieu T., 11622 Polk St., $210,000.

Kinman, Jason to Yosch, James R. and Madelein K., 11324 Jefferson St., $163,000.

5109 Real Estate LLC to Keyser, Becky and Maurice, 14616 Monroe St., $232,000.

Ahrenkiel, Hilary Gwen to Hruska, Robin R., 13706 Madison Circle, $142,000.

Aksamit, Matthew J. and Jill to Bruch, Adam and Leo, Stacey, 5823 S. 136th St., $159,000.

Gloria A. Harvey Revocable Trust to Houfek, Gregory L. and Cheryl J., 5064 S. 150th Place, $165,000.

Swanson, Pauline to Brotzki, Klaus, 14817 Orchard Circle, $180,000.

Shepherd, Todd A. and Sheryl to Billings, Debra A., 5005 S. 143rd St., $145,000.

Tweedy, Mark and Karen to Jensen, Peter and Lisa, 14949 G St., $266,000.

Introfiant LLC to Dragon Rabbit LLC, 15189 T St., $135,000.

Wheatley, Aaron and Mary Anne to Bass, Jerome and Taylor, Taira, 14812 H St., $239,900.

Guardian Tax Partners Inc. to Kendrick, Keith, 13905 X Circle, $12,500.

Watsabaugh, Billie R. to Westlake, Michael and Jessica, 14518 S Circle, $185,000.


Mueller, Rick and Emma to Carter, Clinton Alden and Melissa E., 7236 N. 124th Circle, $435,000.

Deseure, Michelle R. to Mielke, Kamie R., 14074 Whitmore Circle, $185,000.

Descheneaux, Paul J. and Mari R. to Rice, John E. Sr. and Brenda, 7502 N. 116th St., $545,000.


Mcfarlin, Peggy to Roger Neely Revocable Trust, 12680 C St., $164,500.

Deshler, Brandon H. and Lindee R. to Podwinski, Corey and Ashley, 14629 Shirley St., $226,005.

Bunjer, Teresa Susan and Noah, Michelle Lynn to Maguire, Joshua J. and Hunter-Maguire, Emilee, 3305 S. 126th St., $157,500.

Arkfeld, Michael E. and Kelly A. to Sundsboe, Eric D. and Lauren M., 15218 Lloyd Circle, $372,500.

Bartek, Dianne and Richard to Murphy, Patrick, 12213 Westwood Lane, $118,300.

Patton, Irene to Jakopovic, Todd and Danielle, 12019 Westwood Lane, $116,000.

Montoya-Garcia, Jhoan and Medina, Ana Laura to Schluntz, Kate, 3023 S. 137th St., $170,000.


Deeb, Van C. to Double A. Homes LLC, 5307 Tucker St., $167,000.


Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to Heartland Holdings A. LLC, 625 N. 155th Ave., $162,241.

Berim, Ilya G. and Lyudmyla to Rustamov, Komron M. and Studnicka, Lacey, 14151 Seward St., $360,000.

Brakke, Reid and Tara to Aron, Rebecca A. and Downey, Ryan T., 1421 N. 143rd St., $1,330,500.

Roslawski, Jason P. and Melissa M. to 15218 MRJ LLC, 15218 Lincoln Circle, $73,000.

Patry, Kenneth F. and Jerry A. to Mcquade, Thomas G. and Mary, 924 S. 111th Place, $405,000.

Collins, David W. and Brenda E. to Gaebler, Scott and Julia, 15318 Lafayette Ave., $258,000.


Funkhouser, Christopher B. to Getty, Georg and Poon, Cecilia, 11405 Taylor St., $215,000.

Kuti, Marta R. to Schneckenberger, Terry L. Jr., 13036 Laurel Ave., $70,550.

Kloeckner, Christina to Lado, Oliga and Catherine, 6010 N. 110th Circle, $170,000.

Townley, Michael J. and Barbara J. to Nawk, Mung, 11717 Fowler Ave., $165,000.

Anvari, Atta and Kathryn Marie to Kroeger, Joseph W. and Kallie, 12231 Binney St., $200,000.

Cohano Investments LLC to White, Bobbi, 12069 Patrick Ave., $139,000.

Cox, Nicole J. and Paul M. to Fierro, Alexander P. and Kayla S., 4914 N. 135th Ave., $305,000.

Friend, David and Patricia to Balas, John and Michele, 4804 N. 142nd St., $320,000.

Smith, Daniel M. to Byrne, Kim and Kayla, 2712 N. 126th Avenue Circle, $177,500.

Schwalm, Dale to Henn, Richard M. and Veronica S., 11415 Browne Circle, $187,500.

Sarpy County


Rubio, Tyler S. and Grindstaff, Bailey to Kaufman, Lindsay C., 1003 W. 29th Ave., $130,000.

Thompson, Sandra N. to Scott, Laura J. and Edward P., 1211 Bellevue Blvd. S., $188,000.

Nvestco LLC to Roque, Transito, 210 Westridge Ave., $123,000.

Sosso, Joanne C. to Bellevue Properties LLC, 1302 Betz Road, $140,000.

Anderson, Brookelyn M. and John D. II to Belt, Tanner J. and Makenzie R., 2609 Van Buren St., $129,000.

Freestrom, Hugh and Rachel to Smith, Curtis W. and Constance L., 406 Ridgewood Drive, $262,000.

Hammond, Robert C. Jr. and Amy L. to Panepinto, Sara M., 914 Evergreen Ave., $160,000.

Mascarello, Ernest J. Jr. and Rose M. to Robinson, Carrie and Shawn, 506 N. 3rd St., $148,000.

Woell, William K. and Christine A. to Henry, Scott W. and Sherri, 2603 Jackson St., $150,000.


Hollister, Brandon and Jessica to Jonesy Boy LLC, 21410 McClellan Circle, $192,000.

Jeck & Company Inc. to Jollensten, Jared D. and Lindsey R., 501 Locust St., $381,000.

Adams, Anthony and Karen T. to Hollister, Brandon and Jessica, 21309 Hampton Drive, $375,000.

Home Company LLC to Lassley, Ashley and Sage, 7718 S. 195th St., $361,000.

Eidem Dupuy, Janet L. to Perez, Avidan and Rosalinda, 226 Glendale Circle, $143,000.

Peters, Ryan and Kristina to King, Richard and Julie, 11626 S. 202nd St., $385,000.


Lynam, Donna J. and Thomas to Complete Rentals LLC, 2415 Corn Drive, $150,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Pedersen, Chris Y. and Kay E., 11051 Edgewater Drive, $351,000.

Ryan, Kevin J. and Spencer to Pagles, Scott W. and Briana E., 1712 Eastview Drive, $200,000.

Giles, John Wells and Shelia D. to Branson, Josh, 1103 Magnolia Circle, $245,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Chonis, Shane H. and Robin E., 11063 Edgewater Drive, $364,000.

Scalise, Frank P. and Shelley J. to Gwinn, Katie M. and Scott D., 12443 S. 82nd St., $355,000.

Griffin Homes Inc. to Ryan, Kevin John and Spencer Laura, 11610 S. 110th St., $380,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Peterson, Michelle M. and James A., 11511 S. 111th St., $347,000.

Zendejas, Roberto J. and Katrina C. to Schrunk, Otto J., 500 Shannon Road, $195,000.

Stillens, Maurice and Kate to Ward, Aaron and Jordin, 1707 Walnut Creek Drive, $240,000.

Home Company LLC to Morton, Jeffrey and Rodriguez Morton, Yvette, 11105 Edgewater Drive, $385,000.

Heckathorn, John A. II, personal representative of Heckathorn, John A. Sr. estate, to Kucirek, Steve Jr., 811 Edgewood Blvd, $215,000.


Kulm, Morgan and Anderson, Lauren to Reichmuth, Brandy, 260 Vine St., $155,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kimmel, Nathan M. and Doolittle, Lonna D., 1712 Mayflower Road, $265,000.

Shimek, Thomas L. and Barbara A. to Campbell, Craig Jr. and Heidi, 13707 S. 43rd St., $340,000.

Foley, Michael to Seibel, Peggy L., 2609 Arrowhead Lane, $226,000.

Mackay, Alexandra Elizabeth and Katie Marie to Thomas, Patrick and Karrie, 11313 S. 44th Ave., $335,000.

Hendricks, Kelly Lynn and John to Nguyen, Thanh Mai, 14903 S. 23rd St., $289,000.

Ward, Aaron James and Jordin to Hutchings, Nicole M. and Alexander L., 2910 Courtney Drive, $253,000.

Kemp, Terrill L. and Patricia G. to Irving Gass, Melissa, 11959 Quail Drive, $183,000.

Kardell, Kendell C. and Keith L. Living Trust to Cook, Paul A. and Anita M., 2803 La Platte Road, $279,000.

Young, Timothy M. and Kelly L. to Maes, Jose J. Jr. and Denise A., 14407 S. 27th St., $188,000.

Roblewsky, Linda M. Trust to Williams, David W. and Diane L., 12904 S. 29th Ave., $220,000.

Hatjinos, Nicholas G. and Sydnee A. to Grandberry, Shannon Elizabeth and Ryan Anthony, 3213 Blackhawk Drive, $187,000.

Pecha, Joseph T. and Jennifer to Garcia, Alfredo S., 10109 S. 14th St., $180,000.

Atkins, Cynthia L., personal representative of Sutej, Debra J. estate, to Nord, Scott and Wendy, 11011 S. 17th St., $163,000.

Hecker, Bradley J. and Melinda A. to Haggerty, Augustus C. and Deanna K., 13525 S. 31st St., $155,000.

Symons, Cara and Eric to Hendricks, Katherine and Brandon, 10608 Jamestown Drive, $185,000.

Dick, Cheryl D. and Allen S. to Rivera, Timothy and Patricia, 13608 S. 41st Circle, $315,000.

Daniel Family Revocable Living Trust to Daniel, Ryan T., 10403 Lewis and Clark Road, $172,000.

Guerriere, Robert J. and Wisam F. to Novy, Clifford J. and Joann F., 3207 Tammy St., $185,000.


K & B Associates to Christian, Stephen and Emilee, 7509 Edward Ave., $127,000.

Mj Design Build Inc. to Johnson, William J. and Kenjala P., 10435 S. 105th St., $350,000.

Butler Hunziker, Samuel J. and Butler, Alyssa L. to Kipe, Roger Douglas, 10147 Olive St., $420,000.

Kemp, David A. and Valerie M. to Russell, Matthew and Kellie, 9921 Gary St., $211,000.

Kelley, Christopher J. and Rachel to Rosenberry, Eric, 7340 La Vista Drive, $113,000.

Self, Scott Allan and Susan to Gallick, Brandon Joseph and Claudia Patricia, 10421 Cary St., $315,000.

Soethout, Jill E. and Mark C. to Kapoun, Robert and Pauline, 7825 S. 70th St., $198,000.

Waples, Thomas M., personal representative of Waples, Thomas E. estate, to Hoffman, Gary, 7005 S. 74th St., $157,000.


McGahan, John V. and Judy J. to Deters, Eugene and Amy, 4612 Clearwater Drive, $225,000.

Irving Gass, Melissa Trust to Smith, Joshua and Sandra, 403 Fleetwood Drive, $280,000.

Meister, Kelli and Greg to Glinski, Elizabeth and Sherrill, Dylan Tyler, 4606 Hansen Ave., $310,000.

Melcher, Kevin and Lindy to Young, Timothy M. and Kelly L., 6301 Kentucky Road, $375,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Baumgarten, Thomas S. and Pamela K., 18811 Rosewood St., $288,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Mulholland, Michael B. and Mary M., 8214 S. 186th St., $247,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Kemp, Valerie M. and David A., 7406 S. 184th St., $326,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Calabretto, Ashley and Samuel, 7829 S. 184th Ave., $273,000.

Kuphal, David M., personal representative of Kimmons, Lester estate, to Munstermann, Roland E., 17131 Oakmont St., $228,000.

Navarro, Eduardo and Christina L. to Addink, Kenneth, 16036 Virginia St., $280,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to File, Derrick J. and Amy L., 7818 S. 184th Terrace, $322,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Doering, Spenser R. and Natalie M., 7908 S. 184th Terrace, $266,000.

Halinski, David J. Trust and Zajac, Victoria L. to Hill, Thomas L., 17008 Oakmont Drive, $364,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Dillon, Jesse and Afaisen, Veronica, 8420 S. 169th St., $324,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Stewardson, Andrew and Rachael, 11707 Glenn St., $322,000.

Rogers, Wayne A. and Lindsay R. to McCracken, Robert James and Abigail, 13909 Baretta Circle, $150,000.

Gage, Sharon M. and Anthony D. to Iske, Cayla J. and Beebe, Danielle R., 15126 Rock Creek Drive, $180,000.


Seltzer, Noel O. and Cornelison, James L. to Pane, Charles J., 2514 Fairview St., $210,000.

Towne, Jon and Christina to Yeutter, Kristin K., 2208 Lola Circle, $328,000.

Champion Mtg Co to Cesh LLC, 2818 Betty St., $111,000.

Wozniak, Kathleen M. and Jan A. to Seidl, Barbara K. and Robyn E., 9605 Sherwood Circle, $145,000.


Benson, Isaac and Crystal to Lopez, Kathryn A. and Aaron S., 5214 Emiline St., $145,000.

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