Douglas County


Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Vacek, Chad and Jennifer, 12709 N. 179th St., $93,000.

Jame K. Jensen Revocable Trust to Spaulding, Landis and Rayza, 17027 S. Reflection Circle, $150,000.

O’Connor, Brian A. and Linda M. to Denker, Beau E. and Erin R., 14836 Potter St., $414,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 9004 N. 171st St., $46,500.

Tobler, Nancy A. and Annin, Jack to Bennett, Caitlin P., 221 N. Molley St., $160,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Coble, Joseph G. and Devon J., 14511 Vane St., $263,958.

Hrivnak, Daniel J. and Tiffany M. to Lafollette, David, 7972 N. 155th St., $184,000.

Barr Homes Inc. to Knutson, Nicholas W. and Sara A., 7701 N. 159th St., $380,995.

Home Company LLC to Lawson, Glenn and Kaitlin Anne, 9618 N. 151st St., $320,647.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hrivnak, Daniel J. and Tiffany M., 16308 Girard St., $273,399.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Strahm, Abram and Walsh, Jennifer, 7421 N. 169th St., $370,000.

Majestic C Team LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 8016 N. 173rd St., $220,664.

Olsen Rental Group LLC to Wallace, Alan and Jayme, 7703 N. 156th Ave., $313,282.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bowman, Jason J. and Jessica N., 16326 Hanover St., $318,555.

Cleveland, John M. and Gail S. to O’Connor, Jeffrey S. and Gwen E., 9003 N. 169th Ave., $250,000.

O’Malley, Christopher P. and Ashlee to Egan, Kristie, 14764 Grebe St., $235,000.

Marc David Custom Built Homes and Charleston Homes LLC to Frey, Todd E. and Tina D., 8913 N. 169th Ave., $333,127.

State Street Investment LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 15914 Whiting St., $43,950.


Young, Alexander G. and Young, Chelsea to Miller, John M., 4702 N. 192nd Avenue Circle, $399,900.

McKercher, Jewelyn Beth and McKercher, James to Sweis, Sohail H. and Sweis, Natasha G., 20862 Flavin Circle, $225,000.

Nilius Builders Inc. to Young, Alexander G. and Young, Chelsea C., 18407 Lake St., $417,500.

ER-North Development LLC to Knapp, Robert D. and Darla L., 1505 N. 196th St., $70,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 20418 Saratoga Circle, $48,000.

Jensen, Christine T. to Ziepke, James and Cari, 18860 Mason Place, $284,950.

Blondo 186 LLC to Prairie Homes Inc., 18522 Patrick Ave., $45,000.

Sisss LLC to Cappel Holdings LLC, 20230 Roberts St., $355,000.

Ramm Holdings LLC to Zych Construction LLC, 1812 S. 208th St., $75,000.

Rivedal, William A. and Jaqueline R. to Haget, Debrah, 18750 Mayberry St., $268,000.

David Thoms Construction LLC to Predoehl, Kylee Elise, 2714 N. 191st Ave., $14,000.

Robinson, Scott A. and Kerri D. to Kim, Hyung Joon and Yeung Hee, 579 S. 182nd St., $369,900.

Glorvick, Robert John Jr. and Sheri Jo to Betschart, Shauna and Smith, Allison K., 585 S. 184th St., $335,000.

Japp, Brian D. and Renee S. to Sampson, London S. and Mackenzie O., 1408 N. 209th Ave., $289,000.

Fonda, Gregory William and Adrienne to Vails, Bryan and Kelly, 18410 Harney St., $350,000.

Dippel, Todd C. and Kimberly A. to Kabore, Marcel and Rachel D., 20708 Meredith Circle, $335,000.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Spethman, Todd and Christina, 18516 Corby St., $317,320.

Elkhorn Highlands Inc. to Dempsey, Monica, 2803 N. 189th St., $352,308.

Shea, Michael T. and Maureen W. to Smith, Morgan James and Rachel Nicole, 413 S. 216th St., $246,000.

Dudley, William W. III to Bridger, Andrew and Cara, 1111 S. 218th St., $295,000.

Aurora Homes LLC to Pearson, Thomas D. and Karen A., 4933 N. 206th St., $315,000.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Sombke, Andrew and Dawn, 2514 N. 184th St., $342,500.

South Hamptons Land Development LLC to Home Company LLC, 5804 S. 238th St., $84,950.

Charleston Homes LLC to Steier, John R. and Steier, John R. II, 4939 N. 206th St., $265,139.

Duncan, Lynda C. to Hurtienne, Nellie T. and Jason D., 408 S. 197th St., $318,000.

Mayer, David R. and Shawna B. to Matrix Properties LLC, 18520 Jackson Circle, $276,000.

Evans, Ethan and Erin to Martin & Judith Kramolisch Joint Trust, 18938 Boyle Circle, $150,000.

Kutty, Shelby and Shelby, Shaija to Redmond, Richard A. and Michele L., 1504 N. 188th St., $595,000.

Prairie Homes Inc. to Hansen, Shane M. and Melissa A., 2428 N. 187th St., $389,953.


REO Asset Management Company LLC to HBI LLC, 308 Adams St., $106,250.

Drews, Michael and Kristyn L. to Charleston Homes LLC, 7608 N. 281st Ave., $50,000.


First State Bank to Altman, Jason and Janelle, 23415 Denton St., $35,000.


Ourada, Jason to Rueschhoff, Daniel John, 1502 Jones St., $260,000.


Teo, Alan and Engtong to Hoffman-Ahrens, Trisha and Hoffman, Jena L., 6130 Evans St., $95,000.

Palandri, Shawn M. to Williams, Travis, 4622 N. 55th St., $117,800.

Poulsen, Corey C. to Langner, Monika A., 2750 N. 48th Ave., $113,500.

Royce, Michael and Elaine to Janovich, Daniel, 3710 N. 53rd St., $60,000.

Wurgler Properties LLC to Bemis, Cody, 6768 Seward St., $139,000.

Freebird Property Solutions LLC to Smith, Drew and Mosites, Jessica, 2912 N. 49th St., $146,000.

Styl Properties Inc. to Knudsen, Steven J., 6230 Park Lane Drive, $120,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Wave Investment Team Inc., 5020 Pinkney St., $95,000.

Berger, Margaret E. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 5564 N. 61st Ave., $68,000.

St. Vincent De Paul Stores Inc. to Benson Retail Group LLC, 5920 Maple St., $375,000.

Sanchez, Victor Pena to Abraham, Steven and Kashayla, 4540 N. 65th Ave., $165,000.

Promes, Bryan and Brenda to Reilly, Caitlyn M. and Jesus, Chris M. De, 6567 Evans St., $130,000.

Shreve, Scott P. and Marjorie R. to Nuwwarah, Mohammed and Nussrallah, Carolyn, 5318 Corby St., $75,000.

TPC Corp to Woodson, Justin L. and Grindel, Kirsten, 5032 Wirt St., $100,000.

Brandt, Jacilyn R. and Allison, Larry Eugene Jr. to Woockman, Alec and Emma, 2042 N. 67th Ave., $138,250.

Cedeno-Perdue, Rose and Carlson, Rosemary to S3H Properties LLC, 5630 Erskine St., $107,250.

Tolle, Nathan to Bartlett, Samantha, 4122 N. 55th St., $113,000.

Miksich, John and Kimberly L. to Hobbs, Stephen J. and Tiffany A., 5819 Erskine St., $112,500.

Williams, Brian Dean and Hollie to Acosta, Juan Gabriel and Esmerelda, 5002 Norwick Drive, $130,000.

Qualified Property Solutions LLC to Rowberry, Michael G. and Carissa, 6104 Pinkney St., $112,000.

Sobczyk, Louis J. and Donna M. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 1703 N. 70th Ave., $50,000.

Arquitte, Teresa M. to Pee, Char and Paw, Lar Doh, 6710 Curtis Ave., $145,000.

Kinterknecht, Kathy L. to Sullivan, Joshua K., 5815 Miami St., $146,000.

Royce, Michael S. and Elaine to Schoenwandt, Justin, 6523 Blondo St., $133,000.

Campbell, Thomas A. and Joyce A. to Pflanz, Clark and Lena, 1902 N. 56th St., $195,000.


Reisdorff, Terry M., personal representative of Reisdorff, Ronald L. estate, to 2424 M Street LLC, 1750 S. 29th St., $70,600.

Dyke, Nathan P. and Dyke, Anne M. to Cundall, Corey M. and Cundall, Rachael J., 3063 S. 43rd St., $177,000.

Love, Sheila to Camona, Jacqueline M. and Wrobleski, Bradley R., 4101 Arbor St., $153,000.

Prop LLC to Fahey, Turner S., 3619 Leavenworth St., $104,500.

Henderson, Johnnie D. to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 3059 S. 44th St., $108,000.

Dunn, Amber L. to Meyer, Josh and Dattilo Green, Courtney, 1117 S. 31st St., $126,349.

Gault, Robert, personal representative of Christenson, Carolyn L. estate, to Cap, William J. Sr. and Julie A., 2418 S. 31st St., $76,000.

Ranel, Tawny to Mata, Miya and Wright, Leah, 4434 Pacific St., $185,000.

Heinen, Glenn and Deanna to Baumgart, Craig, 827 S. 42nd St., $100,000.

Coffin, Robert to Zimmerman, Lora and Richard, 4208 Mason St., $169,000.

Abrego, Victor Hugo Cruz and Gonzalez, Martha Angelica Ortiz to Moss, Christina A. and Brown, Amanda Jo, 3611 Vinton St., $138,000.


Foster, Michaela S. to Prewitt, Leanne and Sorensen, Ryan, 1936 S. 47th St., $122,000.

Crane, Marilyn M. to Arends, Cheryl A. and Riley, Mary E., 510 S. 67th Ave., $228,000.

Schrader, Caroline to Wiggins, Jordon R., 956 S. 58th St., $247,500.

Bataillon, Mary C., personal representative of Mainelli, Margaret estate, to Sachse, David M., 824 S. 50th Ave., $115,000.

Brown, Ryan and Michael to Hinsley, Edward J. and Candace S., 4930 Curlew Lane, $145,000.

Schluck, Brian Daniel, personal representative of Ricard, Michele estate, to Davis, Troy M. and Marta E., 6811 Mayberry St., $150,000.

Carnazzo, Louis A. and Margaret Elizabeth to Hiffernan, John III and Cristen, 3313 S. 45th St., $64,000.

Harvey A. Swanger Living Trust to Swanson, Donald and Rebecca, 5805 Elm St., $100,000.

Chaney Family Trust to Flower, Jon D. and Tessie A., 6802 Mason St., $200,000.

Mayberry Street LLC to Kaufman, James and Jami, 4528 Mayberry St., $95,000.


Allen, Robert Raymond to Popish, Raymond D. Jr., 4508 S. 12th St., $22,000.

Hattam, Michelle and John to Martinez, Isrrael and Amber, 1401 Archer Ave., $111,000.

Jadlowski, Genevieve F. to Ignowski, Elaine, 4028 S. 36th Ave., $155,000.

Martinez, Jose G. to Olvera, Jose Luis Castelan and Mora, Teresa, 1604 Polk St., $60,000.

Douglas, Beverly K. to Miranda, Carlos O., 6106 S. 33rd Ave., $90,000.

Barrera Rentals I LLC to Rosas, Leticia Martinez, 4535 S. 17th St., $130,000.


Portis, Ervin L. and Carla J. to Miskulin, Tiffany Ann, 1221 Leavenworth Place, $350,000.

Rieschl, Frances Ann to Gallegos, Luis and Ramos De Gallegos, Laura Consuelo, 2330 S. 15th St., $139,500.

Arndt, Colleen M. to Hosler, Adam, 2208 S. 15th St., $30,000.

1234 South 10th LLC to Becker, Craig, 1247 S. 11st St., $250,000.

Bautista, Marco Antonio Gonzalez and Hernandez, Guadalupe Vargas to Correa, Jose S. and Maria Elena, 2322 S. 20th St., $85,000.


Penny, Paul E. to Islam, Kamrul and Sultana, Nigar, 2316 Himebaugh Ave., $74,000.

Minturn, Jesse M. and Kessi J. to Lincoln, Mark A., 4911 N. 14th St., $26,500.

Meyer, Arlan F. and Loretta A. to Greco, Joleen and Jessica, 1510 Ellison Ave., $65,000.

Kimsey, Richard Sr. to Stephens, Patricia, 3402 N. 24th St., $16,000.

Beatty, Leonard and Patricia to Stephens, Patricia, 3402 N. 24th St., $16,000.


Ash, David L. to Jarquin, Amalia, 3601 Patrick Ave., $50,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Mensah Investments LLC, 2824 Spaulding St., $23,000.

Manning, John W. and Don T. to All Z Properties LLC, 2423 Templeton St., $914,000.

Iontach Investments LLC to Serrano, Jose, 4041 Jaynes Circle, $47,000.

Nabulsi, Suhail Y. and Karimah O. to Zas Corp LLC, 5328 N. 35th St., $53,000.

Dalton, Jenelle to Dalton, Alysha and Faison, Brittiney, 3489 Ruggles St., $24,100.

Pere Inc. to Royce, Michael, 4919 N. 40th St., $19,000.


Tarver, Mae D. to Nolan Holdings LLC, 6517 N. 35th St., $70,000.

Cochran, Freida B. to McCarthy, Colin and Moses, Doria, 3360 Craig Ave., $121,000.

LSF9 Master Participation Trust and U.S. Bank Trust, trustee, to Pettid, James, 2861 Titus Ave., $68,000.

Hickam, James B. and Annette to Fleetwood Investments LLC, 3702 Ernst St., $61,000.

Bacon, Launa to Wilson, Wyatt T., 3044 Whitmore St., $114,000.


Dean, Robert and Lisa to Siegele, Donald G. and Jenifer M., 829 N. 77th St., $155,000.

Jirka, Jane R. and Lori to Batterton, Nicholas, 8926 Hamilton St., $140,000.

Pam Tanous Living Trust to Muyres, Abram, 419 S. 82nd St., $320,000.

Cesh LLC to Rager Holdings Inc., 1012 N. 105th St., $139,000.

Jardee, Karen S. to Tortorilla, Andrew, 10535 Izard St., $160,000.

Rastorfer, John E. and Sarah L. to McColgan, William R. and Michaela A., 9906 Harney Parkway, $565,000.

Robert J. Head Revocable Trust to Patel, Pina C. and Brown, Shane T., 503 Ridgewood Ave., $460,000.


McCright Properties LLC to Chen, Xue Wei and Zhu, Bo H., 4708 N. 175th St., $300,000.

Zebley, Jennifer M. to Hamlin, Ryan and Jennifer, 17029 Sprague St., $168,000.

Harter, David Alan and Debra K. to Otto, Thomas J., 16301 Himebaugh Circle, $550,000.

Shaw, Jeff J. and Mindy to Vanis, Melvene, 14919 Tibbles St., $229,500.

Goff, Richard D. and Jeanette M. to Celebrity Homes Inc., 4739 N. 173rd Circle, $300,000.

Felicia Cochran Revocable Trust to Pham, Thanh and Vu, Vuong, 15316 Camden Ave., $159,000.

Etzelmiller, Michael D. and Kathryn A. to Aldy, Brandon, 3005 N. 152nd St., $193,000.

Mercury Contractors Inc. to Zielich, Mary Ann, 15440 Norwick Drive, $304,350.

Melia, Holden R. to Kantaras, Kyle S. and Celeste A., 4226 N. 171st Ave., $190,000.

Hillcrest Health Care Services Inc. to Pacheco, Leobardo F. and Bernal, Yadira, 16023 Manderson St., $266,000.

Cole, Stacey and Ryan M. to Becker, Scott M. and Sarah M., 2119 N. 176th St., $340,000.

Prestige Homes Inc. to Isom, Stephen M. Jr. and Elizabeth P., 2415 N. 177th St., $496,500.

Burns, Scott M. and Christina M. to Thomason, Alexander and Brittany, 4235 N. 164th St., $257,500.

Connor, Shane M. to Dawson, Christopher S. and Rebecca A., 14711 Corby St., $285,000.

Slater, Ami K. to Euteneuer, Timothy and Julie, 14817 Boyd St., $220,000.

Chinn, Jennifer L. to Currin, Chris Allen and Kampschneider, Erin Michelle, 14717 Crown Point Ave., $295,000.

Bridger, Cara and Andrew to Anzalone, Tiffany, 6611 N. 149th Ave., $218,000.

Nachtigall, Jacob and Jessica to Pavlik, Kurt and Romine, Jemma, 16453 Erskine St., $175,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Manganaro, John S. and Gardner, Janice L., 3107 N. 177th St., $688,803.

Warren, Lindsay to Gille, Robert H. and Claudia E., 17623 Sahler St., $265,000.

Belt Construction Co Inc. to Duffus, Socrates, 3217 N. 178th St., $415,900.

Westerlin, Sara A. and Kruse, Sara to OC3 Properties LLC, 17266 Sprague St., $160,000.

Jazwick-Jakob, Jamie Lorraine and Jakob, Jay B. to Mu, Keli and Liu, Yongge, 16918 Boyd St., $180,000.

Washington, Jacob to Zuniga, Joaquin Tapia and Tapia, Michelle M., 14602 Larimore Ave., $205,000.

Dudycha, Jane A. to Arquitte, Teresa M., 15417 Camden Ave., $165,000.

Moulton, Rexford L. Jr. and Pattavina Moulton, Sara to Higgins, Eric J., 4215 N. 159th Ave., $295,000.

Ideal Designs Remodeling & Construction LLC to Gufford, Justin and Brandi, 2712 N. 177th St., $548,281.


Weiss, David A. and Amy L. to McGill, Benjamin, 5452 S. 48th Ave., $121,500.

O & O Investments LLC to Dahir, Seclecca L., 4470 S. 62nd St., $104,000.

Bradway, Tracy L. to OM 4819 S. 54 Trust and Western Financial LLC, 4819 S. 54th St., $61,300.

Gary & Phyllis Ferguson Living Trust to Luqueno, Maria and Edgar, 5906 S. 50th St., $93,000.


Gustafson, Kathryn to Watson, Derek Kevin, 17560 Parker Place, $173,000.

Love, Tony Keith and Pamela Ellen to Harbeke, Daniel T. and Jillian M., 17631 Leavenworth St., $420,000.

Ferrell, Derek and Lori to Turley, Jesse and Ferrell, Lacey, 505 S. 159th Circle, $275,000.


Brittan, Charles X. and Carmenza to Kommineni, Harish, 7660 Potter St., $155,000.

Haney, Kathleen A. and Raznick-Murray, Tracy to Rosenthal, Lawrence and Judy, 8425 Craig Ave., $208,000.

Stiles, Robert and Deedra to Koger, Michael G. Jr. and Shelli A., 7413 N. 88th St., $200,000.

Hagedorn, William J. and Taylor D. to Len, Tun and Le, Lawm, 8733 Quest St., $165,000.

Beck, Laura L. and Michael R. to Dean, Robert and Lisa, 7420 N. 89th St., $209,900.

Boyer, Jesse J. and Kirsten to Boatright, Takneisha Michelle, 7423 Hanover St., $177,000.

Zook, Amy J. and Hall, Christopher A. to Zabada, Nonce D. and Ayivigan, Ayoko Georgia, 7332 N. 90th St., $169,900.

Diane Sloan Qualified Personal Residence Trust to Guenzel, Carl J. and Cynthia K., 11101 N. 78th St., $781,900.

Rosa, Richard M. and Kleeman Rosa, Cynda J. to Tim & Sarah Phu Family Trust, 7412 N. 85th St., $205,000.

Reed, Michael A. and Abby to Shunleo Baker, Chelsea Diane, 7524 Newport Ave., $125,000.

Zamudio, Kali Lynn and Blaken Kyle to Banka, Dossavi and Kolimedje, Tresor, 7823 Bondesson St., $170,000.

Erlbacher, Stephan Michael and Kaylee Kristine to Owen, Justin C., 7769 N. 86th Ave., $159,000.


Pedersen, Fred and Tiffany to Li, Qiao and Gao, Yuan, 8114 Barbara St., $150,500.

Joyful Restorations LLC to Maertzke, Tobias and Jordyn, 8129 Barbara St., $210,000.

Parr, Andrew and Katie to Schnauber, Jean, 9758 Ontario St., $189,000.

Lederer, Brandon J. and Melissa S. to Davern, Jeremy, 7406 Ontario St., $188,000.

Chapek, Thomas F. and Elaine to Phillips, David and Shiri, 1528 S. 76th St., $350,000.

El-Zalabani, Mohammed to Angst, Aaron and Mia, 10124 Hansen Ave., $225,000.

Kreifels, Marilyn J. to Sempek, David G., 7705 Pasadena Ave., $116,000.

Breetzke, Michael R. and Sara M. to Miller, Kimberly K., 3105 S. 102nd St., $205,000.

Rutledge, Edgar and Lynn to Nielson, Jonathan C. and Alaina L., 3434 Westgate Road, $172,000.


Bryan, Matthew and Jennifer D. to Lopez, Miguel A. Arciniega and Ortiz, Sofia, 6215 S. 72nd Ave., $180,000.

Schwab, Benjamin A. to Nguyen, Hien Ngoc Thi, 9313 Y St., $171,175.

Frederick P. Voller Trust to Voller, Mark H., 10237 Ohern St., $156,000.

Olsen, Trenton and Kennedy, Krystle to Ridley, Erick R., 4922 S. 91st St., $164,000.

Mueller, Adam and Virginia to NEI Global Relocation Company, 10271 Washington Drive, $289,900.

Belt, Steven A. and Julia L. to Gonzalez, Luis Fernando Chavarria and Manzo, Maria T. Ochoa, 5087 S. 107th St., $146,000.

Macht, Sherri L., personal representative of Rohlfs, Sandra L. estate, to Kment, Robert F. III and Kendra R., 5521 S. 91st St., $189,950.

NEI Global Relocation Company to Olsen, Trenton and Kennedy, Krystle, 10271 Washington Drive, $289,900.

Funkhouser, Richard P. and Cindy to Buechler, James Kary, 10429 M St., $170,000.

May, Christine to Pierce, Edgar Lee, 8035 State St., $155,000.


Anderson, David F. and Sharon D. to Geissler, Anthony Lawrence, 16123 Shirley St., $193,000.

Shartrand, Thomas T. and Aleshia G. to Sewell, Michael J. and Colleen M., 16055 Frederick St., $155,000.

Schmadeke, Timothy and Cherie S. to Gustafson, Kathryn, 16905 Woolworth Ave., $210,000.

Jensen, David M. and Megan E. to Prange, James T. and Debra H., 3919 S. 179th Terrace, $950,000.

Lowe, Mitchell D. and Marilyn K. to Vandersteen, Alice J., 1914 S. 197th St., $230,000.

Clifford, James E. Jr. and Tara L. to Humble, Leeann M. and Bredensteiner, Jeffrey J., 18675 Van Camp Drive, $430,100.

Gilbert, Darryl and Deana to Boone, Sean C. and Laura C., 15912 Frances Circle, $197,500.

Robacker, Chad T. and Becky A. to Lexicon Government Services LLC, 15707 Hickory St., $361,500.

Sird, Matthew and Moore-Sird, Carly to Buckley, Jordan and Kara A., 3142 S. 158th St., $165,000.

Gille, Robert H. and Claudia E. to Nachtigall, Jacob R. and Jessica N., 1715 S. 166th Circle, $258,500.


Hoffman, Dennis to Paladin LLC, 3870 Dodge St., $55,000.

BT2 Omaha Assets LLC to Maven Avenue LLC, 4362 Davenport St., $147,500.

Countryman, Diane M. and Horner, Ronald J. to Nunn, Denise M. and Alan R., 1003 Mercer Blvd., $173,500.

Blue Jay Investments LLC to Clear Creek Holdings LLC, 3126 Cass St., $270,000.


Krystal Al-Khanh Vuong Revocable Trust to Engler, Timothy and Younglove, Angela, 665 N. 57th St., $660,000.

Klimek, Nicholas and Langland, Jacqueline to Faylor, Anne and Turone, Richard J., 317 S. 50th St., $278,000.

Wallin, Lan E. and Conde, Merriel A. to Burgess, Peter J. and Morgan M., 4819 Farnam St., $245,000.

Applied Financial Resources Inc. to Swoboda, Arthur, 907 N. 48th Ave., $100,000.

McDonald, Silas M. and Mary C. to McKillip, Ryan P., 1305 N. 50th Ave., $124,000.

Olson, J. Alex to Scott, Tracy K. and Eldridge, Patricia S., 224 N. 49th St., $155,000.


Underwood, Dallas J. Jr. to McKenzie, Bryan and Angela, 8941 Miami St., $72,000.

Pearson, Nancy J. to Maddox, Jase P. and Sonja, 4131 N. 79th St., $175,000.

Lafferty, Shane P. and Susan K. to Lafferty Shane P. II, 2308 N. 102nd St., $200,000.

Raymond, Jacob Allen and Kelsey Lenea to Wah, Hsa and Khu, Eh, 5829 N. 93rd St., $150,000.

Neubauer, Kevin and Heather M. to Hulett, David C., 6012 N. 105th St., $152,000.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to Castleman, Scott, 8638 Pinkney St., $116,500.

Georgia Claire Ebel Revocable Trust to Wiebelhaus, James and Diane, 2018 N. 100th St., $240,000.

Burton, Annemarie C. to Crossen, James R. and Sarah A., 9229 Fowler Circle, $130,000.

Adkins, Zachary and Mattern, Alicia to Harmon, Carmen, 8566 Fowler Ave., $150,000.

Henn, Richard M. and Veronica S. to Nguyen, Hoang and Tran, Trinh, 8147 Burdette St., $122,500.

Baliszewski Solomon, Russell L. and Malia Jane to Pescina, Jose Ismael and Aguayo, Jennifer, 3512 Maplewood Blvd., $173,500.


Knapp, Robert D. and Darla L. to Zadina, Joseph P. and Meryl L., 17516 Riggs St., $410,000.

Bartek, Daryl T. to Rannals Properties LP, 4348 S. 178th St., $169,500.

Kensmoe, John to Pedersen, Fred Charles and Tiffany Jeanne, 5041 S. 162nd Ave., $205,000.

Jeethandran, Priya and Murugan, Jeethandran to National Transfer Services LLC, 16855 Patterson Drive, $256,000.

National Transfer Services LLC to Marasco, Taylor E. and Boosalis, Brandon R., 16855 Patterson Drive, $256,000.

Wright, Darin W. and Janice M. to Mehta, Vikram and Sunita, 6429 S. 159th Ave., $285,000.

Gomez, Elias M. and Linda R. to Corsere, Antonio L. and Dennis, Casey A., 16639 Adams St., $219,000.

Richard, David C. and Denise S. to Henderson, Kim and Alan, 17258 Washington St., $325,000.

Obermier, Cindy S. to Dykes, Bradley Craig, 4426 S. 179th St., $174,000.

Howard, Kim E. to Harvey, Jack M., 5004 S. 163rd Ave., $165,000.

Steier, Charles J. and Holly B. to Mayfield, Wade D. and Denae A., 17607 Englewood St., $435,000.

Gonwa, Steven G. and Terry L. to Stenger, Mitchell J. and Sarah J., 19505 V St., $183,000.

Wright, Mathew and Rachal to Nguyen, Andy T. and Angie Tien, 5329 S. 158th Circle, $192,500.

BSR-FW LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 6607 S. 199th Ave., $57,100.

Onken, Blake M. and Lynn D. to Johnson, Lori A., 6717 S. 185th Ave., $425,000.

Boege, Allan H. to Anderson, John and Leeann, 4717 S. 157th Circle, $244,000.

Wilcox, Monica and Michael to Rahmanzai, Shapur and Shapyrai, 19502 R St., $182,000.

Woita, Mark A. and Linda K. to Posch, Amber M. and Gerhard, 4502 S. 163rd St., $445,000.

Johnson, Douglas William and Lori Ann to Johnson, Stephen R. and Mary J., 6217 S. 159th Ave., $270,000.

Jenkins, Donald S. to Karnish, Michael D., 4903 S. 187th Ave., $235,000.

Seaton, Brian T. and Seaton, Amy E. to Aldana, Kara and Aldana Serrano, Nicolas, 5603 S. 159th St., $250,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Tobaben, Josh D. and Brittany, 4463 S. 193rd St., $294,950.


First Horizon Alternative Mortgage Securities Trust and Bank of New York Trust to Thompson Property Holdens LLC, 6704 S. 153rd Circle, $119,700.

Amanda Everhart Trust Agreement to Wever, Matthew M. and Melissa D., 12152 W St., $160,000.

Dennis, Judith A. to Swanson, Spencer, 13730 Polk St., $155,000.

Scott, Keven M., personal representative of Scott, Ralph M. estate, to Burnham, Brent M., 13934 W Circle, $185,000.

Belfiore, Jeffrey, and Jessica to Blunck, Marcus G., 15235 Washington St., $160,000.

Scacchi, Donna R. to Craig, Daniel, 5634 S. 111th St., $179,000.

Moquin, Jeffery A. and Stephanie D. to Tasa LLC, 13917 X Circle, $135,000.

Basil Land Holdings 19 LLC to 11T NE LLC, 13815 W Circle, $136,000.

Patterson, Kent L. and Joey L. to Pope, Sidney S. and Margot C., 6215 S. 116th St., $205,000.

Ridgway, Max A. and Kerry to Spencer, Dominick and Melinda, 15323 Drexel Circle, $176,000.

Red Ladder LLC to Borcherding, Jennifer Raschell and David Lee, 6618 S. 149th St., $182,000.


Halpenny, Timothy D. and Tracy L. to Rosa, Richard M. and Cynda J., 12652 Scott St., $406,000.

Swett, William and Erin to Vonknorring, Connor Allan, 11017 Black St., $155,000.


Austin, Paul A. and Elizabeth A. to Moore, Austin M. and Alyssa K., 3434 S. 119th St., $265,000.

Cihacek, Marlene R. to Ro-Dan LLC, 3428 Augusta Ave., $95,000.

Bloom, Catherine S., personal representative of Mellen, Jane Marie estate, to Rasmussen, Hope, 2215 S. 123rd Ave., $195,000.

Porter, Robert Lance and Stacie to Wilson, Richard W. and Candace J., 12706 Gold St., $191,000.

Podrouzek, Jackie L. and Larry L. to Arndt, Colleen, 13447 Westwood Lane, $178,000.

Nellie M. Lang Revocable Trust to Lee, Michael J. and Brenda R., 12655 Krug Circle, $213,150.

Martinson, Patricia to Pick, Robert and Ann, 1538 Skylark Drive, $296,000.

Anvari, Ali V. and Rosalie C. to Iwanski, Michael and Skarda, Raeanne, 13112 Shirley St., $195,000.

Harvat, Jerry H. to Popple, Addison S. and Amy B., 14238 Poppleton Circle, $212,000.

Andersen, Jeremy to Andersen, Jeremy and Holder, Jessica, 13573 Gold St., $84,000.

Westin, Richard S. Jr. and Pamela S. to Kirkland, Benjamin and Remy, 1660 S. 152nd St., $325,000.

Burch, Louis L. to Yates, Jared, 13486 Frederick St., $130,000.

Bacome, Adam and Mary to Raumaker, Amy L. and Anita L., 2915 S. 135th St., $161,000.

Robert & Lorraine Kroeger Revocable Trust to Hernandez, Martha Esmeralda and Lez, Efrain Hernandez, 3222 S. 130th Avenue Circle, $180,000.

Matrov, Kosta Nikolov and Elza Gueorgieva to Stratton, Blaine L. and Nika S., 14465 Spring Circle, $217,500.


Thorson, Robert R. and Kristin L. to Collins, Aimee Cheri Desiree and Gary Mitchell Jr., 5614 Mary St., $150,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Bloodworth, Rodney E. and Patricia C., 12307 N. 69th St., $450,000.


Coble, Joseph G. and Devon J. to Joekel, Steven K. and Obermier, Cindy S., 1018 Eldorado Drive, $239,900.

A&L Construction Inc. to A&L Remodeling LLC, 614 S. 113th Ave., $179,900.

Davis, Patricia A. to Longacre, Colin J., 322 S. 154th St., $180,000.

A&L Remodeling LLC to Pierson, Michael A. and Tiffany, 614 S. 113th Ave., $179,900.

McCright Properties LLC to Wilcox, Monica E., 15106 Jackson St., $208,000.

Mary Jo Lane Living Trust to Delaney, Shirley, 640 N. 152nd Circle, $205,000.

Weber, Robert D. and Debra A. to Montana, Kristine Ann and Krajicek, John C., 15105 Mason St., $239,000.


Seibel, Peggy to LeMaster, Larry W. and Roxanna J., 13851 Sprague St., $235,000.

Herron, Justin M. and Amanda M. to Holden, Donald Jr., 5120 N. 135th Ave., $275,000.

Agonor, Napoleon P. and Stella E. to McClure, Kevin T. and Hailey E., 11232 Erskine St., $160,000.

J Adams Investments LLC to Schwarting, Travis M. and Mallory, Erika L., 2204 N. 128th Circle, $189,900.

Franklin, James W. and Gwendolyn D. to Jewell, Christopher J., 11755 Rambleridge Road, $175,000.

Kramer, Danielle and Omara, Sean to Nelson, Dawn A., 6217 N. 114th St., $175,000.

Euteneuer, Timothy P. and Julie E. to Nelsen, Jason and Lisa, 11431 Kansas Circle, $170,000.

Noren, Roy E. and Kelly A. to Murray, Kevin, 4218 N. 143rd Circle, $290,000.

Queck, Brent and Brittne to Stephens, Cory J. and Marti, 14102 Camden Ave., $303,000.

Evans, Robert E. and Judith L. to O’Neal, Braudale and Sarah, 6330 N. 115th Circle, $220,500.

Woita, Kendall K. to Leaders, Mark A. and Heidi C., 6803 N. 142nd St., $204,000.

Hansen, Shane M. and Melissa A. to Thorson, Robert Russell and Kristin Leigh, 5606 N. 139th Ave., $290,000.

Muller, William to Hartzler, David R. and Marilyn A., 12942 Laurel Ave., $145,000.

McColgan, William R. and Michaela A. to Muskin, Joseph M. and Smith, Carmen C., 14035 Camden Ave., $322,000.

Wordekemper, Norman and Storrs, Michael G. to Hellstrom, Kaela L., 12074 Locust St., $163,500.

Null, Joell O. to Moser, Jennifer, 11510 Bauman Circle, $160,000.

Weseman, Gregory Todd to Waldo, Micah P., 11660 Mary St., $165,000.

Sarpy County


Eich, Levan F. to Oddo, Frank R. Jr., 1810 Madison St., $140,000.

Tellez, Darius I. and Chelsy R. to Koch, Brian D. and Barbara S., 701 Martin Drive, $273,000.

Helwig, William A. and Barbara R. to Maass, Joseph and Ann, 1236 Bellaire Blvd., $90,000.

Keel, Norma M. to Robertson, Randy and Cassandra, 609 Garden Ave., $140,000.

Bennett, Horace P. and Catherine J. to Houghtaling, Erin K., 1217 Robin Drive, $140,000.

Mattera, Anthony J. and Sarah to Harringa, Kelsey, 1203 Hillcrest Drive, $175,000.

James, Daniel F. and Debbie to Upscale Enterprises LLC, 105 Lorraine Drive, $125,000.

Cascio Revocable Trust to Faust, Clint W. and Julie A., 202 Hillcrest Ave., $196,000.

Harper, Gary L. and Lisa A. to Gross, Johnathan and Madeline, 413 W. 29th Ave., $120,000.

Vasko Brothers Properties LLC to Case, Justin and Gabriel, 2529 Van Buren St., $187,000.

O & H Properties Inc. to Neises, Christopher J., 1410 Hancock St., $135,000.

Goldsberry, Alicia, personal representative of Mitchell, Marie M. estate, to Davenport, Mary A., 1404 Freeman Drive, $170,000.

K & J Property Management LLC to Souza, Lisa, 131 Kirby Ave., $140,000.


Anzalone, Tiffany and Tesarek, Eric to Burr, Zachary K. and Emily, 10608 S. 211th St., $290,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Suhr, Lori C. and Jeff, 11918 S. 212th St., $265,000.

Bagley, Michael J. and Kelly R. to Null, Geoffrey A. and Joell O., 19824 Acorn Drive, $260,000.

Marc David Custom Built Homes to Miszuk, Chester J. and Patricia A., 7818 S. 194th Ave., $327,000.

Veleba, Terence and Barbara J. to Hardessen, Jess T. and Mikala A., 22122 Ponderosa Drive, $150,000.

Harding, James P. and Mary S. to Woessner, Tania and Michael, 19307 Josephine St., $380,000.


Herting, Douglas J. and Michele M. to Ewing, Paul B. and Kristen M., 2406 Crystal Drive, $260,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Brickner, Jesse D. and Ellen J., 10417 S. 110th St., $302,000.

Williams, Risa C. to Renken, Michael Thomas and Lara, 10814 S. 111th St., $283,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Bader Construction LLC, 520 E. 5th St., $105,000.

Gage, Peter Jr. and Corrine K. to Kirkland Family Revocable Trust, 1010 Lambert Drive, $280,000.

Peachtree Properties LLC to Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc., 1007 Jacqueline Drive, $20,000.


Remen, Richard H. to David, Jerod Duane and Juynee Jean, 900 N. 3rd St., $165,000.


Mach, Cheryl Ann to Rodnova, Ekaterina O. and Anton, 3712 Gayle Ave., $120,000.

Norton, Donald R. and Naomi J. to Bishop, Anthony, 1502 Main St., $123,000.

Begeman, Tammie M. to Vance, Douglas, 3112 Leawood Drive, $185,000.

Frye, Michael E. and Leann to Burkhart, Patricia A., 13606 S. 29th Circle, $218,000.

Galloway, Arthur D. and Linda S. to Denetelli, Stephanie M. and Gina B., 910 Thurston Ave., $188,000.

Sybert, Derek M. and Melissa A. to Frye, Michael E. and Leann M., 4207 Edgerton Drive, $320,000.

McGuire, Sharon L. to Steele, Leslie J., 11726 Fisher House Road, $178,000.

Reckling, David George and Tristeena Austa to Bigham, Bryce and Stephanie, 2915 Rahn Blvd., $218,000.

Jasper, Daniel J. and Kristen E. to Rodgers, Britni and Jeremy, 11814 S. 34th St., $155,000.

McDaneld, Louis P. and Rachael S. to Teal, Samuel and Rebecca, 2914 Halifax Drive, $250,000.

Colby, Alex V. and Naomi R. to Page, Brian, 2707 Joann Ave., $210,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Raymond, Joseph D. and Cassandra E., 14805 S. 24th St., $327,000.

Becker, Kevin G. and Cheryl L. to Becker, Brett G., 2611 Calvin St., $190,000.


Bombeck, R. Bruce and Julia A. to Wyoming Bank & Trust, trustee for Holman Revocable Trust, 8505 S. 101st St., $325,000.

Selmer, Charlotte G. and Dailey, Kristine and Brian P. to Davis, Corilyn and Jill, 7517 Josephine St., $150,000.

Kilgore, Keith Charles and Melissa Marie to Feekin, Alexander W. and Schultz, Kaelee M., 9617 Amy Circle, $230,000.

Perkins, Kayla and Micah to Avery, Clinton J. and Alexaundria M., 8705 Wilbur St., $160,000.

Rohacik, John A. and Bridget M. to McGaugh, Ronald E. and Danielle J., 7033 Hillcrest Lane, $202,000.


Sherwood Homes Inc. to Harrell, Mary C. and Royal, 13506 S. 46th St., $340,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to French, Douglas Dale, 2122 Skyhawk Ave., $271,000.

Younes, Francis and Terah to Richard, Michael R. and Wendy K., 812 Fall Creek Road, $307,000.

Neubert, William W. and Patricia E. to Bombeck, R. Bruce and Julia A., 1302 Beechwood Ave., $237,000.

Ramirez, Jorge T. and Kathryn M. to McMillen, Wesley T., 1402 Durham Drive, $185,000.

Shupp, Benjamin S. and Pamela S. to Anderson, McKayla I., 212 Hilton Head Drive, $190,000.

Olsen Rental Group LLC to Hart & Olsen Property Group LLC, 2615 Aberdeen Drive, $285,000.

Westcoast Properties LLC to Hart & Olsen Property Group LLC, 2409 Aberdeen Drive, $240,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Jankovich, Jared R., 7909 S. 184th St., $247,000.

Martin, Eric and Sara to Malcom, William C. and Sara M., 17007 Emiline St., $305,000.

Sotello, Erin Elizabeth to Rivedal, William A. and Jacqueline R., 10012 S. 179th St., $180,000.

Anderson, Alisha K. to Heredia, Eduardo Luis and Andrea Jacqueline, 8219 S. 190th Ave., $294,000.

Gesink, Brian and Mariah to Knott, Jeffrey L., 16131 Briar St., $180,000.

Anit, Norrie Leen S. to Aneja, Ishroop Singh and Ramanpreet Kaur, 7212 S. 179th St., $168,000.

Hunziker, Scotty J. and Karena to Neubauer, Kevin and Heather, 16313 Greenleaf St., $210,000.

Nuwarah, Muntasir M. and Salameh-Nuwarah, Ula M. to Lawson, Fola and Sarah, 16410 Loop St., $230,000.


Nowka, Todd to Chalco Development LLC, 7506 Trumble Ave., $105,000.

Gartner, John M. to Coates, Harry L. and Fuller-Coates, Sandra and Coates, Jennifer, 12711 Emiline St., $175,000.

Borcherding, David L. and Jennifer R. to Borcherding, Scott, 8413 S. 142nd Ave., $127,000.

Sanford, Leonie M. Living Trust to Lomax, Michael and Ann, 13930 Meadow Ridge Road, $144,000.

Robinson, Mark O. and Debra S. to McWhorter, Hamilton J. and Reikofski, Taylor R., 7856 S. 155th Ave., $155,000.

McWhorter, Hamilton J. and Reikofski, Taylor R. to Jarzynka, Stacie, 7856 S. 155th Ave., $160,000.


Chandler Acres Baptist Church to Diediker, Dustin, 7413 S. 33rd St., $117,000.

Wasser Properties III LLC to Manning, Robert E., 3627 Edna St., $102,000.

MTGLQ Investors LP to CMS Mowing Service Inc., 7407 S. 18th St., $125,000.

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