Douglas County


McDonald, William P. and Shirley A. to Schreiner, Brandon David, 11911 N. 157th St., $159,650.

Waterford Development LLC to Landmark Performance Corp., 7755 N. 153rd St., $39,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Chudali, Tej P. and Kthathri, Kalpana, 7130 N. 163rd St., $286,608.

Howells, Charles E. and McEvoy, Gwen to Casad, Maria L. and Darryl F., 16106 Tucker Court, $189,000.

Home Company LLC to Burns, Christina and Scott, 9816 Rosewater Parkway, $344,022.

Faller Construction and Faller, Daniel B. to Combs, Gary A. and Jill, 9043 N. 170th St., $381,176.

Lane Building Corp to Love, Ryan S. and Ruppelt, Katie M., 17208 Sunflower St., $322,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Goff, Richard D. and Jeanette M., 7230 N. 162nd St., $333,209.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Gibson, Gary R., 10301 Rosewater Parkway, $287,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Eggeling, Ronald and Diane, 8015 N. 172nd St., $249,362.

Cooper, Jean E. to Cooper, Carolyn J., 14763 Young St., $215,000.

NS-Newhill LLC to Sink or Swim PC, 12910 N. 185th St., $52,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Tradesmen Homes Inc., 17233 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $41,850.

Jensen, Steven C. and Moreen K. to Schrage, James H. and Joan M., 12102 N. 161st Ave., $277,500.

Winchel, Casey L. and Oranong A. to Turnovsky, James and Susan, 15013 Cherry St., $355,000.

King, Daniel S. and Amy M. to Zamudio, Blaken K. and Kali L., 14807 Grebe St., $230,000.


Charleston Homes LLC to Shannon, Michelle S. and Casey B., 4902 N. 208th St., $328,848.

Westman, Thomas L. to Dunn, Christopher and Monte C., 19023 Costanzo Circle, $179,900.

Peyton, Robert H. and Sally A. to Hansen, Thomas L. and Susan B., 1040 S. 211th St., $1,150,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Amato, Nicholas and Lindsey, 3806 N. 190th St., $356,820.

Christiansen, John A. and Vy Dean D. to Enfield, Carole L. and Gatrost, Conni-Jo, 2910 N. 202nd St., $224,950.

Hendren, Chad and Amy to Geraldine A. Chase Irrevocable Trust, 19102 Lake St., $275,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Loos, Scott R. and Sharon K., 18414 Sherwood Ave., $368,282.

Litsch, Daniel G. and Diana W. to Kurle, Wayne E. and Cynthia L., 18407 Cuming Circle, $325,000.

SKC Homes and Christiansen, Seth to Falcone, Juanda L., 2311 N. 183rd St., $330,000.

Absolute Contracting LLC to LPC Properties LLC, 1625 S. 218th St., $165,000.

Jennifer L. Frank Revocable Trust to Block, Daniel and Kelsi, 3407 N. 208th Ave., $210,000.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Denney, Dawn M. and Jasper A., 4320 N. 190th Circle, $460,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Sass, Martin and Karen, 20521 D St., $341,251.

Waszak, Joseph M. Jr. to Mirza, Khurram and Rehman, Sobia, 18228 Lafayette Ave., $340,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Fuller, Kyle A. and Emily C., 2440 S. 217th St., $376,500.


Thomsen, Thomas B. Trust to REO Asset Management Company LLC, 308 Adams St., $76,000.

Petersen, Cynthia A. to TenEyck, Chelsea and Christoffer L., 118 E. Alexander St., $165,000.

El-Menshawy, Ghada and Christian, Mark to Remmick, Michael A. and Kimberly A., 7908 N. 281st Ave., $51,500.


Ferrill, Gerald W. and Wendy N. to Novak, Madison N., 24921 Chicago St., $840,000.


Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. Asset-Backed Pass-Through Certificates Series 2004-R7 and Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, trustee, to Innoah Properties Inc., 4932 Evans St., $103,000.

Ross, Jesse H. and Shell, Tracy E. to Trinkle, Virginia Susan, 3143 N. 59th St., $186,113.

Walker, Janeen, personal representative of Walker, Patricia A. estate, to Carter, Julian and Anita, 6248 Nebraska Ave., $148,000.

Clear, Lynne Marie to Ciochon, Mark, 6627 Decatur St., $25,000.

Sutton, Chad J. and Rebecca D. to Rush, Brandon and Laura, 7081 Franklin St., $155,000.

1 Chron 29:11 LLC to Kyaw, Tun Hla and Thu, Htet San, 5825 Spaulding St., $120,000.

Bauer, Robert P. and Carolyn J. to Htoo, Pah Gay and Wah, Mi, 6139 Manderson St., $120,000.

Saathi LLC to Owens, Tina M., 6723 Vernon Ave., $131,000.

Miller Way LLC to Naffziger, Brian, 2014 N. 60th St., $37,000.

Adams, Todd and Brittainy N. to Sheer Bluff LLC, 6303 Seward St., $110,000.

Schmidt, Brian L. and Suzanne to Lecci, Joseph S. and Julie A., 5104 Decatur St., $294,900.

Carmoney, Ann to Wiese, Corey S., 6027 Parker St., $104,000.


Johnson, Steven R. and Katherine J. to Messenger, Rhonda, 3535 Spring St., $166,125.

Latka, William G. and Elizabeth A. to Loontjer, Kimberly, 1918 S. 36th St., $160,000.

Pitman, Marie, personal representative of Pitman, Dan C. estate, to Bronte Companies LLC, 3222 S. 40th St., $33,000.

Mattice, Clayton J. to Monroe, Gregory P. and Eileen G., 4317 Barker Ave., $205,000.


Christensen, Lynn P. to Westman, Tom, 6218 Elm St., $100,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Syndicate Properties LLC, 2713 S. 60th St., $67,500.

Gardner Laporte, Kelsey to Richardson, Duane L. and Jani L., 1917 S. 48th Ave., $164,000.

Cahill, M. Margaret, personal representative of Cahill, Kevin R. estate, to M. Margaret Cahill Living Trust, 520 S. 69th St., $179,100.


Albers, Anthony and Kristin to Munoz, Elias Escalante, 5217 S. 22nd St., $30,000.

Sandoval, Jesus to 2424 M Street LLC, 5030 S. 18th St., $23,000.

Sandoval, Yaneli, personal representative of Sandoval, Maria estate, to 2424 M Street LLC, 5030 S. 18th St., $23,000.

Ronald L. Szczepanowski Revocable Trust to Taqueria El Rey Inc., 4028 S. 38th St., $125,000.

Ramirez, Marisela M. and Ortega, Isaac to Jimenez-Villanueva, Bryan A. and Throop, Veronica A., 3817 R St., $115,000.

Rodriguez, Freddy and Elizabeth to Smith, Lavern E. and Marlene F., 1019 Atlas St., $87,500.

Valadez-Moreno, Beatrice to Rodriguez-Moreno, Victor and Rojas, Morahima, 3223 Q St., $150,000.

DeGeorge, Phyllis J. to Cardenas, Rafael Garcia, 4122 S. 39th Ave., $125,000.

Grob, Jeffrey J. and Kelli A. to Marquez, Mike and Valdivia, Maribel, 5238 S. 22nd St., $63,000.

Juarez, Joseph J. to Rangel Garcia, Amador and Velazquez De Rangel, Cira, 6312 S. 30th St., $70,000.

Wright, Dorothy M. to Montague, Rick and Garcia, Deine, 4528 S. 15th St., $85,000.

Barrett, Jerry and Gerald L. to Mercado, Guadalupe, 1216 Polk St., $65,000.

Navarro, Robert J. to Velasco, Clemente and Pedro, 5118 S. 23rd St., $65,000.

Petak, Francis John Jr. to Martinez, Monica Banderas and Valdez, Yovany Maciel, 3386 X St., $125,000.

Miller Way LLC to Hernandez, Maria M., 6038 S. 41st Ave., $68,000.

Fox, Michael J. to Cortes, Jeritza, 3666 G St., $69,000.

Spies, Annie C. to Dooley, Rodney P., 1501 Berry Ave., $62,500.

HSI Asset Securitization Corporation Trust 2006-He2 and Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, trustee, to Chaves, Ricardo Lepes and Rojos, Valeria Lara, 3973 H St., $90,300.


Bockman, Janelle Seffron and John L. to Rite-Tenant Rentals Inc., 1926 S. 14th St., $75,000.

1234 South 10th LLC to Maveddat, Anisa N., 1243 S. 11th St., $251,400.

Cortez, Louis M. and Chaboude, Darlene G. to CSP Properties LLC, 1113 William St., $145,000.


Scott, Robert L. and Patricia M. to Suarez, Dionicio and Arriola, Julia Sanchez, 2005 Maple St., $57,500.


Zolnowski, Richard P. III to Weiner, Thomas, 5333 N. 35th St., $43,000.

Ball, Terrance D. to Taylor, Gary, 5944 N. 34th St., $25,700.

Wilson, Reginald W. to Garcia, Julio C., 3537 N. 36th Ave., $33,200.

Qualified Property Solutions LLC to Council Bluffs Development Corporation LLC, 2409 Blondo St., $26,800.

Manuel, Marlin L. and Alline to Brown, Mary and Finkley, Allen, 2447 Larimore Ave., $45,000.

Skinner, Aaron to Jordan, Brandy, 4023 Browne St., $34,900.

Code Blue Investors LLC to Hutcherson, Tiffany, 5932 N. 33rd Ave., $40,000.

Galles, Gregory L. Trust to Transformation Reality LLC, 3701 Decatur St., $84,100.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Day, Pah and Paw, Mah, 3223 Pinkney St., $135,000.


Duncan, Cindie Jean to Marquez, Ricardo Perales, 2719 Bauman Ave., $110,000.

Stryker, Beverly J. to Royce, Michael, 2882 Mary St., $62,000.

Quartoroli, Joseph M. and Jody L. and Quartoroli, Joseph Junior to Quartoroli, Joseph M. and Jody L. and Quatoroli, Corey J., 8325 N. 37th St., $115,000.

Grogan, Fred to Navarrete, Alondra Rodriguez and Carrasco, Alejandro Hernandez, 3033 Whitmore St., $105,000.

Timmins, James and Jim to Miller Way LLC, 3421 Martin Ave., $57,000.

S & G Properties to Fleetwood Investments LLC, 2503 Read St., $55,000.


McCormick, Landon J. and Emily K. to Dong, Min, 8320 Parker St., $145,000.

Hogan, William S. Jr. and Beverly J. to McMaster, Arthur Thomas IV and Sarah Marie, 1215 N. 95th Ave., $237,500.

Dorothy J. Insolera Revocable Trust to Vigor Health LLC, 1613 Hillside Drive, $149,500.

Block, Kelsi and Daniel J. to Lahood, Madeline, 8330 Parker Court, $140,000.

Dempsey, Cory to Fletcher, Eric Daniel, 1714 Hillside Drive, $160,000.


KIJO LLC to Brunmeier, Taylor, 5121 N. 144th Ave., $182,500.

Vanhill, Curtis W. and Stephanie L. to Elliott, Christopher W. and Jessica L., 2119 N. 152nd Circle, $210,000.

Becker, Scott M. and Sarah M. to Tomsu, Dennis and Bonita, 15327 Meredith Ave., $240,000.

Schmidt, Matt W. to Guthrie, Derek A. and Alee C., 17033 Boyd St., $185,000.

Steel, Kylie and Branden to Oltman, Courtney and Justin, 6605 N. 148th St., $245,000.

Slotten, Shannon Elizabeth to PQR Rentals LLC, 16511 Yates St., $166,000.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 6007 N. 152nd Ave., $46,950.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 5516 N. 152nd St., $42,950.

Larry R. Bauer Revocable Living Trust to Standley, Kimberley M., 16855 Saratoga Circle, $188,000.

M Group LLC to Newport Homes LLC, 16407 Nebraska Ave., $49,900.


Ketelsen, Ray A. and Patricia L. to Knudsen, Steven J., 5830 S. 51st St., $43,100.

Dugger, Gary W., personal representative of Dugger, Scott D. estate, to Plaza, Jorge Alberto Hernandez, 4919 S. 49th Ave., $169,000.

Ziegler, Ian to Brayfield, Kalisha N., 4502 S. 62nd St., $93,000.

Will, Richard C., personal representative of Will, Carole J. estate, to Salcedo, Daniel Olivera, 5405 P St., $158,000.

Gates, Linda and Daniel W. to Joaquin, Martin Bartolo and Lopez, Eulalia Raymundo, 5647 S. 48th Ave., $153,000.


Pritchard, Marc A. and Nadja to Sapp, Brett and Barrientos, Veronica, 16135 Capitol Ave., $299,000.


Adams, Joby L. to Bock, Jessica, 7627 Bondesson St., $165,000.

Kruse, Kyle J. and Kristin N. to Lamoureux, Stephen J. and Shelby, 7013 N. 88th St., $182,000.

Red Ladder LLC to Torres, Jose and Gutierrez, Mabi E., 8819 Quest St., $156,000.

Simpson, Thomas J. and Jan W. to Ramirez, Marisela and Ortega, Isaac, 10412 Redick Circle, $239,000.


BGW LLC to Hernandez, Gabriel and April, 7908 Ontario St., $147,500.

Peck Family Trust and to Purcell, Kevin H. and Colleen L., 7835 Grover St., $100,000.

MacQuarrie, William to Dynamic Properties LLC, 1322 S. 94th St., $145,000.

Zeisler, Zachary G. and Olga V. to Johnson, Arlin R. and Becky J., 8118 Dorcas St., $212,500.


Thompson, James M. and Janice E. to Keil, Ronald D. and Cheryl R., 6420 S. 92nd St., $185,000.

Eigenberg-Gordon, Marlee K. and Gordon, Michael to Tran, Duc Tien and Phuong, Stacy Trang, 7601 Oakwood St., $210,000.

Ronald Janine Thompson Revocable Trust to Huls, Craig and Kim, 5705 S. 93rd St., $259,000.

Larsen, Sharon K. to Pote Investments LLC, 5302 S. 75th St., $117,000.


Craig, Cheri A. and Joel A. to Niewohner, John and Joan, 18232 Nina St., $335,000.

Marasco, John T. and Deborah A. to Kojdecki, Stephen M. and Diane M., 19491 Walnut Circle, $585,000.

Meyers, Brad and Jessica to Jarzobski, Joseph A. and Geraldine A., 3552 S. 185th Ave., $362,500.

Oddo, Sarah R. and John G. to Kintzle, Nathan R. and Kaylee M., 3907 S. 184th St., $349,500.

Hoesing, Stephanie L. to Baumler, Wayne and Judith A., 1714 S. 171st Court, $223,000.

Finley, Mark A. and Nancy J. to Godwin, Johnathon and Amanda, 19714 Poppleton Ave., $315,000.

Coleman, Lilymae Lizabeth to Wildman, Nanci E., 18112 C St., $312,000.

Haget, Debrah R. to Doxzon, Todd and Denise, 3732 S. 202nd Ave., $185,000.


Martin, Marianne M. to Pace, John Walker, 130 N. 35th St., $148,000.

Stanfield, Mica P. and Stacy to Alvarado, Marco, 1208 N. 29th St., $25,000.

Scherling, Elliott Byron and Lori to Hinrichs, Mark and Caroline, 131 S. 39th St., $155,000.

Sayre, Jerry Lee to Rauchut, Ilga, 3000 Farnam St., $72,500.


Dynamic Properties LLC to Schnitker, Marc, 4960 Hamilton St., $49,000.

Sechser, Ellen M. to Hlaing, Thein and Than, Yee Yee, 4541 Charles St., $114,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Pool, Jennifer E., 4920 Hamilton St., $145,000.

Olson, Lisa M. and Adam to Klesitz Realty LLC, 6515 Hamilton St., $125,000.

Debehnke, Daniel J. and Tesmer, Ann to Boles, James and Freifeld, Lisa, 5203 Burt St., $646,289.

Kasel, Robert to Flipping Flanagans LLC, 811 N. 50th St., $150,000.

Mims, Jason to Tompkins, Geoffrey Frost and Stacy P., 5017 Underwood Ave., $191,500.


Watson, John M. and Jaime to Palmer, Sharon A. and Degarmo, Johnny E., 6226 N. 76th St., $146,000.

RJL Real Estate LLC to Deleon, Crystal and Jasinsky, Dylan Jay, 3525 N. 81st St., $206,000.

Murcek, Kenneth, personal representative of Murcek, Janet B. estate, to Lierman, Colbi L., 9169 Boyd St., $163,000.

Thomas, Paula and Andrew D. to Dewey, Aaron T., 3606 N. 104th Ave., $155,000.

Brady, Marjorie to Trent, Erik Leighton, 9641 Larimore Ave., $149,450.

Michalak, Michael and Corinne to Keeling, Todd M. and Garcia, Josephine, 2603 Kimberly Drive, $235,000.

Burnsides, Terry and Linda to Olsen, Gaila, 6426 N. 76th St., $137,500.

Hodges, Clifton L. to Ricchini, David, 4011 N. 93rd St., $147,500.

Stonecipher, Steve and Colleen to Cooper, Jean, 7741 Richmond Drive, $142,000.


Hemenway, Michael M. and Janet E. to Mullen, Edward and Jill, 17540 Jefferson St., $310,000.

Hansen, Kent R. to Krein, Wes and Heather, 4404 S. 178th St., $170,000.

Setmajer, Jerzy R. and Jolanta to Neuman, Wanda T., 17673 K St., $195,000.

Strickland, Timothy C. and Elizabeth B. to Christensen, Jeffrey G. and Lindsay L., 16315 Adams St., $207,000.

O’Daniel, Aloise to Frey, Frank Anthony, 19451 Gail Ave., $185,000.

Das, Biswajit and Das Mistry, Ranjita to Andrea Hamburg Revocable Trust, 19324 G St., $307,500.

Fredrickson, Walter A. and Julie A. to Bruce, Christopher J. and Marrianne P., 17031 Polk St., $315,000.

Quick, Robert S. and Cori L. to Novotny, Trevor J. and Novotny, Peggy, 4966 S. 177th Circle, $388,000.

Campbell, Christine M. and Alexander S. to Glick, Vicki L., 5641 S. 190th Terrace, $190,000.

Whitehawk Development LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 4521 S. 193rd St., $38,950.


Equity Trust Company and Jeffrey K. Rothlisberger IRA to Marrero, Sandy R. and Marrero-Desangles, Shiara A., 6812 S. 145th St., $245,000.

Marshall, Michael D. and Natalie Bader to Gray, Daniel R., 14726 O Circle, $179,900.

Walton, Eric S. and Rohde, Shyla to Polacek, Casey L. and Lorenzen, Beka A., 12107 Allan Drive, $165,000.

Tobin, Rachel to Qian, Yuanxi and Gong, Xiaoyan, 5716 S. 136th St., $154,500.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Moore, Douglas R. and Laci K., 5620 S. 118th Place, $625,975.

Elizabeth J. Crane Revocable Trust to Mengler, Joni L., 6007 Oak Hills Drive, $125,000.

Meyer, Bruce F. and Nancy A. to Leaders, Nicholas R. and Megan A., 6323 S. 118th Place, $430,000.

Thyfault, Michael E. and Andrea E. to T & G Brothers LLC, 5030 S. 130th St., $133,500.

Connie L. Gunderson Living Trust to McIntire, Cathy L. and East, Leona C., 5906 S. 155th St., $230,000.

Pfeifer, Gregory S. and Mary C. to Shelby, Andrew M. and Emily C., 15262 W St., $217,000.


Worden, Stephanie L., personal representative of Evans, Richard A. estate, to Blum, Terrance V. and Gloria J., 6919 N. 142nd Ave., $200,000.

Lassek, Jason and Tiffany to Buchanan, Cynthia, 11256 Weber St., $170,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Mackey, Brian G. and Tracy L., 8011 N. 129th St., $384,034.

Givens, Ellis Em and Amanda N. to Gerdes, Kyle, 13931 Wyoming St., $215,000.

O’Neal, Sarah L. to Jones, J. Richard and Judy, 11003 Potter St., $160,000.


Miller, Paul N. and Jennifer to Zielinski, Jennifer Ann, 13929 Shirley St., $224,000.

Kahnk, Nathan and Stacia to Ptacek, Matthew S. and Jennifer R., 13731 Spring St., $165,000.

Rothenberg, H. Steven and Barbara to Wheatley, Aaron R. and Mary Anne, 3425 S. 114th Ave., $230,000.

Georgeson, John and Margaret Bryans to Kline, Vincent and Claire, 13645 Pierce St., $195,000.

Kelly, James C. and Catherine L. to Abramson, Michael N. and Sheryl W., 11223 Woolworth Place, $375,000.

Dein, Kimberly A. and Jack to Moore, Dwight J. and Linda E., 2305 S. 119th Court, $125,000.

Ligtenberg, Barry and Angela to Bovick, Thomas and Erin, 13504 Frances St., $213,000.

Stevens, Donald F., personal representative of Stevens, Frances Ann estate, to Vacanti, Ruth A., 2125 S. 123rd Ave., $160,000.

Classen, Michael Anton Braatz to H4 LLC, 10805 Poppleton Ave., $370,000.

Mamdani, Nizarali G. and Marsha C. to Scott, Ryan and Molly, 11106 William Place, $458,000.

Gerber, Kathleen A. and William J. to Ruffino, Lacey L. and Nathan T., 14561 Harvey Oaks Ave., $240,000.


Hopkins, Carlton A. and Keturah I. to Gray, Benjamin G., 6946 N. 54th St., $166,300.


Bro Real Estate LLC to Wiebelhaus, Zachary Ryan, 11045 Harney St., $105,000.

Sullivan, Timothy P. and Constance R. to Roberts Family Partnership LLP, 14017 Parker St., $421,500.

Summers, Glenn and Miller-Dolan, Denise to Sullivan, Joseph T. Jr. and Ruth G., 911 S. 112th Place, $280,000.

Brewer, Cassi J. and Brian E. to Feng, Zhigang and Huang, Jia, 14935 Seward Place, $159,000.

Torell, Alan G. and Julie M. to Lacombe, David W., 12675 Farnam St., $325,000.

Simmons-West LLC to Bobbitt, Brent and Renae, 15517 Hamilton St., $254,500.

Bradley, Noah T. and Erin M. to Dyke, Nathan P. and Anne M., 11910 Farnam St., $285,000.


Swift, Brian H. and Karen E. to Goering, Justin and Molly, 5013 N. 142nd St., $305,000.

Schrage, James H. and Joan M. to Krutz, Paul, 11673 Meredith Ave., $203,000.

Olson, Gary T. and Joan J. to Vanstory, Tyler L. and Vanstory, Aubrey M., 5434 N. 129th St., $168,000.

Zuniga, Joaquin Tapia and Michelle to White, Daniel David and Anderson, Marsha Margaret, 4405 N. 108th St., $148,000.

Sarpy County


Johnson, Susan L. to O’Brien, Nicholas and Sara, 505 Jinings Drive, $177,000.

Niles, Jeffery F. Jr. and Emily F. to Noa, Lester Jr., 1407 Imperial Drive, $159,000.

Fuenffinger, Daniel Jon to Budlong, Suzanna, 604 Garden Ave., $147,000.

Lackey, Jeanine L. to Lawrey, Jacob Paul and Valeria, 1507 Camp Gifford Road, $175,000.

Adam Investments LLC to Hurley Properties LLC, 312 W. 29th Ave., $115,000.

Koziar, Thomas L. and Michelle C. to Day, John Robert, 714 Jefferson Circle, $191,000.

Carstensen, Mary Beth and John R. Trust to Contreras, Gustavo and Celia, 802 Brenton Ave., $170,000.

Blaha, Dewayne O. to Blaha, Mark A., 1404 Warren St., $114,000.

Yeutter, Kristin K. to Van Haaften, Robert and Talia, 1409 Englewood Drive, $152,000.

Synowiecki, James and Lauretta to Jones, Sean M. and Michele L., 508 Dowding Court, $275,000.


Neufind, Nate A. and Nicole to Levine, Lydia, 11016 S. 215th St., $215,000.

McClure, Shamus and Alexis to Beltzer, Nicholas J. and Betzer Leigh M., 510 N. Park Drive, $150,000.

Tracy, Wade W. and Emily P. and Josephine and John W. to Gerdes, Codey L., 20716 Frances St., $183,000.

Walde, Anthony to Whitmarsh Home Improvement LLC, 17602 S. 192nd St., $176,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Benford, Brandon S. and Michele L., 12124 S. 212th St., $297,000.


Morgan, Luke M. and Jennifer to Ehlers, James and Melinda, 1140 Overland Trail, $116,000.

Red Ladder LLC to Suberlak, David Scott and Kimberly Lynn, 920 Shandoah Drive, $230,000.

Briggs Dawn E., personal representative of Perales, Mary C. estate, to Modlin, Jeffrey K., 505 S. Adams St., $115,000.

Gehring, Brent Steven and Kathryn Anne to Stirtz, Jordan A. and Morgan M., 810 Clearwater Drive, $193,000.

Creps, Dennis J. and Paula R. to Belfiore, Jessica Anne and Jeffrey Allen, 2109 Diane St., $267,000.

Molnar, Steven Trust to Recoy, Joy, 1611 Madison Circle, $206,000.

Boyd, David L. and Linda to Flynn, William M. and Anastasia D., 1009 Norton Drive, $345,000.

Brummund, Craig and Dana to Rubenthaler, Joey D. and Kristen A., 12509 S. 124th Ave., $385,000.

Ferguson, David L. and Karen S. to Lane, Dallas D. and Amanda L., 911 Port Royal Drive, $250,000.

JD Kracl Properties LLC to Starkey, Sarah, 203 E. 7th St., $150,000.

Black, Judith to Meyer, Tim M. and Kathy D., 1233 Limerick Road, $325,000.

Humphreys, Ryan and Katelyn to Mithlo, Jeremy Taylor and Morgan Michelle, 2018 Corn Drive, $197,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Pfeifer, Raquel and Joseph, 11004 Superior Drive, $306,000.


Kildow Properties LLC to Elliott Sandra L., 180 Chestnut St., $160,000.


Rich, Sharon to Styl Properties Inc., 405 W. 29th Ave., $43,000.

Crete, Adrien-James B. and Christine K. to Haston, Joshua, 3416 Schuemann Drive, $173,000.

Ikeda, Janice T. to Labata-Sellers, Sarou, 2713 Hunter Drive, $220,000.

Gann, Terry and Lisa M. to Kelly, James and Kandee, 14403 S. 21st St., $269,000.

Stukenholtz, Janet to Deese, Kelby R. and Lisa J., 1907 Old Gaelic Circle, $353,000.

Cote, David A. and Patricia R. to Blanchard, Steven J. and Ruffino, Brittany, 1917 Platte River Drive, $30,000.

Raymond, Joseph D. and Cassandra E. to Huynh, Le and Nguyen, Chuyen, 10611 S. 27th St., $195,000.

Radcliff, Anne L. to Huggins, Douglas M., 3716 Gayle Ave., $120,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ellis, Nicholas H. and Jalissa F., 1907 Mesa St., $235,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Geairn, Mark and Denette, 1912 Mesa St., $258,000.

White, William J. to White, William J. and Cochran, Karen L., 1809 Scott Drive, $122,000.

Canty, Adam W. and Jacqueline K. to Blackwell, Justin and Holly, 2603 Hogantown Drive, $199,000.

Watson, Kory J. and Erika to Thorne, Jeremy Ryan and Allen, Brittani, 2302 Willow Circle, $188,000.

Deese, Kelby R. and Lisa J. to McDowell, Dale B. and Amanda L., 2911 Sheridan Road, $275,000.

Penner, Gareth R. and Angela E. to Peterson, Todd L. and Kimberly Jo, 3514 Leawood Drive, $205,000.

Schultz, Andrew R. and Sara K. to Mandeville, Daniel and Green, Arlynn G., 12719 S. 38th St., $200,000.

Joseph, Jerrad Lynn to Brady, Jacob and Ashley, 13516 S. 31st St., $176,000.


Woodland Homes Inc. to Condon, Gary R. and Jean M., 10034 Olive St., $369,000.

Beideck, Blake E. and Rachelle D. to Pacheco, Angela M. Vazquez, 7418 S. 76th Ave., $163,000.

Morris, Robert E. II and Esther J. to Woodall, Paul M. and Jennifer A., 7714 Braun Ave., $168,000.

Seidler, Victoria and Galen to BJR Investments LLC, 9109 Autumn Lane, $158,000.

MJ Design Build Inc. to Torrez, Marcus E. and Melissa R., 10312 S. 106th St., $439,000.

Kment, Kendra R. and Robert Frank III to Watson, Karen, 7103 Florence St., $119,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Anderson, Ronald V. and Sharon K., 9058 S. 71st Ave., $342,000.

Horizon Realty Inc. to Mahoney, Gerard J., 1302 Troy St., $265,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Wetzbarger, Dominic and Sarah, 2155 Skyhawk Ave., $269,000.

Schneider, Christopher Dale and Heather Nicole to Felber, Adam and Anna, 2207 Kara Drive, $228,000.


Pine Crest Homes LLC to Brewer, William A. and Courtney R., 10705 S. 183rd Avenue Circle, $367,000.

Warren, Lindsey and Chad to Bolton, Bradley, 16254 Loop St., $235,000.

Munstermann, Roland E. and Carol to Reilley, David A. and Denise, 9327 S. 168th Avenue Circle, $265,000.

Whitehead, Jennifer Lynn and Todd James to Fuller, Ryan A. and Lindsey L., 16015 Cary St., $316,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Buckland, Phyllis and Kevin, 16857 Portal St., $276,000.

Mason, David and Kimberly to Warren, Lindsey and Chad, 18851 Edna St., $281,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Zelasney, Brian D. and Brooke S., 18903 Willow St., $273,000.

Lowery, Daniel Dewitt and Lauren Reagin to Shadley, Michael D. and Wegner Shadley, Julie A., 7114 S. 159th St., $250,000.

Wetherilt, David J. to Wetherilt, Brian D. and Valerie A., 7115 S. 161st St., $225,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Fisher, Janet R., 18813 Robin Drive, $230,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Coan, Canice A., 18809 Robin Drive, $239,000.

Peppers, Dori A. and Zachary S. to Potineni, Mrudula and Potineni, Venugopala Rao, 17629 Josephine St., $160,000.

Zadina, Joseph P. and Meryl L. to Beideck, Blake and Rachelle, 16334 Virginia St., $260,000.


Howe, Matthew R. and Rebecca A. to Navarro, Nabor, 12606 Emiline St., $185,000.

Edwards, James M. and Jennifer to Emeka, Aniemeke, 9017 David Circle, $100,000.

Hansman, Chandler D. Trust to Palmer, Megan A., 13950 Greenfield Road, $110,000.

Lemon, Christopher and Rachel Josephine to Darling, Damien Lee Linderman, 14608 Willow Circle Drive, $153,000.

Schnoes, Douglas K. and Pamela A. to Pemble, Jeanette M., 13114 Edna St., $200,000.

Vacek, Cynthia M. to Carlberg, Linda L., 7018 Audrey St., $180,000.

Lemke, William S. and Alexander S. to Francisco, Diego Yunior Juarez, 8806 S. 143rd Ave., $142,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Ritchie, James and Tara, 11617 Glenn St., $287,000.


Adams, Terry and Julie to Swehosky, Terran and Ashleigh, 2620 Linda St., $198,000.

Wahle, Patricia Ruth to Laaker, Amy, 9608 S. 28th Ave., $230,000.

Novy, Clifford James and Joann Frances to Hedrick, Terry J. and Grell, Rhonda J., 2505 Childs Road, $158,000.

Sams, Charles Richard and Courtney Brooke and Gilfillan, Shaun M. to Lim, Bee L. and Liewer, Kevin Dale, 2537 Mose Ave., $95,000.

Schochenmaier, Randy Raye Sr., personal representative of Schochenmaier, Barbara Ann estate, to Buscher, Clarence Augustus Jr. and Donna Jeanne, 7602 S. 35th St., $126,000.


Brentlinger, Kristy L. and Fickel, Heather R. and Sam to Mueller, Nicholas, 4959 Virginia St., $115,000.

Barrientos, John A. and Lopez de Barrientos, Mirella E. to Garcia, Shannan L., 5210 Red Rock Circle, $165,000.

Hunt, Renee E. to Palafox, Grisel Rojas, 7002 S. 52nd St., $140,000.

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