Pacific Windgate II to Belt Construction Co., 20763 Pine St., $60,000.


Blakley, Robert J. and Dahna to Hauser, Cory and Gretchen, 8914 N. 159th Ave., $177,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Byers, Larry G. Jr. and Nancy S., 8906 N. 161st Ave., $245,600.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Peitzmeier, Christine M., 8114 N. 146th St., $160,600.

Gleason, Cameron J. and Amanda M. to Shucard, Spencer and Gennie, 15318 Willit St., $148,000.

Hawkings, Tyler E. and Kimberly S. to Wrobleski, Stanislaus and Elizabeth A., 8538 N. 172nd Circle, $236,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Lilleskov, Nicole and Kris, 8507 N. 171st St., $299,810.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Huskins, John M. Jr. and Amanda E., 12114 Elmwood Drive, $265,097.

MacNaughton, Scott C. to Weiss, Jordan D. and Suzanne C., 14642 Ernst St., $314,950.

Schroeder, Ross and Jamie to Hulbert, Mark and Regan, 9001 N. 156th Ave., $200,000.

State Street Investment LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 8109 N. 163rd Ave., $40,950.

State Street Investment LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 7619 N. 156th Ave., $39,950.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Nelson, Merle and Jenny, 8925 N. 173rd Circle, $43,600.

Waterford Development LLC to Heavican Homes Inc., 7713 N. 151st Circle, $44,400.


Castle Brooks Builders LLC to Splonskowski, Darren and Jamie, 19017 Honeysuckle Drive, $90,000.

Castle Brooks Builders LLC to Kwapniowski, Lisa and Kevin, 18734 Honeysuckle Drive, $100,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Slagle, Jason, 20807 Clark St., $203,100.

Charleston Homes LLC to Herringer, Robert E. and Cymbre A., 4303 N. 208th St., $334,500.

Charleston Homes LLC to Mueller, Brian J. and Katherine S., 20509 Grand Ave., $307,570.

Church, Eric D. and Brownell, Jaine M. to Thompson, Ronald R. and Janine M., 22008 Trailridge Blvd., $125,000.

Coventry Ridge LLC to Laid Back Lifestyle LLC, 6711 S. 209th St., $50,000.

Crestline LLC to Malibu Properties LLC, 20901 Cumberland Drive, $452,000.

Elkhorn Highlands Inc. to Baker, Zachary and Murphy, Jordan, 2701 N. 191st St., $34,750.

ER-North Development LLC to Bauer, Christopher A., 1404 Elk Ridge Drive, $75,000.

Fireside Construction Co. LLC to Kronaizl Investments LLC, 20110 Stryker St., $53,000.

FRK Development LLC to Dynasty Homes LLC, 4104 N. 191st St., $39,900.

FRK Development LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 3817 N. 190th St., $39,900.

FRK Development LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 19018 Pratt Circle, $59,900.

FRK Development LLC to Widhalm Custom Homes Inc., 18970 Pratt St., $49,900.

FRK Development LLC to Dynasty Homes LLC, 18960 Spaulding Circle, $44,900.

FRK Development LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 18877 Manderson Circle, $44,900.

FRK Development LLC to Landmark Performance Corp., 18816 Sahler St., $49,900.

Hildy Homes and Hildy Construction Inc. to Chellapandian, Manikandan and Mallela, Pratima, 3906 N. 190th St., $399,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Woodland Homes Inc., 1607 S. 207th Ave., $60,000.

Leach, Ronald W. and Judith G. to Brandquist, John R. and Melissa A., 21736 Edgevale Place, $225,000.

Lueck Mack Enterprises LLC to Monzingo, Robert Jr. and Valerie, 20910 Monroe Circle, $65,500.

McKain, Matthew R. to Ball, Steven C. and Bridgitte R., 825 N. 185th St., $310,500.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Mann, Eric J. and Nicole M., 18853 Manderson Circle, $406,535.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Barry, Michael, 1715 S. 208th St., $439,000.

US Bank Trust and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to WM Huang Holdings LLC, 1041 S. 217th St., $154,000.

VanDerHart, Mark and Dorcas to Moran, Hector M. and Vazquez, Araceli, P., 2727 N. 206th St., $117,000.

Walker, James A. and Ronita J. to Perez, Jesus and Kayla, 20476 Poplar St., $135,000.


Bluewater Development Corporation to Keith, Kristi K. and Larry Trust, 5502 N. 292nd Circle, $225,000.

Butler, Mary L. and Charles P. to Talamante, Kelly L. and Foster, Jerid, 134 Ginger Cove Road, $320,000.


3DS Construction Property Management to Weske, Derek, 6527 Spencer St., $106,000.

Amini, Aminullah and Homaira to Moore, Brandon J. and Atwood, Hillary J., 6519 Binney St., $89,000.

FNN Community Development Corp. to Hankins, Shelette, 3838 N. 65th St., $65,705.

Kaiser, Kristopher R. and Wendy to Hoppmann, Paul D. and Jessica N., 2044 N. 67th Ave., $115,000.

Klepke, Stanley A. and Naticchioni, Deonne to Kresnik, Michael and Jennifer, 2311 N. 51st St., $139,500.

Kriegler, Michael J. and Nichole to Michanda 16 LLC, 3339 N. 53rd St., $52,010.

Matthews, Curtis and Janice to Chavez, Ubaldo and Foster, Courtney R., 5623 N. 61st Ave., $83,000.

Ragne LLC to Brown, Laelynne D., 4502 Saratoga St., $37,500.

Schweigart, Francis A. and Mary M. to Schweigart, Chad and Michael, 5131 Pinkney St., $80,000.

Whitner, Catherine A. and Duhan, Rena C. to Anderson, Jake C., 4117 N. 54th St., $68,000.


Hiddleston-Fruehwald, Amy and Fruehwald, Joseph M. to Redlin, Adrienne E., 1120 S. 29th St., $88,000.


Baam Properties LLC to Brewer, Justin and Noble, Alycia, 4523 Mayberry St., $123,000.

Bear Homes PC to Dieteman, Patrick C. Jr. and Kelly J., 4924 Walnut St., $112,000.

DG3 Properties LLC to Hanson, Troy A. and Anne L., 5805 Frances St., $105,900.

Heavey, William J. and Christine A. to Dougherty, Phillip, 2710 S. 49th St., $106,000.

Kappenman Dental Clinic Inc. to Rensch Properties LLC, 3610 S. 49th St., $125,000.

King, Brian M. and Shawna S. to Glow, Michelle, 6348 William St., $135,500.

Sibilia, Joseph and Callista to Kirk, Michael K. and Mary O., 6104 William St., $140,000.


C Street LLC to Sulley, Jake, 1501 Archer Ave., $12,000.

Gottsch, Matthew and Amelia to Gregoire, Brenda W., 3919 I St., $113,500.

Jensen, Frank J. and Jesse J. to Amaya, Mario R., 1715 Jefferson St., $40,000.

Jensen, Patricia to Amaya, Mario R., 1715 Jefferson St., $40,000.

U-Win Properties LLC to Marcial-Lorenzo, Melecio and Carmona-Beltran, Teresa D., 1911 Missouri Ave., $57,000.

Zaragosa, John and Kathleen to Goodman, Gary M., 1303 Drexel St., $17,000.


1234 South 10th LLC to Elsasser, Daniel, 1228 S. 10th St., $67,000.

Ackerman, Patrick D. and Elizabeth K. to Sautter, John P., 1436 S. 16th St., $15,000.


Armstrong, Jackie and Darrick to Tamang, Dhan and Gurung, Rekha, 3864 Franklin St., $32,000.

City of Omaha to Lewis, Carlene L., 4216 Lake St., $114,500.

Harris, Kijana L. to Habitat for Humanity Omaha Inc., 3310 Manderson St., $81,500.

Jones, Keith to Elkhorn Parkway LLC, 4112 Spencer St., $14,000.

Roper, William and Larue to Endurable Investments LLC, 4101 N. 42nd St., $50,000.

Wagner, Nevia to JKTT LLC, 4139 N. 40th Ave., $25,000.


Furrow, Michael J. and Amanda L. to Martinie Investments LLC, 4014 Bauman Ave., $27,000.

Hanzlik, Robert L. Jr. to Reilly, Eileen E., 2924 Scott St., $75,000.

J and J Investment Properties LLC to Simon Holdings LLC, 7020 N. 33rd St., $242,000.

Lee, Jane to Brady, Melissa J. and Jack A., 13126 N. 42nd St., $190,000.

Mendenhall, Susan to Walker, Louis, 7158 Minne Lusa Blvd., $76,000.

Mitchell, Tammy L. and Fries, Dana to Miller, Adrian D. and Sophir, Jessica K., 2898 Read St., $100,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to RBC Properties LLC, 4017 Newport Ave., $44,900.


Waterstraat, Mark G. and Lori M. to Herold, Michael J. and Sheehan, Kathleen M., 9366 Dewey Ave., $441,000.


Binks Construction Inc. to Zanton, Monty and Tammy J., 2608 N. 179th St., $448,000.

Bird, Brandon R. and Nicole A. to Laney, Thomas W. and Anderson, Elizabeth, 4621 N. 165th St., $184,900.

Bohan, Heather T. and Nicholas to Recek, Kayleen E., 16752 Arcadia Plaza, $120,000.

Brabec, Marlin and Marla to Hirschfeld, Benjamin and Carolyn, 16915 Erskine St., $275,000.

Brown, Justine R. Trust to Neumeyer, Nancy A. Trust, 6013 N. 163rd St., $422,000.

Castle Brooks Builders LLC to Peel, Eric W. and Michele, 2402 N. 179th St., $85,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Tran, Huong P. and Pham, Hung, 17601 Ames Circle, $209,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rowlet, Melissa K., 17511 Ames Ave., $197,800.

Henderson, Adam R. and Sasha L. to Boustead, Kurt M. and Arli H., 17602 Erskine St., $329,000.

Hop, Matthew G. and Marissa A. to Husak, Jason M. and Reed, Jennifer M., 3901 N. 161st Ave., $261,000.

Johnson, Erin J. to Diehl, Jeffrey, 14505 Burdette St., $284,500.

Kilroy, James E. to Kellin, Mark D. and Heather B., 2529 N. 166th Ave., $259,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Growth Equity Group LLC, 4004 N. 162nd Ave., $159,000.

Marasco PC to Silverthorn Custom Homes LLC, 16367 Lothrop Circle, $39,900.

Margallo, Lucio N. II to Brummund, Brian L. and Emily E., 14418 Saratoga Plaza, $123,000.

Mason, Lynn M. and Teresa A. to Miller, Caroline J., 5807 N. 163rd St., $382,000.

Penland, Kenneth D. to Tiarks, Matthew A. and Achenbach, Megan M., 4851 N. 162nd St., $236,000.

Picconi, Christine to Chengalasetty, Tirumala P. and Anitha, 6732 N. 148th St., $149,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Knutzen, Beau B. and Jennifer E., 5369 N. 152nd St., $284,600.

Richland Homes LLC to Koester, Timothy M. and Shelli R., 15270 Crown Point Ave., $280,550.

Schoening, Neal D. and Linda S. to Menousek, Mark B. and Kelly, 6228 N. 155th St., $294,000.

Todd Menard Construction LLC to Woodland Homes Inc., 2419 N. 177th St., $55,000.


McKim, Jacob R. to Martinez, Adrian Jr. and Benitez, Guadalupe R., 4931 S. 49th Ave., $120,000.

Patten, Melissa L. to Diaz-Samayoa, Lillian E., 5636 S. 48th St., $94,000.

US Bank National Association to Roya LLC, 5249 S. 49th St., $83,000.


Aguilar, Jim and Rita to Gubbels, Erin M. and Christopher M., 17855 Harney St., $330,000.

Camden Grove Townhomes LLC to Ward, Kay L. and Timothy J., 1806 N. 177th St., $136,000.

Enenbach, Craig F. to Birkheimer, Clifford D. and Leanne C., 17108 Seward St., $310,000.

Le, Luan C. and Tuyen P. to Cheng, Xiaoyan and Zhu, Weidong, 17226 Douglas St., $350,000.

Mote, Nina Trust to Zhang, Guofang, 649 N. 164th St., $395,000.

Nocita, Joseph A. Trust to Rooney, Margaret M., 1780 N. 177th Plaza, $143,000.

Wy, Ying and Zhang, Yanpu to Rebolledo, Nestor, 1412 N. 159th St., $176,950.


Abekoue, Komlan T. and Aziagbede, Essivi M. to Song, Ying and Ziong, Simon S., 6960 N. 89th St., $122,650.

Bohn, Steven J. and Julie C. to Sullivan, Patrick and Kathleen, 7022 N. 74th Circle, $195,000.

Dufner, Stephanie D. to McKie, Alison, 8916 Wyoming St., $183,000.

Erps, Mary B. to Stacy, Gentry D. and Krista N., 7507 N. 89th Ave., $159,950.

Growth Equity Group LLC to Provident Trust Group LLC, 8233 Tucker St., $165,000.

HBI LLC to Morgan, Carolyn M., 8052 Bauman Ave., $105,000.

Herman, Linda D. to Pletan, Warren R. and Jacqueline, 8909 N. 82nd St., $145,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Growth Equity Group LLC, 8023 Hanover St., $121,000.

Murphy, Kevin C. to 4D Management Holdings Inc., 6535 N. 75th St., $40,000.

Onate, Jose J. and Hernandez, Cynthia to Kulback, Colton E. and Ashley, 7620 Fillmore St., $129,000.

Thalken, Matthew F. to Van Den Akker, Kimberly, 10502 Potter St., $164,900.

Vinogradov, Serguei V. to Weiler, Daniel J. and Brenda, 7567 Bondesson St., $131,000.


Boyce, David C. and Ann Trust to Troia, Candice J., 1505 S. 98th St., $190,000.

Falcone, Mary E. to Liu, Zhuolun, 7636 Nina St., $118,500.

Tadros, Maher K. Trust to Mack Lease of Omaha LLC, 2623 S. 88th St., $300,000.


Gordon, Jon M. and Joanne W. to JWH Enterprises LLC, 5010 S. 93rd St., $115,000.

Klaus, Daniel E. and Wanda G. to Worthington, Amy M. and Kraemer, Andrew, 9344 Y St., $224,000.

Solano, John L. II and Ashley A. to Stamm, Larry L. and Patricia J., 4812 S. 101st Circle, $170,000.


Eucker, Harold O. Jr. Trust to Bowles, Corey A., 1405 S. 167th St., $180,000.

Hedberg, Daniel P. and Denise L. to Boer, Brian and Meghan, 19911 Hansen Ave., $425,000.

Neuhaus, Kevin R. and Kathryn K. to Nelson, Michael R., 3862 S. 202nd St., $280,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Parks, Jennifer A. and Scott M., 3611 S. 181st St., $336,409.


Penke Properties LLC to MMKP Investments LLC, 630 N. 41st Ave., $115,000.

Tarrahan, Bizhan and Sadigheh to Michael Town Estate LLC, 433 N. 39th St., $145,000.


Cobesa Corp. and Underwood Realty Corp. to Fielding, Todd, 101 N. 69th St., $56,000.

Ward, Noreen S. to Johnson, Keith and Cheryl, 758 N. 57th Ave., $245,000.

Watts, William A. and Sarah M. to Jones, Zane and Susan, 4704 Davenport St., $158,000.


Baker, Thomas M. and Kathleen M. to Nguyen, Anh and Phung M., 9117 Sprague St., $143,000.

Buford, Terri L. to Valdez, Irene S., 6115 N. 80th St., $124,750.

Fries, Ronda L. to Tierney Enterprises LLC, 4105 N. 91st St., $102,330.

Kugler, John D., trustee for the Blohm, Louise M. Trust to Carter, Michael R. and Kay L., 9221 Laurel Plaza, $159,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Growth Equity Group LLC, 9711 Yates St., $116,000.

S and K Home Solutions LLC to Forrest, Eldan G., 8602 Maple St., $188,000.

Widman, Caitlin to Oehm, Meaghann M., 4717 N. 95th St., $120,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rimarck Imaging Device Corp., 19634 R St., $171,500.

Dillinger, Michael L. and Brandi B. to Davis, Timothy W., 19624 X St., $149,950.

Erks, Terry A. and Ann M. to Schmitz, John D. and Collins A., 17622 Riggs St., $360,000.

Gordon, Christopher A. and Kristin to Pieper, Karen J., 18908 Drexel Circle, $163,000.

Green, Rodney J. and Jody M. to Colbeth, Megan L. and Gabriel I., 19321 Holmes St., $243,000.

Ilsley, Michelle to Ahern, Grant W. and Hampton, Jessica L., 19504 T St., $156,000.

Korth, Jeremiah R. and Leah to Newton, Brian M. and Bolte, Valerie A., 18765 N St., $205,000.

Li, Robert P., trustee for the Li, Ohana Trust to Samson, Andrea and Shawn D., 6727 S. 163rd St., $130,000.

Mann, Nicole M. and Eric J. to Laux, Bryan A. and Alycia M., 16207 Rolling Ridge Road, $225,000.

Mortgage Guaranty Insurance to Huffman, Robert C., 16137 V Circle, $273,000.

Powers, Nicholas A. and Shantel R. to Neemann, Daniel and Alicia, 19362 W St., $145,500.

Stockwell, Bryan J. and Natalie C. to Franck, Christopher A., 6117 S. 190th Terrace, $167,500.

Torco Development Inc. to Brust, Richard A. and Connie L., 6522 S. 173rd Ave., $44,500.

Van Gilder, Michelle T. and Blake G. to Solano, John L. II and Ashley A., 19616 Adams St., $289,900.

WM Haung Holdings LLC to Sansom, Andrea and Shawn D., 6727 S. 163rd St., $130,000.


Diaz, Michelle N. and Vail, Bryan A. to Sanderson, John W. Jr., 11612 Monroe St., $150,000.

File, Douglas D. and Charlene M. to Punch It Out Inc., 15118 Z St., $79,000.

Growth Equity Group LLC to Baca Properties 3 LLC, 4962 S. 142nd St., $154,000.

Mohr, Lola M. and Jeffrey A. to Glover, Thomas C. and Terry M., 14727 Madison Circle, $169,700.

More Sun Investments LLC to Busboom, Brittany, 14116 O St., $134,000.

Morrison, Larry V. and Catherine Trust to Gausden, Scott and Wachtler, Lindsay, 4359 S. 152nd Circle, $240,000.

O and H Properties to Huff, Randy J. Jr., 5004 S. 132nd St., $150,000.

Olson, Leslie I. and Jana K. to Burkard, Darin and Laura, 14724 Y Circle, $196,000.

Pollert, Jamie J. and Crystal to Andrus, Mindy K., 5022 S. 143rd St., $110,000.

Proskovec, Adam D. and Mikala to Wiley, Brandon M., 15342 Amy Plaza, $145,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Allen, Todd D. and Igel, Sarah E., 7306 N. 143rd St., $185,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Nelson, John T. and Laura J., 7207 N. 139th St., $225,950.

Deer Creek Holdings LLC to Blue Ridge Builders LLC, 8202 N. 127th Ave., $39,500.


Greenlee, Donna J. to Larson, Elizabeth A., 12209 Westwood Lane, $95,000.

Growth Equity Group LLC to 709 LLC, 12650 Westwood Lane, $149,000.

Kingswood Estates LLC to Homebuilders LLC, 13301 Spring St., $43,900.

Ray, Deella A. to Pal, Anirban and Ray, Katha, 14212 Cedar Circle, $235,000.

Weber, Donald E. to McDowell, Hugh L., 1220 S. 120th St., $44,000.


Rodriquez, Santos A. and Gomez, Elizabeth N. to Hernandez, Olga L. and Alvarez, Artemio, A., 3008 Harrison St., $95,000.


Duggin, Richard C. and Cynthia K. to Holiday, Dan M., 4542 Manchester Drive, $223,000.

Grady, Joseph P. and Amy N. to Wah, Nay B. and Day, Day, 7011 N. 65th Ave., $108,000.


Goodman, Michael R. to Access Property Investors, 1218 N. 126th St., $202,000.

Hatcher, Jeffrey C. and Virginia J. to Burke, Ryan M. and Bridget A., 1605 N. 127th Circle, $340,000.

Massengale, Kris and Monica L. to 99 SKS LLC, 15112 Jackson St., $158,000.

Mohr, William H. to Kavanaugh, Scott J. and Kimberly A., 1421 N. 155th Ave., $169,500.

Rocker, Kenyatta and April to Nelsen, Adam C. and Katherine E., 12912 Hamilton St., $363,000.

Shyken, Joseph Y. and Rachel J. to Dunham, Regina, 1009 Grey Fawn Drive, $197,000.


Batenhorst, Luke J. and Heather J. to Masker, Dan and Lynette, 6331 N. 128th St., $132,000.

Bottrell, Raymond E. and Deanna D. to Shannon, Debra, 2126 N. 136th St., $16,000.

Davis, James C. Jr. and Suzanne R. to Johnson, Reid T. and Lindsay, 11434 Nebraska Circle, $177,000.

Feld, Kerry Trust to SKG Properties LLC, 13103 Himebaugh Ave., $116,000.

Garver, Randy A. and Hatheway, Megan A. to O’Donovan, William, 4215 N. 139th Ave., $322,500.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Growth Equity Group LLC, 11430 Kansas Circle, $121,000.

Lohmeier, Danny R. and Sandra M. to Gatluak, Sarah N. and Chay, Biliw, 11647 Raleigh Drive, $153,900.

Price, Ronald E. II and Stacey L. to Bunderson, Lee A., 4924 N. 114th St., $145,000.

Push, Arthur V. Jr. and Shirley M. to Moody, Lisa, 13424 Camden Ave., $160,000.

Rohlman, Robert and Michelle to Saldana, Javier Jr., 5013 N. 129th St., $167,950.

Sevrench LLC to MFA Properties Inc., 12717 Corby St., $112,500.

Venteicher, Bradley J. and Amber J. to Raiti, Salvatore, 13020 Curtis Ave., $138,000.



Linden, Robert and Sandra to BCL Properties, 1506 Cascio Drive, $105,000.

Silverthorne Partners to Croghan, Ryan, 1905 Thurston Ave., $81,000.

Eyre, Kevin C. and Hannah to Mockelstrom, Jacquelyn L., 2502 Madison St., $140,000.

Darnold, Jeremy J. and Nicole L. to Ashelford, Brandon and Shane, 2524 Main St., $90,000.

Camerlinck, Mark W. to Moser, Ashlee L., 2812 Lloyd Circle, $122,000.

Young, Mark A. and Barbara A. to Compton, Lara A., 802 Kohl Road, $205,000.


Meyers, Carl L. and Sherrolyn A. to Spahn, Randall K. and Sibyl, 11112 S. 213th St., $289,000.

Agagah, Evans K. and Agagah Reinhold, Cecilia to Marquiss, Matthew J. and Jenna J., 11335 Northridge Drive, $227,000.

Christo, Ryan and Carrie to Bates, Trisha A., 11607 S. 206th St., $171,000.

Bard, Charles and Denise to Matlock, John R. and Mandi, 12001 S. 214th St., $265,000.

Celebrity Homes to Goldsmith, Donald T. and Melissa A., 19076 Robin Drive, $205,000.

McKain, Janelle K. to Brotzki, Klaus and Comte, DeAnn M., 19716 Chandler St., $310,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Lanum, Justin and Burleigh, Nicole, 21411 McClellan Circle, $242,000.

Nickerson, James K. and Lucy A. to Nickerson, Shelly and Andrew, 22319 Ruff Road, $400,000.

Kendel Homes Corp. to Schnackenberg, Gregory R. and Aarin N., 7854 S. 193rd St., $285,000.

Boyer Young Equitis XIV to Home Building Consultants, 8002 S. 194th St., $60,000.

Boyer Young Equitis XIV to Fools Inc., 8004 S. 193rd Ave., $55,000.

Home Co. to Petersen, Kevin M. and Nicole A., 8125 S. 193rd Ave., $313,000.


Erlandson, Shawn and Jolene M. to Glatzmaier, Rebakah J. and Scott P., 1001 Magnolia Court, $227,000.

Peachtree Properties to Melvin Sudbeck Homes, 1004 Jacqueline Drive, $20,000.

Peachtree Properties to Melvin Sudbeck Homes, 1004 Jacqueline Drive, $20,000.

Augeri, Joseph A. and Elizabeth J. to Kerns, Shane C. and Brandi S., 1024 Hogan Drive, $251,000.

Losey, Matthew R. and Traci L. to Niemoth, Anthony and Siderewicz, Samantha, 1114 Shawnee Road, $180,000.

Thomas, Tyson and Kimberly to Kerber, Michael J. and Kyra C., 1127 Sally St., $190,000.

Southbrook Development to Jensen, Nathan and Renita, 11716 S. 110th St., $48,000.

Southbrook Development to Aurora Homes, 11718 S. 109th St., $48,000.

Simmonds, Ronald N. and Mary E. to Williams, Jeffrey and Denise, 1212 Patricia Drive, $159,000.

Timberline Homes to Corthell, Jeffrey and Melina K., 12354 Caspian Drive, $357,000.

Borys, Michael and Lorraine to Godfrey, Matthew R. and Kelly J., 12411 S. 79th Ave., $345,000.

Llewellyn, James C. and Amy C. to McKinney, Kyle E. and Kassandra R., 12714 Ridgeview Circle, $150,000.

Sturtz, Jonathan L. and Loralie F. to Sandoval, Anthony and Alma, 1805 White Pine Drive, $305,000.

Lees, Sarah L. and David W. to Sigman, Larry J. and Kaori, 2209 S. River Rock Drive, $220,000.

Godfrey, Matthew R. and Kelly J. to Christie, David P. and Lisa, 2307 Marilyn Drive, $203,000.

Gottsch, Michael R. and Kathleen R. to Butcher, Mark and Margo, 2316 Walnut Creek Drive, $207,000.

Hawkins, Jennifer L. and Petrash, Michelle to Losey, Matthew and Traci, 604 Kent Drive, $289,000.

Kainsville Builders to Ellenburg, Stephanie M. and Steele, Brian A., 6671 Kara Drive, $283,000.

Advantage Investment Properties to Burger, James S. and Jill A., 7333 Leawood Circle, $447,000.

Saucedo, Adriana B. and Islas, Javier F. to Hauck, Lucas, 7413 Legacy St., $275,000.

Koeppe, Todd A. and Sue to Kaiser, Kristopher R., 804 Juniper Drive, $169,000.

Peachtree Properties to Melvin Sudbeck Homes, 908 Gayle St., $10,000.


Speer, Jason E. and Kerri A. to Advantage Development, 20006 S. 192nd Plaza, $70,000.

Peterson, Gary R. and Julie A. to Gottsch, Michael R. and Kathleen R., 504 S. Seventh St., $282,000.


Cooper, Kevin and Brittney D. to Guale, Alister P. and Lahaina J., 10713 S. 26th St., $165,000.

Morgester, Susan M. to Blum, James E., 10805 S. 25th St., $163,000.

Roddy, Margaret A. Trust to Kampschneider, Diane and Grice, Robert L., 11808 Amos Gates Drive, $240,000.

Celebrity Homes to Martin, Blake E. and Jamie L., 13904 S. 42nd Ave., $175,000.

Jones, Thomas D. to Hawi Investments, 14418 S. 27th St., $140,000.

Heller, Sebnem and Geoffrey R. and Laura to Abbott, Abraham M. and Justeen M., 2212 Scarborough Drive, $155,000.

Moore, Seldrick O. and Myisha J. to Delforge, Michael A. and Theresa D., 2525 Sheridan Road, $217,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Becker, Kevin G. and Cheryl L., 2611 Calvin St., $161,000.

Yates, Cassandra J. and Austin W. to Vansant, Fred J. and Susan K., 2712 Canyon Circle, $151,000.

O’Day, Kasey L. and April A. to Boling, Jonathan M. and Amy K., 2714 Michaela St., $140,000.

Devora, Jose M. and Janet to Seaman, Michael P. and Leslie L., 2904 Blackhawk Drive, $216,000.

LPP Mortgage to 1 Chron 20:11 LLC, 3301 E. Dutchman Circle, $106,000.

Repouille, Dana A. and Beverly to Lewis, Jacob, 3415 Henery Road, $152,000.

Newport Homes to Heller, Dustin and Renee, 4304 Sheridan Road, $313,000.

Sherwood Homes to Busboom, Tyler R. and Norris, Brianna N., 4902 Birchwood Drive, $319,000.

Clearwater Falls Development to Fools Inc., 5255 Waterford Ave, $50,000.

Miller, Brian M. and Bernadette T. to Cordy, Anthony and Tina, 9701 S. 27th St., $240,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha to Loontjer, Shawn and Shannon N., 10081 Quail Ridge Drive, $300,000.

Griffin Homes to Mignon, Paul K. and Cervantes, Frances M., 10204 Brentwood Drive, $257,000.

Wade-Le, Nhung and Wade, Jacob S. to Farivari, Kenny, 7011 S. 100th Circle, $290,000.

Freeberg, Thomas K., personal representative for Freeberg, Helen I. Estate to Sweet, Philip A. and Evelyn J., 7108 Monterrey Drive, $30,000.

Campbell, Daniel and Jennifer to Contreras, Stefanie L., 7415 Terry Drive, $107,000.

Kerns, Shane and Brandi to Dabbs, Diana L., 7720 Leafplum Drive, $145,000.

Davis, Rodney K. to Safarik, Duane J. Sr., 7906 Clover Court, $82,000.

Carlson, P. Todd and Connie J. to Cummings, Sharon, 7922 S. 94th St., $271,000.

Widener, Eric and Kimberly to Angelo, Todd and Baber, Amanda, 8201 Park View Blvd., $141,000.

Fitch, Gary L. and Terri L. to Lattz, Nathan D., 8634 S. 99th Circle, $252,000.

Andersen, Thomas L. and Pamela A. to Augeri, Joseph A. and Elizabeth J., 9926 S. 100th St., $285,000.


Patti Morgera-Coniglio LLC to Meier, Ronald E., trustee for Meier Living Trust, 113 Carolina Drive, $152,000.

Sherwood Homes to Erlandson, Shawn E. and Jolene, 13604 S. 45th St., $315,000.

Copeland, Bryan W. and Tara L. to Galvan, Eric D. and Regina E., 4610 Brook St., $225,000.

Barajas, Jesus and Mirelia to Bogdanovich, Megan and Rick, 4807 Chennault St., $280,000.

Schreiner, Mike W. and Mary L. to Tichy, Rose M., 709 Ruby Road, $234,000.


Koziol, Alexander and Coker, Kayleigh to Hubenka, Kyle S. and Burkman, Alyssa N., 16106 Cottonwood St., $165,000.

Rislov, Teri L. and Jay T. to Robbins, Alicia B., 16130 Virginia St., $247,000.

Fuder, Robert A. and Sandra K. to Walther, Raymond L., 16425 Birch Ave., $250,000.

Selvamani, Vinodh K. and Gandhi, Lakshmy to O’Meara, Joseph and Catherine, 16435 Cary St., $197,000.

Daniles, Paul D. and Regan R. to Phillips, Lyndsay A., 16714 Gertrude St., $297,000.

Staack, Shelley M. to Fuder, Robert A. and Sandra K., 17180 Cypress St., $150,000.

Lowder, David R. to Hill, John H., 17857 Josephine St., $140,000.

Baker, Austin and Aubri to Russell, Matthew T. and Kellie J., 7009 S. 162nd Ave., $37,000.

Geist, Jack and Jacqueline R. Trust to Stevens, Robert A., 7205 S. 169th St., $307,000.

Henrichs, Alicia J. to Peters, Molly, 7512 S. 177th St., $154,000.

Meyer, Dawn M. and Eric J. to Ziegenfuss, Matthew L. and Howes, Katherine A., 7917 S. 157th St., $137,000.


Loontjer, Shawn D. and Shanon N. to Werner, Spencer E. and Dawn K., 13214 Slayton St., $146,000.

Augustus, Cody A. and Overton, Laura and to Fugger, Thomas S. and Brandee D., 13817 Edna St., $159,000.

Hill, Dorothy M. to Wearden, Krista J. and Villarreal, Julius A., 14709 Edna St., $152,000.

Webb, Mitchell D. II and Lori A. to Shipp, Cheryl K., 8202 S. 154th St., $150,000.


Liekhus, Laverna M. and Bryan D. and Laura L. and Russell, and Baker, Bonnie and Duane to Kiekhus, Drew, 2206 Lillian St., $100,000.

RK Investments to Caravantes, Jose M. and Maryuri V., 3903 Greene Ave., $110,000.

Special T Masonry to Becerra Hernandez, Francisco and Becerra, Maria J., 7302 S. 17th St., $105,000.



Gabrenja, Sandra L. to Rice, Jason A. and Kellie M., 1915 S. 13th St., $127,000.

Wallrichs, Elaine K. and Walter W. Trust to Wilson, Beth D. and William R., 3609 Twin City Drive, $127,000.

HURAB LLC to Gochenour, Adam D., 4106 Ave. C, $110,000.

Old Lincoln Investments to Mowery, Clinton M. and Thatsanee H., 2407 S. 11th St., $75,000.

No Equity Homes to Smock, Delbert L. and Teresa A., 2803 Ave. C, $120,000.

Carberry, Amy E. and Mark A. to NP Dodge, 1615 24th Ave., $137,500.

NP Dodge to Carta, Julie M., 1615 24th Ave., $137,500.

Old Lincoln Investments to Jones, Charles and Patricia, 1018 Birch St., $70,000.

E Class Properties to Houts, Elva J., 2926 Ave. A, $75,000.

Glasshoff, Robert J. to JC Griffin Properties, 1519 S. Ninth St., $32,500.

Damgaard, Alisha J. and Cory S. to Surpassets LLC, 2214 S. Eighth St., $110,000.

Benegas, Linda S. to Sharp, Edna L., 2412 S. 11th St., $58,000.

Peters, Michael J. and Michelle D. to C-K Investments, 2001 Ave. G, $57,000.

MKJ LLC to Cavallaro, Joseph A. and Mary M., 3022 Third Ave., $121,000.

Williams, Stephanie to McKern, Samantha N. and Stone, David A., 503 N. 31st St., $116,500.


Mickey, Jason J. to Williams, Joshua T. and Shannon M., 615 Benton St., $96,500.

Choice Homes to Clevenger, Jacob T. and Rebecca E., 24 Kingsridge Road, $325,000.

Porter, Sara A. and Scott N. to Lippert, Angela K. and Matthew C., 12805 Traceview Loop, $325,000.

Timm, Janene to Schleidt, Susan K., 1 Sundahl Ave., $279,500.

Lavy, Christopher to Beaman, Renee, 405 Franklin Ave., $100,000.

Ashcraft, Abbie R. and Gary A. to Coffey, Abby and Peter, 205 Fletcher Ave., $129,000.

Poole, Angel R. and Daniel to Sprecher, Michael A., 205 Garwin Circle, $282,000.

Cota, Rita K. and Thomas F. to Green, David A., 155 Parkwood Drive, $176,500.

Hensley, Betty L. to Wells, Ashley B. and Scott A., 236 Bennett Ave., $70,000.

Kurt, Jane A. and Nicholas A. to McLean, Daniel H. and Melissa S., 45 Happy Hollow Blvd., $117,500.


Odd Properties to TPC Corp., 1313 Ave. P, Carter Lake, $23,000.

Secretary of HUD to Evers, Andrew, 1333 Holiday Drive, Carter Lake, $28,000.


Bluml, Barbara L. and Shawn M. to Spiering, John, 533 North St., Carson, $142,500.

Snapp Farms North LLP to Hering, Ronald L., 17298 380th St., Carson, $1,064,000.

Snapp Farms North LLP to Hering Farms, 16504 380th St., Carson, $1,264,000.


Howard, Sara and Schroeder, Douglas E. to Greer, Brett and Legler, Lindsey, 16464 Dixon Drive, Honey Creek, $167,000.


Renn, Clyde L. and Karla K. to Dermody, Alissa and Houdek, Nelson, 28702 Dogwood Road, Treynor, $167,000.


Clevenger, Rebecca E. and Jacob T. to Bonnet, Katie A. and Matthew W., 121 Fourth Ave., Underwood, $165,000.

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