Douglas County


State Street Investments LLC to Barr Homes Inc., 7720 N. 159th St., $43,950.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rodabaugh, Terri Lynn, 7701 N. 144th Ave., $207,994.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Flint, Jeffrey N. and Purintun, Abby D., 16331 Hanover St., $336,269.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to White, Timothy James and Mary Ann, 8127 Kilpatrick Parkway, $321,973.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Manganaro, Marcus A. and Brittany A., 7321 N. 163rd St., $307,560.

Waterford Development LLC to Blue, Richard W. III and Claudell C., 14801 Summit Circle, $70,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to McSheehy, Megan, 8028 N. 172nd St., $279,052.


Landmark Performance Corp. to Kotsan, Yuriy and Oksana, 2537 N. 187th Ave., $444,101.

Wilson, Brian A. and Lee Wilson, Jennifer H. to Berry, Jacqueline M., 1808 S. 221st St., $97,000.

Pittack, Becky S. and Lance to Thomas, Louis III and Heather, 20801 Frances Circle, $705,910.

Thomas David Builders LLC to Besnia, R. Kerry and Robin R., 1897 Blue Sage Parkway, $630,000.

Siebrass, Nicholas D. and Scottie B. to Kenney, Emily N. and Jacob M., 3433 N. 208th Ave., $227,000.

Stahl, Robert L. and Betty L. to Galles, Leroy A. and Ann M., 18375 Jackson St., $429,900.

Ritter, Alexander Frederick and Marguerite Joanne to Korenchen Living Trust, 20506 Laramie Road, $210,000.

Huntington Homes LLC to Wever, Derek R. and Erin E., 21868 Martha St., $515,000.

JKC Construction Inc. to Kenagy, William and Atricia, 3005 N. 192nd Ave., $369,837.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Lane, Richard D. and Joyce L., 18312 Burdette St., $341,779.

Weiss, Christie C. to Weiss, John and Rebecca, 21343 Brentwood Road, $210,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Regmi, Manoj and Acharya, Pratima, 3608 S. 205th St., $510,396.

Vollmar, Matthew G. and Susan K. to Peyton, Paul D. and Jennifer, 21021 Brittany Circle, $445,000.

Dewald, Van L. and Deirdre M. to Schewchuk, Christopher and Jennifer Dam, 127 S. 201st St., $285,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Dave Paik Builders Inc., 18309 Willis Ave., $58,000.


Bluewater Development Corporation to Vrana, Brian and Sandra, 5512 N. 290th Circle, $300,000.

Samson, Theresa and Doug to Curtis, Tyler Jay, 223 E. Gardiner St., $101,500.


Vandenbroucke, Mark and Mary to Newman, Kenneth, 4916 N. 46th St., $27,000.

Butierrez, Blanca Estela and Gutierrex, Tiburcio to Perex, Angelica and Sihacek, Bret, 5123 N. 54th St., $95,000.

Imhoff, Joshua Jeffrey and Nichole S. to Jones, Corey and Randy L., 5808 Ruggles St., $131,175.

Nguyen, Hung and Pham, Hai to Lindahl, Shelly, 6514 Sprague St., $95,000.

Fenceroy, Jeremy to Vanheest, Philip and Peters, Carolyn, 1803 N. 48th St., $160,000.

Sturch, Margaret Ann to Pinkerton, John and Rachel, 5835 Corby St., $116,100.

Cotton, Megan M. and Chad to Morrow, Benjamin R., 4109 N. 54th St., $111,000.

Brothers, Mary A. to McDaneld, Keith, 2420 Fontenelle Blvd., $155,000.


Thelen, Jill M. and Dale to Bednarz, Michael F. and Sparks, Laura M., 1343 Turner Blvd., $192,500.

Uptown Properties LLC to Ramunda, Nicholas, 813 S. 31st St., $199,000.

Mesa, Margarita to Gilbatrar LLC, 816 S. 35th Ave., $128,000.

Midtown Properties LLC to White, Ann Coyle, 3126 Marcy St., $262,500.

Reilly, Julie A. to Scott W. Chappell 2008 Trust, 3702 Jackson St., $172,000.

Suliman, Adam I. and Priya Kumari to Hasenjager, Matthew J., 1502 S. 29th St., $128,000.

Allen, Karen A. and Jim E. to Chenoweth, Brooke M., 2530 S. 43rd St., $165,000.

Rasmussen, Thomas D. and Katherine J. to Mortensen, Janet A., 3408 Frances St., $55,000.

Judy K. Longwell Revocable Trust to Serrano, Stephan Raphael and Nicole Elizabeth, 3702 Arbor St., $145,000.

GSR Properties LLC to Philipps, Kyle, 3101 Marcy St., $300,000.


Vermaas, Derrick and Andrea to Szalewski, Allyson, 3615 S. 49th Ave., $168,500.

Degoei, Travis J. and Stephani to JKP Properties LLC, 6707 Mayberry St., $105,000.

Fochek, Janis K. and Dennis F. to Fochek, Daniel F. and Hughes, Lisa D., 6166 Elm St., $70,000.

Cherek, Richard T. to Sandy, Meredith, 2313 S. 48th Ave., $137,500.

Wees, Dolores V. to Wees, Gregory W., 4671 Grover St., $130,000.

Stansberry, Mark, personal representative of Stansberry, Rhonda estate, to Taddicken, William E. and Autumn L., 5551 Walnut St., $147,500.

Dutch, Patricia A. to Castiglioni, Anthony L. and James D., 3267 S. 48th St., $92,400.


Flores, Miguel Angel to Pozos, Alejandra Aguilar, 3828 S. 22nd St., $67,000.

DeSantiago, Michael E. to Burge, Nicholas E. and Sarah L., 4523 S. 21st St., $71,500.

Dominguez, Rigoberto Diaz Jr. and Castelan, Rigoberto Diaz and Dominguez Macedo, Maria Alba to Henrichs, James A., 4226 S. 12th St., $156,500.

Sinecio, Alfredo to Vazquez, Manuel, 4009 S. 36th St., $69,000.

Villa, Jose Socorro and Maria Teresa to Lechuga, Arnulfo Salcido and Rodriguez, Manuela, 4746 S. 18th St., $48,500.


Qualified Property Solutions LLC to Garcia, Israel Aguilar and Ventura, Maria D. Juarez, 1454 S. 18th St., $19,995.

Sykora, Henry and Marie to DTB Investments LLC, 2818 S. 15th St., $120,000.

Greene Acres Property Management LLC to Gilbatrar LLC, 2419 S. 20th Ave., $170,000.


Kountze Park Crown III Limited Partnership to Johnson, Mechelle, 3021 N. 19th St., $24,110.

Kountze Park Crown III Limited Partnership to Rankins, Stephanie, 1822 Locust St., $24,110.

City of Omaha to Knight, Roshanda, 1542 N. 18th St., $148,000.


Rodriguez, Julian and Yessica C. to Pena, Samuel Villalba, 4018 Corby St., $38,600.

J Lees Real Estate LLC to Ruiz, Miguel A., 5922 N. 40th St., $20,000.

Bain-Kurmel, Becky L. to Lenz, Peter and Rebecca, 2514 Emmet St., $32,600.

Stennis, Vera M. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 5547 N. 33rd Ave., $25,000.

Edison Street LLC to Stars & Stripes Investment LLC, 6311 N. 39th St., $12,500.

Taylord Spaces LLC to MM Homebuyers LLC, 4227 Laurel Ave., $30,000.

Shellhase, Hunter and Kren to MM Homebuyers LLC, 2883 Camden Ave., $40,000.

Sweeney, Philip G. and Brammer, Amanda L. to MM Homebuyers LLC, 3162 Belvedere Blvd., $84,000.


Hasanain Properties LLC and Qureishi and Khan Properties LLC to Habitat for Humanity Inc., 2719 Ida St., $70,000.

ATW Inc. to James T. Smith Sr. Trust, 7505 N. 30th St., $180,000.

Laurine Blankenau Trust to Ohira, Jeanne and Brett, 3808 Grebe St., $210,000.

1 Chron 29:11 LLC to Bailey, Suzanne, 3133 Willit St., $140,000.


Heartland Holdings A LLC to Maaiah, Nadir and Muwanas, Lama, 7766 Hamilton St., $133,500.

Voorman, Corey and Laura to Dennell, James K., 7309 Western Ave., $173,000.

Seabec Enterprises LLC to Miller, Elliott and Garcia, Elizabeth J., 8705 Charles St., $247,000.

Ohira, Jeanne and Brett to Halverson, Donald Andrew and Madison Anais, 830 N. 78th St., $135,000.


Flemmer, Brent R. and Samantha T. to Flemmer, Brian L., 15252 Binney St., $175,000.

Johnson, Brett A. and Kathryn L. to Ortiz, Javier Rosario and Perez, Sheilyn Sanchez, 15214 Wirt St., $212,000.

Collins, Terry G. to Higginson, Zachary and Rachel, 15226 Mary St., $276,000.

Johnson, Laureen, personal representative of Johnson, Heather A. estate, to Nauslar, Timothy J. and Christy A., 4922 N. 176th St., $166,050.

Andersen, Mary Ann to Rehder, Jeffrey and Mary K., 15377 Locust St., $180,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Harms, Cory N. and Erica M., 5516 N. 152nd St., $309,475.

Minturn, Joshua J. and Jocelyn L. to Avitso, Akpene and Komlanvi, 5715 N. 153rd St., $319,000.

Hautzinger, Therese M. and Eastman, Thomas to Jones, Greta J., 2037 N. 153rd Ave., $160,000.

Stockamp, Mark D. and Alison M. to Jones, Michael and Ashley, 4804 N. 174th Ave., $273,000.

Allberry, John F. and Lori A. to Efaw, Jeffrey J. and Jamie A., 17109 Corby St., $399,000.


Matawin Ventures Trust Series 2018-1 and Kondaur Capital Corporation, trustee, to Romero, Alejandro Gonzalez, 5514 R St., $66,050.


Betty N. Hand Revocable Trust to Hoffman, Timothy J., 709 S. 178th St., $260,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rojas, Daniel A. and Erskine, Candace J., 8439 Baker St., $214,688.

Chaffins, Timothy R. and McCoy, Brian P. to Sossoukpe, Ayabavi B. and Tollo, Fiacre, 6960 N. 88th St., $179,900.

Muxfeldt, Joshua G. to Johnson, Dylan K. and Shockley, Sarah A., 7817 Howell St., $158,000.

McFarland, James I. and Margo L. to Claus, Walter Jr., 10273 Rainwood Road, $312,000.


Heath, Rosanagh M. and Addison, Roger Eugene to Harms, Lora A. and Andrew J., 8150 Hascall St., $105,000.

Gibson, Matthew E. and Rachel M. to Grindstaff, Benjamin Caudill, 3605 S. 107th Avenue Circle, $183,000.

Hanson Living Trust to Kingery, Michael W. and Amy E., 1115 S. 93rd Ave., $230,000.

Julie E. Hertzler Revocable Trust to Stemm, Richard A. II, 3228 S. 101st St., $750,000.


Pietryga, Micaela and Hale, Brandon William to Pietryga, Michael E., 8315 Maywood St., $130,000.


Blacker, Michael S. and Stacey R. to Bakhshi, Amit and Deshmukh, Priya, 19259 Poppleton Ave., $496,000.

Ramm, Joseph and Jean to Hubert, Brock SJ and Hubert, Kimberly E., 1528 S. 169th Ave., $235,000.


Dynamic Properties LLC to Campbell, Jessica, 3160 Lincoln Blvd., $130,000.


Cantiello, Gordon P. and Lohman, Robert A., trustees, Cantiello/Lohman Trust to Starbuck, Lisa Ann, 4754 Capitol Ave., $139,000.

Kremen, Mark E. and Logan, Constance A. to Bowman, Eric and Emily, 6617 Cuming St., $655,000.

Tab LLC to Nix, Justin and Leticia, 1417 N. 52nd St., $256,500.

Rommelfanger, Daniel D. and Mary E. to Geiger, Terrance E. Jr. and Pamela D., 6420 Underwood Ave., $577,500.

Lickteig, Gregory and Stacey to Brandstetter, Barry Shawn and Vikki Dawn, 5106 Chicago St., $490,000.


Guardian Tax Partners Inc. to TSV A LLC, 2329 N. 104th Circle, $100,000.

Welch, David Gene and Robyn Renae to Sechser, Patrick A., 9924 Evans St., $176,500.

Eric Cano Real Estate LLC to Mountain, Darius Depre, 3109 N. 95th St., $190,000.

Kayser, Cherie F. and Joel R. to Tolliver, Jacob L. and Kaplan, Lucy M., 8104 Bedford Place, $230,000.

Quest Trust Company and Quest IRA Inc. to Serrano, Jose, 3705 N. 101st St., $126,000.

Wilcox, Nynette A. to Hulac, Donna J., 9517 Tomahawk Blvd., $30,000.

Carol L. Davey Revocable Trust to Roberts, Marc and Janet, 8123 Browne St., $146,200.

Hanna, Rofael A. and Iriny F. to Reynard, Lawrence R. and Lynda S., 8101 Arlington Drive, $204,000.


Pine Crest Homes LLC to Wyman, Louis L. and Duval, Jennifer L., 6602 S. 200th Ave., $353,940.

Jorgensen, Shawn and Ashley to Penrod, Jered, 5326 S. 196th St., $191,500.

Cordes, Becca K. to Moyer, Nick and Kayla, 18619 T Circle, $188,500.

Terry C. Schulz Trust to Clifford, Orion P.C. III, 5013 S. 163rd St., $204,000.

Mohr, Mark A. and Jessica M. to Bailey, Guy and Jennifer, 16915 Patterson Drive, $250,000.

Berry, Douglas M. and Stephanie M. to Kubendran, Vinoth Kumar, 5711 S. 193rd Ave., $183,500.

Henry, Jeffrey R. and Jennifer A. to Mohr, Mark A. and Jessica M., 18306 Adams Circle, $366,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Wang, Ping Y. and Surina L., 18551 Madison Circle, $390,880.

McGinnis, Michael E. and Audrey R. to Chandler, Brody Ray and Jordan Marie, 17802 Monroe St., $284,000.

O’Bryan, Keith A. and Susan K. to Severin, Taylor J. and Snyder, Haley C., 5815 S. 193rd Ave., $194,500.

Holmer, Susan, personal representative of Kelly, Vincent J. estate., to Kudlacek, Chad F. and Kristin, 18009 Trailridge Road, $265,000.


Syndicate Properties LLC to Oliver, Courtney and Nathan Joseph, 13691 V St., $165,500.

Ridic, Sefik and Devka to Zwart Properties LLC, 13612 W St., $165,000.

R. Scott & Vicki Workman Revocable Trust to Kreher, Erin Pauline, 5923 S. 140th Ave., $165,000.

Routley, Ramona S. to Petersen, Ellen J., 12772 Deauville Drive, $88,000.

Lorenzo, Lori and John to Honeywell, Rahn, 10830 V St., $23,860.

Miller-Fiala, Stacie M. to Muehlich, Kyle A., 4911 S. 149th St., $176,000.

Schneiss, Dan Lee and Kristine M. to McKeown, Kimberly Michelle and Zachary James, 6524 S. 153rd St., $171,500.


Ivey, Kerrie Ellen to Ashley, Scott, 14214 Vane St., $195,000.

Chen, Xiaolong and Wang, Yuyu to HBC Homes Inc., 7159 N. 122nd Ave., $39,000.


Hanger, Peter Frederick and Shari to Fray, Traci, 1318 S. 134th St., $237,500.

Leary, Amanda Brynn to Dickson, Francis Joseph, 12311 B St., $70,000.

Bisbee, Joanne M. to Gibson, Rachel M. and Matthew E., 2155 S. 108th St., $334,500.

Opitz, Helen Joyce to Rzemyk, Thomas J. and Kehn, Janice, 3129 S. 123rd St., $107,500.

Dexter, Bradley D. and Stephanie M. to Wilson, Andrew C. and Crystal A., 15012 Cedar Circle, $207,500.

Ocander, Cheri, trustee of Janet J. Landgraf Trust, to Chalupa, Mikayla Elizabeth, 3223 S. 113th St., $200,000.


Hall, Gary L. and Susan E. to Bittner, Tina Lea, 7426 N. 59th St., $68,500.

Pham, Viet Hong and Ha, Anh Ngoc to DT Homestead LLC, 7165 N. 52nd St., $12,000.


Nelson, Joshua D. and Staci L. to Galvin, Riley N., 821 S. 154th St., $210,000.

Grubb, Kevin K. and Andrea D.C. to Reeve, Justin and Sarah, 818 S. 121st St., $253,500.

Gerri V. Kampe Trust and Lynam, Jane E., trustee, to Schaefer, Kyle Matthew, 1433 N. 131st Avenue Circle, $300,000.

Lane, Richard D. and Joyce L. to Furrow, Brian and Christina, 15405 Hamilton St., $242,000.

Garner, Jill A. and Ryan, Tiffany to Keck, Jonathan T., 207 N. 117th Ave., $228,000.


Dunovan, Dorothy to Wilson, Susan, 4126 N. 139th St., $225,000.

Garcia, Erlinda V. to Carson, Benjamin J. and Porter, Haley J., 6618 N. 114th Ave., $154,650.

George J. Kubat Revocable Trust to Ngoeh, Pauline, 14238 Newport Ave., $165,000.

Sarpy County


Bowser, Anita Q. to Miller Way LLC, 1908 Jefferson St., $40,000.

Coleman Properties LLC to House, James M. and Susan, 2524 Madison St., $129,000.

Styl Properties Inc. to Baker, Benjamin, 405 W. 29th Ave., $131,000.

Urwin, Brian J. and Beth A. to Cisco, Lindsay and Jeremy, 406 E. 12th Ave., $184,000.

Cantell, Brandy M. to Babbitt, Melissa J., 1808 Pelton Ave., $160,000.

Rodriguez, Ricky Lee and Lori to Pecha, Audrey I., 604 Nob Hill Terrace, $140,000.

Erg Three Property LLC to TSW Holdings LLC, 101-107 W. 19th Ave., $265,000.

Longe, Brian A. and Simonds-Longe, Angela L. to JD Kamm Inc., 301 E. 17th Ave., $91,000.

Estes, Brandi Ruth to Garner, Michel E., 212 Bellevue Blvd. South, $200,000.


Huttmann, Timothy A. and Theresa A. to Peterson, Fredrick W. and Stacy A., 19831 S. 204th St., $18,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Jones, Christopher D. and Jessica E., 16924 Jessica Lane, $308,000.

Olson, Michael J. and Marcia J. to Dabney, Kyle and Tara, 12519 S. 218th St., $242,000.

Kirsch, Brandon M. and Abigail to KTS Holdings LLC, 20712 Frances St., $193,000.


Ghosh, Sheila V. and Hitendra to Magic Express LLC, 10555 Schram Road, $1,250,000.

Bentley, Ryan M. and Cindy R. to Stevens, Stacie N., 921 S. Harrison St., $175,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Koster, Charles and September, 10206 S. 105th Ave., $393,000.

Adams, Kyle J. and Summer S. to Nielsen, Christian J., 1009 Mesa Circle, $175,000.

Holdsworth, Brian James and Anna to Beasley, Veronica and Jameel, 1113 Delmar St., $180,000.

White, Vlinda M. to Kasselman, Jeffrey P. and Annette T., 2420 Big Sky Drive, $325,000.


Richardson, Kevin A. and Geissy J. to Bodden, Johney and Julieth, 14408 S. 28th St., $183,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Neuhaus, Jarrod and Sara, 13814 S. 50th St., $357,000.

Owens, Gwendolyn S. to Klein, Scott and Angela D., 3120 Daisy Circle, $183,000.

McLeod, Shawn K. to Stone, Gary D. and Elizabeth A., 11714 S. 27th St., $244,000.

Stifter, Joshua and Erin to Urwin, Brian J. and Beth, 14806 S. 20th St., $305,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Valdez, Robert E. Jr. and Brittany M., 1711 Mesa St., $250,000.

Pfannenstiel, Brent to Lanser, Lauren, 14417 S. 29th St., $205,000.

Fisher, Gregory A. and Sarah E. to Crowder, Whitney and Trevor W., 13511 S. 44th St., $300,000.

Dimick, Joshua C. and Layla M. to Hoffman, Benjamin and Amanda, 2908 Lynnwood Drive, $218,000.

Griffiths, Bridget and Joshua S. to Midland Trust Company as custodian FBO James R. Beamon Traditional IRA and James R. Beamon Roth IRA, 3118 Daisy Circle, $175,000.

Jefferson, Richard and Nancy to Brown, Jotham and Amber, 14120 S. 33rd Ave., $246,000.

Smith, Terry Diane to Reynolds, Travis and Norma, 3721 Leawood Drive, $190,000.

HBI LLC to Taylor, Erika R. and Cody A., 2722 Joann Ave., $250,000.


Tex, Eleanore and Ronald D. Sr., trustees, Eleanore Tex Revocable Trust to Sestak, Jerry and Mary Jane, trustees, Sestak Revocable Trust, 8813 S. 99th St., $263,000.

Olson, Tomas E. and Amy R. to Klug, David J. and Musick, Melissa A., 10002 Durkop St., $304,000.

Judkins, Laura E. to Escamilla, Brittny N., 7554 Elm Drive, $146,000.


Brennauer, Mary L. to Epps, Douglas E. and Barbara J., 4817 Coffey St., $330,000.

Fricke, Schyler D. and Courtney S. to Dvorak, Taylor and Patterson, Sara N., 8905 S. 66th Ave., $250,000.

Hodge, Clinton and Yumie to Bak, Shawn and Strong-Bak, Whitney, 2704 John St., $250,000.


Pine Crest Homes LLC to Marasco, Charles A., 11015 S. 187th St., $288,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Davidson, Neil and Tammi, 10913 S. 187th St., $295,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Steenbock, Lugene M., 8153 S. 188th St., $282,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Jorgensen, Ashley and Shawn J., 7802 S. 184th Terrace, $285,000.

Dearking, Michael and Amy to Johnson, Scott A. and Donna M., 17622 Prestwick Ave., $410,000.

Richland Homes LLC to McKean, Ryan A. and Shannon E., 8517 S. 169th St., $296,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Siegman, Kenneth P. and Sherry D., 8167 S. 186th St., $242,000.

Blakeslee, John and Kristin to Gonzales, Jordan and Ellen, 17017 Centennial Road, $300,000.

Wang, Ping Yen and Surina Louise to Berry, Douglas and Stephanie, 18811 Josephine St., $333,000.

Kohll, Kolene K. to Sales, Travis E. and Melody C., 9715 S. 176th St., $340,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Revers, Thomas A. and Anna L., 16860 Portal St., $312,000.

Dabney, Tara M. and Kyle to Peterson, Nathan, 16016 Robin Drive, $183,000.

Arcishewsky, Joseph A. III and Lara to Ferguson, Benjamin and Samantha, 8601 S. 163rd Ave., $260,000.

Groth, John P. and Sandra to Sutton, Patricia, 16408 Audrey St., $193,000.


Graham-Halbert, Belinda Joann and Halbert, Douglas Dee to True North Properties, 9016 Gary Circle, $92,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Tran, Le T., 11608 Glenn St., $331,000.

Taylor, Billie J. to Davis, William W. and Maureen K., trustees, Davis Family Trust, 14709 Emiline St., $165,000.

Higgins, Candace M. to Schwarz, Charles and Sharon, 12951 Lillian St., $150,000.

Stowell, Bryan L. and Anne M. to Sutherland, Warren D. Jr. and Denise, 13456 Margo St., $175,000.

Wavrin, Sean and Kristina to White, Zachary and Laura Grace, 15526 Newell St., $190,000.

Loghry, Leann R. and William K. Jr. to Bruns, Justin and Vecchio, Regan, 13108 Lillian St., $183,000.

Qualified Property Solutions LLC to Krzyzanowski, Trevor and Magill, Ciera, 13010 Edna St., $172,000.


HBI LLC to Ging, Eric R. and Michelle M., 910 Cary St., $15,000.

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