Douglas County


Ronspies, Elizabeth to Stormberg, Thomas D. and Elizabeth A., 8603 N. 153rd St., $173,500.

Horton, Brian P. and Jeanne M. to Morris, Shane Warren and Staack, Kelli Renee, 17213 Clay St., $295,000.

Samuelson, Timaree J. to Ray, Michael and Julie, 8205 N. 172nd St., $280,000.

Gilliland, Elizabeth M. and Richard V. to Santos, Michael J. and Andrea L., 8809 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $288,500.

Schreiner, Mike W. and Mary L. to Gilliland, Elizabeth, 8521 N. 153rd St., $175,500.

Tordrup, Shawn and Shauna D. to Filipowicz, Alexandria R., 15314 Mormon St., $183,000.

Constantino, Julian and Jessica R. to Derbish, Angela Jean, 8218 Kilpatrick Parkway, $307,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Hora, Corey B. and Laura J., 16253 Reynolds St., $346,313.

Miller, Mardi J. to Larry and Sandra Sturch Revocable Trust, 8705 N. 161st Place, $199,900.


Callaway Homes LLC to Johnson, Michael Alan and Lindsay Michelle, 2110 S. 210th St., $565,000.

Driver, Cathleen A., personal representative of Jenkins, Carla Rae estate, to Schmidt, Donavan P. and Roxie C., 20162 Farnam St., $295,000.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to Owen, Garrett, 18708 California St., $457,500.

R & A Builders Inc. to Haywood, John Michael and Kimberly, 21864 Marinda St., $848,000.

Visty, Tommy and Amanda to R & A Builders Inc., 1219 Ranch View Lane, $615,000.

Carstensen, Debbie L. to Maas, Benjamin and Lindsey, 1707 N. 214th St., $310,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Abrams, Jonathan and Latasha, 1305 S. 211th St., $474,000.

Thornton, Megan to Gade, Sumit and Sultania, Ishma, 928 S. 188th Court, $270,900.

Henry J. Sudbeck Builders Inc. to Lund, Nathan and Robin, 2603 N. 189th St., $322,954.

Charleston Homes LLC to Finken, Ryan J. and Melinda M., 20401 Saratoga Circle, $410,000.

Ritchison, Dustin A. and Lyndsey E. to Duffy, Kristine A., 18868 Mason Place, $300,000.

Walters, Bradley and Jessica to Solt, Ashley E., 556 S. 180th Ave., $330,000.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Hunter, Aaron J. and Anna L., 18517 Burdette St., $429,986.


Bluewater Development Corporation to Borner, Brady and Carrie, 5407 N. 292nd Circle, $199,000.

Law, Ernest L. to Dana Enterprises Inc., 120 E. Whittingham St., $105,000.


First State Bank to Jorgensen, Jason and Jamie, 2212 Thomas Drive, $31,500.


White, Margaret A. and James J. to Eastman, Scott Brian and Kara, 105 S. 9th St., $330,000.

Happ, Jeremy to Worley, Lance J., 300 S. 16th St., $210,000.


Reed, Lucian, personal representative of Evans, Mary F. estate, to KFM Properties LLC, 2715 N. 45th St., $46,000.

Sammons, Jerry L. and Dorie K. to SJB Realty LLC, 3808 N. 60th St., $126,000.

Paul, Paul and Ter, Say to Nguyen, Jonathon and Min, Hsa, 4137 N. 55th St., $81,000.

Wohleb, Joshua Steven to Sommer, Logan James, 6354 Parker St., $145,000.

Martinez, Queno M. and Jennifer L. to Kable, Matthew and Chambers-Kable, Rebecca, 2531 N. 60th Ave., $202,500.

Cano, Ruben to Swanson, James F. Jr., 2511 N. 65th Ave., $135,000.

Larson, Kara to Brubaker, Kyle Douglas and Claire Elizabeth, 2711 N. 48th Ave., $140,000.

Ucheagwu, Carol A. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 3519 N. 45th Ave., $55,000.

Kersenbrock, Dorothy M. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 6162 Ogden St., $85,000.

Armstead, Bernadette to Williams, Craig and Tamesha, 5813 N. 61st Ave., $160,000.


Winter, James to Turpen, James and Dacey, Brenna, 3026 S. 34th St., $176,400.

Good Life Properties LLC to Fairchild, Jared, 532 S. 26th Ave., $215,000.

Devaney, Jerry E. and Scott A. to Perry, James Joe, 4404 Oak St., $154,600.

Adams, Alice to Gomez, Shawn T., 2904 Frederick St., $83,500.

Leeling, Nicholas L. to Norton, Brenda J., 2808 S. 32nd Ave., $90,000.

Vansant, Leonard T. III and Barnes, Mary K. to Hall, Jordan and Yablonski, Mary Kate, 4317 Grover St., $132,000.

Canning, Andrew R. and Gabrielle to Vetter, Todd B. and Sharon K., 812 S. 35th Ave., $182,600.

Matheny, Jeffrey J. to Nelsen, Sally and Tran, Thu, 3263 Vinton St., $108,000.


Baker, John Stephen to Real Growth LLC, 5636 Emile St., $143,000.

Walden-McDaniel, Gloria J. and McDaniel, Thomas A. to Winter, Denise K. and Gary, 5445 Spring St., $170,000.

Willoughby, Darrel to SIU LLC, 5427 Frederick St., $92,000.

Goltl, Mary J. to Wester, Colleen, 4516 Grover St., $150,000.

Little, Daniel J. and Stephanie to Perry, Mason B. and Mabry, Emma E., 4848 Hickory St., $242,000.

Ratino, Richard M. to Fulton, Joel, 6214 Oak St., $162,000.

Miklas, Joseph M. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 1931 S. 50th St., $90,000.

Custard, Traci and Christopher J. to Hancock, Susan M. and Shaun P., 6125 Elm St., $157,000.


Henrietta Brandel Family Trust to Jackson, Todd C. and Mamie J., 6007 S. 41st Ave., $141,000.

Bernady, James E. and Fox-Bernady, Ronda J. to Jackson, Todd C. and Mamie J., 6002 S. 41st Ave., $141,000.

20191 WY-34 LLC to Harwood, Jeffrey J., 6626 Sunshine Drive, $145,000.

Ady, William A. and Deboraha to Contreras, Rafael, 3912 S. 25th St., $31,000.

Chester, Paul F. and Cindy A. to Miramontes, Mario D. Montano, 4127 T St., $124,900.

Hake, Melissa S. to Quintero-Estrada, Oscar Ivan, 3535 Polk St., $174,800.

Bel Fury Investment Group LLC to Swanson, Jessica, 5135 S. 41st St., $105,000.

Povondra, Robert F., personal representative of Seaton, William I. estate, to Root, Ann Marie and Povondra, Robert, 3918 Drexel St., $56,000.

Mchomesolutions LLC to YK II Holdings LLC, 1308 Garfield St., $100,000.

Peters, David C. and Janis E. to Peters, Gregory T., 2621 E St., $126,000.

Landeros, Mary J. to Puentes, Jose Saul and Bibiana, 3914 S. 23rd St., $82,500.


Jurek, Leonard to Jurek, Amanda M. and Sarah R., 2817 S. 3rd St., $90,000.

CT and Son LLC to Jaimes, Erendira, 3003 S. 21st St., $31,000.

South O Joe LLC to Menjivar, Julio Ismael Castillo and Cuellar, Rosa Elia Tobar, 3408 S. 13th St., $70,000.


Edwards, Eloise to Sanders, T.H., 4127 N. 19th St., $17,000.


Ripper LLC to Arreguin, Valentin Sarabia, 3749 Himebaugh Ave., $79,950.

Finch, James E. and Claris L. to Davison, Luke, 2218 N. 37th St., $20,500.

Tobia, Milton L. and Guevara, Gladis Ondina Ortiz to Kerr, Laura, 4021 Nebraska Ave., $76,500.

Perez, Rodolfo Garcia to Jaimes, Andy Benitez, 4311 N. 39th St., $15,000.

T&B Jams LLC to Yellow Door LLC, 4264 Wirt St., $57,000.


Chvala, Susan, conservator of Fitzgerald, Florence L. estate, to Zenk, Eugene D. III, 7714 N. 30th St., $92,500.

Edquist, Keith B. to Newflorence LLC, 2916 Mormon St., $121,900.

Halbert, Irene F. to Thomas, Tylor, 2449 Titus Ave., $125,000.

Daves Rentals LLC to Jones, Ronald and Bonnie, 2872 Weber St., $119,000.


McThaney Properties LLC to KCKB Properties LLC, 828 N. 107th Ave., $110,000.

Ding, Hongfen and Li, Runzhou to Yu, Xiaoyi, 725 N. 75th St., $175,000.


Slizinski, Judith A. to Gamble, Jeffrey L. and Mary Kathryn, 5709 N. 158th St., $260,000.

Baulisch, Daniel Joseph and Mary Beth to Newcomer, Chase J. and Kati L., 15118 Martin Ave., $275,000.

Millard, Phyllis and McCance, Donald to Monaghan, Darlene M., 15001 Tibbles St., $229,000.

Monaghan, Darlene to Buchan, Dorothy J., 4324 N. 174th Ave., $270,000.

Smith, Gary W. and Carroll L. to Podobnik, Maxine L., 15215 Nebraska Ave., $299,000.

Ann D. Pfeifler Revocable Trust to Nystrom, Kelly K., 14726 Hartman Place, $245,000.

Layne, Talmadge D. and Jennie to Benda, Amber N., 4617 N. 175th Ave., $202,500.

Richland Homes LLC to Schulze, Eric and Jessamie, 5604 N. 153rd St., $330,141.

Schenk, Anthony J.D. and Amy L. to Osborne, Joel William and Renata, 14479 Sherwood Ave., $296,000.

Finneran, Sean J. and Sarah M. to Daum, Darren J. and Emily S., 6318 N. 148th St., $191,000.

Petersen, Marcia L. to Wilkins, Craig D. and Shelly L., 4217 N. 176th Ave., $225,000.

Soraya, Azita and Martin, Tim to Bravo, Antonio and Aneth, 4803 N. 152nd St., $256,500.

Montoya, Lashawn M. and David M. to Buckley, Benjamin D. and Kelsie L., 4220 N. 166th St., $281,000.

Varkony, Iris to Davis, Mary Katherine and Powell, Ryan A., 4616 N. 144th Ave., $178,900.

Spanheimer, Kathryn J. to Smith, Kelli, 4458 N. Branch Drive, $230,000.

Monjaras, Philip R. and Jennifer J. to Foit, Jonathan, 4638 N. 155th Ave., $183,500.

HBI LLC to Ray, Ted O. and Tina M., 15074 Bedford Ave., $200,000.

Bell, Corinna L. to Briggs, Daniel and Jennifer, 16838 Browne Circle, $197,500.

Gregory, Steven M. and Laura J. to Gregory, Steven M. and Laura J., 2622 N. 166th St., $99,854.

Wiechman, Daniel and Kennicutt Wiechman, Justina L. to Uptmor, Kyle, 15954 Meredith Ave., $265,000.

JHBF LLC to Belt Construction Co. Inc., 3215 N. 177th St., $80,000.

Dasgupta, Prithviraj and Arunima to Rafaiejokandan, Mostafa and Bakhtiari, Fariba, 2623 N. 157th St., $375,000.

Ausdemore, Carrie to Nuzum, Joel and Amber, 4149 N. 146th Court, $133,025.

Olson, Spencer David to Ellwanger, Andrew D. and Dineen, Mary K., 14461 Grand Ave., $185,000.

Davis, Robert J. and Grace Brodie to McEvoy, Nicholas and Brianna, 16126 Spencer St., $550,000.

Hanson, John J. and Donna J. to Schneider, Jeffrey and Mary, 3722 N. 157th Circle, $230,000.


Judy-Stobbe, Melody L. to Tavera, Javier Serrno, 5214 S. 49th St., $185,000.

Polak, Cecilia Marie to Polak, Emil J. and Stephen J., 5002 S. 49th St., $61,000.

R and B Kocanda Family Trust and Kocanda, Bernice A., trustee, to E.M.A. Properties LLC, 5208 Y St., $145,000.

HBI LLC to Bel Fury Investments Group LLC, 5249 S. 52nd St., $38,554.

Barrera Rentals I LLC to Garcia, Esmeralda and Rogel, Anthony Valencia, 4884 S. 50th Ave., $130,000.


Stefanski Family Revocable Trust to Brunos Ranch & Spa LLC, 121 S. 173rd Ave., $380,000.

Seymour, Glenn G. and Tracy S. to Xue, Bing and Chen, Jie, 168 S. 167th St., $430,000.

Bradfield, Michelle A. to Ciochon, Mark A. and Trina, 15718 Westchester Circle, $165,000.


Ulrich, Karen P. to Joseph M. and Rita M. Craig Trust 7403 N. 89th St., $215,000.

Cunningham, Larry L. Jr. and Lauri A. to Gurung, Dhan and Kaushila, 7210 N. 90th St., $183,000.

Anding, Galen M. and Chang-Anding, Michelle L. to Diaz Rodrigues, Mariana E., 7162 N. 81st Place, $180,000.

Carr, Carlos Sr. and Octavia L. to Kracht, Justin J. and Gottwals, Jessica, 7526 N. 82nd Circle, $180,000.


Salerno, Rita M. and Dukes, Gina M. to Robb, Elliott and Stanley, Nicholas, 3102 S. 72nd Ave., $162,500.

Martin, Steven S. and Haddad, Amy M. to Fredericks, Todd and Tricia, 9605 Oak Circle, $695,000.

Stewart, Jeremy W. and Nancy V. to Jones, Knox S. and Anastasia E., 8315 Loveland Drive, $775,000.

Foit, Jonathan to Hohensee, Kathy and Randy, 8718 Westridge Drive, $150,000.

Geraldine A. Weir Living Trust and Weir, Scott, trustee, to Plaza, Kathryne C., 2829 Westgate Road, $164,800.

G&T Westridge Investments LLC to Bradley, Jason M. and Stacey A. M., 8708 B St., $160,000.

Swanda, Robert G. Jr. and Kathleen A. to Dominguez, Gonzalo Vargas and Cortes, Carolina Maldonado, 2909 Westgate Road, $120,000.

Burchfield, Kip to Reddy, Arun Kanmantha and Buddam, Avanija, 7801 Hickory Circle, $510,000.


Baber, Larry R. and Susan K. to Menke, Jamie N. and Pottebaum, Nick J., 10516 V St., $180,000.

Shannon, Terry L. and Suzanne M. to Morton, Gary and Ursula, 9322 Monroe St., $269,500.


Lund, Nathan and Robin to Shepherd, Timothy R. and Rita K., 15605 Hickory St., $285,000.

Jensen, Cheryl A. to Harvey, Cedric B. and Sarah K., 18917 Ontario St., $209,000.

Vaka, Jagan Mohan and Sappa, Durga Pavani to Jones, Maureen and Megan A., 3704 S. 182nd St., $370,000.

Comer, Megan Jo and Eric Bud to Flowers, Shawn R. and Little, Stephanie M., 16211 Dorcas St., $189,500.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Revered Home Solutions LLC, 2930 S. 157th Circle, $134,000.

Sitikas, Magdalene to Studer, Stephanie M., 1279 S. 164th St., $174,000.

Miller, Christopher G. and Lizabeth L. to Vihstadt, James and Debbie, 18406 Pasadena Ave., $415,000.

Salcedo, Martin and Stacy to Garcia, Marco Antonio and Ramirez, Patricia Martinez, 2112 S. 165th Ave., $241,900.


Larson, Thomas J. Jr. and Colleen M. to Light Bulb Realty & Investments LLC, 3136 Chicago St., $130,000.


Joyce Whipp, Sean P. and Tara J. to Margaret and Kenneth Sailors Revocable Trust, 323 S. 49th Ave., $203,000.

Glantz, Lisa K. to Red Ladder LLC, 7030 Hamilton St., $115,000.

Moucka, Cassandra L. and Jason D. to Fontenot, Brittin Joel, 6752 Charles St., $155,000.


Mollner, Michael McMahon to Weber, Benjamin J. and McKeone, Emily C., 3725 N. 86th St., $205,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Armsbury, Garhett, 9614 Maple Drive, $150,000.

Harold J. Kuehn Trust and Nancy A. Kuehn, trustee, to Langel, Jacob and Meghan, 2025 N. 101st Circle, $320,500.

Warren, Brent to Foehrweiser, Jamie and Nicole, 8941 Miami St., $75,000.

Markos, Matthew E. and Olson, Angela R. to Swanson, Stanford James and Saodat Malikovna, 9922 Cady Ave., $249,000.

Nickos, Robert William and Holly to Weber, Mark and Patricia, 7851 Maple St., $180,000.

Larsen, Gregg A. to Faber, Jessalynn and Mary, 10513 Nebraska Ave., $215,000.

Griffiths, Evan M. and Angelica M. to Siso, Mauro and Jaris, 10006 Emmet St., $195,500.


McIntosh, Michael and Sharon to Johnson, Dennis and Rexene, 4423 S. 173rd St., $315,000.

Edstrom, Dennis J. and Rhonda K. to Matheny, Michael D., 4305 S. 193rd St., $333,000.

Gralheer, Brian and Kate E. to Brooks, Nicholas James and Rutherford, Brittany Elise, 18828 Washington St., $202,000.

Shriver, David L. and Glenda L. to Jensen, Dan and Cheryl, 5417 S. 163rd Ave., $315,000.

Slabs LLC to Kastl, Paul William, 19104 U St., $192,000.

Burress, Shawn Patrick and Lahrs Burress, Jennifer L. to Sojka, Brad and Jessica, 17513 J St., $319,000.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to Jah LLC, 19102 K St., $154,000.

Rosario, Beth A. and Rafael III to Burt, Derek M., 16929 M Circle, $257,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Jensen, David L. and Tamara S., 6607 S. 199th Ave., $365,050.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Furler, Joshua M. and Katrina, 6215 S. 193rd St., $276,000.

Cole, Matthew D. and Jennifer L. to Russell, Joseph Donald and Jennifer Michelle, 4618 S. 178th St., $202,000.

Miller, Susan K. and John D. to Farley, Kevin and Meg, 16458 Madison St., $241,000.

Anderson, Heather and Johnson, James to Derr, Nicholas J. and Marianne F., 4569 S. 176th Ave., $213,500.

Fischer, Eric J. and Alexandra to Tesar, Joseph and Cowles, Joline, 18767 Holmes St., $221,000.

King, Donald P. and Lynda A. to Vytlas, Eric and Cora, 17203 Adams St., $315,000.

Culton, Dustin J. and Jennifer L. to Seibert, Robert M. and Michelle L., 4922 S. 186th Ave., $239,900.

Petrovich, Alexander R. and Sara G. to Staroska, Kenneth J. and Robin A., 6207 S. 161st St., $285,000.


Pestryakova, Larissa to Pestryakova, Larissa and Rezai, Sultan, 6381 S. 139th Avenue Circle, $70,000.

Kleitz, Don Christopher and Nissa Marie to Dostal, Kyle and Nelson, Alexa, 12930 Old Cherry Road, $220,000.

Neuvirth, Nathan R. to Martinez, Marco Antonio Maldonado, 13560 V Circle, $185,000.

Crampton, Clayton and Skeahan, Heather to Lopez, Mayra and Iban, 5708 S. 137th St., $163,000.

Riley, Jeffrey M. and Michelle R. to Riley, Linda J., 12136 N St., $26,515.

Riley, Jason P. and Carrie L. to Riley, Linda J., 12136 N St., $26,515.

Riley, Julie A. to Riley, Linda J., 12136 N St., $26,515.

Byrd, Ryan S. and Erin to Weston, Tammy J., 14826 H St., $293,000.

Strupp, Michael S. and Stephanie L. to Legon, David A. Gonzalez and Perez, Odalys Cartaya, 15335 Allan Drive, $212,000.

Jones, Nathan A. and Abbey M. to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 12248 P St., $115,000.

Ault, Cynthia L. to Hattam, Taylor and Lamb, Aaron, 5135 S. 126th Place, $125,000.

Heravi, Jamshid and Amena to Hike, Jeremy J. and Mindy, 4504 S. 146th St., $200,000.

Do, Tu Duy and Tran, Michelle to Jones, Nathan A. and Abbey M., 13554 W Circle, $170,000.


Herrig, Callie B. to Wegner, Natasha and Gjertson, Gene, 7416 N. 110th Ave., $185,000.

Kelley, Bill D. and Peggy A. to Eisenreich, Joe and Linda, 7119 N. 139th St., $267,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Tengue, Missoude, 14314 Wood Valley Drive, $257,103.


Lehotyak, John M. II and Anna K. to Cowles, David P. and Lindsey I., 11327 Arbor St., $225,000.

Enenbach, Jacob A. and Catherine to Stowe, Alex D. and Maresh, Abby M., 3322 S. 118th St., $235,000.

Stockton, Joel V. and Karen M. to Grubesic, Thomas W. and Christine H., 2110 S. 145th Circle, $265,000.

Hakari, Wesley J. and Debra D. to Monaco, Sandra L., 2312 S. 113rd St., $237,000.

Phillips, Robert A. and Ashley J. to Barrett, Wattana, 3203 S. 122nd St., $177,000.

O&H Investments A LLC to Syas, Matthew L., 12905 A St., $165,000.

Stuifbergen, John G. and Jaclyn M. to Dayton, Maxwell K. and Bishop, Kellie N., 1706 S. 133rd St., $233,000.

Forcade, Christopher M. and Elizabeth F. to Gabrielson, Gary and Jennifer, 1607 S. 136th St., $175,000.

Pederson, Tony A. and True, Danielle M. to McCoy, Chatta R. and Marcus, 3024 S. 134th Ave., $145,000.


Quinn, Timothy E. and Shiela J. to Peterson, Jacob Allan, 6005 Bennie Day Road, $345,000.

Mackenzie, Ann D. and Crews, Ann D. to McPherson, Kyle, 7448 N. 55th Place, $124,900.


Delores A. Woodworth Revocable Trust to Cho, Seoyoung, 716 Piedmont Drive, $225,000.

Wright, Darrell and Crystal to Mortensen, Amy and Steven, 911 N. 121st St., $289,900.

Converse, Jerel J. and Amber N. to Cano, Ruben M. Jr. and Claudia A., 724 N. 155th Ave., $242,500.

Flynn, Mary Beth to Carlson, Kalen A., 12727 West Dodge Road, $95,000.

Mainelli, Grace and Peter to Bracht, Andrew J., 11112 Farnam St., $190,000.

Birnstihl, Courtney C. and Jason D. to Leckron, Verl E. and Leone C., 12727 West Dodge Road, $132,000.


McNeese, Luke V. and Shelby J. to Rashan, Osama, 5018 N. 126th Ave., $185,000.

Skiermont, Adam and Kara to Grennan, Jodi Ann and Peetz, Dwaine III, 13334 Miami St., $144,400.

Boston, Dylan D. and Amber E. to Poler, Ted and Jaclyn J., 11752 Raleigh Drive, $205,000.

Gorden, Corey M. and Emily M. to Hashem, Mohamad and Faiz Khaled, 2608 N. 112th Ave., $180,000.

Mattice, Mitchell and Megan to Rowland, Kerri, 12964 Lark St., $189,000.

Warren, Margaret J. to Peterson, Sherry, 12068 Locust St., $175,000.

Cortez, Ernest and Michelle to Kroupa, Michael E. and Molly A., 2220 N. 127th Circle, $192,000.

* * *

Sarpy County


Hoschar Family Living Trust to Cleary, Robert Kyle and Casie Anne, 2104 Van Buren St., $100,000.

Willis, Jason Michael to Willis, Jason Michael and Forney, Kelly, 2306 Robbie Ave., $92,000.

Richardson, Anna L. and Jonathan P. to Harvey, Lacy, 211 Douglas Drive, $190,000.

Atkins, Adrienne and Singley, Anthony to Browning, Brandon L., 1502 Franklin St., $188,000.

Meno, David Lee and Heidi Jo to Velasquez, Taija J., 415 E. 19th Ave., $256,000.

Putney, Casey S. and Shannon L. to Watson, Savannah Jane, 1101 Bluff St., $183,000.

Swaney, Scott and Victoria to Marren, Rosemary and Savage, Christy, 1712 Bellevue Blvd. N., $179,000.

Eckman, Joanne to Ruiz, Jesus Cortes and Mancinas, Eunice, 308 Douglas Drive, $180,000.


Votava, Shawn N. and Brooke F. to Baldwin, Paul William and Amanda Ruth, 21314 Castlerock Lane, $310,000.

Eagle Custom Ranch Homes Inc. to Reid Casey, 19312 Robin Drive, $325,000.

Bridgeport Development LLC to Marasco, P.C., 18240 Cheyenne Road and 10007 S. 184 St., $176,000.

Hoffman, Steve E. and Tara E. to Baxter, Kevin C. and Leanne C., 20915 Birch St., $195,000.

Gonzalez, Alejandro and Teresa E. to Carmax Auto Superstores Inc., 8122 S. 193rd St., $324,000.

Carmax Auto Superstores Inc. to Malone, Troy and Kimberly, 8122 S. 193rd St., $324,000.

Votek, Michael J. and Lisa K. to Holeton, Matthew and Heather, 21104 Shiloh Drive, $275,000.

Zezulka, Thomas and Teena to Lawler, Brian L. Jr. and Brandi K., 11730 S. 210th St., $244,000.

Serfass, Jeffrey R. and Pamela J. to Schuler, Stephen A. and Brianne E., 8117 S. 194th St., $325,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Engel, Teresa V., 16951 Doreen St., $256,000.

Kiner, Curtis A. II and Noe, Machelle to Batliner, Christopher and Erin, 7118 S. 194th St., $410,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Eades, Kyle, 19710 Redwood St., $439,000.

Schacher, Jo Ann to Van Tine, Roy, 21002 Schofield Drive, $291,000.

Ruff, Melissa L. and Carsten R. to Adams, Mary and Michael, 21526 Amber Circle, $305,000.


Christiansen, Dennis A. and Kathleen to Schultz, Amy M., 807 Fort Circle, $240,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Becker, Jacob and Barbara, 11610 Schirra St., $406,000.

Dunham, Brandon and Traci to Hoover, Jason and Vicki D., 801 Edgewater Drive, $200,000.

Ofstedal, Nathan W. and Johanna Claire to Hill, Nicholas M., 902 Renee Ave., $198,000.

Liddell, Richard T. and Gay D. to Hunter, Bret and Mooney, Kimberly B., 718 Donegal Drive, $208,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Vigneron, Brandon and Cynthia, 11609 S. 110th St., $359,000.

Politte, Vincent L. and Mona R. to Muck, Edwin L. Jr. and Catherine, 505 Fox Circle Lane, $309,000.

Griffin Homes Inc. to Kerekes, Kevin and Cody, 10202 S. 105th Ave., $415,000.

Cattau, Nickolas A. and Christine D. to Leonard, Patrick M. and Kelly M., 1014 Suzanne Ave., $232,000.

Jensen, John David and Marion Joan to Cattau, Nickolas and Christine, 313 S. Fillmore St., $300,000.

McQueen, Francis to Andersen, Steven H. and Carol A., 12368 S. 78th St., $375,000.

Terry A. Stotts Revocable Trust and Regina M. Stotts Revocable Trust to Dufrane, Robert F. and Caitlin A., 707 N. Madison St., $315,000.

Czapla, Billy L. and Denise D. to Duplechin, Jesse L. and Beutler, Kelsey L., 701 N. Aberdeen Drive, $290,000.

King, Matthew and Christiana to Carver, Nicholas and Sarah, 7619 Reed St., $373,000.

Spellman, Thomas R. and Brynda L. to Feldmann, Jay R. and Lindsey J., 2340 Big Sky Drive, $340,000.

Dillon, Crystal to Heizer, Kurt and Cindy, 900 Crest Road, $145,000.

Gibler Properties Inc. to Snyder, June and Mendoza, Hector, 7205 James Ave., $146,000.

Snedeker, David M. and Becky S. to Gashi, Xhevdet and Valentina, 12328 S. 73rd Ave., $335,000.

VanCleave, Jody and Kathy to Keller, Austin, 900 S. Taylor St., $225,000.

King, Jeffrey G. and Nancy Fae O. to Forbes, Rik, 8120 Swallowtail St., $375,000.


Johnson, Darrel and Janice to Ganzel, Kimberly M., 475 Valley Drive, $150,000.

Carlson, Michael to Proffitt, Dallin J. and Smith Proffitt, Brea R., 200 N. 8th St., $187,000.


Seeley, David A. III and Shawna L. to Kitt, Deven M. and Megan L., 3720 Lawnwood Drive, $193,000.

Heyen, Renae L. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 11802 S. 33rd St., $116,000.

Olson, John Douglas to Bossman, David William and Dorothy Marie, 9701 S. 20th St., $248,000.

Simpson, Brittany Leigh and Fieguth, Jacob to Byrd, Tony and Kari, 13805 S. 44th St., $205,000.

Duguay, Shane and Fonteyn Duguay, Jennifer to Eyer, Stewart and Kelly, 13801 S. 22nd Circle, $334,000.

Schaffer, Christain R. and Lisa A. to Martin, Charles D. and Pamela M., 13804 S. 22nd Circle, $333,000.

Carlson, Kyle J. and Tawny H. to Terrell, Daniel Lee 1 and Terrell Hunter, Kelly Ann, 10906 S. 18th St., $232,000.

Thompson, William Oliver and Amanda S. to Ring, Paul and Stephanie, 13302 S. 32nd Circle, $184,000.

Waite, Michael J. to Eastman, Paula, 2102 Annabelle Drive, $260,000.

Wright, Scott M. and Brooke to Putney, Casey and Shannon, 2011 Meadowlark Lane, $332,000.

Whitney, Nicholas W. and Joanna J. to Bowler, Daniel and Kaycie, 13802 S. 43rd St., $215,000.

Weddington, Harry E. and Nancy E. to Nelson, Jeffrey Allen and Kelli Joann, 13609 S. 40th Circle, $253,000.

Fahrer, Thomas and Mary to Gorman, Robert and Cathie F., 9803 S. 28th St., $287,000.

Spade, Jayson Matthew and Lucy Ann to Sotomayor Colon, Paulino and Santiago Burgos, Sharon N., 2303 Pilgrim Drive, $260,000.

McGill, Traci to Powell, Michelle, 3268 Tammy St., $204,000.

Lynes, Jacob Matthew and Kiersten Rochelle to Sykes, Jared and Brianne, 2507 Joann Ave., $275,000.

Gonzalez Kruger, Gloria E. and Kruger, David G. to Johnson, Doug and Beverly, 13105 S. 26th Ave., $228,000.

Kathman Family Funnel Trust to Whitsett, Jeffrey W. and Jessica L., 11807 Amos Gates Drive, $267,000.

Jongeling, Ashley M. to Jones, Benjamin E. and Morgan R., 3315 Duane Ave., $188,000.

Dempsey, Darrel Jr. and Danielle to Cruz, Romaldo and Nicole Marie, 3211 Henery Circle, $180,000.

Vanzante, Matthew W. and Nicole A. to Walls, Dustin Wade and Cristina Zamarripa, 3805 Joann Ave., $179,000.

Wilhite, Holly and Justin to Wysoske, Matthew and Yates, Brenda, 14210 Tregaron Drive, $280,000.

Soper, Shawna L. to Hale, Jonathan S. and Jacobo, Karla, 2508 Hogantown Drive, $199,000.

Sandoval, Nathan T. and Lisa R. to Mustard, Christopher A. and Meghan K., 2203 Meadowlark Lane, $346,000.

Kalinowski, Benjamin C. and Gina R. to Allen, Jacob, 3109 Blackhawk Drive, $182,000.

Beasley Family Funnel Trust to Evans, Sean and Ashley, 2807 Arrowhead Lane, $170,000.

Tipton, Jeremy L. and Abby to Palrang, Austin Daniel and Mariah, 3401 Redwing Drive, $211,000.

Navarra, Gerald V. Jr. to Kazmierski, Kelly, 13008 S. 24th St., $185,000.

1 Chron 29:11 LLC to Albert, Christopher Aaron and Joanna Marjorie, 2613 Coffey Ave., $235,000.

Adamoyurka, Gary P. and Pamela M. to Fernandez, Sterling and Rebecca, 2105 Oriole Drive, $285,000.


Larandeau, John D. and Robyn K. to Sullivan, Michael L. and Fiona, 10303 Frederick Circle, $383,000.

Schulz, Marc A. and Joy E. to Ortgiesen, Rodney and Denise, 8425 S. 101st St., $310,000.

Johnson, Tony L. and Melissa J. to Smith, Isaac Jacob and Lisa Kathleen, 7208 Peters St., $250,000.

Call, James to Gibler Properties Inc., 7001 S. 69th St., $92,000.

Fehringer, Scott and M. Victoria to Mixan, Brad, 8118 S. 92nd Ave., $285,000.

Moore, Colleen K., personal representative of Langle, Darlene P. estate, to Cruz Alfaro, Jordan and Jenessa, 9810 Melissa St., $230,000.

Peyton, Paul D. and Hinton, Jennifer to Welty, Peggy Ann, 7418 S. 70th St., $131,000.

Pena, Adam and Danielle D. to Brink, Matthew D. and Welch, Jamie L., 8414 S. 105th St., $330,000.

Thomas, Richard B. to Mirazizov, Akbar and Sanchez, Laura, 7413 S. 94th St., $319,000.

Michael A. Witkowski Revocable Trust to Ackles, Dean Arthur, 7403 S. 101st Ave., $430,000.

Gruber, Melvin E. and Joen C. to Rangel, Maria D., 7704 S. 87th St., $124,000.

Hobbs, David J. and Pamela A. to Brown, Casey and Daniela, 8762 Pine Drive, $175,000.


Pleggenkuhle, Daryl A. and Susan to LaFleur, Peter J. and Michele R., 2004 Crest Ridge Drive, $350,000.

Mills, Kevin A. and Cheryl A. to LRIC Properties LLC, 4803 Capehart Road, $300,000.

Chilbert, Justen D. and Michelle D. to Dorn, Gene R. and Carolyn K., 1805 Atlas Drive, $327,000.

Layne, Thomas E. and Merianne E. to Peterman, Christopher L. and Aubree E., 4508 Sheridan Road, $308,000.

Denman, Camala Marie to Russell, Matthew T., 6753 Ridgewood Drive, $263,000.

Koch, Shawn T. and Lori L. to Mackinder, Steven L. and Jillian S., 206 Longwood Drive, $290,000.

Pickette, Michael J. and Lori B. to David E. & Helen D. Edwards Trust, 4910 Lake Forest Drive, $408,000.

Larson, Tyler J. and Laura J. to Kresl, Zachary E. and Katelyn M., 401 Charleston Drive, $196,000.

Hobbs, Jessie P. and Sandra A. to Kern, Daniel and Jennifer, 4506 Edgerton Drive, $320,000.

Nelsen, Terri and Jeffery to Qadri, Rashidunnisa and Syed Faiz, 6602 Michael Circle, $245,000.

Ellis, Bethany D. and Robert C. to Raughton, Jonathan B. and Leanne M., 112 Wilma Road, $288,000.

Forbes, Rik G. to Ceballos Ceballos, Jeni K. and Torres Vega, Jesus Antonio, 210 Citadel Drive, $187,000.

Hermsen, Daniel J. and Karlie M. to Yurgil, Mark and Jacqueline, 1305 Troy St., $328,000.


Runnels, Jordan and Jodi to Mosqueda, David and Alexa Danielle, 17105 Palisades Drive, $297,000.

JMF LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 11008 S. 175th Ave., $44,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Vaiskunas, Zachary J. and Volkens, Vanessa L., 18908 Greenleaf St., $292,000.

JMF LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 10916 S. 175th Ave., $44,000.

Reeves, Richard W. Jr. and Sarah M. to Barenberg, Austin and Jennifer, 18016 Josephine St., $199,000.

Silva, Raul and Peggy A. to Greet, Glenn and Laura A., 18619 Emiline St., $363,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Laux Daniels, Shannon R., 18611 Blackwalnut St., $289,000.

Hermsen, Kevin P. and Amber R. to Hatcher, Jonathan D. and Katie M., 17209 Musket St., $267,000.

Weeman, Scott and Casey to Clements, Joseph and Lissa, 16002 Gertrude St., $318,000.

Papek, Julie N. and Scott F. to Kampschneider, Derek and Kylie, 17901 Grenefefe Ave., $287,000.

Hatcher, Jonathan and Katie to Perry, Robert and Dana, 10607 S. 188th St., $397,000.

Kampschneider, Derek and Kylie to Loza, Angela R., 16128 Briar St., $185,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Mai, Michael and Huynh, Wendy, 18353 Merion Drive, $433,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Culton, Dustin J. and Jennifer L., 18462 Greenleaf St., $363,000.

Vytlas, Eric A. and Cora R. to Woockman, William B. and Allison M., 16412 Cary St., $235,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Tallant, Robert L. Sr. and Patrice S., 7821 S. 184th St., $328,000.

Rangel, Werner E. and Maria D. to Babias, Andrei and Monica, 7358 S. 183rd St., $235,000.

Ramig, Michelle R. and Jeff to Wren, Mason J. and Alyson M., 17753 Lillian St., $186,000.

Brandt, Jordan and Eva to Rebsom, Christopher, 16409 Willow St., $282,000.

Knapczyk, Wayne and Norma to Instefjord, Jon C. and Rockwell, Lori A., 7205 S. 180th Ave., $215,000.

Morris, Kelan D. to Wright, Laurie L. and Godek, Michael T., 17226 Musket St., $270,000.

Leach, Sean and Andrea to Ryan, Jake and Amy, 18733 Chandler St., $310,000.

Hunzeker, Todd C. and Reva M. to Brandt, Jordan and Eva E., 10610 S. 188th St., $420,000.

Carr, Amy and Kalen to Small, Karli, 16601 Heather St., $255,000.

Schenck, Richard E. and Ann L. to Coghill, Margaret and Randy Dean, 8107 S. 167th St., $265,000.

Douglas H. and Alicia C. Kenyon Living Trust to Peery, Ana, 7804 S. 171st St., $330,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Johnson, Benjamin D. and Darla J., 18326 Hampton Drive, $360,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Olberding, John and Taylor, 18902 Birch Ave., $265,000.

Hallgren, Andrea E. to Peterson, Scott and Capion, Mindy, 8119 S. 190th Ave., $290,000.

Wheeler, Christine E. and Rutherford, Mark David to Decamp, Stephen M. and Suzan J., 16618 Edna St., $305,000.


Leinen, Charles L. and Christi L. to Collins, William J. Jr. and Sarah J., 15107 Greene Ave., $173,000.

Hendrix, Brett Allen to Brokering, Paul and Edgell, Sarah, 7602 S. 139th Ave., $232,000.

Cesh LLC to Clark, Mark Alan Jr. and Kendra Leah, 13531 Redwood St., $190,000.

Hitchler, Tyler J. and Breanna L. to Zaharias, David A., 13313 Emiline St., $185,000.

Pelster, Curtis P. and Roxann M. to Jankovits, Cody J., 8902 S. 143rd St., $170,000.

Lewis, Bill Briggs and Dylan Rae to Jones, Andrew Edward and Alicia Ava Victoria, 14115 Edna Circle, $285,000.

Coghill, Randy D. and Margaret E. to Boysen, Ken and Smith, Georjene, 15509 Margo St., $185,000.

Albers, Timothy Gerald and Danae Marie to Spoto, Dana M. and McDowell, Terry L., 15114 Irene St., $173,000.

Ryan, Jacob L. and Amy to Salha, Amer Omar and Sheri Lynn, 7005 S. 132nd Ave., $163,000.

Lewis, Jennifer and Zachariah to Gorospe, Philip John, 7108 S. 228th St., $170,000.

Fagan, Michael J. and Katie L. to Wyman, Crystal and Doug, 14108 Edna Circle, $238,000.

Wiebelhaus, Scott and Brittany to Petersen, Trevor, 7601 S. 136th St., $195,000.

Jones, Debra to Walters, Jonathan, 13424 Grissom St., $92,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Schaeffer, Nicholas P. and Park, Kristine, 10405 S. 110th St., $323,000.


Gitchel, Alvin R. and Nicole to Kurcz, Stacy R. and Rotundo, William A., 2617 Geri Drive, $195,000.

Rambish, Natalie M. and Long, Matthew to Strain Living Trust, 7212 S. 43rd St., $275,000.

Rose, Jacqueline Marie to Sanchez, Paul A., 7220 S. 28th St., $141,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Boyett, Randy L. and Barbara J., 2006 Gindy Circle, $287,000.

Barta, Ian R. and Ashly to Downing, Matthew and Kristi, 9313 S. 24th St., $319,000.

Moseman, Caroline and Jared to TFI LLC, 2520 Chandler Road, $118,000.


Rai, Chatur M. and Chinri and Rai, Surja B. and Pradhan, Khine and Rai, Tul B. to Solorio, Arcadio Zarate, 4602 Virginia St., $186,000.

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