Douglas County


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Stevens, Alan S. and Renee M., 7171 N. 165th St., $355,479.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Barndt, Naomi, 12616 N. 178th Circle, $87,500.

Donlin, Dustin and Rotherham, Brooke to Jensen, Sarah B., 15409 Grebe St., $164,500.

Warner, Zackary D. and Danielle E. to Saab, Katie J., 7953 N. 152nd Ave., $245,000.

Alt, Jeffrey C. and Robin V. to Smith, Timothy and Stephanie, 14858 Eagle St., $245,000.

Dynasty Homes LLC to Cruz, Criston and Amy, 7373 N. 170th St., $385,269.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Arment, Taylor and Molly, 15953 Young St., $318,036.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Surapaneni, Sriram and Narla, Yogya, 9708 N. 151st St., $332,155.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Home Company LLC, 8503 Kilpatrick Parkway, $40,000.

Howard, Lorin J. and Valerie L. to Myer, Christopher J. and Jessica K., 12201 N. 152nd Circle, $305,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Johnson, Preston Lynn and Abby Claire, 18427 Northern Hills Drive, $551,632.

McQuade, Lynette A. to Shrestha, Prabin and Madhu, 14452 Craig St., $184,000.

Aurora Homes LLC to Kaszynski, Richard A. and Kimberly A., 7367 N. 170th St., $329,455.


Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Masters, Robert A. and Kathryn D., 2008 S. 210th St., $490,000.

Moran, Timothy F. III and Kristin D. to Yu, Yangsheng and Yue, Yinshi, 19015 Boyd St., $390,000.

Lake, Gary G. and Gary A.G. to Empson, Grant W. and Danielle M., 19009 Lafayette Ave., $578,000.

Fireside Construction Co. LLC to Gallagher, Mark J. and Joyce M., 2439 S. 219th St., $93,000.

Lonetree Holdings LLC to Oelco LLC, 2714 N. 202nd St., $40,600.

Oxford, Shannon M. to Newburn, Lyle and Casey, 20244 Gateway Road, $176,000.

Bell Properties LLC to Plath, Blake and Tina, 21290 Oldgate Circle, $265,000.

Kenney, Ryan and Jenna to Gleason, David and Williams, Karly, 19406 Manderson Circle, $350,000.

Reinert, David R. and Wendy to David A. Smith Revocable Trust, 204 N. 201st St., $295,000.

Elser, Michael J. and Susan J. to Boomgarden, Jason Michael and Sarah Anne, 20101 Wolfs St., $206,000.

Morris, Stephen A. and Michelle G. to Robert S. Snoozy Revocable Trust, 18908 Nicholas St., $512,500.


HBI LLC to Sunde, Vince, 308 Adams St., $133,000.

John & Shirley Mitchell Family Trust and Sabin, Ann Mcleod, trustee, to Coover, David J. and Kelli L., 14 Ginger Cove Road, $360,000.


Mid-Continent LLC to Anderson, Michael D., 604 N. Front St., $161,918.

Heim-Berg, Nancy and Berg, Danny L. to TMF Properties LLC, 204 Washington St., $200,000.


O & H Properties Inc. to Foster, Randy and Rebecca, 2945 N. 56th St., $123,000.

Smith, Sandra E. to Koesters Brothers LLC, 5205 N. 48th St., $70,000.

Randall, Kenneth L. to Parsow, David M., 2315 N. 60th Ave., $150,000.

First National Bank Trust to Heartland Holdings B LLC, 2956 N. 57th St., $11,077.

Guardian Tax Partners Inc. to 11T NE LLC, 4808 Bedford Ave., $51,000.

Apache Properties LLC to Klumper, Ashton M., 3515 N. 59th St., $113,000.

Dzodzomenyo, Kenneth K. to Smith, Lavern E. and Marlene F., 4727 Meredith Ave., $11,200.

Kimes, Lasonia, personal representative of Kimes, Charles estate, to Reyes, Yonnys Aguilar, 5404 Ogden St., $104,200.

Miller, Paul to Fox, Dylan L. and Tanya, 2027 N. 49th St., $160,000.

Vaughn, Michael G. and Patricia to Special T Masonry Inc., 6525 Decatur St., $75,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Nguyen, Hung, 6514 Sprague St., $75,200.

Iontach Investments LLC to Lux Mundi LLC, 2810 N. 45th St., $46,500.

Bloomquist, Jon T. to Falk, Travis, 2919 N. 49th Ave., $75,000.

Ridgway, Lee C. and Anne Pane to Jeff Rothlisberger IRA and Equity Trust Company, custodian, 2512 N. 48th St., $33,000.

Jacobsen, Hazel L. and Rowell, Helen I. to Jacobsen, Hazel L. and Rowell, Helen I., 6319 N. 66th St., $88,500.


Hatch, Gail R., personal representative of Otteman, Mona A. estate, to Miller Way LLC, 3051 S. 34th St., $49,250.

Bader, Bryan D. to Mellor, Sara and Ross, Clark, 2131 S. 34th St., $165,000.

Kator, Debra L. to Martinez, Eleuteria and Chavez, Elizabeth Martinez, 2511 S. 26th St., $53,000.

Turner, Mary B., personal representative of Bruening, Michael C. estate, to Dynamic Properties LLC, 4231 Barker Ave., $112,000.

Heine, Patricia A. and Shawn G. to Lanphier, Paul and Emily, 1002 S. 38th Ave., $186,000.

Qualified Properties Solutions LLC to Cryer, Cody and Sarah, 3059 S. 44th St., $155,000.

Terry, Deana to Cantu, Antonio M. 3, 2521 S. 37th St., $125,000.

Watson Rei LLC to Revive Properties LLC, 1011 S. 33rd St., $75,000.

Petrini, Michael and Tracy to Palencia, Hilda Lorena, 2556 Pierce St., $49,500.

Bank of America to Bartlett, Brett Jordan and Clarke, Brett Foster, 1004 S. 29th St., $65,000.

Vaughn, Timothy J. and Patricia D. to Blankman, Lisa J. and Joseph H., 2335 S. 34th St., $55,000.

Kennedy, Melissa to Schmidt, Mike, 2906 S. 25th St., $17,600.

Renshaw, Jamie D. and Catherine A. to Brosnihan, James B. and Safranek, Therese M., 701 S. 38th St., $163,000.


Banker, Michelle, trustee, and Joan K. Storz Living Trust to Estee, Jordan Paul, 6153 Walnut St., $100,000.

Bauman, Margaret Laura to Lam, Alexander K., 4665 Mason St., $180,000.

Plambeck, Shelley to Venditte, Ross B. and Sharee A., 3615 S. 51st Ave., $176,000.

Valla, Ann M., personal representative of Costello, Helen I. estate, to Napora, Roy and Virginia, 6469 William St., $154,000.

Connerley, Royce E. and Annette C. to Peters, Scott Allen and Olney, Gwendolyn Elizabeth, 5844 Pine St., $359,000.

Heldt, Sherry Colleen to Aaron, Daniel R., 4504 Pierce St., $190,000.

Goodoien, Audrya G. to Myers, Brandon and Thompson, Christopher, 5857 Gold St., $129,000.


11T NE LLC to Plucker, Dwight M., 6209 S. 39th St., $45,000.

Martin, Frank J. and Susan J. to Ponce, Jessica Cipriano, 3393 X St., $151,000.

Goodman, Gary to Dyer, Victoria J., 1307 Drexel St., $138,500.

Montiel, Josue to Aquino, Mirta I. Perlera and Lopez, Raul, 5912 S. 34th St., $145,000.

SJ Mora LLC to Farkas, Peter and Kamilla Agnes, 2514 G St., $105,000.

Master Commissioner to Bel Fury Investments Group LLC, 1310 Madison St., $72,500.


Mascarello Family Trust and Wildrick, Diane E., trustee, to Witti Investments LLC, 2413 S. 6th St., $100,000.

Vandelay Investments LLC to Sinclair Group LLC, 1221 S. 15th St., $27,000.

Van, Tricia Le to Van, Tricia Le and Brittin, Jerril, 1115 S. 15th Circle, $80,000.

McCall, Barbara B., personal representative of Blazek, Rose E. estate, to Mandl, Catherine, 1469 S. 16th St., $265,000.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Khamis, Mohamed and Durow, Arbay, 3830 N. 22nd St., $120,000.


Gesu Housing Inc. to Gurung, Mangali, 4114 Corby St., $128,000.

Lonnie W. Michael Sr. Trust and Michael, Colette D., trustee, to Miranda, Arturo Romero, 5002 Fontenelle Blvd., $42,500.

John M. Helms Living Trust to Arreola, Maria R. and Lopez, Isael, 4949 N. 36th St., $45,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Tamang, Phurba and Kumari, 3306 Decatur St., $135,000.

Guardian Tax Partners Inc. to HBI LLC, 4052 Paxton Blvd., $42,500.

Hoer, Casper M. to RLT LLC, 2609 Camden Ave., $17,500.

Warren, Joyce P. to Payton, Ericka R., 3911 Ames Ave., $54,000.

Credit Suisse First Boston Mortgage Securities Corp. Home Equity Asset Trust 2005-5 Home Equity Pass-Through Certificates Series 2005-5 and U.S. Bank, trustee, to King, Gregory Scott, 4318 Miami St., $45,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Pya, A. and Paw, Bay Dar, 3325 Emmet St., $134,900.

52 Park West LLC to 3110 Miami Street LLC, 3110 Miami St., $15,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Bonifaso, Lino Okeny and Lino, Grace Achiro, 3323 Emmet St., $134,900.

Arc Property Resource LLC to Utterback, Ryan A., 3714 Crown Point Ave., $95,000.

EVH LLC to KR Properties LLC, 3027 Arcadia Ave., $70,000.


Johnson, Randol B. to Rennolds, Edwin H. II and Copeland, Renee, 8310 N. 37th St., $206,500.

Zukaitis, Raymond Richard to Bell, Riannon Dawn, 2416 Vane St., $125,000.

Taylor, Sherri L. to Godoy, Breann, 3993 Weber St., $146,000.

Headid, Jacqueline Lee Ward to Grote, Navien J., 3988 Iowa St., $141,000.


Krumel, Lavonne M. to Taylor, Brett and Shannon, 1709 Bowie Drive, $150,000.

Ira, Charlene Sue to Brandt, Timothy Alden and Cecile Hazel, 9367 Hillside Place, $178,000.

A & L Remodeling LLC to Craig, David M. and Monica S., 10530 Cuming St., $159,900.

Schram, Julie K. to Htoo, Hai Der and Paw, Eh Ku, 7630 Charles St., $154,900.

Bleich, Sarah Jean to Pace & Lee LLC, 744 N. 76th St., $114,500.

Bequette, Jacqueline L. to Costello, Sarah, 1814 N. 81st St., $155,000.

Keator, Gordon T. and Stephanie R. to Rocha, Lesly R. Gallardo De Lane, 1704 N. 85th St., $150,000.

Ehlers, John R. and Diane M. to Walsh, Michael II and Danielle, 1814 Maenner Drive, $148,500.

Mollner, Jeffrey T. to McGuire, Jake and Moats, Aimee, 1735 N. 105th St., $160,000.


Stoetzel, Travis and Aundrea to Wilkerson, Joshua, 4259 N. 164th St., $247,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Berger, Zachary J. and Kelli J., 5914 N. 152nd Ave., $322,379.

Bricker, Taylor and Jaia to Gordon, Ashley Nichole, 4110 N. 172nd St., $180,000.

Siwa, Allyson A. and Michael to Rivas, Wilson and Sandy, 16852 Browne St., $194,000.

Rowlet, Melissa K. to Schroeder, Tonya and John, 17511 Ames Ave., $220,500.

Hammer, Scott A. and Leisha R. to Ott, Gina, 3532 N. 152nd Ave., $231,000.

Wheeler, J. Tucker and Sandra to O’Connor, William R., 16156 Spencer St., $405,000.

Galindo, Nikaulis and Jesus to Brookfield Relocation Inc., 17565 Taylor St., $355,500.

Rothe, Ronnie J. and Kristine E. to Bozarth, Russell A. and Sandra L., 4226 N. 165th St., $215,000.

Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Loghry, William K. Jr. and Leann R., 17565 Taylor St., $355,500.

Advantage Development Inc. to Wycoff Family Revocable Trust, 3006 N. 179th St., $711,375.


Wordekemper, Jenna Marie and Ray James to Wordekemper, Timothy J., 15616 Franklin Circle, $200,000.


Hunt, Robert J. to Pugh, Mark and Megumi, 6611 N. 106th St., $195,000.

McCarty, Chad S. and Show, Tabitha to Donnelson, Kristal and Doug, 10272 Huntington Ave., $250,000.

Heartland Holdings A LLC to Tate, Shawna, 8624 Potter St., $163,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Burtley, Harvey B. III, 8501 King St., $233,612.

Rossow, Matthew S. and Lindsay R. to Twaddle, Randall L. II, 8858 N. 83rd St., $165,000.

Mell, Joshua A. and Caitlin to Santos, Argel and Lienna, 7375 N. 77th St., $170,000.

Hlei, Thang and Ki, Ngun to Reh, Ter and Meh, Pray, 6603 N. 78th Ave., $143,000.

Tige Development & Design Inc. to Prairie Homes Inc., 2432 N. 187th St., $55,000.

Scott C. Berryman Revocable Trust to O’Donnell, Hugh J. and Behrens, Brenna L., 820 S. 205th St., $585,900.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Hill, Scott and Carrie, 2525 N. 187th Circle, $372,309.

Rozovics, Geoffrey and Legrand-Rozovics, Ashley to Garvey, Christopher and Savannah, 18337 Farnam St., $335,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Grothe, Christine, 3759 S. 205th St., $308,306.

Lanoha Real Estate Company Inc. to Gehrki, Bernard J. and Bernadette, 3411 S. 228th Terrace, $100,000.


Kruger, Brian to Gracie Properties LLC, 2514 Brookside Ave., $350,000.

United Equity LLC to Nguyen, Le T., 7414 Vinton St., $194,000.

Kelly M. Fletcher Living Trust to Fletcher, Derek J., 2506 S. 92nd Place, $235,000.

Ciurej, Cecelia J. to Radden, George E., 1106 S. 96th St., $175,000.

Margaret J. Rice Trust and Rice, Larry W., trustee, to BCL Properties Inc., 1622 S. 95th St., $208,000.


Alberico, Mike and Jodi to Champion, Brian J. and Jackie J., 5072 S. 106th Ave., $218,000.

Potts, Danny and Pamela to Clausen, Dawn, 10780 Berry Place, $165,000.

Lira, Sixto and Abbie to Davis, Sarah M., 7523 Drexel St., $216,500.

Jones, James C. and Susan K. to Macias, Noe Corona, 9024 Washington St., $224,000.

Young, Mark Allen and Willm, Deanna S. to Valerio, Brekke and Carter, Josh, 10609 N St., $215,000.

Bratetic, Christopher D. to Duan, Bin and Zhao, Xiaochuan, 6652 S. 85th Ave., $154,000.


Hansen, Jill M. and Kenneth E. to Washington, Kentrel D. and Bailey J., 1234 S. 166th St., $228,500.

Bentley, Janelle M. and Dominic to Samuel, Nabil S. and Mary B., 3915 S. 191st St., $230,000.

Doney, Patricia M. to Fustos, Kevin M. and Mary Ann, 3526 S. 200th Ave., $372,250.

Knox, Thomas R. to Miller, Leslie K., 1718 S. 181st St., $550,000.

Green, Aaron E. and Michelle L. to Breeden, J. Aaron and Maggie, 18927 Grover St., $237,000.

Kathryn T. Binder Revocable Trust to Touzin, Michael Anthony and Susan Elizabeth, 2612 S. 167th Circle, $225,000.

Loree, Daniel and Elizabeth to Wiekamp, Ethan and Terah, 15831 Valley St., $215,000.


Reed, Richard R. and Cynthia L. to Reed, Ryan and Molly, 406 N. 38th Ave., $160,000.

Blackburn, Johnny D. and Connie Lynn to Trask, Jon Charles and Julie Elizabeth, 3000 Farnam St., $72,000.

Lindstrom, Loma S. to Sher, Bradley, 3000 Farnam St., $132,500.


Lafleur, Jade M. and William to Taylor, Linda K., 5128 Charles St., $209,000.

Monen, James P. to McCoy, Frank D., 5017 Underwood Ave., $192,500.

Stanger, Jason A. and Shawna to Mauer, Lilli, 4852 Harney St., $259,900.

Virgin, Richard P. and Rapp, Kathleen T. to Ashford, John P. and Allison K., 664 N. 56th St., $605,000.

Clark, Kristen D. and John to Grubb, Kevin K. and Andrea D., 5439 Lafayette Ave., $278,500.

Shimmin, Don and Kelly to Seckman, Ann C., 6488 Cuming St., $407,500.


Monico, Herman L. to Reidl, Danette D., 4505 Aurora Drive, $158,000.

Miller, James Lee and Terri Lee to Schwahn, Haley L., 8110 Grant St., $92,500.

Miltenberger, Lauren, personal representative of Steier, Maurice David estate, to Candor Properties III LLC, 9346 Maplewood Blvd., $137,000.

Jimenez, Juan and Michelle to Liu, Zhuolun, 3919 N. 101st St., $177,000.

Hong Holdings LLC to Greenhagen, Robert and Nicole, 9006 Ohio St., $490,000.

Karhoff, Anthony M. and Kelly to Folk, Matthew R. and Kelsey N., 9347 Corby St., $175,000.

John Dale Harwick Revocable Trust to Bristol, Peter V., 8333 Lake St., $60,000.

Spain, Sheryl to Gross, Tom D. and Kinney, Lorna J., 2507 N. 84th St., $78,000.

Fleming, Thomas L. Jr. and Ani B. to Connor, Sarah E., 5629 N. 93rd Ave., $129,900.

Onken, Brian J. and Kimberly A. to Avina-Reed, Andrew J. and Andres, 6405 N. 105th St., $267,500.

Newlun, Shawn Gene to Sang, Ca Lian and Thluai, Ni, 7868 Curtis Ave., $146,000.

Jewell, Christopher and Fiske, Elizabeth A. to Riley, Cornelius Jr. and Dawn, 10311 Prairie Road, $198,000.


Baines, Cody L. and Alisha to Lyons, Dalton R. and Lacy R., 16404 Jefferson St., $247,000.

Grothe, Christine L. to Hinderer Properties LLC, 6720 S. 191st St., $175,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Helms, Steve M. and Rhonda S., 6552 S. 199th St., $318,212.

Ball, Bradley J. to Ball, Bradley J. and Mercado, Canderia Edna, 6176 S. 177th St., $117,350.

Wistrom, Lee Charles and Caitlin Elizabeth to Russell, Beth Anne and Phillip Charles, 6423 S. 157th St., $265,000.

Russell, Phillip C. and Beth A. to Kahanic-Johnson, Charles David and Elisabeth Grace, 16533 Weir St., $199,900.

Woltemath, Jeremiah R. and Brenda to Neary, Brian Joseph and Katlyn Meree, 6310 S. 189th St., $200,000.

Kenney, Betty L. to Rahman, Troy and Carrie, 6305 S. 157th St., $237,500.


Arnold, Breanna M. and Darrell G. to Miller, Travis, 12590 Ohern St., $155,000.

Hope, Bob to Hope, Richard J., 4829 S. 133rd St., $75,000.

Harms, John M. and Tamara D. to Cohano Investments LLC, 12920 Ohern St., $136,000.

Laviolette, Ned James Jr. and Sumniang to Dirks, Thomas S. and Beth L., 14440 Weir Circle, $57,500.

Ensor, Terry L. and Lisa R. to Watson, Demetrius and Karen, 12515 Sky Park Circle, $250,000.

Nine LLC to Obiden, Nicholas and Hannah, 14206 N St., $162,500.

Emig, Shirley J. to Routley, Ramona Sue, 12235 Anne St., $125,000.

Lee, Randall C. and Shelley R. to Lundholm, Joshua Michael and Wanek, Katelyn Marie, 12315 Gail Ave., $175,000.


Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Haas, Charles A., 7305 N. 117th Ave., $52,900.

Marreel, Joshua M. and Miranda R. to Boyd, Brenna and Glaser, Luke, 7310 N. 112th Ave., $177,000.


Sambasile, Marjorie A. to Doney, Patricia M., 12657 Krug Circle, $215,000.

Rademacker, Theresa R. to Bollich, Katelyn Marie, 12009 Westwood Lane, $108,000.

Keehn, Brandon W. and Stephanie E. to Miller Way LLC, 12724 C St., $91,000.

Nanfito, Laurie J. to Rossitto, Dominic, 3214 S. 108th St., $155,000.

11808 William Street LLC to TC Accommodator 167 LLC, 11808 William St., $317,000.

Gordon, Eugene T. to Bryant, Stephen and M. Kathleen, 13918 Walnut Circle, $150,000.


Prof-2013-S3 Legal Title Trust IV and U.S. Bank, trustee, to Monical, Ray, 7125 Country Club Road, $162,500.


Kramer, Del R. and Dawn M. Pr to Guzman, Jose Victor, 1417 N. 146th Place, $155,000.

Sanchez, Stacia F., personal representative of Funk, Richard M. estate, to Ortega, Rony E. and Cara J., 322 Heavenly Drive, $300,000.

Neville, Josh R. and Katherine A. to Salvation Army, 15522 Burt St., $230,000.

Staub, Aaron and Kelli to Keator, Gordon and Stephanie, 1612 N. 152nd Place, $216,500.

Hazuka, Luke E. and Brittany to Orr, Connor William and Jennifer Lee, 11029 Harney St., $170,000.


Schwarz, G. Douglas and Gerald D. to Moran, Timothy F. III and Kristin, 4119 N. 139th Ave., $294,000.

Moheng, Timothy and Lauren to Brezina, Ryan and Melisa, 2511 N. 141st Ave., $157,000.

Larson, Michael E. and Beth A. to Pukall, Jeffrey and Heather, 11237 Taylor St., $210,000.

Red Ladder LLC to Doerr, Preston and Faith, 4636 N. 127th St., $125,001.

Halldorson, Larry D. and Connie J. to Barnarr, Kim S. and Michael W., 12908 Eagle Run Drive, $450,000.

Sarpy County


Jungers, Dean J., personal representative of Holthusen James R. estate, to Dobesh, Gerald Dale, 2406 Hancock St., $90,000.

Bel Fury Investments Group LLC to Pierce, Jeffrey, 50 Martinview Road, $30,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Allwyn Homes LLC, 2203 Twin Ridge Drive, $103,000.

Mefford, Robert M. and Katherine M. to Amos, Stacey R. and Heather, Robert M. Jr., 1904 Madison St., $137,000.


Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Stockmann, William P. and Tamara J., 8106 S. 193rd St., $295,000.

Godsey, Loren G. and Amber J. to Christiansen, Mildred, 509 Pontiac Drive, $125,000.

Castlebridge Homes Inc. to Robertson, Dale R. and Diana, 8015 S. 194th St., $360,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Larson, Justin and Betsey, 11914 S. 210th St., $363,000.

Parent, Bryan S. and Michelle R. to Blankenship, Jason J. and Julie J., 21327 Quarry Lane, $280,000.

Cochran, Kirt A. and Linda G. to Green, Nicholas and Jami, 8013 S. 192nd Ave., $330,000.

Bridgeport Development LLC to Lifetime Structures Inc., 10208 S. 183rd Avenue Circle, $96,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Eickhoff, Jeremy J. and Michelle M., 607 Brentwood Drive, $440,000.


Limberg, Duane M. and Lisa M. to Valentin, Eugenio H. and Maria A., 815 Lake Tahoe Drive, $265,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Steenson, Kyle B. and Kristin M., 7959 Westshore Circle, $358,000.

Jackson, Rebecca A. and Daniel to Moore, James C. and Kelly K., 1001 Sterling Drive, $239,000.

Holmes, Linda L. Living Trust to Gough, Ryan R. and Natasha M., 705 S. Taylor Circle, $230,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Christensen, Judy and Paul, 9956 S. 105th Ave., $402,000.

Wade, Nicholas C. and Kelli R. to McPhail, Evan D. and Hofer, Tara L., 2407 Quartz Drive, $238,000.

Murphy, Julie A. Trust to Huff, Demi, 706 S. Taylor Circle, $130,000.

Urban Firebird LLC to Kraft, Caleb M. and Lauren N., 604 S. Monroe St., $159,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Mulligan, Charles F. and Judith M., 14501 S. 17th St., $297,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lopez, Luis Merino and Cortez, Lionel M. and Memije, Maria E. Lopez, 14908 S. 22nd St., $329,000.

Scheer Property Management LLC to Randall, Bradford and Emma, 3412 Henery Road, $180,000.

Twigg, Michael G. and Deanna M. to Messick, Donald Irwin Jr. and Sara Alexa, 13205 S. 26th Ave., $210,000.

Munion, Latasha R. and Daniel E. to Locks, Lonnie C. Jr. and Marlene, 2608 Kelly Drive, $250,000.

Whitworth, Rollie H. and Julia P. to Henderson, Alex R. and Shannon N., 2609 Joann Ave., $210,000.

Romero, Nicholas C. and Lisa C. to Solis, Jacob A. and Torres, Breanna N., 2807 Parkside Drive, $193,000.

Hada, Gordon H. and Jannet M. to Barragan, Juan J. Silva and Silva, Guadalupe, 2303 Willow Circle, $170,000.


Valivaara, Erik and Rochelle to Salcedo, Larry, 7709 S. 70th Street Circle, $185,000.

Jensen, Shawn R. and Sheena to Hada, Gordon and Jannet, 7211 Braun St., $242,000.

Brohimer, Kirk to Jensen, Ashley E. and Barnett, Jaryd D., 8809 Park View Blvd., $150,000.

Schroeder, Donald G. and Donica J. to Sackett, Ty and Morgan, 8733 Bayberry Road, $155,000.


Hart & Olsen Property Group LLC to Prchal, Denise, 2615 Aberdeen Drive, $281,000.

Kovy, Holly M. and Michael Hartin to Casarrubias, Crescenciano, 118 Citadel Drive, $185,000.

Eggers, Jared and Tyonia to Chapman, Michael, 607 Rosewood Ave., $202,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Graham, Jonathan P. and Trina M., 716 Castle Pine Drive, $313,000.


Hanshaw, Michael D. and Jo Ann Doyle to Edmundson, Robert L. and Carolyn J., 10028 S. 170th Circle, $255,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Tran, Dan and Nguyen, Loan Tran My, 18918 Birch Ave., $277,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Palmer, Gary M. and Jean L., 18817 Robin Drive, $264,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Leif, Creighton R. and Cuiffo, Marissa I., 11265 S. 115th St., $307,000.

Luetkenhaus, Brandon and Emily to Ritterbush, Dana H. and Mark A., 18843 Edna St., $285,000.

Hoffmann, Connor D. to Phillips, Joseph, 8009 S. 159th St., $166,000.

Bischoff, Pauline to Bruguier, Jeannine, 18306 Emiline St., $238,000.

Beyer, Anthony John and Ashlee to Peavy, Matthew A. and Carrie L., 15514 Newell St., $178,000.

Brichacek, William J. to Reyes, Jose A., 15610 Redwood St., $181,000.

HBC Homes Inc. to Anthony, Richard C., 18614 Hampton Drive, $396,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Gormley, Robert A. and Jeanine M., 18821 Robin Drive, $259,000.


Hamor, Jason K. and Tiffany M. to Ramig, Timothy, 14008 Barretts Drive, $122,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Carter, Erika and Andrew, 11503 Shepard St., $291,000.

Miller, Jess Joel and Anna to Chang, Neon and Khaing, Chaw, 14616 Willow Circle Drive, $148,000.


Kayser, Jonathan and Alicia to Plambeck, Shelley, 2803-2807 Irene St., $215,000.

Steenson, Kyle B. and Kristin M. to Woolery, Brett Anthony and Jodi, 9307 S. 28th St., $255,000.

Henning, Matthew James to Jimenez, Juan and Michelle, 9311 S. 28th Ave., $283,000.

Brey, Debra K., trustee, and Chandler, J. M. Family Trust to Prokop, Michael and Tompsett, Brittany, 7914 S. 36th St., $118,000.

Acevedo, Hector Guzman and De Guzman, Olga Lopez to Perlera, Rosa I., 7002 S. 36th St., $105,000.

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