Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Bazer, James and Amy L., 8220 N. 173rd St., $224,000.

Williams, Matthew C. and Lyndsay A. to Thieschafer, Todd N.and Jessica L., 8151 N. 159th St., $272,500.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Zortman, Dana R. and Zachary J., 7518 N. 160th St., $234,421.

GDR LLC to Besch, Janice A., 7215 N. 154th Ave., $296,980.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Amaya, Beyra I., 7015 N. 162nd St., $232,457.

Island Development LLC to Conklin, Edward T. Trust, 17925 N. Reflection Circle, $200,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Nevrivy, Mark J. and Thomas, Darci A., 16458 Vane St., $318,450.

Jansen, Clinton J. and Kelley to Nielsen, Andrew M. and Morgan R., 15910 Fillmore Circle, $203,000.

Kirchhoff, Randall S. and Dawn V. to Boatwright, Nicole and Travis, 12146 Elmwood Drive, $289,000.


FRK Development LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 4331 N. 191st St., $58,000.

Marasco PC to Silverthorn Custom Homes LLC, 4253 N. 188th Circle, $55,900.

Hunt, Jennifer E. and Caleb J. to Hein, Jonathan M. and Ashley L., 4103 N. 194th St., $398,500.

Langendorfer Properties Inc. to Stevens, William E. and Mary M., 4010 N. 195th St., $392,133.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Bruce, Jacob and Jennifer, 2325 S. 220th Circle, $559,500.

Kalina, Jeffrey J. and Deborah S. to Barrett, Terry K. and Mary T., 21729 Ridge Circle, $391,000.

Mcandrew, Raymond D. to Royce, Micahel, 19023 Costanzo Circle, $85,000.

Vacek, Thomas E. Jr. and Cam to Bradley, Anthony J. and Stephanie J., 18603 Mayberry St., $300,000.


Hall, Robert J. and Shelia J. to Hall, Gregory J., 614 Jefferson St., $180,000.


Ryan, Corey M. and Megan R. to Hanlon, Chris, 6323 Decatur St., $85,000.

Ida Inc. to Taylor, Rosha, 5910 Fowler Ave., $125,000.

Morris, Michael T. and Kathryn J. to Long, Nancy M., 5805 Ohio St., $139,900.

Nielsen, Andrew M. and Gillogly, Morgan R. to Habeeb, Jennifer, 5431 Parker St., $180,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Muhammad, Mussa, 3806 N. 65th Ave., $145,000.

Bank of New York to Ohana Building Group LLC, 2519 N. 66th St., $45,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Mohamed, Mohamed and Khatir, Insaf, 2016 N. 63rd St., $129,900.

DeLoa, Frank Jr. and Mary to McFarlin, Peggy, 1515 N. 70th Ave., $98,000.

Flogstad, Lucinda J. Estate to Flogstad, Matthew, 7089 Decatur St., $37,500.


Burleigh, Brian A. to Connor, Jeffrey, 4371 Mason St., $142,900.

West, Michael W. and Julie A. to Miller, Micayla N., 3263 Jackson St., $77,500.

Rumsey, Robert and Karen to Rumsey, John J., 2517 S. 37th St., $40,000.

Rumsey, Margaret Estate to Rumsey, John J., 2517 S. 37th St., $40,000.

Johansen, Wendy L. to Wenzl, Amy J., 2405 S. 43rd St., $114,500.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to BSRE LLC, 2306 S. 40th St., $52,500.

Brungardt, Mark to O’Brien, Blake M. and Catharine E., 2118 S. 35th St., $195,000.

Pennymac Loan Services LLC to FA Properties LLC, 2108 S. 35th Ave., $118,560.

Kouassi, Daniele and Moor, Nick to Lopez, Humberto, 1719 S. 27th St., $70,000.

Hernandez, Jose D. and Wolfe, Sara S. to Kouassi, Daniele and Moor, Nick, 1719 S. 27th St., $64,000.


TSW Properties LLC to Anthony Jane Holdings LLC, 5535 Pine St., $63,000.

Incontro Enterprises LLC to Eske, Jeff and Brown, Coleen, 3227 S. 60th St., $187,000.


Vallecillo, Maria I. and Espinosa, Oswaldo to Hunter, Lilly M., 6261 Campbell Ave., $108,000.

Swenke Renovations LLC to Craig, Matthew J., 3954 M St., $151,000.


Haumont, Bradley Z. and Bufkin, Jack to Pane, Charles J., 1426 S. 11th St., $102,000.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Wei, Pi and Paw, Safely, 3931 N. 21st St., $134,000.


Armstrong, Robert and Edwardene Trust to Miller Way LLC, 3611 N. 42nd St., $20,187.


Thomas, Megan J. to LC Management LLC, 6909 Florence Blvd., $79,000.

4Fortune Investments LLC to LC Management LLC, 6702 N. 41st St., $78,250.


S & M Realty LLC to John C Pogge Co. Inc., 829 N. 77th Ave., $110,000.

S & M Realty LLC to John C Pogge Co. Inc., 806 N. 77th Ave., $110,000.

Nehls, Andrew J. and Lori A. to Ehlers, James and Melinda, 645 S. 78th St., $235,600.

Randolph, Nathan J. and Kathryn to Ramsey, Adam, 1521 N. 107th Ave., $160,000.


Clure, Carrie A. and Matthew to Fitzgerald, Adam and Angelica, 6406 N. 159th St., $365,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Christensen, Cindy, 6004 N. 160th Ave., $254,197.

Studnicka, Kathryn L. to Cahill, Nicole M., 4315 N. 146th Court, $119,000.

Tinsley, Clyde T. III to McCallum, Chantal E.and Kurtzweil, Jonathon B., 2618 N. 154th Ave., $222,253.

Cusick-Brown, Coleen to Wingert, Kathryn J., 2116 N. 152nd Circle, $265,000.

Mahl, Nirmaljeet S. and Gill, Ravneet to Holle, Jeffrey S., 15105 Meredith Ave., $189,000.

Tamang, Sai K. and Wang D. to Samaritdinov, Sobir and Gazieva, Khalima, 14904 Ogden St., $270,000.

Barmettler, Marybeth L. and Michael O. to Susemihl, Paul A., 14474 Wirt St., $209,000.

Engebretson, Leslie R. Trust to Anson, Miles C. and Danielle C., 2917 N. 153rd Ave., $173,000.


Buckley, Martha to Urlaub, Mark, 6175 Karen St., $66,500.

Kirkner, Lorraine to Jaimes, Jose L. and Carbajal, Maria D., 5205 S. 49th St., $40,000.


Christensen, Anne V. to Magar, Relumati and Padam, 8416 Iowa St., $162,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rathfon, Caitlyn M., 7466 N. 92nd Ave., $164,200.


Froendt, Bruce W. and Sheila R. to McFarlin, Peggy, 7835 Nina St., $150,000.

Chaffiat, Raad and Essa, Alyaa to Morad, Ahmed M., 3716 S. 92nd St., $120,000.

Dudzinski, Austin and Jill to Kawa, Megan A., 3607 S. 89th St., $143,000.

Property Improvements LLC to Jansen, Clinton and Kelley, 3007 S. 104th Ave., $295,000.

Andersen, Robyn M. Trust to Russman, Logan M. and Alexandra S., 3622 S. 100th Ave., $190,000.

Evans, M. Nicole Trust to Marinkovich, Andrew J., trustee for Marinkovich Trust, 2515 S. 100th St., $504,000.


Hanson, Martin P. and Anja G. to Larsen, Sharon K., 9126 Park Drive, $205,000.


Burmester, Mark A. and Irma G. to Nordquist, Luke, 3228 S. 187th St., $560,000.

Adams, Jay B. and Roxane to McCammond Walker, Jean Trust, 17059 Pasadena Court, $660,000.

Rodgers, Joseph M. and Anna M. to Salazar, Audel A. and Joselyn Y., 15938 Dorcas Circle, $185,000.

Amoura, Buthaineh to McGrath, June M., 1312 S. 162nd St., $179,900.

Bosch, Ronald P., trustee for Isonhart Living Trust, to Bernal, Raymond Sr., 16723 Martha Circle, $175,300.

Dale, Mark R. Estate to Jones, Daniel and Antonia, 2532 S. 191st Circle, $440,000.


GRE Properties LLC to Knowles, Ricky, 4371 Lafayette Ave., $125,000.


Frazer, Marti and Danielsen, James F. to Miller, Susan L., 5015 Hamilton St., $245,000.

Poppe, Brian and Sarah R. to Ward, John D. and Holly K., 311 S. 51st St., $408,000.


Olds, Myshell L to Liang, Ling, 9229 Tomahawk Blvd., $125,000.

Montero, Juan and Lunt, Yolanda to Senderling, Benjamin M., 8941 Miami St., $73,650.

Egan, David J. and Mary S. to Swartz, Douglas A. and Brown, Rebecca S., 8624 Ames Ave., $135,000.

Suchy, Carol A. to Adams, Pamela J., 7609 Pinkney St., $130,000.

Green, Rose M. Estate to Ochoa, Corinne and Bond, Clayton, 7234 Wirt Circle, $100,000.


JAH LLC to Nick & Vivi Schmitt Properties LLC, 18802 Birchwood Ave., $194,000.

Skeem, Darren L. and Stephanie to Prostollo, Amanda J. and Sullivan, Robert, 18723 Hayes Circle, $232,500.

Thompson, Jeffrey E. and Gray, Jennifer L. to Nelson, Meredith A. and Andrew J., 17625 Renfro St., $299,500.


Gelecki, Bryan M. and Brooke to DBA Properties LLC, 6718 S. 135th Terrace, $137,000.

S & M Realty LLC to John C Pogge Co. Inc., 6518 S. 137th Circle, $140,000.

Special T Masonry Inc. to Delatorre, Erin M., 5815 S. 136th St., $148,500.

Adams, Thomas J. and Amanda to Strobbe, Benjamin T. and Paige E., 5705 S. 137th St., $166,000.

Daugherty, Daniel S. and Leslie A. to Oswald, Donald J. Jr., 14705 Monroe St., $175,000.

Sims, Donald A. and Sara to Hakimi, Abdul H. Trust, 13906 X Circle, $140,000.

McMullen, Victoria to Reagan, Molly and Alfaro, Amilcar, 12745 Woodcrest Plaza, $92,000.

Lochiano, Sally A. Trust to Krajicek, Jeffrey M. and Quinn A., 12029 Washington Plaza, $330,000.


Newport Homes LLC to Anderson, Amanda E. and James H. II, 8107 N. 129th Ave., $317,902.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Gurung, Bhim R. and Durga M., 7426 N. 140th Ave., $224,300.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Falcone, Anthony S., 7414 N. 140th Ave., $226,900.

Benak, Robert J. and Wiser, Devon M. to Plym, Stephen W. and Jamie L., 14313 Wood Valley Drive, $169,000.

Haney, Bradley to Thompson, Katelyn, 10906 Hanover St., $164,000.


Feinstein, Jessica A. and Jamie A. to O’Brien, Jeffrey L. Jr. and Elisha M., 3305 S. 109th St., $171,000.

Oglesby, Justin B. to Bailey, Adam P. and Tina M., 2025 Mayfair Drive, $235,000.

Galles, Gregory L., trustee, to Legacy Ventures I LLC, 2519 S. 152nd Avenue Circle, $135,000.


Brink, Edward E., trustee, to O & H Properties Inc., 6908 N. 56th St., $62,401.

Thompson, Gordon S. and Marilou Trust to Lemm, Gary A. and Mason, Harry O., 4717 Mormon Circle, $245,000.


Hollinger, Michele R. and Mark to Baker, Tiffany, 14981 Charles Plaza, $195,000.

Rydberg, Gary M. and Nancy A. to Rodgers, Joseph M. and Anna M., 1416 N. 123rd St., $315,000.

Fortune Builders LLC to Horn, Aaron H. and Hueftle, Aaron M., 141 S. 110th St., $87,500.

Al-Rashid, Rodney L. to Nabulsi, Ahmad, 13055 Decatur St., $317,000.

Shyken, Paul A. and Susann to Alperson, Joel, 12904 Marcy St., $235,200.

Willrodt, Susan K. Trust to Roderique, Donald J. and Jo A., 11803 Mason Plaza, $280,000.

Hansen, Barbara J. Trust to Bruning, Cindy L., 11305 Harney Plaza Circle, $222,000.


Kauzlarich, Kyle K. and Schmidt, Blair M. to Unger, Nicholas A. and Bridget D., 5623 N. 116th Circle, $175,000.

Jones, Tracy to Alvarado, Jose A. and Reina C., 5516 N. 111th St., $156,000.

Christensen, Susan to Jamison, Eric and Amber, 4811 N. 140th St., $290,000.

Carlson, Robert A. to Pettit, Allan A. and Nicole E., 4421 N. 108th St., $141,900.

Ulferts, David W. to Byers, Christopher G. Trust, 4321 N. 136th St., $259,900.

Baines, John W. to McMullen, Victoria and Daffer, Joseph, 2173 N. 125th Avenue Circle, $155,000.

Marsh, Mary C. and Melvin to Jones, Gretchen M., 10937 Curtis Ave., $165,000.

Polivka, Lee and Jasna to Petersen, Nicholas S., 10909 Mary St., $156,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Langendorfer Properties Management LLC, 6024 N. 108th Avenue Circle, $139,500.

Knutson, Kenneth F. and Cynthia M. Trust to Cunningham, Taylor, 13502 Ames Ave., $227,000.

Dinh, Luan D., trustee for Dinh-Nguyen Family Living Trust, to Hollinger, Michele R., 13433 Sherwood Ave., $267,000.

Hawk, Camille R., trustee, to O & H Properties Inc., 11909 Bauman Ave., $120,000.



Finger, Quentin M. and Bethanie A. to Santiago, Jonathan G. and Rivera, Stephanie, 1010 MM Kountze Memorial Drive, $150,000.

Luttman, Cole M. and Amy and Milta K. to Hover, Alexandra, 2009 Jackson St., $72,000.

Sellers, Diane M., trustee for Headley, Andrew and Frances Trust to Coleman Properties LLC, 2602 Jefferson St., $95,000.

Clatterbuck, Charles R. and Linda L. to Stump, Luis and Michael J. Jr., 505 Lincoln Road, $264,000.

Sundell, Jared and Kaup, Anne to Ebert, John E. Jr., 603 Jinings Drive, $185,000.


Briere, Jeffrey A. and Pamela to Frye, Jan and Carolyn, 11281 S. 232nd St., $800,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Beaudoin, Mario and Roy, Lucia, 17203 Jackson Ave., $316,000.

Rader, William T. to Vincent, Nicholas W. and Casey M., 19827 Sycamore Drive, $250,000.

Geise, Gary L. and Sally L. Trust to Geise, Shane G., 205 Glendale Circle, $116,000.

Gangwish, David K. and Katie L. to Brugioni, Rusty L. II and Angela M., 21840 Quail Drive, $216,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Harral, Benjamin J. and Laura A., 7856 S. 195th St., $54,000.


Clark, David B. and Heidi to Graham, Jessica K., 1004 Edward St., $160,000.

Freeburg, Jeanne M. to Heitz, James and Callie, 1108 Woodview Drive, $162,000.

Cahill, M. Margaret to Brown, Alexander and Logan, Keri, 1124 Lafayette Drive, $188,000.

Jem Restoration Service Inc. to Neesen, Austin J. and Caitlin A., 1960 Kingston Circle, $225,000.

Schrack, Kimberly J. to Brainard, Jerry J. and Schrack, Hannah R., 711 Laredo Circle, $130,000.

Jorgensen, Trichel W. and Randy D. to Bloomingdale, A. Lee III, 805 Villa Plaza, $250,000.

Bowman, Michael W. and Miller-Bowman, Amy J. to Herrick, Matthew D., 818 Lake Vista Drive, $205,000.

Molek, Craig J. to Sundell, Jared T. and Kaup, Anne K., 906 Leprechaun Lane, $235,000.


Kraker, Judith and Phillip to Neubauer, Judith F., 10706 S. 27th Ave., $208,000.

Howard, Jeffrey J. and Stephenson Howard, Melanie B. to Graham, Chris and Powell, Elizabeth, 11821 Golden Blvd., $140,000.

Martinez, Antonio L. and Deidra M. to Rodriguez, Juan and Lopez, Elizabeth, 13308 S. 35th Ave., $150,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Hansen, Garrett M. and Bethany A., 13402 S. 44th St., $334,000.

Tregaron Woods LLC to Rivera, Ralph and Valerie B., 13406 Spencer Circle, $48,000.

Clearwater Falls LLC to Zona, Dustin L. and Jennifer A., 13807 S. 50th St., $60,000.

Elliott, Mark R. and Phyllis A. to Elliott, Phyllis A., 2501 Blackhawk Drive, $100,000.

George, Stephen and Brenda to Brown, Robert G. and Sherrilyn M., 3311 Montreal Drive, $160,000.

McNary, Shirley M. to White, James H. and Renee C., 4213 Longview St., $199,000.

Rothlisberger, Jeffrey K. and Donna to Prokop, Christopher P., 9907 S. 10th St., $176,000.


Valenti, Michael V. and Katie to Farris, Linda, 7524 S. 76th St., $149,000.

Messer, Joseph D. and Judith to Schuetz, Brock A. and Sarah C., 7720 S. 71st Ave., $190,000.

NSI C LLC to Rosenkrantz, Gloria, 8820 Pine Drive, $160,000.


Wheeler, Angela D. and David S. to Garber, Dameon and Heliena, 13606 S. 45th St., $312,000.

Horizon Realty Inc. to Eischeid, Joseph H. and Julie E., 1802 Longview St., $288,000.

Horizon Realty Inc. to Sladek, Thomas A. and Krecklow, Michelle, 1901 Atlas Drive, $275,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Bigham, Christopher P. and McCartney, Elizabeth, 5262 Waterford Avenue Circle, $400,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Demery, Brian K. and Stacey, 18820 Rosewood St., $252,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Woodcock, David M. and Larison Woodcock, Danielle N., 7215 S. 184th St., $290,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Jessen, Bradley A., 7342 S. 184th St., $281,000.

Henthorn, David A. and Patricia A. to Castillo, Justilynn, 7415 S. 176th Circle, $174,000.

Gibbons, Daniel A. to Donica, Brian W. and Stephanie, 7951 S. 157th Ave., $170,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Straus, Justin J. and Amber L., 8618 S. 169th St., $282,000.


Daharsh, Jason and Melissa to Roberts, Marianne, 14502 Willow Creek Drive, $118,000.

Frederick, Donna J., trustee for Mason, Walter J. Testamentary Trust, to Proctor, Jennifer L. and Chad R., 15529 Margo St., $208,000.

Botdorf, Dan and Autumn L. and Knight, John R. to Schroeder, Drew A., 7012 S. 140th St., $193,000.

Utter, Rachel A. to Hallquist, Nichole L., 7906 S. 155th Ave., $148,000.

DaSouza, Lawrence L. and Bervig-DaSouza, Ana P. to Cirian, Amy and Austin, 7911 S. 151st Avenue Circle, $210,000.


Sibrian, Victor A. to Wilhite, Brenna, 2402 Emiline St., $121,000.

Martin, Kelcey A. and Elisabeth M. to Miller, Linda, 7210 S. 23rd St., $110,000.

Gelb, Adam to Saucedo, Roberto L., 7521 S. 35th St., $116,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Vasko Brothers Properties LLC, 7711 S. 41st Ave., $90,000.

Pinnacle Bank to Lumax Properties LLC, 7906 S. 32nd St., $70,000.


Barlow, Marvin and Laura to Orcutt, Stephanie M. and Warren, Dustin M., 5205 Aspen Drive, $142,000.



Porter, Ryan A. and Victoria A. to Miller, Rebecca J. and Peterson, Cory A., 1615 S. Seventh St., $113,000.

Wederquist, Abby and Christopher to King, Pamela S., 2521 Ave. B, $80,000.

Franklin, Albert E. and Helen M. to Belmont, Lori and Koch, Shane M., 821 N. 24th St., $126,500.

Rudloff, Angela M. to Porter, Ryan and Victoria, 1120 15th Ave., $155,000.

Midwest Land Development LC to Wechsler, Raymond H., 3309 Middle Ferry Road, $231,500.

New Community Development Corp. to Coley, Kyle, 2409 Seventh Ave., $144,000.

McCubbin, Donna R. to McCubbin, Gregory, 2112 S. 13th St., $60,000.

Swanger, Richard A. to State of Iowa, 3639 Sixth Ave., $97,000.


Angeroth, Charles F. Jr. and Zola M. to Bowman, Loren L. and Sandra J., 22189 185th St., $125,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Redeker, 325 Voorhis St., $64,000.

Cheesman, Katrina M. and Robert C. to Croson, Doyle D. III and Frazen, Ericka, 944 McKenzie Ave., $122,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Armstrong, Bethany R., 524 Harrison St., $53,500.

Lear, Ellen to Harvey, Steve, 100 Mielke Way, $125,000.

Popcan LLC to Dinklage Properties LLC, 110 Broadway St., $195,000.

Cox, Carolyn J. and Vernon E. to Egland, Christopher J. and Megan J., 1462 Longview Loop, $287,000.

Chelf, Kris A. and Willmott, Rita J. to Montgomery, Erin C. and Randall, 707 Redwood Drive, $234,000.

BP Quality Homes LLC to Clark Country Acres Inc., 5357 Lynch Circle, $245,000.


Lee, Reha P. to West, Timothy R. and Timothy L. Sr. , 20926 Hillsboro Lane, Crescent, $188,000.


Hoyt, Benjamin J. to Soule, Perry and Terri, 32405 140th St., Missouri Valley, $65,000.

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