Douglas County


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Johnson, Kristina M., 8061 Kilpatrick Parkway, $280,757.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Karaus, Liliana K., 7154 N. 164th Avenue Circle, $325,040.

Majestic C Team LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 8055 N. 173rd St., $305,010.

Ocken, Travis and Casey to Lexicon Government Services LLC, 9015 N. 169th Ave., $385,000.

Oltmans, Peggy L. and Cox, Craig M. to Long, Kirk H. and Carrick, Michelle R., 7314 N. 155th Terrace, $265,000.


Hanel, Steve and Traci to Peterson, Charles and Marcie, 1509 S. 208th St., $446,000.

Prairie Homes Inc. to Butcher, Scott A., 18322 Patrick Ave., $383,807.

Medina, Julie A. to Cross, Erin N. and Thomas D., 21505 Old Coach Road, $170,500.

Landers, John A. and Lisa M. to Hook, Rick W. and Pamela S., 912 S. 180th Ave., $427,500.

Gage, Sean T. and Brandy to Brown, Tyler Matthew, 19106 Ohio St., $212,500.

Fools Inc. to Lawyer, Jason M. and Dayne R., 4612 N. 205th Ave., $327,122.

Rosso, David and Tracy to Thomas, Jessie L. and Deahn, Landan, 21438 Fieldcrest Drive, $199,900.

Haver, Zachary P. and Lynn L. to Friesen, Codey R. and Kristen C., 20267 Pinkney St., $135,000.

Iske, Randall K. and Patricia A. to Lee, Roger and Kathy T., 832 S. 191st Ave., $284,000.

Garber, Daniel L. and Shu to Severson, Shawn D. and Jennifer L., 3818 N. 207th St., $233,000.

Hawk, Camille R. Trust to Checketts, Gus A. and Nancy L., 4017 N. 212th St., $115,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Gable Custom Homes LLC, 2302 N. 188th Terrace, $35,000.

Morad, Abdulrahman and Alshamas, Batoul to Kueny, Paul and Becky, 802 S. 182nd St., $430,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Stine, Christopher E. and Amanda J., 4926 N. 204th Ave., $317,900.


Bluewater Development Corp. to Charles Thomas Homes and TJL Consulting Inc., 5509 N. 292nd Circle, $199,000.


Ziegler, Ian K. to Peake, Robert T., 612 S. 18th St., $195,000.

Dornburgh, Derrick and Sandra C. to Renelt, John A. and Billie J., 300 S. 16th St., $121,000.

Quinn, Justin and Kristin L. to Wright, Meagan P. A., 312 S. 16th St., $139,000.


A-Team Investments LLC to Paul, Niles, 4504 Camden Ave., $58,000.

Sewell, Brad A. to Holton, Michael E. and Valarie, 4514 N. 64th St., $130,000.

Wilson, Cora L. and Terry M. to Johnson, M. Michael and Clementine, 4918 N. 54th St., $97,820.

Montgomery, Marco P. and Sadye M. to Montgomery, Marco P. and Sadye M., 4602 Fowler Ave., $13,334.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to 100 Year Homes Inc., 7057 Binney St., $62,000.

Lindhorst, Charles and Arlene to Omygoss LLC, 5612 N. 69th Ave., $74,000.

Lindhorst, Charles and Arlene to Omygoss LLC, 5705 N. 50th St., $115,000.

Adair 0432 to Adair Holdings LLC, 2406 N. 48th St., $149,200.

Johnson, Andrew C. to Bostwick, Leah M., 1700 N. 50th St., $225,000.

Simmons, Jim to Mink Resources LLC, 5040 Corby St., $42,000.

Ragland, Patrick L. to Izon Ne Properties LLC, 6815 Maple St., $120,000.

Codina, Elizabeth to Richwine, Laura, 2013 N. 50th St., $125,000.

O & O Investments LLC to Transformation Realty LLC, 4525 Parker St., $95,000.


Quintana, Ubaldo and Sandra to Ramirez, Orlando Mejia, 2713 Pacific St., $55,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Bel Fury Investments Group LLC, 2507 Pierce St., $51,701.

Hoefener Family Trust and Hoefener Survivors Trust to Caldwell, Troy and Raquel, 4410 William St., $234,000.

Snow, Melinda A. to Graham, Donald J., 2461 S. 27th Ave., $150,000.


Garcia, Nicholas Patrick and Yasmin Fuentes to Villegas, Santiago and Liesel, 3075 S. 48th St., $157,000.

Ariza, Brandon and Natalie to Schaefer, Sherry, 4623 Hascall St., $121,000.

Young, Duncan A. and Meredith M. to Young, Garrett M. and Erin F., 6020 Walnut St., $195,000.


Medina, Maria Guadalupe to Medina, Maria Guadalupe and Cruz, Abiel A., 1701 Jefferson St., $35,650.

Gener, Cristobal and Aura to Juan, Irma Laura and Francisco Pablo, 3905 Q St., $60,000.

Casarez, Jose A. and Amalia to Santiago-Hernandez, Laura G., 4224 S. 18th St., $125,000.

Paniagua, Jose A. to Villa, Jose Luis Paniagua and Penalosa, Alicia Vazquez, 2310 Polk St., $69,600.


Gilson, Stacy Lynn to Mowerson, Kenneth J. and Tarascio, Linda S., 2225 S. 15th St., $76,000.

Shere, David A. and Bera, Sheila D. to Shere, David A., 1416 S. 5th St., $15,550.

Franco, Roberto J. to TC Accommodator 175 LLC, 2308 S. 6th St., $25,000.

D Semin LLC to Caligirl LLC, 1907 S. 10th St., $102,000.


Christiansen, Carol K. to Miller Way LLC, 4420 Decatur St., $37,000.

Avenue Trades Initiative to Avenue Scholars Foundation, 3632 Ellison Ave., $65,000.

Leggio, Joseph R. to Gonzalez, Laura Contreras, 6309 N. 33rd St., $59,925.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Bel Fury Investments Group LLC, 5309 N. 44th Ave., $38,001.

Dragon, Christopher P. to Torres, Sergio I., 4307 Parker St., $13,259.

Smartt, Smart and Mildred to Miller Way LLC, 2577 Hartman Ave., $17,500.

Lindhorst, Charles and Arlene to Omygoss LLC, 4101 Paxton Blvd., $67,900.

RLT LLC to Rodriguez, Jose O., 2609 Camden Ave., $36,000.


Allen, Donald L. to Naffziger, Brian, 3043 Ernst St., $13,000.

Quinn, Cortney to Red Ladder LLC, 3030 Ida St., $47,000.

Hoyt, Scott C. and Katherine G. to Long, Gabriel O. and Magdalene M., 4016 State St., $338,000.

HBI LLC to Innis, Patrick and Debbie, 3803 Grebe St., $180,000.

Price, Sheryl A. to Elliston, Amber A., 6514 N. 37th St., $75,000.


Franklin, Zaccarie and Scott, Debra L. to Miller, Douglas D. and Deborah A., 515 N. 76th St., $150,000.

Schumacher, Mary L. to R&B Properties LLC, 833 N. 75th St., $141,000.

Millard R. Thurmond Trust and Brownrigg, Brian, trustee, to Stanley, Bruce and Betty McPhee, 9715 Fieldcrest Drive, $570,000.

Alba, Jesse J. and Joanne K. to Opal, Andrew M. and Stephenie Ann, 8349 California St., $210,000.

JKP Properties LLC to Yonker, Pamela, 1015 N. 77th Ave., $127,000.


Baldwin, Donald W. to Matya, Jared and Sarah, 15733 Lake St., $429,000.

Illa, Vvs Kishore and Dangeti, Rohini Priya to National Transfer Services LLC, 5102 N. 154th St., $167,500.

National Transfer Services LLC to Loucks, Jacqueline S., 5102 N. 154th St., $167,500.

Osmanski, Brian C. to Thalken, Nicole and Kiley, 4625 N. 160th St., $208,000.

Anderson, David G. and Nancy J. to Edelman, Grace, 4304 N. 147th Place, $135,000.

Creamer, Laura Beth to Fox, Jack, 16202 Browne St., $172,500.

Knaub, Aaron G. and Shannan L. to Behm, Danielle M., 16043 Spaulding Circle, $302,000.

Holst, Kale J. and Laura L. to NEI Global Relocation Company, 4222 N. 162nd Ave., $270,000.

NEI Global Relocation Company to Motzko, Adam and Dirkschneider, Deanna, 4222 N. 162nd Ave., $270,000.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to Vogel, Todd and Jennifer, 17751 Spencer St., $495,000.

Kemper, Lena to Albrecht, Jeffrey Robert and Ruden, Ellen Elizabeth, 3106 N. 154th Ave., $176,000.

Beduhn, Robert J. and Sharon M. to Williams, Chad T., 3003 N. 160th St., $465,000.

Thomas A. Hightower Trust to Carol R. Goodwin Residence Trust and Goodwin, Douglas T., trustee, 5705 N. 148th Place, $120,000.

Anderson, Todd A. to Carol R. Goodwin Residence Trust and Goodwin, Douglas T., trustee, 5705 N. 148th Place, $120,000.

Turner, Kevin R. and Erica J. to Gomez, Nora G. and Keith J., 2302 N. 178th St., $415,000.

Ritchhart, Brett H. to Soni, Manglesh Kumar and Jyoti M., 4310 N. 171st St., $169,000.

Miller, Charles D. and Carol E. to Jensen, Co quette, 15105 Camden Ave., $212,500.


Modlin, Jeffrey K. to Sandoval, Maria Johanna Nieto, 4607 S. 62nd St., $85,000.

Brown, Troy Lynn and Julie Marie to Thul, Teiguen, 6231 Karen St., $75,000.

Jones, Holly A. to Hudgins, Seth D., 6202 S. 51st Circle, $53,850.

Povich, Lori and Mike to LM&F Investments LLC, 4826 S. 50th St., $127,000.

Madison Street LLC to Vesta Properties LLC, 5406 S. 49th St., $46,270.


Schoreit, Frank R. and Lori A. to Woodrich, Nicholas M. and Alissa J., 16123 Franklin St., $305,000.

Chen, Xiaolong and Wang, Yuyu to Zhao, Yu, 16222 Parker St., $210,000.


Caldwell, Jeanette Elaine to Eppenbaugh, Angela M. and Peterson, Jonas D., 6527 N. 75th St., $50,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Thapa, Raj Kumar and Padma M., 8517 King St., $227,400.

Amezquita, Julian to Htoo, Pa and Moo, Kee Lane, 7861 Mary St., $152,000.

Fordjour, Philip K. to Thomas, Lakishia, 7390 N. 77th St., $165,000.

Mangar, Prem and Tamang, Dhan Maya to Fahrlander, Stephan and Chelsea, 9177 Weber St., $166,500.

Lynn, Stephen J. and Metzger-Lynn, Alison L. to Reinstein, Nicholas, 7114 N. 76th St., $215,000.

Peterson, Charles R. and Marcie A. to Holland, Kristen M., 7173 N. 82nd Place, $190,000.


Troia, Candice J. to JKP Properties LLC, 1505 S. 98th St., $259,000.

Ackerman, Rick and Kelli to Ackerman, Luke Richard and Jenna Lynn, 8916 Valley St., $175,000.


Walters, Robert J. and Deborah to Garcia-Perez, Candelaria, 8212 Oak Place, $125,000.

Murray, Jeremy J. to Clear Creek Holdings LLC, 5604 S. 79th St., $82,500.


Hanquist, Gabriel W. and Raquel to Fabiano, Vanessa Jo and Christopher, 19009 B St., $239,900.

King, Stephen L. and Tracy A. to Heller, Colton J. and Chayla M., 1307 S. 175th Ave., $292,500.

Shultz, Blake A. and Ward, Ashley J. to Koch, Nathan and Brooke N., 2412 S. 164th Ave., $195,000.

Randall, Amanda Duffy and Bomar, Robert to Learch, Jaclyn M., 16735 Pierce Circle, $213,000.


Peter L. and Marie T. Larson Trust to Larson, David, 4311 California St., $140,000.

Madison Street LLC to Vesta Properties LLC, 4403 California St., $52,650.

Kahnen, Robert F. and Joann M. to Dietze, Larry, 3009 Hamilton St., $30,000.


Wieseler, Chad J. and Holly L. to RDM LLC, 6751 Lafayette Ave., $96,000.

Innis, Patrick W. and Debbie A. to Tiehen, William A., 6929 Izard St., $173,000.

McIntire, Ruth A. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 6603 Hamilton St., $60,000.

Lewis, Lona to Swanson, Terry A. and Kerry K., 5505 Dodge St., $269,500.


Erwin, Emily A. to Kyaw, Po and Mu, Hsa, 9217 Ruggles St., $129,900.

Castleman, Scott and Vicki to Leopold, Elizabeth Ann and Sullivan, Ian Emerick, 8638 Pinkney St., $170,000.

Lindhorst, Charles and Arlene to Omygoss LLC, 7729 Vernon Ave., $118,400.


McGuire, Michael P. and Vicki R. to May, Carol A., 17770 Amy Circle, $340,000.

Barry, Patrick W. and Heather R. to Foster, Ryan and Michelle, 5621 S. 172nd St., $376,000.

Busselman, Jerry and Jill to Fulcher, Kyle J. and Cari A., 17335 M St., $267,000.

Fulcher, Kyle J. and Cari A. to Bazarov, Shavkat, 5526 S. 161st St., $299,000.

Gilbert, Susannah J. to Livingston, Joshua W. and Shelby T., 18625 Anne St., $220,000.

Hook, Rick W. and Pamela Sue to Sinos, Christopher and Jennifer, 16765 M Circle, $259,000.

Hendrickson, Logan H. and Chantel to Lundin, Grant D. and Deanna, 18756 O St., $219,000.

Ronnie Henrichs & Sally Hirschberg Trust to Kreifel, Kelly, 6109 S. 193rd Ave., $257,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Johnson, Michael C. and Wanda K., 19957 Drexel St., $357,994.

Hopkinson, Everett A. and Barbara L. to Zych Construction LLC, 17517 T St., $219,500.

Maulden, Keith and Jennifer to Cihacek, Aaron and Ashley, 19708 Adams St., $325,000.

Bradley & Kelsey Willadsen Living Revocable Trust to Orrick, Scott Robert William, 15817 N Circle, $273,000.


O & H Properties Inc. to Champion, Christopher and Jessica, 12148 Sandra Lane, $152,000.

McDowell, Patrick M. and Leah to Baumann, Joshua and Siemers, Taylor, 6553 S. 116th St., $220,000.

Vail, Chad G. to Pinkelman, David, 14706 Jefferson Circle, $202,500.

Cohano Investments LLC to Your Property Solutions LLC, 12920 Ohern St., $165,000.

Houlton, Kenneth G. to Knofczynski, Kelsey Renae, 12780 Deauville Drive, $91,000.

Abundis, Indelisa M. and Abran M. to Sanchez, Catalina, 5014 Amy Circle, $130,700.

Langhans, Paul W. and Connie to Meyer, Todd A., 14005 Washington St., $110,000.

Clements, Justin K. and Jennifer A. to Collins, Jeanne M., 4363 S. 149th St., $239,025.

Stevens, Robert B. and Brenda to Braun, Alexander M., 13518 Jefferson Circle, $168,000.

Mollica, Laura A. to Collins Investments LLC, 6314 S. 120th Place, $195,000.


Behm, Danielle Michel to Romero, Ramiro Ortega, 10909 Potter St., $165,000.

Mielke, Kamie R. to Yeras, Nathaniel, 14074 Whitmore Circle, $205,000.


Johnson-Dullum, Connie B. to Pearson, Nicole J., 3313 S. 152nd Circle, $176,000.

Bamburg, Aaron P. and Amy S. to Kohls, Donovan and Sherri, 13311 William Circle, $225,000.

Mary P. Schima Living Trust and Schima, Stephen, trustee, to 5109 Real Estate LLC, 11205 Woolworth Place, $265,000.


Gormley, Robert A. and Jeanine M. to Pie, Pie and Soe, Mis Than, 6316 Vane St., $151,000.

Mack, Dina L., personal representative of Mack, Deanne Kay estate, to Theobald, Richard P. and Marla J., 5741 Willit St., $226,000.


Peters, Calvin and Andrea A. to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 971 S. 150th St., $100,000.

Stark, James R. and Jodi M. to Davie, Kevin M. and Jill M., 13728 Decatur St., $530,000.

Freeman, Alice M. to Goodland, Kevin and Dawn, 15518 Fieldcrest Circle, $180,000.


H and S Partnership LLP to Wielenga, Brandon J., 12910 Lark St., $194,000.

Sitzmann, Ronald M., personal representative of Sitzmann, Brandon C. estate, to Orozco, Jose De Jesus, 11416 Bauman Circle, $165,000.

Doghman, Mohamad I. and Mary K. to Colegrove, Jessica Joy, 12987 Camden Ave., $165,000.

Wilkinson, Susan and Schultz, James to McDermott, Ryan J., 14008 Saratoga Circle, $312,000.

Rawleigh, Mark R. and Lori K. to Asamene, Ayelign and Tessema, Asefu, 6712 N. 110th St., $161,700.

Vogt, Connor J. to Wedige, Alec R., 2217 N. 125th Avenue Circle, $65,800.

Sohns, Millicent F. to Bybee, Gary F. and Linda J., 11612 Grand Ave., $172,000.

Leaders, Mark A. and Heidi C. to Sohns, Millicent F., 6803 N. 142nd St., $205,578.

Eugene L. Sullivan Living Trust to Rollman, Mary J. and Hermanek, John J., 13022 Browne Circle, $156,500.

Klein, Daniel A. and Shaye to Boynton, Dylan M. and Sydney F., 2611 N. 143rd Ave., $152,000.

Sarpy County


Marten, Joseph Friedrich and Kathleen Emily to Hernandez, Luis Acosta, 1207 Skyview Drive, $148,000.

Moss, Kirk L. and Tami L. to Byrnes, Thomas J. Jr. and Sally, 2606 Hancock St., $135,000.

Rumley, Donna L. to Oamen, Abdulmajid, 1111 Willow Ave., $142,000.


Stromenger, William J. and Susan M. to Shramek, Troy and Davis, Christine, 220 S. Bryan St., $205,000.

FRK Development II LLC to Crockett, Thomas R. and Julie M., 12010 S. 229th St., $170,000.


White, Justin A. and Lauren M. to Garcia, Steven J., 819 Fenwick St., $225,000.

Dominiack, David A. and Kathleen A. to Bennett, Wayne A. and Jean A., 702 S. Fillmore Circle, $312,000.

Guhl, John C. and Patricia A. to Zeller, Shane M. and Shelby M., 311 Pioneer Road, $145,000.

HBI LLC to VKB Properties LLC, 1103 Roland Drive, $240,000.

Aurora Homes LLC to Guenther, Benjamin J. and Denice K., 11733 S. 111th St., $336,000.

Cunningham, Linda Maria to Bouhoum, Younes and Alexis, 815 Auburn Lane, $222,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Aken, William M. and Nancy H., 1007 Jacqueline Drive, $315,000.

Miller, Mike J. and Sarah Elizabeth to Stark, Howard Anthony Jr., 1144 Overland Trail, $192,000.


Mutual First Federal Credit Union to Green, Benjamin J. and Michelle E., 640 Elm St., $155,000.


Van Huffel, John H. and Deborah L. to Perrigo, Timothy and Peterson, Holly, 13510 S. 22nd St., $329,000.

Breedlove, Jason M. and Petrina Jayne to Benson, John E. and Su Mei, 2504 Raven Ridge Drive, $215,000.

Petersen, Nicholas C. and Mengler, Kristen to Thompson, Kyle and Tina, 13404 S. 4th St., $335,000.


Megan Enterprises LLC to Patrick, Jeanne and Essi, Richard P., 8231-8235 S. 107th St., $385,000.

Grisnik, Lavonne A. to Tran, Hung H. and Le, Thi L., 7322 Thorn Apple Lane, $140,000.


Bailey, Nora M. to Jansen, David J., 109 Summerset Circle, $220,000.

Weir, Kevin M. and Marilou L.C. to Campbell, Christopher D. and Kristine, 11602 Bay Circle, $388,000.

Wilkins, Paul and Marian Elizabeth R. to Drew, Kevin and Lisa, 2308 Alexandra Road, $274,000.


Rosas, Thomas J. and Soukup, Amanda L. to Fester, Erik, 7530 S. 177th Ave., $185,000.

Schmitz, Grant and Randi to Sullivan, Cody S. and Delaware, Kristen M., 8816 S. 163rd St., $230,000.

Dowler, Sean M. and Andrea D. to Lopez, Vincent P., 8214 S. 191st St., $287,000.

Edmundson, Robert L. and Carolyn J. to Wittich, Matthew and Pradhanang, Kajal, 16606 Edna St., $300,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Clinton, Adam and Amy, 18908 Briar St., $274,000.

Galles, Gregory L. Trust to 5109 Real Estate LLC, 8804 S. 167th St., $192,000.

Hall, Gary R. II and Jessica D. to Polinko, Robert W. and Patricia J., 16119 Robin Drive, $170,000.

King, Amanda C. and Blake and Holliday, Peter C. and Debra R. to Gurumurthy, Rameshanand Chennai and Solai, Susheela, 8521 S. 162nd St., $255,000.


Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Molnar, Steve Trust and Molnar Investments 401K Trust, 9602 S. 26th St., $150,000.

Gegzna, Jordan and Lindsey to Gomez, Elba Mayeli Franco, 7001 S. 21st Ave., $112,000.

Schraeder, Kevin M. and Melissa to Schraeder, Kris A., 3617-3619 Giles Road, $216,000.

Williams, Michelle to Hernandez, Angel and Lilia, 1505 Alberta Ave., $30,000.

McCune, Peggy A. to Bridwell, Colton and Sheryl, 1211 Childs Road, $162,000.


Harris, Tanya to Kruse, Richard and Spohn-Kruse, Shelley, 6463 Elm Hurst Drive, $248,000.

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