Douglas County


Thalken, Kiley M. to Raymond, Joshua D., 8825 N. 161st Ave., $104,150.

Neff, Dealan Ruth and Jason Charles to Vollmer, Jeff, 11814 N. 157th Ave., $163,000.

Berger, Todd and Kristi to Hopwood, Brett N. and Katie Jo, 8125 N. 148th St., $258,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 17011 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $42,350.

Raymond R. & Gloria J. Malm Living Revocable Trust and Young, Robin R., trustee, to Blair, Scott W. and Elizabeth L., 8610 N. 161st Place, $195,000.

Myer, Chris J. and Jessica K. to Wilberger Properties LLC, 15383 Mormon St., $164,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Comley, Richard J. and Kathie A., 7179 N. 163rd St., $300,866.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Phillips, Michael W. and Amy L., 7125 N. 163rd St., $299,431.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Spangler, Ryan Anthony and Keri, 9820 N. 148th St., $346,279.

Charleston Homes LLC to Batchelder, Charles D. IV and Amanda, 15013 Elderberry Circle, $285,750.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ferry, Jacob M. and Kelsey M., 16465 Read St., $301,719.

Dooley, Joseph and Pearlie to Hilson, Bryan C. and Denise A., 8513 N. 173rd St., $350,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Sipple, Mark M. and Linda S., 8008 N. 173rd St., $281,104.

Wohl, Janelle to Ford, Zachary and Savannah, 8801 N. 155th St., $165,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Sorensen, Teresa, 8005 N. 172nd St., $299,378.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Cambridge Homes LLC, 17023 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $43,450.

Holzapfel, Michael J. and Julie K. to Butcher, Joe and Gordon, Becca, 8212 N. 149th St., $226,500.


Kavan Homes Incorporated to Goodrich, Barbara and Christopher S., 2526 N. 191st Ave., $279,900.

Kruger, Gene M. to Sample, Jeremiah F. and Kristalyn, 3621 N. 205th St., $162,500.

Malibu Holdings LLC to Venture Contracting Inc., 20735 Nina St., $206,000.

Sindelar, Cory J. and Toni A. to Fulcher, Rory John and Mackenzie A., 18215 Harney St., $320,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Bleach, Ryan A. and Lauren J., 2409 N. 186th St., $432,000.

Cypress Group Inc. to LPC Properties LLC, 2332 S. 220th Circle, $104,500.

Cox, Richard L. and Martin, Gayle A. to Morrow, Zachary R., 3512 N. 200th Ave., $174,900.

McConnell, Timothy J. to Robertson, Chris M. and Cindy L., 21924 Marcy Circle, $630,000.

204 F Street LLC to Malibu Holdings LLC, 3921 S. 208th St., $118,500.

Hefta, Daniel G. and Carissa to Ney-Baughman, Andrea Jo and Baughman, Carl Frederick Jr., 2428 N. 188th Terrace, $435,000.

Eagle Custom Ranch Homes Inc. to Johnson, Keely Kathleen and Jerry J., 3953 S. 208th St., $439,751.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Loos, Kyle and Robyn, 2226 N. 186th St., $378,200.

Lanoha Real Estate Company Inc. to Nancy Schlessinger Living Trust, 22838 Hascall St., $250,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Grimm, Brian and Kim, 2020 S. 212nd St., $555,262.

Dombrosky, Bradley E. and Lyndsey L. to Nelson, Ann M., 18433 Dewey Ave., $344,000.


Tesar, Kathleen J. to Tesar, Cheryl K., 28907 Platte River Place, $130,000.


Arteaga, Lacy M. to Stevens, Andrew, 312 S. 16th St., $195,000.

Alexander, Patricia J. to Cabral, Amanda Marie and Brake, Bradley James, 1024 Dodge St., $342,500.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Bland, Maria P. and Robert Curtis, 829 S. 30th Court, $298,400.


Richard, Lashae A., personal representative of Edmonds, Elaine M. estate, to LCT Homes LLC, 5357 N. 47th St., $70,000.

Bullock, Evelyn D. and Walter to Meh, Taw and Reh, Pray, 4922 N. 55th St., $142,000.

Kuenstling, Max V. and Tess E. to Sherry, Nancy, 5012 Corby St., $119,900.

Daily, Julie to Tharmaung, Shwe Ts and Win, Nyo Me, 5216 Northwest Drive, $114,900.

Sheryl A. Lindau Trust to Fey, Marian and Perlman, Ben, 5001 Parker St., $266,500.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Legg, Jeffrey Robert, 5564 N. 61st Ave., $93,000.

HLJ Properties LLC to Boults, Arthur L., 4537 Camden Ave., $30,000.

Special T Masonry Inc. to Petersen, Shane J., 5316 Pratt St., $119,000.

Kaminski, Rose S. to APM Properties LLC, 3838 N. 65th Ave., $95,000.

Orsi, Christopher, personal representative of Orsi, Linda M. estate, to Lowery, Ryan M., 3706 N. 59th St., $120,000.

Wolfe, Kelsea K. to O’Day, Tyrell James, 4219 N. 66th St., $141,000.

Saddoris, Carla J. to Carlson, Jacob D. and Chelsea C., 4910 N. 60th St., $95,000.

Molson, Gretzkhey and Lyndsay to Sundberg, Brandon A., 2039 N. 60th Ave., $185,000.

Webb, Tracy Lynn and William Jr. to Rodriguez, Cristin, 6212 N. 68th St., $140,000.

Maven Avenue LLC and Forest Top Holdings LLC to McConnell, Nathan M., 4521 Franklin St., $106,900.

Saddoris, Carla J. and Luquette, Carla J. to Mjch LLC, 4909 N. 54th St., $65,000.

Harris, Cydney to Harris, Mandy, 5010 N. 49th St., $39,100.

Whitmore, Steven C. to O‘Dowd, Mary, 3531 N. 54th St., $33,450.


High Point Ventures LLC to Diaz, Brandi L., 2413 S. 41st St., $100,000.

Hynes, Phillip R. and Diane S. to Olson, David B. and Hyberger, Carol T., 3702 Jackson St., $150,000.

Swift, Gregory W., personal representative of Swift, Sarah Ann estate, to Jarvis, Nadine Espinoza, 500 S. 37th St., $100,000.

Mikuls, Gerrylu H. to Gudgel, Duane and Meyer, Darlene, 1130 S. 35th Ave., $145,000.

Jarrett, Philip A. and Tara to Evans, Elizabeth A., 2832 S. 33rd St., $181,000.

Deselm, Timothy B. and Tabitha to Elliff, Andy and Johnson, Virginia, 2533 S. 41st St., $145,000.

Joseph A. & Doris M. Jirak Trust to Sorrell, Dennis M., 4407 Grover St., $135,000.

Miller, Harold H. Jr. to Howard, Michael and Andrea, 2422 Jones St., $28,500.

Hartigan, Thomas J., personal representative of Hartigan, Delores K. estate, to Rodriguez, Manuel Romero and Echeverria, Brenda Alaniz, 2816 S. 38th St., $104,000.

Showell, Chance, personal representative of Showell, Terry estate, to Westerhold, Jason, 1031 S. 27th St., $88,000.

Young, Harold A. III and Beth to George, Alicia A., 2602 S. 32nd Ave., $195,000.

Deiber, Julie M., personal representative of Habron, Ellamae G. estate, to Nied, Rose, 4427 William St., $160,000.

Light, Cecilia to Garber, Patrick, 3301 Leavenworth St., $133,000.


Stratman, Christopher Arlan and Barbara Dianne to Gasnick, Jacob, 5607 William St., $203,000.

Daggett, Jane A. to O’Donnell, Denny, 2105 S. 63rd St., $91,500.

Daggett, Jane A. to O’Donnell, Nicklaus P. and Catherine M., 2105 S. 63rd St., $91,500.

Fanxing LLC to Dragon Rabbit LLC, 5015 Marinda St., $128,000.

Daggett, Jane A. to O’Donnell, Ryan C. and Denny, 2105 S. 63rd St., $91,500.

Green, Jesse Andrew and Bachman, Margot A. to Graser, Karen J., 3706 S. 48th St., $135,000.

Langenfeld, Bryon K. to Ruzsa, Amy Rae, 1009 S. 52nd St., $219,500.

Whealy, Andrew J. and Darby A. to Plambeck, Ryan and Kouhpainezhad, Tannaz, 2425 S. 50th St., $290,000.

Flegg, Tom and Susan M. to Flegg, Joseph W. and Makayla, 5317 Hascall St., $112,500.

Peters, Charles A. Jr. and Nancy R. to Nicole James Properties LLC, 1910 S. 61st Ave., $165,000.

Parker, Elijah P. and Morgan D. to O’Keeffe, Emily, 6454 Pierce St., $148,500.

Jay Allyn Real Estate LLC to Coleman, Rodiquse Darrell and Kenyatta Denise, 5607 Pierce St., $243,500.

Graham, Donald J. to American Equity LLC, 5630 Frederick St., $115,000.

Shupe, Loren K. to Buckley, Ian M., 5564 Mason St., $162,000.


Brink, Edward E., trustee, to South O Joe LLC, 3355 T St., $42,000.

Gomez, Gustavo and Angela to JD & SC Investments Inc., 4413 S. 34th St., $58,000.

Pae Investments LLC to Gonzalez, Jaime, 6110 S. 33rd St., $91,500.

Sanchez, Jose M. and Sarah to Cliffords, Anthony, 6205 S. 36th Ave., $72,000.

Cortez, Jose to Lopez, Humberto and Manuela Ocon, 6501 S. 43rd St., $135,000.

Mendoza, Manuel and Rangel De Mendoza, Cecilia to Gonzalez, Agustin Carrillo, 5312 S. 33rd St., $139,500.

Waldron, Laurie A. to Culjat, Kelsey M., 4140 V St., $114,000.

Ebisch, Paul F. and Schraeder, Catherine S. to CNDB Properties LLC, 4968 S. 36th Ave., $71,250.

Franklin, Cristabet R. to Miller Way LLC, 4928 S. 26th St., $40,000.

Fuqua, Michael S. and Terri to Gerardo, Martha Hernandez, 4111 S. 40th Ave., $110,000.

Ebisch, Paul F. and Schraeder, Catherine S. to CNDB Properties LLC, 5119 S. 41st St., $71,250.

Baker, Donald M., personal representative of Baker, Danny J. estate, to Cabreras LLC, 1834 Jefferson St., $87,500.

Larsen, Christopher L. and Valerie to Unified Investments LLC, 4530 S. 16th St., $42,000.

Garcia, Frances Z. to Desantiago, Michael E., 4523 S. 21st St., $64,200.


Perez, Arnulfo to Perez, Andres A. Diaz, 2006 S. Eighth St., $350,000.

Achterberg, Darcy to AOA Holdings LLC, 518 Bancroft St., $130,000.

West Lost Lake LLC to Wave Investment Team Inc., 2733 S. 16th St., $220,000.

Ratliff, Wayne L., personal representative of Ratliff, Patricia A. estate, to Olvera, Obdulia, 2209 S. 15th St., $45,000.


Kreikemeier Properties Inc. to Council Bluffs Development Corporation LLC, 1519 Binney St., $32,000.

Cesh LLC to Gamez De Aldana, Sara Lisveth, 5916 N. 24th St., $110,000.


Qualified Property Solutions LLC to Salvador, Jose, 3713 Himebaugh Ave., $25,000.

Nagel, Jill E. to Miller Way LLC, 4911 N. 33rd Ave., $15,000.

Miller Way LLC to Council Bluffs Development Corporation LLC, 4911 N. 33rd Ave., $21,000.

Folken, Ryan P. and Joy E. to Shepherd, Shearettaa, 4051 Vernon Ave., $60,000.

Kreikemeier Properties Inc. to Council Bluffs Development Corporation LLC, 3506 N. 28th Ave., $32,000.

Terry, Albert Jr. to Romero Vera, Rodolfo and Christine, 2812 N. 26th St., $15,000.

Kean, James V. and Diane P. to Degante, Candido and Antunez, Mabel, 4222 Emmet St., $30,000.

Providence Assets LLC to Valdivieso Investments LLC, 3614 Ellison Ave., $25,000.

Banister, Albert and Wiley, Pernora to 52 Park West LLC, 3110 Miami St., $40,000.

Ramos, Fausto and Valadez, Natalia to Ramirez, Sergio Arturo Avalos, 2567 Fort St., $20,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Proof Exteriors LLC, 3062 Belvedere Blvd., $20,000.

Borland, Jack and Sadie to Snyder, Dana, 3409 Franklin St., $84,900.

Stennis, James M. and Nancy A. to Tims, Carmen J., 4404 Redman Ave., $34,000.

Rich, Tamara M. to Kusek, Alice L., 3501 N. 40th St., $84,500.

Kreikemeier Properties Inc. to Council Bluffs Development Corporation LLC, 4322 N. 39th St., $32,000.


Dean, Sheila Kaye to Orozco, Christian Oliver, 2750 Redick Ave., $138,500.

Vesta Properties LLC to Biz Enterprises LLC, 2420 Titus Ave., $65,500.


Friedlander, James and Ambrose, Sophie to Debolt, Michael A. and Rebecca M., 606 S. 93rd St., $560,000.

Stephens, Kailey A. to Cormaci, Jack A., 7733 Burt St., $115,000.

Murphy, Robert A. to Bumgarner, Benjamin John and Hilpipre, Elizabeth Jean, 9949 Devonshire Drive, $629,900.

Miller, Michael A. and Kimberly A. to Earl, Michael P., 1720 N. 106th St., $78,500.

Cramer, Kelley J. and Amy L. to Zhang, Chunmeng, 8211 Decatur St., $165,000.

Kracher, Charity A. to McGill, Andrew D. and Madeline C., 9209 Meadow Drive, $162,500.

Catherine A. Ferguson Living Trust to Ferguson, Ryan and Priscilla J., 1621 N. 75th St., $120,000.

Steinspring, Amanda to Ahern, Sofia, 8537 Lafayette Ave., $130,000.


Blake, Bret and Paige to Finn, Patrick and Trisha, 16319 Manderson St., $251,900.

Albritton, John A. to Miller, Matthew L. and Chandra Dawn, 2405 N. 154th St., $245,000.

Rolland & Joan Hoffart Revocable Trust to Vaughan, Calley and Tyler, 2521 N. 167th Ave., $270,000.

Maxwell, Justin R. and Kara to Herrington, Christopher L. and Bailey A., 14622 Grand Ave., $195,500.

Lundgren, Margaret to Smith, Carol Critchett, 4003 N. 147th St., $222,500.

Reandeau, Lindsey to Engle, Ryan and Cynthia, 16769 Laurel Place, $135,000.

Burbach, Robb C. and Brittany N. to Rasmussen, Blake S. and Dawn D., 15208 Mary St., $285,000.

Raasch, Lindsey to Ingles, Bailey, 14458 Saratoga St., $160,000.

Qualified Property Solutions LLC to Huls, Gordon L. and Carol M., 2212 N. 153rd Ave., $310,000.

Liggins, Charles L., personal representative of Liggins, Charles estate, to Katsaounis, Andrew and Susan, 2511 N. 154th St., $202,000.

Boyd, William L. Jr. and Troquiena R. to Farrell, Craig and Farrell, Mary, 17106 Corby St., $311,000.

Sorensen, Teresa L. to Myers, Nicholis, 14817 Locust St., $163,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Woodland Homes Inc., 3205 N. 178th St., $70,000.

Hilson, Bryan C. and Denise to Dorcey, Stephen, 16308 Larimore Circle, $243,000.

Weaver, Lynn to Pat and McCoy, Kelly, 4613 N. 144th Ave., $72,900.


Real Growth LLC to Double A Homes LLC, 5413 S. 49th St., $74,000.


Debehnke, Daniel and Tesmer, Ann to Schaefer, Judith W. and James E., 17504 Farnam St., $486,000.

Heartland Holdings A LLC to Johnson, Eric E. and Lindsay B., 16202 Western Ave., $319,000.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to Hartland Holdings A LLC, 15717 Western Ave., $171,200.

Michael & Carol Corrigan Revocable Living Trust to Connie S. McArdle Revocable Trust, 17625 Douglas Circle, $559,300.

Michael J. & Mary L. Simmons Revocable Trust to Meehan, Travis and Skyler, 15610 Nottingham Drive, $212,500.

Muskin, Joseph M. and Smith, Carmen C. to Fosler, Ryan L. and Elida A., 16118 Parker St., $245,000.

Werner, Carolyn to Hays, Sarah, 17086 Western Ave., $266,240.


Bruce, Eric C. to Alexis, William and Chrispin, Rachelle Alexis, 7508 Ernst St., $185,000.

Beck, Gerald R. and Diana L. to Burnside, Michael D. and Cari A., 7731 N. 107th Ave., $200,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Haagensen, Shaun P. and Bassi, Rebecca M., 8141 Potter St., $232,033.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Andresen, Adam J. and Makransky, Erin L., 8341 Sheffield St., $207,234.

Phillips, Michael W. and Amy L. to Garcia, Luz Maria Perez, 8319 Girard St., $167,500.

Johnson, Joseph A. and Tarah A. to Flanagan Enterprises LLC, 8806 Read St., $138,500.


Mischke, Barron B. and Kimberly A. to Haake, Jenifer R., 3421 S. 89th St., $185,000.

Harold & Louise Hanten Family Revocable Trust to JKP Properties LLC, 9813 Poppleton Ave., $228,000.

Brown, Juanita K. to Brown, Juanita K. and Culver, Kent A., 9101 Arbor St., $39,150.

Zogleman, Blake E. and Erin S. to Harris, Brian Adam and Stephanie Marie, 9509 Grover St., $297,000.


Siske, Joshua J. and Megan to Anita Investment LLC, 8117 Oakwood St., $136,000.

Djureen, Gail M. to Leidenthal, Kelley, 6114 S. 76th Ave., $161,900.

Casteel, Mark A. to Heimes, Douglas, 10432 Madison St., $298,000.


Arc Property Resource LLC to Erickson, Ryan and Brenna, 3334 S. 158th St., $205,000.

Dring, Bryan G. and Priscilla S. to Conley, Howard H. and Debra J., 17710 Frances St., $297,000.

Krumveide, Janessa L. to Jones, Colin E. and Sandra A., 18769 Atlas St., $310,500.

Fools Inc. to Rues, Sharon G., 3606 S. 203rd St., $405,165.

Morton, Jon A. and Brandea to Koegel, Eric and Jill, 3239 S. 188th Ave., $450,000.

Quest Construction Co. to Evelyn L. Raymond Trust, 1409 S. 200th Circle, $473,305.

Mahon, Paul F. and Nanci L. to Charleston, Sheri, 18356 Nina St., $370,000.

Kavan Homes Incorporated to Hunt, Tasha and Jamie, 18601 Barbara St., $85,000.

Salinas, Alan and Jessica to Crum, Anthony J. and Epperson, Jessica L., 1316 S. 165th Ave., $190,000.

Lampe, Ashton M. to Happs, Alan and Suzanne, 16073 Frederick St., $225,000.

Rues, Sharon G. to Sokolik, John and Tonniges, Tracie, 20178 Nina St., $365,000.

Scott, Tyrone J. and Kimberly Sue to Renaissance Custom Homes Inc., 19134 Pinehurst Ave., $39,100.

Vosik, Andrew J. and Stephanie J. to McKenna, Taryn and Wilke, Jesse, 3207 S. 185th St., $505,000.

Smith, Melissa R. and Aaron R. to Sutton, David L. and Christine M., 1606 S. 171st Circle, $195,000.

Christiansen, Denise M. to Summers, Daniel W. and Hobbie, Jill M., 18537 Van Camp Drive, $442,500.

Johnson, Keely Kathleen to Eggspuehler, Jennifer, 1220 S. 200th Ave., $450,000.

Kugler, Alex L. to Kjar, Jessica, 16617 Poppleton Ave., $210,000.

Cox, Lovell and Moton-Cox, Dana to Alsaleem, Fadi Mohammad Ahmad and Alsuqaier, Dua Q., 19258 Poppleton Ave., $435,000.

Thomas, Yale H. and Nicole A. to Valadez, Alejandro Gonzalez and Gasparini, Francesca A., 2912 S. 157th Circle, $200,500.


Estrada, Maria De to Brown, Sandra and Justin, 3410 California St., $85,000.

Amevor, Messan E. K. to Nikolas, Brady, 105 N. 31st Ave., $115,000.

Stonewood Properties LLC to Egad LLC, 3206 Lincoln Blvd., $65,000.

Stonewood Properties LLC to Egad LLC, 3202 Lincoln Blvd., $55,000.

Devaney, James M. to Newman, Robert and Lewis, Emily, 819 N. 43rd St., $174,500.

Hamilton, John W. and Sarah to Dillon, Veon R. and Hansen, Anita L., 3000 Farnam St., $85,000.

ROV 3 Holdings LLC to St. Barnabas Church of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter Inc., 140 N. 39th St., $950,000.

St. Barnabas Church of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter Inc. to ROV 3 Holdings LLC, 4124 Davenport St., $313,100.


LA Investment Group LLC to Garden Properties LLC, 301 S. 50th St., $567,000.

Trimble, Raymond C. to Green Paw Consulting LLC, 4907 Davenport St., $72,670.

Bensalah, Mary to Pedersen, Grant, 5120 Cuming St., $93,000.

Skarda, Pamela S. to Ruybalid, John, 4712 Chicago St., $121,500.

Fairfield, Bill L. and Deanne to Combs, Todd and April, 206 Fairacres Road, $2,250,000.


Carman A. Bohlsen Revocable Trust and Great Western Bank, trustee, to Poppe, Dean E., 3717 N. 85th Ave., $150,000.

HBI LLC to Meg Enterprises LLC, 8774 Fowler Ave., $90,000.

Meyer, Gary Lee to Htoo, May Day and Hta, Nee, 5626 N. 93rd Ave., $127,000.

Kaiser, Jeremy J. to Anderson, Lawrence K. and Jessica K., 3925 N. 95th St., $190,000.

Coleman, Alfred R., personal representative of Williams, Johnnie M. estate, to Biz Enterprises LLC, 9712 Meredith Ave., $130,200.

Haston, Brian L. and Dawn K. to Engles, Michael J. and Jennifer C., 8235 Sprague St., $170,000.


Veik, Justin L. and Heather B. to Freeman, Daniel L. and Dana E., 4311 S. 198th Ave., $265,000.

Hollinger, Aaron L. and Lauren to Sahu, Syama S. and Choudhury, Prangyadipti, 18216 Hayes Place, $115,000.

Poggemiller, Eric and Julie to Parris, Russell and Tiffany, 18624 Anne St., $249,000.

Russ, Stacy D. to Dahlgren, Tyler J. and Dahlgren, Alyssa, 5710 S. 193rd St., $180,000.

O’Grady, Greg M. and Jennifer A. to Moore, James P. and Shelley L., 4741 S. 177th St., $400,000.

Mayberry, Peter Harold and Elizabeth to Antillon, Jose, 5622 S. 165th St., $311,220.

Welsh, Rodney T., personal representative of Welsh, Evan T. estate, to Stanford, Savana and Shad, 5329 S. 196th St., $190,000.

Splonskowski, Darren J. and Jamie L. to Johnson, Dean A. and Gaylene T., 4156 S. 199th Circle, $285,000.

Hilliard, Christopher A. and Deana A. to Zehr, Luke D. and Wohl, Janelle M., 19322 I St., $285,000.

Klabunde, Brett E. and Amanda N. to Sathian, Krishnanand and Kapildas, Vipitha, 19614 Gail Ave., $189,000.

Masters, Krysten to Sirian, Cory, 19031 R St., $71,950.

Gaytan, Amber N. and Jesus J. to Diliberto, Victor F. Urbina and Earsley, Philip D., 19401 Laci St., $165,000.


Jones, Christopher D. and Jessica to David Robert Lawrence Irrevocable Trust and Badley, Janis A, trustee, 13632 W St., $175,000.

Cannon, Christopher P. and Kallen R. to Behrens, Jeffrey S. and Ratzlaff, Caitlin M., 14212 Monroe Circle, $204,000.

Barges, Jessica R. to Bos, Michael R., 14512 I Circle, $78,800.

McCain, Bryant T. and Nikki M. to Green, Karla and Knoetze, Martin B., 13015 Southdale Drive, $240,000.

Ecker, Matthew J. and Madelinne to David Robert Lawrence Irrevocable Trust and Badley, Janis A., trustee, 12668 N St., $152,500.

Evert, Keith E. to Seda, Bryan and Kayla, 13834 Y Circle, $165,000.

Richard & Arlene Schroeder Living Trust to Matthews, Jon M. and Rebecca A., 14805 Z Circle, $200,000.

Cowardin, Dwight D. and Katherine M. to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 6110 S. 151st Ave., $115,000.

Porter, Benjamin C. and Abby to Marcucci, Norberto and Nicholas, Monique M., 6507 S. 139th Avenue Circle, $188,000.

Norney, Niall G. to David Robert Lawrence Irrevocable Trust and Badley, Janis A., trustee, 5682 S. 122nd St., $155,000.

Vandenburg, Jianna and Kory to Malmgren, Lisa May, 13947 Y Circle, $180,000.


Newport Homes LLC to Shalgren, Andrew J. and Emily E., 12408 Mormon St., $280,602.

Simpson, Marlan M. and Gannon-Simpson, Barbara A. to Duncan and Cheryl Trust and Campbell, Duncan, trustee, 11415 Iowa Circle, $335,000.

Newport Homes LLC to Grenawalt, Donald and Mielke, Kamie, 12302 Reynolds Circle, $329,740.

Lecheler, Brian J. and Paige M. to Stanley, Marc and Megan, 10832 Potter St., $170,000.


Branham, Shane and Barbara to Whiteing, Jonathan P. and Jessica A., 3224 S. 122nd St., $175,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Jahish, Shafiqullah and Humaira, 13956 Hickory Circle, $174,900.

Arthur & Margaret McCarty Trust to Scott, Jesse and Gina, 12511 Hickory Road, $245,000.

John C. & Marilyn J. Walker Family Trust to Hoff, Barbara J., 1706 S. 118th St., $224,900.

Michael J. and Brenda R. Lee Living Trust to Dadura, David A., 12310 Seldin Drive, $153,500.

Dunning, Meghan F. to Egnaczak, Bianca, 13478 Kingswood Drive, $140,000.

Richards, Stanley J. to Titsworth, Mark E. and Lisa K., 2012 S. 138th St., $192,000.

Ranck, Luke P. II and Shelly R. to Tietjen, Daniel and Mary Ann, 3522 S. 119th St., $280,000.

Buras, Susan A., personal representative of Buras, Thomas F. estate, to Dunning, Meghan Frances, 13426 Westwood Lane, $165,000.

77 Investments LLC to Deselm, Tim and Tabitha, 14455 Spring Circle, $188,000.


Rockwell, Aura M. to Ellison, Heidi J., 6916 N. 56th St., $39,000.

Bowens, Lovenia D. to Raabe, Lance and Molly, 7021 Glendale Ave., $230,000.


Goodrich, Barbara J. to Kelly, Sean E. and Renada M., 711 S. 127th St., $280,000.

Hoing, Francis and Rolland, Carole to Berens, Allison L., 729 S. 153rd Circle, $235,000.

Dawn N. Hovey Revocable Trust to Spanel, Alexander D. and Mary A., 639 Grey Fawn Drive, $231,000.

Matthews, Jon M. and Rebecca A. to Mesterhazy, Carolyn A., 1717 N. 110th Ave., $138,500.

Donald J. Getz Trust and Getz, Wilma J., trustee, to Hulsebus, Stephen D. and Lynn M., 12209 Deer Hollow Drive, $214,900.

McFarlin, Edward J. to Corby 97 LLC, 709 S. 114th St., $155,000.

Dickmeyer, Dena J. to MP Realty LLC, 15317 Parker Circle, $220,000.

Rapoza, Bridget K. and Guy R.S. to Sellgren, Sara Frasier, 912 S. 118th Place, $230,000.

Wells, Bruce A. to Wells, Cheryl A., 13107 Franklin St., $134,750.

Pencso Trust Company LLC custodian FBO Robert Nelson Wells IRA to Morales, Ana Laura Ortiz, 15327 Douglas Circle, $130,000.

Sorrentino, Anthony J. and Catherine J. to Sorrentino, Anne Elizabeth, 15223 Harney Circle, $194,000.


Locke, Robert L. and Debra C. to Judy Lynn Dawson Trust, 11717 Grand Ave., $169,500.

Thomsen, Brett S. and Lindsay J. to Neufind, Nate and Nicole, 13737 Boyd St., $235,000.

Finn, Patrick and Trisha to Tefft, Samuel and Joanna, 5613 N. 116th Avenue Circle, $169,000.

Cattau, Jeremy and Allison to Mace, Nicholas E. and Amanda M., 11252 Martin Ave., $169,000.

Garrett, Susan to Leibfarth, Peter and Michele, 2337 N. 120th Avenue Circle, $155,000.

Draper, Roger L. and Mary Kathryn to Henrich, Michael, 14228 Huntington Ave., $159,700.

Kock, Heather Mary and Andrew J. to Lichtas, Aaron J. and Molly C., 13025 Arlington St., $185,000.

Beister, Mark to Hardy, Seth, 4610 N. 126th St., $155,000.

Dinh, Thao Minh and Resendiz, Quynh Phuong to Hull, Angel, 12305 Wirt St., $187,000.

Biggerstaff, Matthew C., personal representative of Biggerstaff, Gale J. estate, to Kloke, Leon R. and Sherri L., 12809 Binney St., $425,000.

Dellalucca, Matthew D. and Shannon K. to Wilhelm, Mark J., 14250 Hillsborough Drive, $305,000.

Lynch, Margaret L. to Kessler, Vernon and Jenene, 13206 Miami St., $230,000.

Sarpy County


Lenagh, Michael P. and Antoinette M. to Lenagh, Paul W., 807 Mohanna Place, $220,000.

Schultz, Wesley M. and Sarah E. to Decker, Doug and Tessa, 705 Terrace Ave., $146,000.


Seader, Kyle A. and Brittany B. to Reim, Jarod F. and Jennifer M., 17208 Christensen Road, $295,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Johnson, Joseph and Tarah A., 12101 S. 212th St., $333,000.


Thomas, Bryan P. and Lisa M. to Moffatt, James N. and Cynthia L., 2408 S. River Rock Drive, $243,000.


Jennings, Daniel J. and Kate M. to Reed, Anthony S. and Deserae L., 1005 Eureux Circle, $175,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Topalovic, Senad and Senada, 18914 Birch Ave., $222,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to McVey, Brian Stephen, trustee, and BSM Revocable Living Trust, 7805 S. 184th Terrace, $271,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Pinapati, Siddharth, 7822 S. 184th Ave., $240,000.

Dwarakanath, Naveen Kumar and Kumar, Vijajalakshmi Naveen to Gowda, Raghava Bhoje and Chunchegowda, Impu, 7220 S. 184th St., $257,000.

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